The Sun, the moon.

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The Sun, the moon.
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There are many observations one can make with their own eyes to see that that the round earth model does fit with what we see from the moon and stars.  Forget that the distance to the Sun and Moon were first calculated in 200 BC and found to be much much further than 3,000 miles away.  Yes, it takes a little initiative and being a couch potato won't get the job done.  After all, if one does not want to believe anything they can't see, then to discover the world, they will have to see the world for themselves.

If one tracks the motion of the sun and moon in the sky, they will see that the full moon travels the same path as the sun with a 6 month lag.  In the northern hemisphere the summer full moon stays to the south and travels the path of the winter sun, and so forth.  If one watches the path of the moon as it wanes, they will see that the path across the sky catches up to the current path of the sun.  In the new moon phase, one can not see the position of the moon, but if you estimate it as being between the last waning path and first waxing path, it will nearly cross the sun.  And in fact, when there is an eclipse, it is exactly when the moon is projected to be near the sun.

Some basic things you can see:
The full moon rises at sunset.
The near new moon phases rise near dawn.
The path of the full moon follows the sun path from 6 months ago.

I'm sure there are many more observations that can be made.

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Re: The Sun, the moon.
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Does FET have any explanation for these observations?