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Re: Random Facts
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Raining cats and dogs was a saying that originated in the earlier times whn people had straw for a roof on their homes. In cold weather, cats (mainly) would climb in and snuggle upfor warmth...but when it rained hard they would slide out and drop to the ground. Maybe the dogs were waiting for them to fall out so they could chase them.


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Re: Random Facts
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U.S dollars are made mostly out of cotton

EDIT: Fixed cottom to cotton* (N and M are right next to each other guys, don't judge me.)
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Additionally, we cannot entirely rule out the nefarious effects of demons, spirits, gnomes, and wizards on our society's ability to comprehend our flat earth as it really is. 



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Re: Random Facts
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If you took all your veins and arteries and placed them end to end, you would die.