Can you answer of some my questions

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Can you answer of some my questions
« on: April 26, 2012, 07:59:54 AM »
If space travel doesn't exist, then what the hell was I watching when I saw Atlantis lift off for the first time last year? CGI? 

If someone offered to pay for you to go on a rocket to space, would you take the offer? 

Why aren't there any pictures of the edge of the Earth yet or the so called ice field/wall? 

What will happen to us if the world stops accelerating upward?

What does the government gain from hiding the "truth" of a "flat earth"

I eventually want to become a pilot, does that mean I will automatically be part of the conspiracy when I get my license? (If so awesome, then looks like I'll get to be part of the Round Earth Conspiracy and the Jewish conspiracy to take over the world)

Inb4 "read the FAQ, Earth is not a globe, etc"

Re: Can you answer of some my questions
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I'll take a stab at this....

1. The FES says that the launchs are real. Just space flight is faked.

2. This is kind of a silly question. Who wouldn't take the offer?

3. I guess no pics because no one has been to the Ice Wall.

4. Maybe we would float away.

5. Some say money. That it is cheeper to fake a space program than to have a real one.


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Re: Can you answer of some my questions
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1. The launches are real. The missions are fake.

2. The rocket ship ride would need to go further than the edge of the atmosphere. I would need to see the earth as a globe. Slight curvature seen at the edge of space is easily attributed to the result of looking down at a circle.

3. There are pictures of the Ice Wall, but it is not at the edge of the world. See the Ice Wall entry in our encyclopedia.

4. All life on earth would come to an end.

5. See the "Motive of the Conspiracy" link at the bottom of the Conspiracy entry in our encyclopedia.
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Re: Can you answer of some my questions
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1. It hasn't been proved that space flight is faked. Some people say that the Moon landingss have been faked but the hoax is easily debunked.

2. You state the obvious. I would love to see the Earth from far above.

3. There aren't any valid pictures of the ice wall. some pictures of some icewalls have been showed here, but with no proof of bbeing of THE icewall.

4. The world doesn't accelerate upward, it doesn't match observations.

5. The proof of the conspiracy yet has to be established. Just for a while, imagine a conspiracy involving so many people, so much money, for such a long time.
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