Immigration/Border Policies (Arizona Bill)

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Re: Immigration/Border Policies (Arizona Bill)
« Reply #390 on: December 01, 2010, 06:34:54 PM »
Hubris is ruining this country. It makes me sick to see this racism. What makes you better then the mexicans?
Where is the racism in this bill? Have you read it, or have you allowed yourself to succumb to the liberal media like every other douchebag in this thread opposed to it? Read it, then come back to me.

Assuming the phrase 'reasonable suspicion' is in the bill, the de facto room for racism is in the word 'reasonable'. As has been highlighted, reasonably will have to be decided in the courts.
Assuming you haven't read the damn bill I'm going to ignore this comment. If you had you'd understand that the person has to have first broken the law. So, if Pedro is speeding and a cop pulls him over, and Pedro cannot show any proof of his legal status, then why is that racist?

First off, your post is rather contradictory because it seems like you really didn't ignore the comment. But that's besides the point. I thought I made it clear that I haven't read the bill, and I was assuming something in a way that left itself open to correction.

Second, you still haven`t addressed the issue of reasonable suspicion. Well, if you have then you have defined reasonable suspicion as breaking any law. This would presumably include jaywalking, failing to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, etc. I don`t see how this kind of activity can make you a reasonable suspect for immigration violation other than happening to be Hispanic (e.g. Pedro).
When you get stopped by the police, they ask you for ID. Having an Arizonan driver's license already proves legal status. However, if you have a Mexican driver's license, don't speak a word of English, and cannot provide some sort of paper to prove you're legal, then why should we assume you might be?