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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The background shows a big sea strait. However, there is another aspect to the painting by Signorelli that has never been observed by any other researcher (including A. Fomenko): the presence of the Hagia Sophia.

There is no other known castle or building, other than the Hagia Sophia, which even remotely would resemble the depiction in the painting (the dome of Florence is not located next to a large sea strait).

"The blatant Romanesque motifs (of archway, Corinthian pillars, fallen column and marble altar) were added by the artist to signify where the Bible story depicted was truly composed. It was not in Judea or Galilee."

(earliest known photograph of Constantinople; the debate is still going on, whether it is a photograph or a painting)

The last painting even features a person who is wearing a turban.

All of the paintings depict a large sea strait. (Christ entering Constantinople) (Christ crucified next to a sea strait) (the issue with Troy II) (the issue with Troy I)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Could the building in the background be castle Sant'Angelo?

Not while the rest of the painting features a large sea strait.

As we can see, there is a large body of water right next to shoreline: it is not the sea of Galilee, nor is it the Dead Sea (these seas also do not have large fortification walls built near them).

And it is not the Tiber river.

Almost the entire width of the background is taken up by a lake; a town and a fortified castle stand on its rocky shore. They are depicted with such precision as to suggest a definite locality, but the topographical details have never been identified with any known place. However, Lake Geneva suggests itself as one possibility, since the painter spent the greater part of his life in the Swiss countryside.

The topographical details have never been identified with any known place since no one had thought to compare them with the geography of the sea of Marmara/Bosphorus strait.

And it cannot be lake Geneva (no large, extended fortification walls).

It looks more like the strait of Bosphorus:

The castle of Chillon was built in the 18th century:

There is one other notable detail which must be taken into account: the Inquisition (official chronology of history). Had either Witz or Signorelli made public their respective paintings, they would have had to deal with the Inquisition the next day. Before they could have uttered a response, they would have been thrown in the dungeons; no other painter would have dared to depict a body of water next to the crucifixion site.

Dr. Anatoly Fomenko:

Incidentally it is interesting to look carefully at the representation of the crucifixion. It appears that in many paintings, icons and frescoes Christ’s crucifixion is shown with a background of either a big sea strait or a wide river. Besides the artists were painting in particular either a strait or a river, but by no means a sea. So, by depicting water, the opposite shore was always shown. As we understand it now, it could not have been otherwise, as the Beykoz mountain is situated right on the shore of the wide Bosphorus. From there can be seen very clearly the European shore of the strait, where the centre of Constantinople is situated.

Any artist, had a more or less accurate recollection of the original story, would have depicted the Bosphorus strait as a significant part of the landscape, which served as a backdrop to the site of Christ’s crucifixion.

Mount Beykoz, the place outside the walls of Constantinople, where Christ was crucified.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The harbor and landscape of Constantinople.

Jerusalem quae in Bosphorus est possidebit civitates Austri.

Obadiah 1:20 "et transmigratio exercitus huius filiorum Israhel omnia Chananeorum usque ad Saraptham et transmigratio Hierusalem quae in Bosforo est possidebit civitates austri"

Jerome, author of translation of the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate) used the word Bosphorus in Obadiah 1:20.

Et transmigratio exercitus hujus Filiorum Izraelu omnia loca Chananæorum usque ad Sareptam: et transmigratio Jerozolima, quæ in Bosphoro est, possidebit civitates Austri.

The same word appears in one English translation as well ( Douay–Rheims), from 1610.

And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel, all the places of the Chanaanites even to Sarepta: and the captivity of Jerusalem that is in Bosphorus, shall possess the cities of the south.

In most later translations, the word ‘Bosphorus’ was replaced with ‘Sepharade’. It is supposedly a place of ‘uncertain location’.

Only two possible locations match the landscape:

Strait of Messina

(photograph of the strait of Bosphorus, taken in 1839)

Of course, only Constantinople had the large fortification walls.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Numerous associates of the Pentagon program, with high security clearances and decades of involvement with official U.F.O. investigations, told us they were convinced such crashes have occurred, based on their access to classified information. But the retrieved materials themselves, and any data about them, are completely off-limits to anyone without clearances and a need to know.

We were provided a series of unclassified slides showing that the program took this seriously enough to include it in numerous briefings. One slide says one of the program’s tasks was to “arrange for access to data/reports/materials from crash retrievals of A.A.V.’s,” or advanced aerospace vehicles.

Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program – AATIP (cont.)

Twofold Nature of the Threat:

1. Current Threat: AAV phenomena of foreign derivation (including off-world), being globally deployed/tested, including in CONUS

2. Future Threat: Potential terrestrial adversaries achieving significant breakthroughs in the development of game-changing technologies based on evaluations of AAV phenomena from sensor data or crash/retrieved materials.

(This is an AATIP slide used over many years in many briefings for Congressional staff, aerospace executives, and DOD officials.)

"Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon U.F.O. program since 2007, said that, in some cases, examination of the materials had so far failed to determine their source and led him to conclude, “We couldn’t make it ourselves.”

Mr. Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

Mr. Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retrievals of unexplained objects to staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct. 21, 2019, and to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee two days later."

The image depicted on the Great Seal of the United States points to the year 2019 (November 2019, the transit of Mercury):

A big disclosure regarding alien technology (comparable to the events in the movie Contact (1997)) will take place no latter than 2022, perhaps as early as 2021.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet wormholes

EGB wormhole model: dilaton and electrovacuum.

The EdGB is unstable.

The electrovacuum has huge issues with it as well.
The causality constraints of higher curvature models were studied, and it was shown in
particular that a theory such as EGB has to be supplemented with massive higher-spin fields in order to be free of causality problems. Causal structure of Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet (EGB) theory has also been studied in [29,30], where different notions closely connected to causality are studied in detail, such as the relation between Killing horizons and characteristic hypersurfaces, hyperbolicity in the near horizon regions.

Kaluza-Klein wormholes

Aether compactification of the Kaluza-Klein dimensions: (Planck plasma) (Kaluza-Klein particles, Planck ether, two consecutive messages)

Kaluza-Klein wormholes must use ether.

Conformal Weyl gravity wormholes

Weyl ether:

Palatini f(R,T) wormholes

Cartan wormholes

We also discuss wormhole throats in the presence of fully antisymmetric torsion and find that the energy condition violations cannot be dumped into the torsion degrees of freedom.

The Cartan torsion theory is a dynamical degenerate case of the more general Poincare gauge theory of gravity. The NEC would always have to be violated for such a specific torsion even in the more general Poincare gauge theory of gravity.

The resulting forces from the Einstein-Cartain torsion theory are some 27 orders of magnitude smaller than the gravitational effects of GR. Further, the EC theory applies to static field geometries around rotating objects.

Dynamical Ricci torsion is some 21 to 22 orders of magnitude larger than EC torsion.

Ricci flow wormholes

Spacetime foam = zero point energy = ether

Holographic Schwinger effect and the geometry of entanglement

Julian Sonner, a senior postdoc in MIT’s Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Center for Theoretical Physics, has published his results in the journal Physical Review Letters, where it appears together with a related paper by Kristan Jensen of the University of Victoria and Andreas Karch of the University of Washington.

The tangled web that is gravity

He found that what emerged was a wormhole connecting the two entangled quarks, implying that the creation of quarks simultaneously creates a wormhole. More fundamentally, he says, gravity itself may be a result of entanglement. What’s more, the universe’s geometry as described by classical gravity may be a consequence of entanglement—pairs of particles strung together by tunneling wormholes.

"We suggest that this constitutes a holographically dual realization of the creation of a Wheeler wormhole."

The Wheeler-Morris-Thorne model IS an Ellis wormhole.

The metric presented by Morris and Thorne already appears in 1973 in the work published by H.G. Ellis.

In fact, this model is called the Ellis-Bronnikov-Morris-Thorne wormhole model.

Negative energy = ether

The deepest connection between gravity and quantum entanglement:

“The universality of the gravitational interaction comes directly from the universality of entanglement- it is not possible to have stress-energy that doesn’t source the gravitational field because it is not possible to have degrees of freedom that don’t contribute to entanglement entropy.”

Universality of Gravity from Entanglement

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The calculation was carried out by Wolfgang Pauli, one of the greatest physicists of the 20th century.

"If the electromagnetic field would really have a non vanishing zero-point energy, 'the universe would not even reach to the moon'".

If the ether drift field (zero point energy, scalar waves) does exist, then the radius of curvature of the observable universe is 31 km.

C. P. Enz, A. Thellung : Nullpunktenergie und Anordnung
nicht vertauschbarer Faktoren im Hamiltonoperator ,
Helv. Phys. Acta 33, 839–848 (1960) pg 842

Earlier, I stated that the upper bound of the distance to Sirius is less than 50 km:

"If the electromagnetic field would really have a non vanishing zero-point energy, the radius of the universe would then be 31 km."

This is precisely what happens in reality.

The distance from the center of the flat surface of the Earth to the top of the second dome is 31 km.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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W. Pauli used the censored/modified Heaviside-Lorentz equations, NOT the original Maxwell ether equations:

Pauli writing the Maxwell equations in his ETH Zurich office in 1953.

NdG Tyson did the same thing:

However, much more could be accomplished using the original ether Maxwell equations, which invariant under Galilean transformations:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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There can be little doubt that the most significant event of the nineteenth century will be judged as Maxwell's discovery of the laws of electrodynamics.

Richard Feynman, The Feynman Lectures on Physics, vol 2

It is sometimes said, with no more than slight overstatement, that if you trace every line of modern physical research to its starting point you come back to Maxwell. Professor C. A. Coulson put it another way: 'There is scarcely a single topic that he touched upon which he did not change almost beyond recognition'.

Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything

Maxwell imagined that there is an incompressible fluid, of constant density, filling all of space. Faraday's lines of force were flows of this fluid, or flux.

He imagined that all of space is filled with tiny vortices, or spinning cells, the axis of each vortex being a tiny bar magnet with a North pole one end and a South pole the other.

    Suppose all space were filled by tiny close-packed spherical cells of very low but finite density, and that these cells could rotate. When a cell rotated, centrifugal force would make it tend to expand in the middle and contract along the spin axis, just as the earth's rotation causes it to expand at the equator and flatten at the poles. Each spinning cell would try to expand around the middle but its neighbours would press back, resisting the expansion. If all cells in a neighbourhood spun in the same direction, each would push outwards against the others: they would collectively exert a pressure at right angles to their axes of spin.
    Along the axes of spin the opposite would happen. The cells would be trying to contract in this direction and there would be a tension. So if the spin axes were aligned along the lines in space, these lines would behave like Faraday's lines of force, exerting an attraction along their length and a repulsion sideways. The faster the cells spun, the greater would be the attractive force along the lines and the repulsive force at right angles to them — in other words, the stronger the magnetic field.

Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything

To avoid the cells rubbing against one another, he tried putting even smaller spherical particles between the cells. They would act like ball bearings, or like the 'idle wheels' engineers put between two gear wheels which need to rotate in the same direction. The idea seemed crazy but James persevered and suddenly things began to fall into place. Suppose the little idle wheels were particles of electricity. In the presence of an electromotive force they would tend to move along the channels between the cells, constituting an electric current, and it would be this movement that set the cells spinning.
    But everyone knew that currents could flow only in substances which were conductors, like metals. In insulators like glass or mica, or in empty space, there could be no currents. So James proposed a second way in which the behaviour of the cells would be modified according to the type of substance which shared their space. In an insulator the cells, or perhaps local groups of cells, would hold on to their little particles so that they could rotate but not move bodily. But in a good conductor like a copper wire the particles could move bodily with very little restriction and a current would flow. In general, the lower the electrical resistance of the substance, the more freely the particles could move.
    An essential feature of James' little particles was that they had rolling contact with the cells — there was no sliding. Where the magnetic field was uniform the particles would just rotate, along with the cells. But if the particles in a conductor moved bodily without rotating, they would cause the cells on either side of the current to spin in opposite directions, exactly the condition to create a circular magnetic field around a current-carrying wire — effect 3. If the particles rotated and moved, the circular magnetic field due to their movement would be superimposed on the linear one due to their rotation.

Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything

According to our theory, the particles which form the partitions between the cells constitute the matter of electricity. The motion of these particles constitutes an electric current; the tangential force with which the particles are pressed by the matter of the cells is electromotive force, and the pressure of the particles on each other corresponds to the tension or potential of the electricity.

If we now explain the condition of a body with respect to the surrounding medium when it is said to be 'charged' with electricity, we shall have established a connexion between all the principal phenomena of electrical science.

