Genuine Flat Earthers

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Genuine Flat Earthers
« on: August 17, 2006, 05:54:47 PM »
To the best of our knowledge, the following list consists of all the members throughout this entire website forum who genuinely believe that the Earth is flat:


  The list will be revised as others come to light.

  The list of genuine flat Earth believers appears above in order that no one erroneously think that certain other persons are flat Earthers just because they have access to this forum as several non-flat Earthers have made posts here in the past.
  Many persons have made pro-flat Earth posts or even played devil's advocates, but further investigation often reveals that such persons have also made other posts which indicate that they do not actually believe the earth is flat whatsoever.  

  Below are two examples of posts by members which many persons would otherwise never have guessed that the posters were globularists:
Quote from: "Unimportant"
the largest majority of the member base believes in round earth (even though many of them, myself included, usually defend the FE model).
 Seeking to fully understand another's position is nothing but admirable, and that is what we RE'ers are doing when we debate on behalf of FE.

Quote from: "TheEngineer"
The Earth is not flat.  I find it very entertaining arguing the possibility of it being so, however.



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Genuine Flat Earthers
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i believe i belong on this list
Global warming: Liberal hoax
The earth is not getting warmer after all; the effect is really just the prevalence of air conditioning. It just seems warmer when we go outside.