Are Satellites Fake?

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Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #30 on: January 18, 2013, 06:12:51 AM »
Then show us that it's bullshit.
You show me that it isn't.

The videos/photos in this thread are evidence until you can prove they're "bullshit."
The videos themselves are evidence of bullshit.

No they aren't. That doesn't even make sense unless you can point to actual flaws that point to manipulation or fakery.
If you bothered to look at the many videos of the ISS and supposed space walks, you will clearly see for yourself the discrepancies in them, including air bubbles escaping as they do the supposed space walk.
The reason for this is, it's done in a large pool that more or less mimics what they say space is.
You clearly see astro liars on their fake space walk, actually kicking their feet. You know like you do when you are in a swimming pool and you want to balance your movement.

Most people simply look at the video and treat is as a real space event, so they won't bother even contemplating looking for tell take signs of fakery.

I mean you have toi show us the discrepancies, not just keep saying "you can clearly see them."

If this were in a pool, there would be so much more bubbles then one that just pops up every now and then. Also, the light would act very different and make it obvious.

Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #31 on: January 18, 2013, 07:10:07 AM »
this should be interesting. i have never once seen a bubble in one of these vidioes so please put that on the top of your list. i cant wait to see what you think bubbles look like



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Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #32 on: January 18, 2013, 07:44:57 AM »
there is overwhelming evidence that space travel is possible.
i dont understand the FAQ official stance is that it can not be sustained.
the sun and moon have no problem circling the disc.
why cant man mad objects?
You have no clue what makes the sun and the moon orbit this Earth, except what you have been told to believe.
Tell me I'm wrong.
You're wrong.  The universal accelerator makes the sun and moon orbit above the earth.
Based on what?
Lurk moar. Read the FAQ. Read the wiki.
You are going by the flat Earth theory though aren't you?
This is the Flat Earth Society forum, is it not?
Yes, but everything on it isn't about just the flat Earth is it and all posters are not flat Earth believers.
But this thread is about how satellites may or may not work in a flat earth model.
Science is what happens when preconception meets verification.
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Besides, perhaps FET is a conspiracy too.
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It is just the way it is, you understanding it doesn't concern me.

Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #33 on: January 18, 2013, 08:12:47 AM »
wow scepi you must be the smartest person on earth! you have got it all figured out! out smarted NASA and the chines space agency. i wouldn't be surprised if they offer you a job. they didn't think to hide the air bubbles but you did.

lets do this chronologically.

At about 1.20 onwards, pay particular attention to the small rectangular glass effigy on his chest. If you pause and play the video quickly as the seconds go by, you will notice, what appears to be some kind of lighting above him, sort of like strip lights or something.

um the lighting on the camera? ???

At 1.40 onwards, you will see that he's in a pool because his hands are holding onto the rail but his legs are being pulled upwards by the buoyancy of the water.

for 10 seconds of that segment he remains horizontal for at lest 10 seconds aslo while only holding on with one hand. why didn't he float up during that portion?

If you notice the flag from 2.15 onwards, you will observe two things.
1: The sunlight on the flag shining brightly, or so they would have us believe, yet would sunlight shine like that on a flag? Who knows eh?

you your self dont know how that flag should be lit? ??? so why bring it up. fortunalty for you i do. they are in the shadow of the space craft. notice the flag only gets lit up when he extends his arm?

Also, you will notice that when he stops waving the flag, it stands upright, now why would it settle in an upright position if it was in space?

why wouldn't it? what should it do? what would it do in the water? cloths isnt positivist buoyant after all.

At 3.03 , you need to play/pause repeatedly fast and you will notice that the astro actor to the right of the screen, releases an air bubble coming from around his small glass chest plate. Look carefully and re run and you will definitely see it.

hardly conclusive proof of a bubble. and only 1 in the whole video? looks to me more like paint fleck.

At the 04.36 mark onwards, observe the right hand sail/or supposed solar panel and you can see it moving up and down in the water. Look carefully and concentrate on just this piece for a moment.

in your theory the space craft is in a pool. stationary water wouldn't move the panels ether. remember the speed this craft is going and the fact that the panels are long flexible and only connected at one end and i think you will see why you can observe minute movements.

At 05.42 onwards, you can see the light moving over the astro actors body. Would the sun do this and if so, why would the sun start to light up his body partially and the creeping over him fully?

what would do this under water? ??? remember they are in the shadow of the space craft. as he moves into the light the light moves up his body as he goes.

Pause at 06.32 and you will see the supposed sunlight hit his foot. Play on from this and you will notice the supposed sun move up his leg slightly, yet also observe that his visor is lit up also. How can this be?

once again he is in the shadow. why wouldn't his visor be lit up? when you stand in a shadow of a tree do you go completely dark? ???

hope this helps ;D

Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #34 on: January 26, 2013, 10:02:13 AM »
If they are fake, how do I get my directtv signal?

Re: Are Satellites Fake?
« Reply #35 on: January 26, 2013, 10:08:29 AM »
We have had a thread on this and was quite funny becuse they couldn't anserw at all apart from stupid pie in the sky theories. Have a look.,57001.0.html#.UQQbgb8gHTo