James Clerk Maxwell, On Faraday's Lines of Force, 3, Cambridge Phil. Soc., 1861

James had shown how the electrical and magnetic forces which we experience could have their seat not in physical objects like magnets and wires but in energy stored in the space in and around bodies. Electrostatic energy was potential energy, like that of a spring; magnetic energy was rotational, like that in a flywheel, and both could exist in empty space. And these two forms of energy were immutably linked; a change in one was always accompanied by a change in the other. The model demonstrated how they acted together to produce all known electromagnetic phenomena.

. . . All materials that have elasticity transmit waves. James' all-pervading collection of cells was elastic, so it must be capable of carrying waves. In an insulating material, or in empty space, a twitch in one row of idle wheels would be transmitted via their parent cells to the surrounding rows of idle wheels, then to the rows surrounding them, and so on. Because the cells have inertia they would not transmit the motion instantly but only after a short delay — the twitch would spread out as a ripple. So any change in the electric field would send a wave through all space.
What is more, any twitch in a row of idle wheels would make the neighbouring cells turn a bit and so generate a twitch in the magnetic field along the cells' axes of spin. All changes in the electric field would therefore be accompanied by corresponding changes in the magnetic field, and vice versa. The waves would transmit changes in both fields; they were electromagnetic waves.

Basil Mahon, The Man Who Changed Everything

Maxwell’s Original Equations (dynamical Maxwell equations)

Now, let me prove that indeed in the calculation provided by W. Pauli, the radius of curvature is equal to the radius of the circular arc to the curve.

page 2: "radius of curvature"
page 3: W. Pauli's example, using the radius of curvature

page 6: "radius of the universe"
page 7: "radius of the Einstein universe"

page 3: "radius of curvature"
page 5: "radius of the Einstein universe"

Both terms refer/apply to equation (2) in the paper (page 3).

Radius of curvature = radius of the universe in W. Pauli's calculation.

The curve can extend greatly to the right and to the left of the vertex.

"If the electromagnetic field would really have a non vanishing zero-point energy, the radius of the universe would then be 31 km."

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Physical Phenomena Observed during Strong Electric Discharges into
Layered Y123 Superconducting Devices at 77 K

The propelling phenomenon we observed during these experiments seems to be tied with the inertia phenomenon acting upon very strongly accelerated electrons inside the device. However, the propelling emitter shows simultaneously an energetic behavior and diverse distant physical effects implying an interaction with an external source of energy.

More than 3500 discharges were recorded and analyzed from April 2007 to March 2011, with 130 different emitters.

The main physical effect observed was an upward propulsive momentum of the emitter, in the opposite direction to the flow of electrons. During all discharges in the layered emitter larger than 800 V, the mobile magnets of the linear alternator always jumped up.

The discharge circuit appears as a "closed system" that should not generate any external momentum. However, the reported experiments showed a huge momentum transfer and the emitter support was submitted to accelerations reaching up to ten thousands g's.

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions as a Possible Means
to Exchange Momentum with the Vacuum

Review of Poher experiment on fields produced by
electric discharges in a superconductor

A comparison between the YBCO discharge experiments by E. Podkletnov
and C. Poher, and their theoretical interpretations



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The icons on the desktop of a PC allow us to use the computer without being distracted by irrelevant details about its internal structure and operation. Similarly, our perceptions allow us to act adaptively in the world while being ignorant of its true structure. Space-time is our species-specific desktop and physical objects are icons on that desktop. Space-time and physical objects are not insights into objective reality, but species-specific adaptations that allow us to survive and reproduce. This requires a radical reformulation of our notion of the nature of objective reality, and of our notion of time. In light of the evolutionary results, I propose that consciousness, rather than space-time and physical objects, is fundamental. I propose a formal model of consciousness based on a mathematical structure called conscious agents. I then propose how time and space emerge from the interactions of conscious agents.

Fundamental physics started the 20th century with the twin revolutions of relativity and quantum mechanics, and much of the second half of the century was devoted to the construction of a theoretical structure unifying these radical ideas. Yet storm clouds are gathering, which point towards a new set of revolutions on the horizon in the 21st century. Space-time is doomed—how can it emerge from more primitive building blocks?

