Results of my study

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Re: Results of my study
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The Cornish Hash

The Hunger of the man
Toil in the fields
May he have a meal
May he eat

Long is the day
With no bread to be found
Long are the nights
With no mind to rest

The bath are short
The rest is none

Let him make
The Cornish Hash

Let him eat
The Cornish Hash

Let him dream of
The Cornish Hash

May he cook
May he tend to the flock



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Re: Results of my study
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The Nature of the Universe

It has become clear that the nature of the Universe is a topic that has been researched and debated fully.  No closer are we to finding the nature of it than we are to not finding its nature.

The questions has to be asked.

Is it important for mankind to answer this questions or will its answer develop more questions.

These ideas have troubled the many great thinkers of the past.

I for one do not know the nature or origin of the universe, for alas, if I did know such an answer I physically would not be able to conduct an ongoing study into its nature as knowing its nature would not allow thought into its origin.

It is important whenever we are talking about these important issues, that, we do focus on some facts that we do know.

Simply put, science has never been steady with the truth.  This is evident looking at the scientists of today.  Many scientists have not been able to determine if water is a liquid or a solid.  This has been demonstrated to be in question when I reference the University of Illinois Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

They have stated on their website that “Water is known to exist in three different states”

This very statement contradicts the idea that water itself is always a liquid.  It should be more aptly put that water can exist in a vapor form (Gas) and as a Solid (Ice)

The problem that we have in conducting research using these statements is that all future experiments and studies conducted using this idea start with a flawed premise based on misspoken logic.

The true question, has any research been conducted using the flawed statement?

If we are to conduct true assessments of our natural environment, and those assessments are expected to be believed than we have to ensure that our facts about the primary sciences are correct and future research is not tainted by the iniquities of a failed baseline
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Re: Results of my study
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contradictions about the state of matter are not only water. All of the metals have a melting temperature. after a value, the metals turn into liquid, because they take the shape of the container. The substances which take the shape of the container are theoretically liquid. then metals are liquid. when the melting point is exceeded, the metal melts and evaporates when the boiling point is exceeded. evaporate all the metals passing the degree of evaporation. then the metals are gas also.

however, the liquid state is usually absent in living things. only solid and gaseous state. the reason for this is the resistance of the organic structure that forms organisms to melting; however, this is my thought. if it heats up, the body resists this melting and the melting does not occur. When the heat reaches the boiling point, the organic structure begins to burn because the bonds forming the structure start to burn and evaporate directly by burning. there may be different stages that we do not know yet. therefore there are 2 stages for living things: solid and gas. however, solid, liquid and gaseous materials are commonly found in inanimate substances such as soil, metals and water. I would like to listen if there are exceptions to this.

I'm not a chemist. these are the details that attracted my attention as an ordinary researcher.
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Re: Results of my study
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Good Day,

Below is one of my advanced research documents.  It is something I would like to share.  It is vital to have a source of non-peer reviewed documents in order to protect the integrity of the document.

The Forever Universe

Many questions have arisen within the annals of thought that have people probing the question with regards if this, or that is possible.  Many have referenced the Multiverse theory.  Many hear are familiar with it and why it may exist.  There however is a more sinister idea of the universe. 

The idea of the Infinite Universe Theory (IUT)

This is the idea that the universe is infinite.

If we are to assume that the universe is infinite, then we have to assume that molecules have an infinite amount of time to arrange themselves in all types of formations.  This is due to pure random chance random organizations.

There is no doubt, that if we assume this theory to be true than there must be places in our universe that contain everything.

Everything that is debated within this forum exists in the Infinite Universe, for to deny that there is no chance of something not being true is to no understand what infinity is.  It is not understanding the concept of infinity.

For those who may the not understand these advanced theorems and studys that I undertake, I have composed a poem for the time.

The College Desk

Let it be known
Let it be true the night
Knowledge is the way
To know the way of study
Listen to the sound
Of the Park in Spring

I will be furthering my Advanced Research in further studies. 



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Re: Results of my study
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The Patron

Life of the quiet noise
Secondary to the setting sun
A bridge to the dawn
Does the stoic brand
Hear the muffled drops of rain
Tuberculosis of the bone
As his dawn sets
He will prance upon the stone