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Actually the Australian unemployment rate is on the decline (4.9%, May 2006 from the Australian Bureau of Statistics [where i work]http://www.abs.gov.au/ausstats/[email protected]/mf/6202.0)

I tried to find some corresponding statistics on the US http://www.census.gov/ website, but it's so rank compared to ours, that I could only find stats from 2004 at the latest, and nothing that wasn't grouped by age etc. without spending a lot of time searching for it, which I couldn't be bothered doing (it took me 1 minute to get the data).


  Although I do not agree 100% with all their premises (chiefly colonialism), the Australian League of Rights is one of the few outstanding right wing organizations I do respect, and I have ordered books from them several times over the years.  During my recent visit to Australia, I visited their Adelaide book store in Happy Valley.  They have been around since 1946, and their founder Eric Butler is still alive at over 100 years of age.  

  As a historical side note, Eric Butler is the reason the John Birch Society got an undeserved anti-Jewish reputation.  I do not say this because I like the Birch Society, but only because it is the truth as the Birch Society is a sophisticated pro-zionist and anti-communist organization, which I am quite opposed to.  In 1967, the Birch Society's monthly 'American Opinion' ran an entire issue as an almanac of the world analysing the degree of communist advance in each sector of the world.  Eric Butler, the founder and president of th Australian League of Rights at the time, authored the chapter on the near east entitled 'Where the Heat Is On.'  The fact that the Birch Society with its american following had allowed Butler to write an article in its journal motivated the Anti-Defamation League to initiate an anti-John Birh Society campaign in that year.  In my opinion the Birch Society actually tries to wean out the potential anti-zionists of the conservative movement.  The ADL's campaign is the source of the misconception that the John Birch Society was ever really anti-zionist, which it is not as its articles constantly attack all the same enemies that israel has.  If anything, the organization is more pro-israel than israel itself.  The John Birch Society has always been a sort of sophisticated political version of Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell (or their predecessors like Billy James Hargis).  

  But never mind those has-been idiots (who seem to have finally given up trying to assert the israeli spawned anti-communist propaganda that the alleged Soviet break-up is proceeding as planned back in the 1950's and the final Soviet offensive is close at hand) as the Australian League of Rights has always been more 'On Target' than almost all other conservative organizations combined:


- Dionysios


--- Quote from: "quixotic" ---Im just saying that there are a lot more unemployed people in America, and it is on the rise.

--- End quote ---

So you don't know how percentages work...

--- Quote ---
Actually the Australian unemployment rate is on the decline - 4.9%
--- End quote ---

I could only find figures from 2005 at 2:00 am.

Yes i know waht a precentage is Eng, and i KNow its relative.

But still, i cant find one article that says the unemployment rate is decreasing.


--- Quote from: "quixotic" ---
But still, i cant find one article that says the unemployment rate is decreasing.
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You're welcome.


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