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Chemtrails Coronavirus Warning!
« Reply #210 on: March 31, 2020, 12:13:13 PM »
Should I have to correct all the evilness in the earth? Meh!

I constantly calm myself and postpone the study so as not to make a detailed study on this subject. This is a first and last warning to chem-corona makers!

If I should to shortify events, I just want to show you how it is a deception, and then show you the reality.

If you remember, when this incident started in China, doctors suddenly fell down and died while working in the hospital. people suddenly fell and died on the streets like zombies. because the aim was to attract the attention of the world. but when the disease comes west, people are no longer suddenly dying. I searched for those first videos, but I couldn't find them, they hide the videos because it was scam. If anyone can find it, please share it. Today we know that the patient must experience high fever and shortness of breath. In this case, the patient is tested. that is, these symptoms are symptoms of the disease. a person does not go to work with high fever, a doctor with shortness of breath necessarily notices it, does not work. He doesn't suddenly die like a fool. such a thing never happened outside of China. the goal there was to attract attention. it was completely a lie. All the videos sent from wuhan were fiction and lie.

It is also interesting to choose Italy after that. Since it is a famous place known to all, it was aimed at maintaining and increasing the world public interest.

I understood that this was a scam but I wasn't sure how they did it. I have serious marks on this issue today.

Firstly there were no cases in my country, the weather was good. The rain started that day and the first cases were announced. then the weather was not nice.

and now, this week is said to be critical and we should not go out for anything. the air smells  chemtrails sharply for a few days. I can even see small bubbles flying in the air. these occur when the chemical substances form bubbles with the turbulence that occurs during chemtrails. the air is completely closed.

In addition, the same drugs used for shortness of breath are used. A nebulizator, ventolin, pulmicort, etc... these are the same materials required by the use of the same chemtrails planted in rains during mid seasons.

All of the above evidence shows that the global epidemic is not actually an outbreak, but people are asked to concentrate on the outbreak, thus aiming to distract people from the enemy chemtrails we know very well.

I can explain more about this. country, country, I can give the numbers of the planes that do this to the addresses of their pilots. I can share the name and address information of the managers of companies that do this.

Don't test my patience! Put an end to this nonsense!
All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.



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Why are we flat earthers unlike others?
« Reply #211 on: May 02, 2020, 03:31:28 PM »
After years of experience on flat earth and globe earth believers and methods of globalist main stream, I have a conclusion about why we are whether or not flat earthers. I will summarize it here, without using a translator. Because I want to tell it with my own words.

Many times we have see the evidences of Hitler used a special drink to convince people. I determine this as "convincing drink". In years, globalist main stream has strenghten this drink. They have used it generally for political purposes, and continued to use for convince people earth's being a globe.

People whose affected by this drink believe earth's being a globe without questioning. The question here is, why did not we affected by that drink?

Answer is hidden in the question actually. Their poisoneus drink can not affect us, because our body is as strong as defend it.

I, for one, have a very strong stomach, so much so that, If I would eat a stone, my body would used vitamins in it but not affected by its poison. I think it's due to the structure of stomach acids. I have also received treatment before. my stomach acids were said to be too much than normal. but my body is like this. so when I eat things that will poison other people, it just makes me some gas.

I think others have similar stories. All these years of experience show me that the bodies of other believers are also resistant to poison, and the "persuasive drug" that causes ordinary people to be convinced in no way affects us.

therefore, others may think that we need treatment because we are not like them. but the opposite is true. they are whose needing the treatment.

After this stage, we have to do: we have to establish a laboratory. We must find the "persuasive substance" by taking blood samples from the most angry globalists. we need to study it separately and develop a treatment method that will make it passive. and with that we can save the rest of the world.
All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.



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Coronavirus, Made in Bill Gates !
« Reply #212 on: May 26, 2020, 07:01:52 AM »
I have give up the idea of China did it by themselves.

Gates has planned it, because he has already the idea of de population the world. He has good relationship with the head of WHO, Geberesice! Hence, they have planned and applied, is my opinion about how coronavirus happened.

In this regard, whose will suggest to vaccinate people to prevent coronavirus, are slaves of Bill Gates and servers of depopulation the world. May God damn him.

