Results of my study

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Re: Results of my study
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This is a previous post that brings into question the validity of Herodotus.

It dictates that measurement can not be trusted.

It also shows that human beings have not been measuring correctly. All mathematics is based on previous research through the ages. If previous work is flawed then the academic institutions of today have been formed on flawed data and research. The validity of the modern academic instituons must now be examined and questioned.

In vino falsitas.

If Herodotus is to be believed, the hireling of Eratosthenes would have drunk barley beer, rather than wine, as the Egyptians lacked the proper agricultural conditions and infrastructure for vineyards (Herod. II.77.4). However, it should not be assumed that its properties were anything like our contemporaneous beers of modernity, in fact by the Ancient Greek metric (i.e. by comparison to wine) the Egyptian zythos (the beer) was considered extremely strong (Xen. An. IV.5.27). If wines average at a strength of 10% volume (for the sake of argument), there are 10ml, i.e., one unit of pure alcohol per 100ml. Let us assume that Egyptian beer was somewhat stronger - let's use the conservative figure of 12% (12ml alcohol per 100ml).

Egyptians drank beer from oval jars, such as this typical specimen pictured below, discovered at Giza by AERA:

Based on the scale, the jar looks to be approximately oval-shaped, roughly 15cm around and 30cm tall.
Treat the jar turned on its side as an oblate spheroid for the purpose of approximating its volume.

Let 'a' and 'b' = equatorial radii of the beer jar, and let 'c' = polar radius of the beer jar

(i.e., a = 15cm, b = 7.5cm, c = 7.5cm).

The volume of any ellipsoid is equal to (4/3) * π * a * b * c.

Therefore the volume of the beer jar is approximately (4/3) * 3.14 * 15 * 7.5 * 7.5 cm3.

4/3 = 1.33...

1.33 * 3.14 * 15 * 7.5 * 7.5 = 3523.66... cm3.

Assume 1ml of beer per cubic centimetre. Therefore the capacity of the beer jar is approximately 3523ml, or 3.5 litres of potent Egyptian beer.

If we assume that this degenerate stopped at Naucratis, Merimda, Heliopolis, Memphis, Itjtawy, Heracleopolis, Oxyrhynchus, Thebes, Coptos and Sebennytus, consuming on average one jar of powerful Egyptian zythos in each of these towns, he would have imbibed 4 litres of pure alcohol by the time he reached Syene, enough to kill a normal human four times over (the median lethal dose of alcohol in mammals is around 1.4g/kg bodymass. If a human weighs 70kg, the median lethal dose will be 98g [i.e., ml]). This gives you some idea of the level to which our globularist hero, Erastothenes' Earth-measurer, would have sunk. He was either incredibly fat, incredibly resilient to alcohol - from years of abuse - or, most likely, a combination of both. By the time he reached Syene he was, in any case, if the above estimations are correct, as drunk as a lord.

If he had only been better at measuring his crippling alcohol dependency, he might just have been a little better at measuring the Earth.


Herodotus. The Histories.
Xenophon. Anabasis.

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Ancient Egypt Research Associates. (2007) 'AERA - Ancient Egyptian ceramics, Ancient Egyptian pottery'. AERA Website. Retrieved 22/04/10 from URL:
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Re: Results of my study
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Attached is one of my old research papers. It is as valid today as it was years ago.


 From the most basic mathematical equations taught in educational institutions, to the complex library of false figures and records that circulate in the academic world.  For those of you who are new to the forum it is necessary to understand the difference between an educated person that believes in a round earth, and an educated person that believes in a flat one.  Both have reasons as to why they believe in one-theory vs. the other.  Although both (people) are educated, one is educated on a belief that is founded in deception and fabrication, and the other is educated in what can be called "real world science".  I will show in this document why even the most basic mathematical equation as taught in school fails under scrutiny and why because of this, the theory for a round earth fails as well.

    When our children are educated in there early years of life, they are taught what we as a society deem is appropriate as a base for lifelong learning.  Subjects taught in early school for example is grammar and mathematics.  An example of an early basic math equation taught in the concept of addition is   1 + 1   it is common knowledge that the answer to that question is 2.  This of course works.  For example if we have one apple and we take another apple and we put them side by side on a flat table and ask 100 educated people how many apples we have on the table, assuming that there is indeed one apple beside the other apple, most of the 100 people would say that there are two apples present.  And if we asked those people to write on a piece of paper the equation that allowed them to arrive at that conclusion, most people would write something such as this 1 + 1 = 2   You could of course repeat this experiment with as many controlled groups as you would like and for the most part the documented results would be the same.