(N. Arkani-Hamed (IAS))

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Biology, however, has yet to experience its quantum shock. Biologists assume they have physics on their side, but physics isn't so sure. Contrary to popular belief, biologists only assume the operations of an organism are explicable according to causal mechanics. As Forgacs and Newman put it, "While it is obvious that nothing in development, or in any other domain of biology for that matter, can occur without the participation of physical mechanisms, the high degree of structural and dynamical complexity of most living systems makes it exceedingly difficult, in general, to follow the workings of basic physical principles or appreciate their roles." This becomes increasingly apparent with the emergence of complex structures such as immune, hormonal, circulatory, vascular and nervous systems.

In this paper, we introduce the basis for this new computing paradigm and its extensions such as quantum logic and entanglement in morphic computing, morphic systems and morphic system of systems (M-SOS).

Scientific investigations of consciousness that seek its biological basis typically assume that objects in space-time—such as neurons—exist even if unperceived, and have causal powers. I evaluate this assumption, using evolutionary games and genetic algorithms that study perceptual evolution, and find that it is almost surely false. Our perceptions of space-time and objects are a species-specific adaptation, not an insight into objective reality. In consequence, I propose a formal theory of consciousness—the theory of “conscious agents”—that takes consciousness to be fundamental, rather than derivative from objects in space-time. I use the theory of conscious agents to solve the combination problem of consciousness, both for the combination of subjects and of experiences. I show that entanglement follows as a consequence of the combination of conscious subjects. I then discuss the relationship of these findings to the account of entanglement given by quantum-Bayesian interpretations of quantum theory.

Controllable vs uncontrollable nonlocality: Is it possible to achieve superluminal communication?

Biological nonlocality: Evidence for entanglement at the animate level implying
controllable superluminal communication



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Spacetime is doomed. It, and its particles, cannot be fundamental in physical theory, but must emerge from a more fundamental theory. I review the converging evidence for this claim from physics and evolution, and then propose a new way to think of spacetime: as a data-compressing and error-correcting channel for information about fitness. I propose that a theory of conscious agents is a good candidate for the more fundamental theory to replace spacetime. Spacetime then appears as one kind of interface for communication between conscious agents.

Spacetime is doomed. There is no such thing as spacetime fundamentally in the actual underlying description of the laws of physics. That's very startling, because what physics is supposed to be about is describing things as they happen in space and time. So if there is no spacetime, it's not clear what physics is about.

Nima Arkani-Hamed (Cornell Messenger Lecture 2016)
Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The electromagnetic vacuum is known to have energy. It has been recently argued that the quantum vacuum can possess momentum, that adds up to the momentum of matter. This “Casimir momentum” is closely related to the Casimir effect, in which case energy is exchanged. In previous theory it was treated semi-classically. We present a non-relativistic quantum theory for the linear momentum of electromagnetic zero-point fluctuations, considering an harmonic oscillator subjectto crossed, quasi-static magnetic and electric and coupled to the quantum vacuum. We derive a contribution of the quantum vacuum to the linear pseudo-momentum and give a new estimate for the achievable speed. Our analysis show that the effect exists and that it is finite.

Anomalous effects from dipole environment - quantum entanglement

In this work, we present our experimental and theoretical investigations concerning to the existence of anomalous forces on symmetrical and asymmetrical capacitors, operating in high voltage, and on magnetic cores operating in high magnetic fields.

The BB effect is one of the anomalous effects that can be explained in this context, that is, by an unique cause that we call generalized quantum entanglements. Some current papers have shown that BB effect remains in the vacuum conditions excluding the ionic wind such as the cause of the effect. In addition, other papers indicate that even experiments related to BB effect measurement with lifters in the air pressure cannot be explained according to the usual electromagnetic theory background. These facts reinforce our hypothesis related to an nonlocal interaction, considering a preexisting state of generalized quantum entanglement between all particles.

On the Anomalous Weight Losses of High Voltage Symmetrical Capacitors



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The lethal wave of influenza in 1918-19... was first detected on the same day in Boston and Bombay. Yet in spreading within the United States it took three weeks to go from Boston to New York. — Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe

On October 11 2019 a meteoritic bolide (probably fragment of a comet) explodes in a brief flash in Nth East China. We think it probable that this bolide contained embedded within it a monoculture of infective nCoV-2019 virus particles that survived in the interior of the incandescent meteor.