Here is the thread about it:

In 2010's, Bill Gates told that the number of world population should be decreased by using vaccination, National Health Systems, and organizations like WHO. He has told it four times, at least I found a video detected him four times. Perhaps it is more and more nowadays. Here the video is:

And then, an Italian parliamenter has told coronavirus is caused after suggestions of Bill Gates. This is what I get from her talkings, and may be a bit different; here it is:

Nowadays you can find it in my signature but it generally lasts after a while.

gates foundation is a legal foundation that works on human health. however, as can be seen from the conversations above, their sincerity in this matter can be discussed.

According to Donald Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone, Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip people. This idea seems logical. Here the news is: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8215261/Roger-Stone-says-idea-Bill-Gates-created-coronavirus-microchip-people-open-debate.html

The fact that From the very beginning of the epidemic, the world health organization has tried to spread and not prevent the outbreak.

When Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became president of WHO in 2017, he became prominent for their good relationship with the foundation of Gates and personally with Bill Gates.

He did so at the very beginning of the epidemic, saying that corona viruses are not transmitted from person to person and that there is no need for travel restrictions with China. Obviously in this business, WHO tried to spread the outbreak directly.

When we put all this data together, it turns out that Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world population, is planning and implementing this pandemic with the doctors who believe in himself, Glaxo and the WHO.

the speaker spoke of more names, but I don't want to comment because I don't know.

Under these circumstances, a US prosecutor must initiate an investigation against Bill Gates on charges of "planning and enforcing genocide". I would be pleased if someone else filed such an application because I used my right to investigate this issue in connection with China earlier.

Lets talk, fellow aggrieved world people!
All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.



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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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... (Who dare to give us back the delete post option?)...
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All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.



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Crew Dragon Fakery Debunked!
« Reply #214 on: June 10, 2020, 04:53:39 AM »
According to the claims, the rocket lands back to a platform in the ocean. Now we will scientifically examine the accuracy of this claim.

It has caught my attention while watching the video, I am sure it caught the attention of many of you; the rocket did not come vertically, it had an angle. This can be demonstrated as follows, depending on the angle with the vertical:

As the rocket rises, it can be directed in the direction it will go. This is because the movement depends on the motor power. Speed ​​is low during landing and engine power is intended to balance gravity. Therefore, engine power should have an angle to compensate for gravity. Lets try to make a solution. The problem is here:

here, the force provided by the engine power and the gravitational force must be equal or approximately equal in order to achieve a constant and decreasing rate of descent.

We define To the motor power (Fe) and the vertical component (Fev) of the motor power;

It should be; Fev = Fg

Fev= Fe . cos α


Fe. cos α = Fg.

The weight of Falcoln9 rocket is approximately 1900kgs.


Fg = 1900kgs >

angle of inclination at the time the photo was taken :

Alpha= 20 degrees as follow;


engines must apply the following force for a smooth landing:

Fe x cos α = Fg


Fe = Fg / cos α = 1900kg / cos 20° = 1900 / 0,94= 2021 kgs.

that is, the engine must exert a force equivalent to 2021 kg to balance gravity.

In this case, we will have to calculate the horizontal components, since the vertical component forces will be balanced. I called it as F(h)

F(h) = Fe x sin α = 2021kgs x sin 20 = 691kgs.

we see that this force is not balanced. this force causes the rocket to spin under normal conditions.

Although I take the wind from opposite direction here, it will not prevent the spin movement. The reason for this is that the wind acts all along the rocket, but the component of the motor that causes the spin movement acts from a single point.

As a result, the rocket will spin and fall during such a non-vertical landing attempt. This physical evidence proves that this landing is not real.

rockets also lift vertically during their first launch. After a while, their direction changes undesirably by wind and other factors. however, then the routers step in and slowly correct this error. a rocket does not have the technology to correct such a sharp angle in such a short time, and such a local and sudden wind situation cannot be predicted to correct the rocket's direction.

Conclusion: This landing movement does not comply with the laws of physics, but can be created as a simulation.

Conclusion: Fake and cgi; or cgi and fake, or any or both of them.

Ellon Musk, his followers and NASA are trolled the world by this claim.
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All these people are dead.

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Flat Earth Proofs Volum 24235 - Polaris debunk magnetic declination
« Reply #215 on: June 24, 2020, 10:57:40 AM »
The position of polaris prove the earth not a globe!

