Thanks for all the fish

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Thanks for all the fish
« on: December 20, 2011, 07:32:34 PM »
I will now be spending most my time on .net and my personal work and very little here if none.  I may find myself posting only in the believers forum if it picks up my interest.  I have asked Daniel to move me to an appropriate user group and will return one day after a break and I have time to work finish my books and other flat earth projects. 

I just have too much going on flat earth wise and real life wise to spend time moderating or even reading posts here, especially with the state of the forums and the absence of much of the rest of the staff.  In addition, my heart is less and less into it now adays as I find myself more and more bitter by the hoards of trolls, flat earthers and globs alike.  Being constantly accused and battered while in the same breath ordered to help people that would spit on me if they saw me in the street has just sucked the life out of me the last few years here and it gets worse and worse with foolish child trolls testing us just for shits and giggles.  I'm sick of losing sleep over how to steer this ship in the "right" direction.

Concerning personal standards and towards my respect for those here that aren't asshats: I don't like the posting style I've moved to, and I don't see a realistic road back other than a much needed break from forum life and a reallocation of that time back towards my flat earth work.  The reasoning for my posting style change should be obvious from above.

I'll be back occasionally to post relevant material, but it will be even more seldom than it is now.  The tentative launch for the news site will be announced later this week here and on the .net index page. 

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