Also well documented is that, in the winter of 1918, the disease appeared suddenly in the frozen wastes of Alaska, in villages that had been isolated for several months. Mathematical modelling of epidemics such as the one described invariably involves the ad hoc introduction of many unproven hypotheses—for example, that of the superspreader. In situations where proven infectivity is limited only to close contacts, a super-spreader is someone who can, on occasion, simultaneously infect a large number of susceptible individuals, thus causing the sporadic emergence of new clusters of disease. The recognition of a possible vertical input of external origin is conspicuously missing in such explanations.

With respect to the SARS outbreak, a prima facie case for a possible space incidence can already be made. First, the virus is unexpectedly novel, and appeared without warning in mainland China. A small amount of the culprit virus introduced into the stratosphere could make a first tentative fall out East of the great mountain range of the Himalayas, where the stratosphere is thinnest, followed by sporadic deposits in neighbouring areas. If the virus is only minimally infective, as it seems to be, the subsequent course of its global progress will depend on stratospheric transport and mixing, leading to a fall out continuing seasonally over a few years. Although all reasonable attempts to contain the infective spread of SARS should be continued, we should remain vigilant for the appearance of new foci (unconnected with infective contacts or with China) almost anywhere on the plant. New cases might continue to appear until the stratospheric supply of the causative agent becomes exhausted.

From 2000:

Our expectation is that sooner or later a really bad situation, possibly similar to that in 1918/19, will arise. This seems inevitable so long as the Government's advisors continue to prefer medical dogma to taking a closer look at the facts. Which suggest to the point of certainty that what we get from the high atmosphere, be it a virus or a genetic trigger, is significantly more dangerous than anything we may catch from other people.

To take things a step further, the curve of Figure 1 is a plot of sunspot numbers throughout the past century. Sunspot numbers give a measure of high-energy activity at the sun's surface, the peak numbers corresponding with frequent solar flares and the emissions of charged particles that reach the Earth.

Such activity on the sun is known to result in geomagnetic storms, ionospheric disturbances that interfere with radio communications, and most spectacularly the production of bright auroral displays, the latter being caused by the streaming of charged particles from the sun moving along magnetic field lines that connect the sun and the Earth.

Peaks of solar activity will undoubtedly assist in the descent of charged molecular aggregates (including viruses) from the stratosphere to ground level. Thus according to our present point of view serious influenza epidemics would follow such peaks, provided the culprit molecular aggregates were recently dispersed in the stratosphere from cometary meteor streams. With a more or less regular occurrence of such meteor showers the limiting condition may then be seen as the intensity of solar activity, leading naturally to coincidences between the timings of pandemics or major epidemics and sunspot peaks.

On November 25th, 2019, Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe made the following stark warning, weeks before the coronavirus emerged.

On the basis of this data, there appears to be a prima facie case for expecting new viral strains to emerge over the coming months and so it would be prudent for Public Health Authorities the world over to be vigilant and prepared for any necessary action. We need hardly to be reminded that the spectre of the 1918 devastating influenza pandemic stares us in the face from across a century.

Chandra Wickramasinghe, Current Science, November 25, 2019

Comet Encke encounters with Mercury (both heavenly bodies are former satellites of Jupiter)

Etymology of the "typhoid" and "typhus" words (connection to typhon/mercury):

"Campester, as quoted by Lydus, was certain that should the comet Typhon again meet the earth, a four-day encounter would suffice to destroy the world."

Mercury/Typhon can activate the bosons of the subquark strings (ether) directly: earthquakes (10 on the Richter scale), hurricanes (700-1000 km/hr), and huge fires, at the end of a world age.

Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2 - Mycobacterium avium) is connected to the 2016 Mercury solar transit/comet Encke periodic encounters in my opinion, as it takes a couple of years for the bacteria to reach the surface of the Earth from the stratosphere. The 2019 Mercury solar transit/comet Encke meteor showers relation to a future pandemic outbreak is yet to be determined. (2019 prediction, November)

See also:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"Astronomers and cosmologists have no issues with the ideas of dark matter and dark energy controlling the Universe, even though they still do not know what these things are made of or how they operate. But aliens – oh no, not that uncontrollable possibility."

Dr. Abraham Loeb
Harvard University

It turns out that the shape of Oumuamua must be discoidal.

"Here's the problem with 'Oumuamua: It moved like a comet, but didn't have the classic coma, or tail, of a comet, said astrophysicist Darryl Seligman, an author of the solid hydrogen hypothesis, who is starting a postdoctoral fellowship in astrophysics at the University of Chicago.

