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especially when you get told where to look and cannot randomly see it.
This is an objection I've seen here a number of times but never understood. Could you elaborate?

With the following in mind, if possible:
- we can't see the ISS with a bare eye as anything but a dot, so magnification is needed
- anyone not extremely familiar with orbital mechanics would not be able to guess even close where it is at a given time
- thus it is difficult to find it by just looking around
- people who know where it is at a given time, share that information
- so we can look up that information, look at that particular part of the sky at a given time, and it will be there for anyone to see or communicate with via radio.

What's wrong with that? I can't see anything wrong with that. If I want to see a something but don't know where to find it, I'll ask. Why not? If I don't know where something is, does that prove it doesn't exist? That would explain what happens to my socks though.