Frizbee theory

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Frizbee theory
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I have spent a considerable amount of time thinking and researching - the New World Order - amongst other things, since I have seen the Ice Wall.
I find that it is highly likely the Earth is in fact a giant frizbee. It is used in an intergalactic game of war, sort of like a Trident missile that sits in its silo. One day, it will be used to destroy another world. I believe our masters to be shape-shifting lizards that live among us, keeping watch over their weapon.
Some day, they will leave. But we will always be stuck here...

Frizbee theory
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Stupid Troll, go back to your hole.
he man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.

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Frizbee theory
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Guess we're pretty fucked eh?  :D
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Frizbee theory
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Quote from: "Astantia"
Guess we're pretty fucked eh?  :D

I fear for the worst...
David Icke has come pretty close to the truth with his theories about the Illuminati. He is, of sorts, a saviour of ours. But even he has missed this vital piece, this thing that makes the conspiracy far greater than anyone could ever have imagined.