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I don't think the Earth is flat, but I think FET is an interesting topic. The Earth is so large compared to us, and rotates so slowly, that it does appear to be flat and unmoving from our vantage point. According to relativity, there are no privileged reference frames, and all frames are valid, so this point of view must also be valid. After all, in the morning we say the sun "rises," despite the fact that the sun remains more-or-less stationary (relative to the solar system) and it's us moving in and out of view of the sun! It's interesting to take that idea a little further and restrict the definition of the Earth to only what we see and consider intuitive. I think the exercise gets really interesting considering that we live in an inertial reference frame, and thus experience faux forces. I'm interested to see how the coriolis force fits into this model.

Out of curiosity, how many people here actually believe in a flat Earth? Everyone or are there people who just like to discuss it for fun?


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Why do we fall back to earth? Because our weight pushes us down, no laws, no gravity pulling us. It is the law of intelligence.