      There is of course a circumstance that occurs in nature that shows why sometimes 1 + 1 does not equal 2.  If one was to go outside during a rainy day and observe raindrops interacting with one and another, something interesting happens.  When you have one raindrop beside another, for some reason, when they touch each other, they join up and become a single raindrop.  According to the education system, 1 raindrop and another raindrop should be 2, but according to real world science one raindrop and another raindrop touching equals one raindrop.  Some of you may say but there are 2 raindrops they are just together.  What I would say to that is "As I am observing the raindrop I observe one raindrop not two." To summaries, according to the educational system that most round earth theorists refer to 1 + 1 = 2 and according to real world science that us flat earth theorists go by 1 + 1 = 1 and 1 + 1 = 2 (It really depends on the situation) In all reality we flat earth theorists are open minded, and can understand that sometimes the taught base education is wrong and this has been shown wrong in the above explanation.

      Even through I have examined the most basic mathematical equation and showed why under certain circumstances it can fail, it brings us to the most important fact at hand.  If we cannot trust the most basic mathematical equation then how can we trust anything else that modern science dictates.  The entire world runs on a system that in all simplicity can be boiled down to simple mathematics.  What I am trying to show in my documentation is that although most people are fine living in a world composed of a one sided viewpoint.  I hope people can understand that by using real world observations they can come to their own conclusions about the world that are usually correct.  You can observe almost everyday why the most basic mathematical theory fails. You can also observe the earth as you look into the horizon.  Remember no matter what anyone tells you, the ONLY place that you can read about a round earth is in scientific documents and literature (Textbooks) The only place you can observe a flat earth is well, everywhere.  Science tends to be something that is always changing and from my experience through school, is, that nothing in science can ever be trusted with all certainty.  Even if you think what I have shown in the above paragraphs is false, please remember that it is important to look at everything with a critical mind and a critical viewpoint.  Even if you think it is ridiculous to believe that the earth is flat in todays world, please remember that it is critical that you as a person examine everything that you think you know because it may surprise you.



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Re: Results of my study
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Ship Husbandry

The history of Magistrate O’Donnel

Upon yee Galleon
Does the sword not crack
Upon yee Baggywrinkle
Upon yee Barca-Longa

Strum the Lute
Swab the deck or face the Bimny

These words, once chanted, once spoken by the mates on the high seas.

Many of a man has sailed the seas in search of fortune as the mast hath crest.

Man com & se how
Hundyr ₫is graue
In his ice water mansion

Of Engelond, to Caunterbury they wende,

The wit of the ages



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Re: Results of my study
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The Tone of Sculpture

These be the words that Magistrate O’Donnel has anguished over as his mind turns to madness. 

The pondering of his days have caused senile thoughts.

For the last couple years Magistrate
O’ Donnel’s only conversation has been with the city Gulls. A variety of bird.

Magistrate O’Donnel could be observed on the Street of Canterbury Speaking to the trash can in an attempt to converse with the visiting Gull.   

The clock shall tick
The clock shall tock
Does the Raven approach the Clock?

Feather the ocean
Create the wind
Shall the rain quench its caw

The clouds roll in
The night grown old
The long door closes in

Heed the call
Heed the days that have gone.
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Re: Results of my study
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Below is an representation of the specimen that Magistrate O’Donnel has been conversing with.

Below is a representation of the Trash Can that Magistrate O’Donnel has been conversing with.  Although the patina may be changed the concept is not. 

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Re: Results of my study
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Ornithology Lecture # 1A

Below is a diagram of several Gulls that can be found in the vicinity of the area where Magistrate O’Donnel was conducting his linguistic lectures to both the Common Gull and the Common Man

If one conducts an examination of the different specimens as posted, one will come to the conclusion that the similarities exist between the different species of Gulls.

Please examine the sectional specimen below

Many may not be aware that the Common Gull can fly, this can be noted by the sectional study of the wing.
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Re: Results of my study
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Palaeontology Lecture # 1A 

Attention must be given to early life in order to facilitate an understanding of current ways.

Please conduct a visual examination of the specimen below

The image above is representative of the life cycle of the common living creature. It is important to understand the living environment of said animal or plant in order to fully realize the past in the future.
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