Globalist hoaxers have discovered a hoax method is known as  magnetic declination. They use it to correct the map mistakes.

Actually it comes from here: They look anywhere and measure it with compass. Compass shows  a different directions other than map. So, what would be done? Magnetic declination. They write magnetic declination at that point equal to the difference of map and compass directions.

But there is a great leaking in their calculation:

Polaris always stay at north accordint to compass. In other say, North is actually always north phsically and there isnt anything as magnetic declination affect it.

Again, wherever you use a compass in central hemicircle, compass always show North star, regardless of supposedly magnetic declination.
All these people are dead.

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Solar Energy System Debunks The Global system!
« Reply #216 on: July 06, 2020, 02:26:52 AM »
The amount of energy produced by a solar panel during the day is as follows.

It will be seen that this is impossible in the globalist system where the distance of the sun is constant. But this graphic is compatible with the flat world model. Since the sun is distant in the morning and evening hours, the amount of energy is decreasing rapidly.

In such a situation, globalists resort to a lie as follow: "The sun's rays are coming inclined to the atmosphere".

There is no scientific study on this subject shows the relationship between what happens if sun rays come vertical or horizontal.

Here again, I see the helplessness of the globalists and watch with pleasure.

Published here as thread
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The difference in temperature in the shade and under the sun gives the heat emitted by the sun.

Lets look at the wrong answer first:

Dear Tom,
Parade Magazine’s Marilyn Savant says air temperature is the same in the sun as in the shade, but placing a thermometer in the sun heats up the thermometer. Does that make sense? If true, what do they use to measure air temperature?
Mike Beirl, Bolingbrook

Dear Mike,
Air temperature is always measured in a shady location because in the shade the thermometer is measuring the actual air temperature, and only the air temperature. A thermometer placed in the sun measures the temperature that the sun heats the thermometer to, not the true air temperature. When you are in the shade, you are experiencing the true air temperature. In the sun, you are experiencing the true air temperature plus the effect of the sun’s rays on your body, and consequently it feels warmer than just the air temperature.
Thomas Valle, Source

As we have seen, popular science cannot explain the difference of temperature in the shade and sun with scientific data. It explains it with strange explanations, such as the warming of the Thermometer.

Is this the truth? Of course no. In reality, the air temperature is expressed by the formula:

Temperature = Daylight temperature + Sunlight temperature - moonlight temperature

As we can see, the temperature depends on these three factors and sunlight is one of them. If the moon is not visible or but far away in a day, the effect is zero. Likewise, since the sun is not visible at night, its effect is zero. In exceptional cases, the night effect of the sun is also taken into account.

The effects of both daylight, sunlight and moonlight on the temperature can be easily calculated depends on the distance of the sun and the moon.

Of course, there are other factors that affect the air temperature in a place, such as altitude, distance to the sea, but these factors are not taken into account because they are constant in anywhere.

If you are in the shade, sunlight will have no effect, and in this case the air temperature will be less.

In short, the temperature measured by popular science in the shade is "daylight temperature" and it is erroneous because it does not take into account sunlight.

Published in HERE
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Why do we see sunsetting red?
« Reply #218 on: August 04, 2020, 01:52:13 AM »
This is a long and complicated issue. It would be a little easier to explain this in my language. In addition, it will be twice as difficult for you to understand the problem because of the language barrier. Nevertheless, I will help you understand the subject by strengthening it with shapes. I hope it is understandable. You can be sure that I will do my best to make you understand as the smartest flat earth believer in this forum.

First, let's start with how colors are formed.

Colors are generally expressed by the wavelengths of incoming light. These wavelengths represent:

The colors of the visible light spectrum

Color ~ Wavelength

Red   ~ 700–635 nm   
Orange   ~ 635–590 nm   
Yellow   ~ 590–560 nm   
Green   ~ 560–520 nm   
Cyan   ~ 520–490 nm   
Blue   ~ 490–450 nm   
Violet   ~ 450–400 nm   

We can't see Infrared lights have bigger wavelength than 1000 nm and ultraviolet lights have wavelength less than 300nm.

The color of the light you observe will not be affected unless you move away from a light source at a level comparable to the speed of light. Before we move on to this topic, let's simply show the wavelength. in terms of no  missing parts remain.

