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Sorry, I was posting from my phone earlier and could not give a more detailed explanation.

You seem to be having a hard time grasping what I am saying, so I will give it one more go.  In Round Earth theory, if you are in a boat in the middle of one of the oceans, and you started to sail in a certain direction, any direction, you would not be sailing in a straight line.  The shape of your path would be an arc.  If you don't believe me, then hold a ruler against a basket ball.  If an ant was crawling around the basket ball, would it be able to follow the path of the ruler?  No, because the ant is traveling  in an arc shaped path.

Now, when you look at a picture of the Flat Earth, you think that you could just go west and eventually reach a wall.  Well, in Flat Earth theory, North is in the direction of the center of the disk.  West is a clock wise direction, and East is a counter clockwise direction.  So, If I were to travel due west, I would not be traveling in a straight line.  I would be following the shape of a circle.  Therefore, I would never reach the barrier by going west.

Maybe this diagram will help to explain it.

Does this make sense now?

Nice theory, nice drawing.

But if you superimpose your drawing and a FET map, it simply doesn' work.
Take a compass and work it out, you'll see.
“The Earth looks flat, therefore it is” FEers wisdom.



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Re: Questions
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wow of course latitude and longitude are not the same thing... don't play stupid. I am talking about plotting two points one on a chart based on the spherical Earth and then one on the flat Earth map you guys got. The lat/long is the same for both points, but the position on the chart and map would be different. The Flat Earth map is simply wrong. The countries are not in the right positions compared to reality.

Also, you are playing stupid again, where did I say I have a spherical map? are you talking about a globe? then yes I have a globe. You are really not grasping what I am saying here are you? It is pretty simple. The Flat Earth map is wrong. that is not where everything is if you tried navigating to them using a chart.

While I am still here, There is a funny problem I am trying to wrap my head around. If by your diagram of how on a Flat Earth we travel in an arc (looks like a circle), then how can you stay on one general direction. To me, if I was doing a large  flat Earth arc (circle) I would be constantly turning and not staying on a course (or roughly on that course depending on corrections and changes)

In reality the arc that you travel while sailing is a more of a vertical arc, and not a circle. You are following the Earths curve while you travel so you are still heading in a straight direction.

And what is the stupid Learn2physics crap? come on now, when have you ever been on the bridge of a vessel while it is navigating around a land mass. You notice course changes pretty easy while up there.

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Re: Questions
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probably done to death and available if searched but i felt the need to get the old paint shop skills out.
i remember some time last year talking about this.

if a boat is sailing round the antartic in a clockwise direction the land is to the right of the ship. and the ship is constantly turning right to keep the land at the same distance.

but if there is an ice wall the ship would be going anti-clockwise and the land is to the right of the ship. but the ship is turning left.

surly navigators would of realized this by now, otherwise it would be known that ships strangely have to turn left to go clockwise round the arctic. it would be as famous as the bermuda triangle and something of a legend. there must of been 100s if not 100s of ships that have been around at least part of antarctica. you dont need to go round the whole continent to realize it.

surely this in itself proves that antarctica is not the ice wall if there is one.