the standard of FEs

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Re: the standard of FEs
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What you should be concerned with, instead of trying to slur and talk down to us, is prove that you have the right to do so.  Starting out with blatant prejudice is a huge step in the wrong direction.
In fairness, the basics of Flat Earth hypothesis are dependent on the idea that all Round Earthers are ignorant...
True enough.  Though in equal fairness, so is the scientific method.

I'm going to play ClockTower here, and ask you to provide proof of your outlandish claim.

The scientific method would have no raison d'etre if everyone was not ignorant.  Because we would know everything.

Also, keep the thread on track.  All of you.

This is kind of irrelevant. IOA was saying that your hypothesis depends on the fact that people are too stupid to notice the effects of a flat Earth on their everyday lives..
If we would all stop deflecting questions, maybe we could get somewhere.