What if Adam lived for a Thousand Years

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What if Adam lived for a Thousand Years
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:30:28 AM »
This is a quick one. What if there is true and genuine symbolism with the snake and the apple and Adam and Eve.

Was Eve a Lilith?


The Hebrew term Lilith or "Lilit" (translated as "night creatures", "night monster", "night hag", or "screech owl") first occurs in Isaiah 34:14, either singular or plural according to variations in the earliest manuscripts, though in a list of animals. In the Dead Sea Scrolls Songs of the Sage the term first occurs in a list of monsters. In Jewish magical inscriptions on bowls and amulets from the 6th century CE onwards, Lilith is identified as a female demon and the first visual depictions appear.

Why would "God" cast them out of the garden of Eden?

Could that be the first historical account of a slave revolt? Perhaps the slaves, who were empowered by God, cast them out?

Maybe they ate an apple or something that weakened their powers over the populace?

Maybe the snake is symbolic of the most ancient type of medicine. Snake venom.

Any thoughts on what the Adam and Eve story is Genuinely about?

Oh Oh... maybe Eve, used and apple, with snake venom, to poison Adam?

In any event, this is the interesting part about Liliths.

The "screech owl" translation of the KJV is, together with the "owl" (yanšup, probably a water bird) in 34:11 and the "great owl" (qippoz, properly a snake) of 34:15, an attempt to render the passage by choosing suitable animals for difficult-to-translate Hebrew words.

Later translations include:

night-owl (Young, 1898)
night-spectre (Rotherham, Emphasized Bible, 1902)
night monster (ASV, 1901; JPS 1917, Good News Translation, 1992; NASB, 1995)
vampires (Moffatt Translation, 1922)
night hag (RSV, 1947)
Lilith (Jerusalem Bible, 1966)
lilith (New American Bible, 1970)
Lilith (NRSV, 1989)
Lilith (The Message (Bible), Peterson, 1993)
night creature (NIV, 1978; NKJV, 1982; NLT, 1996, TNIV)
nightjar (New World Translation, 1984)
night bird (English Standard Version, 2001)

From http://www.apologeticspress.org/apcontent.aspx?category=11&article=157

930 years
Therefore, however long Adam and Eve may have been in the garden, one thing is certain: they were not there for any time period that exceeded Adam's life span of 930 years. But there is additional information that must be considered as well. Genesis 4:25 explains that Seth was born after Cain slew Abel.

That guy has a PHD.

it is obvious that Adam and Eve could not have been in the Garden of Eden any longer than 130 years!

It is NOT Obvious. These things are massive. Adam could have been a missing link for anyone knows, a megafauna version of man, seriously. Unlikely, as it's more likely that the Garden of Eden if taken literally was the most optimal environment for human health. No allergies, and so on.


Also known as the Arctic whale, the bowhead is by far the longest living mammal on Earth. Some bowhead whales have been found with the tips of ivory spears still lodged in their flesh from failed attempts by whalers 200 years ago. The oldest known bowhead whale was at least 211 years old.


For nine years, the greatest challenge Kim Yates Grosso faced each day was keeping her daughter Tessa safe. Tessa was so severely allergic to milk, wheat, eggs, nuts, shellfish and assorted other foods that as a toddler she went into anaphylactic shock when milk fell on her skin.

In 2004, when she was 38, Nadeau found out she had a rare cancer — cancer of the T-cell — for which there were no effective therapies. (T-cells play a critical role in the immune system and, coincidentally, the T-cell dysfunction that leads to food allergies was already a focus of her research.) Life expectancy was only a couple of years.

I know it isn't exact science.



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Re: What if Adam lived for a Thousand Years
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2015, 11:09:32 AM »
It's an allegory about why you shouldn't disobey god and how satan will lure you away from god and such.

It also tries to explain why the world is so shitty- god is punishing us for something our ancestors did. Reinforces my theory that god is an asshole.
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Re: What if Adam lived for a Thousand Years
« Reply #2 on: January 18, 2015, 01:47:13 AM »
Adam and Eve were mythological inventions, modelled on much earlier Akkadian mythology.  (23rd century BCE.)  They simply never existed.

The similarities between the Sumerian/Akkadian myth of paradise, and Genesis are numerous:

•   The setting of a garden in paradise.

•   The watering of the gardens with water from the earth.

•   The consumption of the fruit by Adam and Eve in Genesis, and by the god Enki in the Sumerian myth.

•   The curse upon the person who ate the fruit.

•   The creating of a female from the rib of the male in Genesis, and the creating of a female to heal the rib of the male in the Sumerian myth.     

•   The name of the female thus created.  In Genesis, Eve, or in its original semitic form Hawah, means life. In the Sumerian myth, the word ti
     from the name Ninti has a double meaning; it could mean either "rib" or "life".  Thus Ninti can be rendered as "lady of the rib" or "lady of life".

—The Abrahamic bible is worthless as a reference source in any scientific debate.  The Christians were (are?) renowned for stealing other people's "history" LOL.



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Re: What if Adam lived for a Thousand Years
« Reply #3 on: February 02, 2015, 03:23:08 AM »
Snake venom was a medicine?