Technology, Science & Alt Science - Rules & Guidelines

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Technology, Science & Alt Science - Rules & Guidelines
« on: March 25, 2006, 04:36:58 PM »
Technology, Science & Alt Science is, fairly obviously, reserved for serious discussions on technology, science and alternative science. Below are a few guidelines for this board:

1) Technology

For the discussion of technology as technology, as well as its role within modern society and culture. For example, you can talk about your preferred operating systems, browsers or hardware, or ask for help or advice on these things. You can also discuss the wider impact and effect technology has on our society, and issues related to that impact and effect.

2) Science

For the discussion of topics pertaining to science of any kind, be it theoretical or applied.

2) Alternative Science

For the discussion of alternative science topics. Alternative Science is loosely defined as any theory that

1) is not accepted by the academic community at large.

2) is accepted by a small minority of the general population, including scientists outside academia; these people are looked down upon by the population at large.

3) is referred to as pseudoscience by the scientific community.

Some good examples of alternative science are

Flat Eartherism,
Time Cubes,
Magic/occult things,
Time travel,
Alternative views of history,

Though Flat Earth Theory is considered to be alternative science, this forum obviously reserves special boards for its discussion, so Flat Earth related topics should not be posted here.

As usual, the Forum Rules (click) apply to this board.


The friendly neighborhood moderator

PS: Special thanks to Erasmus for helping with the definition of Alternative Science.
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