I mean this, when I say wavelenght:

In the most general sense, the distance between the highest points of two consecutive waves is defined as the wavelength.

 It is known that the color of objects moving away rapidly tends to turn red. This is because the wavelength has increased relatively to the observer. I mean this;

When an object moves away at a speed comparable to the speed of light, or when the observer moves similarly from the light source, the wavelength of the light waves reaching the observer will increase as in the figure. This causes the color of the actual light coming out of the light source to be perceived differently by the observer.

Could this be true for the sun? Can the yellow light that we see in the middle of the day turn into a red light due to the sun going away?

The wavelength of the yellow light of the sun we see in the middle of the day: 570 nm.

The wavelength of the red light of the sun we see at the sun settings: 650 nm averegally.

Let's make a simple proportion. 650/570= 1,14, ie 1 and plus 14%. In this case, the wavelength of light increased by 14%. For this to happen, the light source must move away with speed 14% of speed of light.

I'll consider both theories;

In FE theory and corrected by my calculations it revolves around a circle average 25.000kms circumference. It rotates in 24 hours. We'll calculate it this way.

According to globularist theory, the speed of sun is: 220km/h = 61 m/s.
According to FE theory; the speed of sun is: 25.000kms/24 hours= 289 m/s.

I will take the most unfavorable value, the flat earth value. It has 289 m/s. It is the proportion of speed of light: 289 m/s / 300.000.000m/s = 9,6x10^-7 This is not a comparable value with speed of light.

So the sun's moving away is not a reason for its color of the light to turn red.

Now here I will consider the second factor, the structure of the dome. The issue that the dome is not exactly liquid, but exhibits liquid properties, has previously been investigated in different places.

When the light enters the denser environment from less dense environment, it behaves as follows:

So does this refraction also change the wavelength? This is the most sensitive spot of this issue.

According to rensselaer polytechnic institute, it changes:

Light travels as waves, with the wavefronts perpendicular to the direction of motion. In the animation shown here, the wavefronts are represented by the green parallel lines. The red arrow represents the direction of motion.  As light moves from air into water, it not only slows, but the wavelength changes. The animation below illustrates how the wavelength becomes shorter in the denser medium of water. To replay an animation, click on "replay".  Once you have viewed the first animation, click on "2" to continue.

Interestingly enough, the frequency of the waves does not change as the light moves from air to water. As we saw in the Review page, the wave's speed v is related to both the frequency f and the wavelength l :

v = l f.

Combining the above expression for velocity with the definition of index of refraction, we find a relationship between the wavelength l = v/f in a medium and the wavelengthl 0 = c/f in vacuum:

In the above equation, the frequencies cancel because frequency does not change as light moves from one medium to another.

Source: https://www.rpi.edu/dept/phys/Dept2/APPhys1/optics/optics/node7.html

From the information above, we see that interestingly the frequency does not change when the light passes from air to water, but the wavelength changes when passing from water to air. It is important information that the wavelength is changing, although the frenax does not change. Because the color of the light is not about frequency, but about wavelength.

It is understood that a wavelength calculation has been made about the refractive index. We have calculated the refraction index of light between dome and air more than once. We have critical angle values between 23 degrees and 30 degrees. I want to take 30 degrees critical angle because it is worse.

I'll try to find the refractive index depend on this critical angle. Can it be possible to calculate? According to

The relationship between critical angle and refractive index can be mathematically written as –

Refractive index to Critical angle   μab=1/sinC   No SI unit


C is the critical angle.

μ is the refractive index of the medium.

a and b represent two medium in which light ray travels.

So; refractive index of sunlight between dome and air is:

μ= 1/sin 30° = 2.

There is a misscalculation here. Because this value should be close to 1. So we should get the value of 90-30, not 30 degrees. While you are doing calculation, check your results logically from time to time.

μ= 1/sin 60°= 1,15. This is logical.

What was the main formula?

Lets put this μ on the formula;

λa / λ = c/μ


We'll get the wavelenght of the yellow light as we mentioned above:

Different things may be described in the formula. The important thing here is to establish a logical relationship. We see that the wavelength of light is directly related to the change in refractive index. Therefore, thinking proportionally instead of dealing with values ​​will make our job easier in terms of formulation.

