Geostationary Satellites

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Geostationary Satellites
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A review of the ancient (first century) Christian treatise

'A Cosmological Tract' by Saint Dionysios the Areopagite *

as well as the relevant section of the Book of Enoch, 'The Books of the Courses of the Heavenly Luminaries'

(particularly the section on the twelve storehouses of the winds) has rendered necessary the revision of one major aspect of my earlier article

'The Myth of Orbiting Satellites'

since the possibility of stationary artificial satellites overhead the earth in the underheaven is logical given the propensity of modern technology.  

The modern airplane is an example of the ability of modern technology to make use of wind.  The ability of modern technology to maneuver unmanned artificial objects at high altitude is seen in the fact observed in an article by Fidel Castro that by 2040 virtually all American military aircraft will be robot operated:

'The Empire and the Robots'
By Fidel Castro

The former television news producer who uses the nom de plume "Richard Walker" has also written many well informed articles on space technology especially with reference to future conflicts involving satellites.

Although I concur with Cosmas Indicoplesutes that the stars, sun, and moon are guided by angels, according to the first century Christian writer Saint Dionysios the Areopagite, these angels evidently make use of the winds which issue from the twelve storehouses along the four sides of the earth in guiding the sun, moon, and stars in their courses.  

"The presence of angels is necessary in man's world, not only for the sake of their beneficent effect on him, but also because the Sun, Moon, and stars are carried in their courses, not by the firmament which is motionless, but by angels appointed to this work until the last day."

Saint Dionysios writes of the sun's travel on the four winds of heaven that "The sun keeps completely the course of its movement. For it has twelve gates on the path of its movement through which the passage of its course takes place. For these twelve gates a clock is fixed that the course of its path may be equal. Every gate is separated from the next by the space of only one hour. Every hour contains a degree (step). Four winds cause the disc of the sun to run. Since the wind that is above is a strong wind, that makes the eyes flow, and if this breeze above were near to (what is) below it would not leave anything on earth that it did not destroy, and since the wind above is strong these four moderate winds embrace the disc of the sun. If a wind did not run before it [the sun] on the path of its movement and bar its disc that it may move with diseretion, the east wind would drive its disc from one end of the world to the other in one hour. If the south wind did not press it to the ends of the world, the wind that is blowing from the north would hurl it (to the south), and the south wind to the north if the north wind (did not press it to the south). These four winds retain the disc of the sun and watch over it that it may not incline towards one side. And now and then one of the storehouses that serve the wind from above is opened and the wind that comes out from one of the storehouses becomes stronger from the fact that it is yoked to the chariot of the sun and it throws its disc under the step (degree) of its passage and its light is darkened till its dise rises (again) and stands on the path of its movement."  

Saint Dionysios's reference to the chariot of the sun concurs with the fourth century treatise of Saint Basil that the sun is technically not a light, but rather a vehicle of light and the same is true of the moon which is verified by the fact that a complete circumference of curvature can still be seen even when the moon is less than full.

As the sun, moon, and stars have inerringly and predictably followed their courses using the winds for thousands of years, it should not be a surprise that men figured how to make use of the phenomenon of the winds to such a high degree as to place artificial "geostationary" satellites overhead the world much higher than most airplanes in the same fashion as the sun, moon, and stars which is that they skillfully use the twelve winds to orbit the great arctic mountain.  Since, the phenomenon of these artificial orbiting objects is spiritually akin to the ancient tower of babel, they do not and will never have the constancy of the sun, moon, and stars.  It is a scientific fact still acknowledged by even modern astronomers that no geostationary satellite will remain aloft permanently since they will all eventually fall to the surface.  
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Re: Geostationary Satellites
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Sandokhan's post on this subject is well worth considering - especially as it shows the difficulty of heliocentrists and anyone who believes in a moving earth to account for the phenomenon of stationary satellites overhead.

If the earth is stationary (and it is) and geostationary satellites are truly stationary overhead a given geographic area below, then any idea of their being in orbit is automatically disqualified.  

Sandokhan's assertion that ray devices invented by Tesla accounts for these satellites' ability to remain stationary overhead does seemingly explain particularly their "stationary" character better than what I have written about the winds.  

Sandokhan wrote "With such a permanent supply of high quality energy, certainly the satellites are remote controlled from earth to make them go around or stay hovering in a specific place. They don't stay quite or moving because any gravity - which is a lie- but because the energy taken from those layers."

I suppose that the layers referred to are layers of energy.  The links on satellite components in his post are mostly no longer valid.  Investigation into Sandokhan's Tesla energy device thesis of satellite buoyancy in the air is well worthwhile.  Any such investigation must find knowledge of what Tesla wrote and did about this (and ideally what others did afterwards) as well as knowledge of satellite components which shows that is indeed exactly how these artificial objects remain in the air for such extended periods.


I have questions for Sandokhan who wrote 'I have a letter from the Office of Satellite Operations in Washington DC concerning the repositioning of a GSS satellite 10.75 degrees, asking this question:  Is the present movement of GOES (a GSS satellite) planned and executed on the basis of a fixed earth or a rotating earth? The answer, written by Lee Ranne from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on 11-22-1989 (I have her phone number if you want it) says "Fixed earth." '

Was the initial letter of inquiry by any chance written by yourself?
Incidentally, when did you first adopt the belief that the earth is flat?
(I adopted this belief myself in 1996.)
Would it be possible to have the whole or relevant portions of the letter by Lee Ranne posted online?
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Re: Geostationary Satellites
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The main links at the Satellite Conspiracy thread work just fine...

Here are the other links, recovered:

No, the letter was not written by was offerred on the net by R. Sungenis, a well-known geocentrist (a round but stationary earth)...the original quote here: