Sacrifice of Jesus.... Was it really?

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Re: Sacrifice of Jesus.... Was it really?
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Largely the bible is from an inaccurate translation from a Greek piece of work.

Mary was not a virgin, the true translation means young girl. Joseph then becomes a child molesting pervert. Jesus was the bastard child of a young girl and a paedophile.

With such an upbringing it is not a surprise he became the equivalent of a present day money grabbing evangelist con man. Again no surprise he ended up being executed.

Canadark has is theory, I have mine.

Wrong on so many different counts, and in so many ways:

1. The Bible in its present forms is translated directly from ancient source material. It is not a succession from one book to the next.

2. Young girl does not imply "not a virgin", especially given that the Old Testament promised that the Messiah would be born of a virgin and that both the gospels that mention Christ's birth refer to an immaculate conception.

3. Women in Jesus' times frequently married while they were still teenagers. Be very careful in making the argument that Joseph was a pedophile, as such a claim shows more disdain for what I hold as my close personal belief than a desire on your part to potentially learn about a culture and time period of which you are altogether ignorant.

4. Given these realities and the fact that they still rest in empty speculation, your final point about Jesus being a con-man is moot.
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