The ancient of our word polys in relation to the overalls usage (ex.politics).

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Making clear the fact that there can never exist any unequal relation among preexisting civilizations, for time only proves equallity and of reachings and achievents, and due to the fact that always a previous civilization having lived nearby is and of a certain relation of affect towards others, even on simple respect, and that being of alls safety due to the fact that there cannot be a beggining of humankind after some of the first years have passed, i have wished to take the liberty of explaning towards this word (enya), (polys - little previously poulys) and the continuity of this word in the term politics (is there also a relation and of poulitics?), related, but and always totally unrelated. In dealing with deism and in argument, a question arose about the wholeness of creation on behalf of the singleness of the fatherly side only. This whould have been a certainty, given that the reply would have covered the wholeness in singlness and of the motherly side. Not trully being able to work this out among everybody, the cities, towns where attributed mainly towards the motherly side wholenes. The word (oly  poly - previously pouly) means exactly this. The motherly side whole. For dealing this and from the fatherly side, it would have been (olos  polos - previously poulos). Laters and we, being born at present times, in questioning if among we here there had have been building and on the relation of polos, we were coming to realize about two. For we call the north pole boreios polos and the south pole notios polos. Then our relation of this, for this earth has been and our first earth, was, that as such is to be proving, to be giving and our point about civilization, regarding the necessity and of the motherly relation .



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Politics is derived from the words "Poly" meaning "many," and "Tics" meaning "blood sucking parasites"
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