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I do have one serious question. This is question that seems to not only be bugging me, but is bothering other of the REers on this forum as well.... Why? Why would any one benefit from us thinking the earth is round when it's not? What does it even matter when you think about it? What really changes? Why is there any conspiracy trying to make us believe in a Round Earth? I bet this has been 'answered' before, but I think it deserves it's own topic.


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Re: Why?
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Query topics belong in Q&A, not Flat Earth Debate. Moved.
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Re: Why?
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...this has been 'answered' before...

Quite a lot, I'm afraid.



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Re: Why?
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This is the most askede question on these boards. They have a FAQ that you can read. I may not agree with anything in the FAQ, but it is there for a reason.
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Re: Why?
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Little do people realize that one of Satan's specialties is to deceive people with the truth.
Science is what happens when preconception meets verification.
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Besides, perhaps FET is a conspiracy too.
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