λ1= 570
K= 1,15
λ2= 570*1,15= 655

This is the light we see when sun setting according to above calculations. This color should be it:

If we get the wavelenght of yellow light as 600, is more possibly seeming above, and get the refractive index with dome-air as 23 degrees, it turns to:

λ1= 600
K= 1/sin67 = 1,08
λ2= 600*1,08= 648

It is still about in same place:

If you have a question to ask me, I, as a most prominent and smartest Flat Earther all over the internet incontestably, am always ready to answer.

Zeta came, Zeta saw, Zeta conquered.

PS: I want to explain why I have corrected the critical angle value. Because I have used the critical angle so far in the meaning of the angle of the sunlight and air horizontal meaning. But its general meaning its angle with vertical direction, as the following drawing. Hence I have convert it to vertical direction by reducing it from 90 degrees.

There is a misscalculation here. Because this value should be close to 1. So we should get the value of 90-30, not 30 degrees.
We call this as scientific prediction. This ability is gained through working hard.
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All these people are dead.

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GPS debunked with navigation system and global supposedly map!
« Reply #219 on: September 06, 2020, 03:53:28 AM »
The basic philosophical thesis of globalism is based on misunderstanding of life and the events in life. Let's prove it:

There is a video proved the GPS system with google maps are not working; here:

In this video, we clearly see that GPS directions on google map is wrong. But according to the representatives of globalism here, it  works well. And they base this claim on the claim that I manipulated the incident by turning the phone.

That in no way supports your claim that the phone should be showing the direction of motion rather than the direction the phone is pointing in, nor does it show that the real maps of Earth are wrong.
How many of you did see his missunderstanding? I hope most of you did.  ;D

Yeah. google maps application always shows you the direction of movement depending on the road. It does not indicate which direction you are pointing the phone. So here;

The direction shown on the map is the direction of the movement, whichever direction of the phone to be. Because otherwise google maps application could not be useful on road. You need to see the movement direction on a car depends on roadway and regardless the direction of you turn your phone mistakenly. You can see this truth by testing it on a road.

Moreover, the location of the vehicle as you can see on the map is also wrong. Obviously the vehicle is moving steadily and smoothly on the road. You can check this from coordinate changes. The vehicle moves smoothly. However, there is no road where the vehicle is shown and actually the vehicle is at a different point.

Let's calculate the mistake depends on google map web page:

This is the distance I search for:

Here is the distance according to google maps:

As you can see, it shows my location more than 100 metres far.

How is it possible on a well working GPS navigation system and a true map?

As you can see, globalism is based on baseless claims, accusations made without feel any honor, being unscientific and insincere arguments with extraordinary stupidness. Likewise here, it can be easily debunked.

UPDATE 09.09.2020

With the support of a room full of troll army behind them, globalists who are trying to produce counter arguments here are again pursuing deception.

Your claims regarding GPS in this thread have been refuted.
As explained above, he claims that his counter-argument has refute something, which actually refutes nothing. This person is here as a representative of 6 billion globalists and all he does is lying!

It maintains its "refute" claim by explicitly ignoring the statements made here. And we are here again with a new lie that makes he thinks as if he did what he could not do before. Lets see the new attemp depending on his missunderstandings and missinformation.

You have the roads travel in straight lines for quite some distance before abruptly turning.
That isn't how roads actually are.
Instead it is a result of using data with limited resolution.
I am assuming you weren't using mobile data during the trip and instead had low resolution offline maps.

Now compare this to a image from Google Maps which isn't such low resolution:

And according to him:
Again, notice how the road isn't actually that straight?

If you limit the resolution of your data, your map will not be accurate to a much greater level.
You have a point on the road every 2-3 km. With that we can say the margin of error would be roughly 1 km.
Then your say your car being less than 500 m of where your low resolution road is plotted is a problem.
Guess what? It isn't. It is purely a result of your low resolution data.

So would that constitute a problem?
If you are just trying to use GPS to navigate between cities, no, not a problem at all.
If you are trying to determine your location relative to a road to within a few 10s of m, then yes. But not a problem with GPS, a problem with the choice of such low resolution map data. How are you meant to determine your position within a few 10s of m when you only have a reference point every few km?

