Is the Truth Knowable?

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Re: Is the Truth Knowable?
« Reply #30 on: May 27, 2013, 05:47:01 PM »
Lets take the liar's paradox, an early one:
"This is a lie"

Clearly this is both in a state of true and falsehood;  As such it appears as nonsense to those trying to use traditional logic and mathematics to parse it.  Using another language might shed light on this paradox;

You haven't given me an example youve given me a boring old paradox. Paradoxes are usually conditional: if some statement is true then it is also false. I want to see: This statement is true and it is false.

Come on. If the statement is true, then it is also false. If it is false, then it is also true.

Therefore, whether true or false, the statement is true and false. No conditional. You can break this down, but it involves meta-level stuff. Within its own limits, the statement is true and false.
"I want truth for truth's sake, not for the applaud or approval of men. I would not reject truth because it is unpopular, nor accept error because it is popular. I should rather be right and stand alone than run with the multitude and be wrong." - C.S. DeFord

Re: Is the Truth Knowable?
« Reply #31 on: May 27, 2013, 09:15:14 PM »
I am starting to believe that Davis and Willmore are one of the same.
Has anyone seen them in the same room together?

Re: Is the Truth Knowable?
« Reply #32 on: June 11, 2013, 11:26:16 PM »
perspective seems to be the biggest factor in discovering truth IMO  8)
you can't spell planet without plane. or net... 8)

Re: Is the Truth Knowable?
« Reply #33 on: January 03, 2015, 03:11:49 PM »
Truth is what each individual interprets as the truth. We are merely born to mimic and follow orders in the grand scheme of things.
We can be made to believe in anything if it's pushed enough and very few will stray away from that. That's the nature of the beast.
From birth to death we follow a pattern in life which is to obey and basically play copy cat with each other. We are no better than trained animals, yet in our arrogance, we believe we are some special species of utmost intelligence because we believe we know the answers to a lot of things, yet in truth, it's a game of copy cat and obey.
We could be no more special than a dolphin or an ant or fly. We are born, we create life and we die just like every other species on this earth.
The strange part of it all is, what's the purpose of it all. I mean what's the end goal.
Is there a higher intelligence sitting around a big glass bubble, like something from Jason and the Argonauts, looking down at us and deciding to play chess with all life on the earth, chopping and changing as time goes on.
We are simply an organism that was born to survive, like any other organism. We do not possess the ability to kill ourselves under normal circumstances, yet can be made to do it under exceptional circumstances which usually stems from the way our lives have been conditioned from those in power that decided we should be all branded like an animal and put into numbered hutches.
So which avenue can we go down in life?
The answer is, we don't really get the chance to choose that, because we are Governed over the choices we make.
It's fine if you want to be a scientist and have your own theories but if those theories don't match up with the run of life, your theories are ridiculed to the point of your despair.
We aren't smart, we are just more able and advanced than other species because we have the ability to do a lot more things with our hands and find solutions to any problems that we face.
A bird can build a fine nest to house it's chicks and they can hunt for food by learning how to overcome problems, such as realising that if they pitter patter their feet on the ground, they will convince worms that it's raining and make them surface.
Does this make worms gullible or less intelligent than the bird or is the bird more gullible and less intelligent than the human?

We live our lives on what we are told and we argue throughout life with each other by what we are told and the reason why we all differ slightly from one another , is all to do with who, why and where in the world we are told what we believe we know and as we know, the world varies in terms of religions, culture and thinking, yet for each country, they believe that their way is the right way, the same as tribes , each believe their way is the right way.

Only the strongest survive, yet the strongest does not necessarily mean physically. The smarter people outsmart the gullible and that's why you get worlds run by meek, frail looking people at the very top. It's not what they can physically bring to the table that got them there, it's the ability to outsmart the gullible and can be such a force, they can actually make the strong physical gullible type, go out  and kill each other in what's known as war.
They also have the ability to "lie" and "lie" without showing any remorse for it.

When a small body of people can get family to betray each other or friends to snoop on each other and the public to single out anyone that has a different mind to the norm, then you know just how much your life is set in a pattern to follow and play Monkey see, Monkey do.
The world is in a trance because we allowed ourselves to be put in a trance by allowing ourselves to be hypnotised by the box in the corner that emits visual and audio and the mulched up trees that become newspaper.

If everything was true in this world, nobody would be arguing against it.
The reason why conspiracies start is because some people wake up and see lies and have the bottle to stand up and say they see through those lies, which makes others question the truths given out and so on and so on.
The problem only becomes a real problem for the elite when too many people start to question truths given out, which then forces the elite to employ shill tactics to ridicule the small pockets of people that are not satisfied with what they were force fed.

To think we believe we are an advanced world in only a short period of time, yet although people believe they are smart and can sit at a desk and calculate some numbers and reel off answers to questions they memorised, those very same people cannot see just how gullible they could be, because they are bathed in the fact that they are smarter than the average bear and they have a certificate to prove that to any dummy who challenges them.

You get the average gullible people and you get the smart gullible people. These two types don't question official lines, they go with it, yet the average gullible can be afforded some sympathy for not understanding what's going on, so never think to question...yet the arrogant smart person who accepts it all on face value because it's official, is the reason why ridicule is rife to those that dare to have an alternative view.

The smart ones will never admit to being wrong or believing there's a possibility of them being duped because it would literally destroy their lives and they will not allow those thoughts to enter their heads, even if NASA came out tomorrow and told then direct that the moon landings were all faked or space travel is a sham etc.

Sometimes I wonder if the world would be a nicer place if we were all just brains in jars with just dreams to look forward to, dreams that we could live in a world of basic honesty instead of having to sift through all the shit to get at the real truth.
When we see people all around the world get old and die through so called natural causes, or die from accidents or from anything else etc, do you think this is how it supposed to be? I understand why animals die but we are NOT animals! Come on now, I need you to think outside the box for this one  ;) 

Your recent reply to me on another topic was interesting and I should have thanked you for your reply because you must have put lot of time and effort to it, even though I do not agree with most of it.


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Re: Is the Truth Knowable?
« Reply #34 on: February 02, 2015, 09:13:03 AM »
Truth is subjective.... Prove me wrong.
I CAN'T!!!! Oh my gosh truth is TOTALLY SUBJECTIVE!!! Thank you! I have been trying to think of something that would disprove this but I can't!!! Even something like, "this apple is red" is subjective because for all I know you see colors totally differently from how I do and you are seeing my version of blue, or maybe you just think that the apple look a little bit more pruple than it does red.