Conspiracy, what conspiracy?

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Re: Conspiracy, what conspiracy?
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If you feel that levee's theories merit discussing, then make a separate thread to discuss them.

Eh?! Your post makes no sense at all. All I'm doing is supporting a senior member of the board. Somehow you think that's a problem. Levees work is in the FEB section because it is considered to be of high merit and does not need to be mixed up with the usual nonsense that gets posted here.

Yes, at the moment it is an "alternate" theory. But as I've already explained this doesn't have to be the case. I and many others here would prefer that levees FAQ replaced the current "official" FAQ since it makes just as much sense, if not more. There have been so many doubts thrown on the "official" FAQ that it is pretty much worthless now. Levees FAQ has so far stood up to scrutiny.