So still no problem for GPS.
Now are you going to be honest and update your thread in the preaching only section to include this fact?
In other words, the new argument it produces is also invalid, just like the old argument, but still wants me to fix something as if it produced a valid argument. See how he has misunderstanding is there in this argument.

This is the picture sent here by the representative of globalism:

He is right that it has more detail than what appears in the video. But this has no effect on this experiment. He also manipulated to increase the effect. Let's put it this way:

As any reasonable person can see, the supposedly representative of globalism, unable to put a strong argument in front of him by a roomful of troll army behind him, tried to obtain counter-argument by manipulating the data. Obviously, in order to show the "slightly wavy" path as if there were major changes, it included the area on the right side but actually it was not included in the subject.

And where the vehicle is moving, where I have shown it, the vehicle still never go in the south-east direction, and it should have been constantly moving west. Therefore, with his own claim, he actually produced a pseudo-argument that reveals his own lie.

With this second example, it is once again proven how the representatives of the globalists here are the double standard persons who manipulate the issues with their extraordinary dishonored dishonest arguments without feeling any shame.

Was it not already the habit of the globalism? He represents which philosophy he belongs to. Well done!

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All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.



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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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We generally talked about scientific issues here. But this time I'm going to talk about the things I really want to talk about.

We know that covid is now the game and trick of the globalists. Accepting to be vaccinated is the same as accepting slavery. We will resist this, we will not do it. If necessary, we will fight against it. If anti-vaxers are isolated from society, this time we will be better organized and prosperous and save the rest of the enslaved world.

Globalists defeated Trump. But this defeat actually stems from our own internal problems.

The Antifa connections of these men have emerged. The process they started ultimately caused Trump to lose. Here we see that Trump is alone in terms of consultancy. I don't know how it was threatened, but his problem with us started when he  approved NASA budget.

We asked Trump's presidential office to keep saying the world is flat. We have taken a stand for the continuation of his brave attitude.

flat-earthers have around 5 percent of the vote and are equal to the potential to change management. Throughout this process, we've seen disillusioned flat-earthers cease to support Trump.

Trump said the world is flat, but he didn't do anything. Trump said that Obama and Hillary founded ISIS, but he did nothing. Trump said soldiers in the Middle East would come back, but wars are still going on. In short, Trump spoke the truth but did not have the courage or strength to do what she said.

Now the globalists have silenced him. They don't allow him to speak on neither twitter, facebook, instagram, youtube and nor anywhere else. He has now completely turned a "no man".

In this environment, in this atmosphere, I invite him to pay its debt to one of the forces that brought it there, flat earthers.

Talk and explain the facts about the world. You couldn't lead the USA, at least try to be a leader in the world from now on. Maybe if you can achieve this, you can become the leader of the USA again.

As the last free president of the USA, do this favor to your people and the rest of the world. Because, if you don't tell this truth, nobody else remained to tell after now.

From here, I am addressing flat-earthers all over the world.

We have an average of 5% voting potential in every country of the world. Create Flat Earth Parties in each countries. Spread this out in the media. Ensure your security, resist the attacks of globalists.

The only force that can resist the slavery system advancing with the Covid process is the "Flat Earth Party" movement. Start this. We are the only chance of the world. We have to do this. Do this for yourself and those who come after you to continue living in a free world!

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All these people are dead.

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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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A flat earth party would be a beacon of light in the midst of the current situation.
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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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A flat earth party would be a beacon of light in the midst of the current situation.
The beginning of this year was the right time. the party by now had completed the organization and held the rallies easily. It is too late now, but it will have to start from the beginning with will encounter obstacles. Even so it still can be done. Guess it is the longing of billions now. we missed being one step ahead.

When there was no support from anyone, I started writing on twitter and found another party.

Namely Anatolian Union Party is a very new party that is one year old. With our support, the number of their members increased from 120 to 10,000 within a week. On September 11, a rally will be held in Maltepe, Istanbul for the purpose of rebellion against the global gang. This party took legal responsibility in the form of a political rally. I am also trying to help them.
I hope we will catch it at some point and take down the globalist sons of pharaohs.

Twitter seems useful especially with my Turkish followers. Everything is hard to me in environments spoken English like the forums like this, even without considering the globalist management.
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All these people are dead.

No ways remained us but counterattack as a self defence.