Free will vs. Determinism

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Re: Free will vs. Determinism
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The problem is that COMPLETE free will simply isn't logically or scientifically possible.  If indeed quantum mechanics allow for randomness, that's simply randomness.  Randomness is not free will; it's actually quite the opposite.

Besides, what is "free will" and how do you make your choice?  If you actually did have free will, why would you make X choice while another person made Y?  Obviously it's because the two people are different, due to genetics, upbringing, their mood that day, etc.  However, these are affected by factors beyond their control.  What if they were to make it so that your free will isn't affected by these, thus supposedly making it true free will?  But then what WOULD affect it?  Your choice, but what would affect that?  Nothing?  Randomness?  Again, randomness is quite different than free will.  Therefore, ABSOLUTE free will is not only non-existent, but impossible to even conceive of logically.

It might be a little depressing, but it's true.