What causes the circle of darkness?

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Re: What causes the circle of darkness?
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Here you go:
A large mistake in your posts is that you seem to claim that FET would reflect RET perfectly.
Oh, I'm so terribly sorry that you misunderstood me. By "A large mistake in your posts is [...]" I meant "A large mistake in your posts is [...]", not "This is your challenge". Your challenge is to stop saying random phrases, since they do not make things true. I've pointed this out many, many times by repeating the quote over and over. You should have caught up on it, but I'm not too surprised that you didn't. After all, you still seem to think that, for example, posts in the Lounge are not posts in the Lounge.

In other words: Come back once you've done some science. I'm not interested in your telemarketing.
You're quite pedantically correct. A goalpost might be better described as a challenge. But most people, excluding brats, would consider the calling out of an error as a challenge. I'm sure you can muster enough maturity to allow such a license here.

Again to review for you: You claimed I made a mistake. I demonstrated that I did not. You rather than maturely conceding moved onto another issue, moving the goalposts. If you'd like to move onto the challenge of helping you with remedial searching, I will, as I've already said, gladly do so once we resolve this issue about my alleged mistake.
Keep it serious, Thork. You can troll, but don't be so open. We have standards