And your evidence is...

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And your evidence is...
« on: January 07, 2006, 09:46:19 AM »
I am a new member. After spending a while reading through the 'flat-earthers' evidence, it seems to me that the only so called evidence is that you can see that the earth is flat. By saying this you are contradicting yourself, you can see that the earth is round, that is why you can only see, on average, 12 miles from where you are. The earth curves away. And so you have no evidence, as your only evidence has just been disproven.

I see that sometimes when someone is lost for an argument they resort to pionting out gramatical errors, take a look at the name of this site. I see 'THE FLAT EARTH SOCIETY', and not 'THE GRAMATICAL ERROR SOCIETY'!  :shock:
 believe somewhere along the line of human evolution a new species branched off, a 'missing link' if you will. This less intelligent, rather dull, new species of ape were so named the 'flat-earthers'.

Re: And your evidence is...
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read the FAQ. no-one will take you seriously if you post things like that because that just proves you have no understanding of our beliefs.Your so called evidence which disproves FET is dealt with in the FAQ so it seems to me that the only evidence you can produce has already been dealt with. so i say again, read the FAQ