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Personaly, I tend to think that the light of the Sun is much more harmfull.
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Re: General Purpose Moon Topic
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you would think someone would have made a Moonscreen lotion akin to Sunscreen Lotion.
The FAQ states the "conspiracy" is driven by greed and power.
Theres is literally billions of dollars to be made here...and no one is jumping on this?



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Re: General Purpose Moon Topic
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It can cause increased stomach acidity.

If you're experiencing this on a monthly basis it may not be the moon it could just be your menstrual cycle.

Well done, you've tried to insult me by implying that I am female. Your infantile sexism is no doubt a big hit with 'the lads', but I am less impressed, and will refrain from engaging in further discussion with you. Good day.

The reason I'm insulting you is that you're the most pretentious, self-aggrandising prig I've ever had the fortune never to meet.

Your silly facade of pseudo-intellecuallity does not hide the fact that you know less about the world than the physicists, astronomers and geologists who have studied, trained, passed exams, conducted experiments and seen the results vindicate their theories.

You are intellectually dishonest. You chant the mantra of 'direct sensorial experience' and then invent ridiculous theories when your eyes tell you things that aren't in accord with your beliefs.



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Re: General Purpose Moon Topic
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  I like to know if there is any recent researches on topic of moonlight because links on Danger and Precautions topic are quite outdated and only modern researchers is Ichi, whose experiment didn't prove anything. There is no research about spectrum of moonlight which shows any significant difference from sunlight spectrum. There is no research which shows that moonlight is in any way harmful to living beings or plants.
 But otherwise, there are people who cure other people with moonlight -
 Global healing center also recommend to bask in sunlight to help you with sunburns -
 Haven't you considered sending a warning letter to all kind of people/organizations who organize moonlight walks/tours? Like and there is many others.
 And I guess there are gonna be trouble with women when you deny them a romantic moonlit evening/night in some nice place.
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Re: General Purpose Moon Topic
« Reply #94 on: June 14, 2012, 08:56:40 AM »
during the last full moon my work was vary busy. normally we get 1 or 2 incidences a week during the night. however during the full moon there was 8 in 1 night and they were out of character. however nobody was exposed to moon light. i can also say that most of the people i work with are ever exposed to moon light.
so yes it was a full moon, but it was not the light that was doing anything.