another absurdity argument

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another absurdity argument
« on: August 19, 2006, 01:00:15 AM »

ever noticed how everything in science seems to be caused by bacteria? healthy drinks have "good bacteria" in them, and doctors say that illnesses and infections are due to "bacteria". we are told to clean our kitchen surfaces all the time to get rid of "harmful bacteria", when you can never even see the bacteria! the Conspiracy can easily generate the necessary funds through selling various chemicals and potions to mindless citizens, thinking they are cleaning their property of harmful bacteria.
bacteria is just a cover invented by the Conspiracy to give a naturalistic "explanation" for what is just magic. illnesses are caused by curses, and "good bacteria" are a cover for white magic.
we are told all the time that bacteria is around us all the time, but have you ever seen bacteria? scientists say that they can see bacteria through microscopes all the time, but how can you be sure that they are telling the truth? maybe they are part of the Conspiracy?

bacteria are a fallacy - a lame cover-up ploy designed by the Conspiracy to further subjugate the human population.

(what is the difference between this and the flat earth argument? why do you reject one and accept the other?)