'Oumuamua was the first object ever seen flying into our solar system and back out again. That's opposed to most solar system objects that turn circles around the sun, never leaving the celestial neighborhood. Its journey and the fact that it was accelerating suggested 'Oumuamua, which is estimated to be about 1,300 to 2,600 feet (400 to 800 meters) long, was a comet. And yet, "there was no 'coma' or outgassing detected coming from the object," Seligman said. Normally, comets come from regions more distant from the sun than asteroids, and ice on their surface turns straight into gas as they approach the sun, leaving behind a trail of gas, or what we see as a beautiful comet tail, Seligman said.

That outgassing changes how the comet moves through space, he said. It's a bit like a very slow rocket engine: The sun strikes the comet, the warmest part of the comet bursts with gas, and that gas flowing away from the comet sends it tumbling faster and faster away from the sun.

In a paper published June 9 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Seligman and Yale astrophysicist Gregory Laughlin proposed that the object was a comet made up partly or entirely of molecular hydrogen — lightweight molecules composed of two hydrogen atoms (H2).

H2 gas freezes into a puffy, low-density solid only when it's very cold — minus 434.45 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 259.14 degrees Celsius, or just 14.01 degrees above absolute zero) in Earth's atmosphere. Researchers had already proposed the existence of "hydrogen icebergs" out in the very cold reaches of space, Laughlin and Seligman wrote in the study. And outgassing hydrogen wouldn't be visible from Earth — meaning it wouldn't leave behind a visible comet tail.

The numbers worked out neatly; while a few other substances (like solid neon) could potentially explain the coma-free acceleration, hydrogen was the best match for the data.

Now, in a new paper published Monday (Aug. 17) in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, Loeb and Thiem Hoang, an astrophysicist at the Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute, argue that the hydrogen hypothesis couldn't work in the real world — which would mean that there is still hope that our neck of space was once visited by advanced aliens — and that we actually spotted their presence at the time.

But in their new paper, Hoang and Loeb respond to this idea and argue that the hydrogen iceberg explanation has a basic problem: Comets form when icy grains of dust bump into each other in space and form clumps, and then those clumps attract more dust and other clumps. And comets are like snowmen: they survive only as long as they don't melt.

The stickiness that helps form comets is similar to the stickiness of ice cubes coming straight out of a cold freezer. Leave an ice cube on the counter for a minute or two, let its surface warm up a bit, and it won't feel sticky anymore. A thin film of liquid water on its surface makes it slippery.

Hoang and Loeb argued that even starlight in the coldest parts of space would warm up small chunks of solid hydrogen before they could clump together and form a comet of 'Oumuamua's large scale. And more importantly, the trek from the nearest "giant molecular cloud" — a dusty, gassy region of space where hydrogen icebergs are thought to form — is far too long. A hydrogen iceberg travelling hundreds of millions of years through interstellar space would have fallen apart, cooked by starlight.

Seligman said that Loeb's analysis was correct that no hydrogen comet would survive such a long trip."Hydrogen icebergs don't live that long in the galaxy.," he said. "And you definitely don't have time to get all the way from [the nearest] giant molecular cloud."

The theory only works if 'Oumuamua is just 40 million years old, he said. Over that time frame, outgassing could have molded the comet's oblong shape without destroying it entirely."

""Shortening the distance that that H2 iceberg needs to travel does not solve the problems we outline in our paper, because the H2 iceberg would have formed when its parent planetary system formed, billions of years ago,” and in those eons, the iceberg would have evaporated, he told Live Science in an email.

Loeb also said that hydrogen icebergs are expected to come from giant molecular clouds, not parts of space like Carina or Columba. And he reiterated that no hydrogen iceberg could survive the trek from the nearest giant molecular cloud.

Asked if there is a clear leading candidate explanation for 'Oumuamua's acceleration, Loeb referred Live Science to a not-yet-released book he authored called "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth," due for publication in January."

"Using observations from NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based observatories, an international team of scientists have confirmed Oumuamua, the first known interstellar object to travel through our solar system, got an unexpected boost in speed and shift in trajectory as it passed through the inner solar system last year.

“Our high-precision measurements of ′Oumuamua’s position revealed that there was something affecting its motion other than the gravitational forces of the Sun and planets," said Marco Micheli of ESA’s (European Space Agency) Space Situational Awareness Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre in Frascati, Italy, and lead author of a paper describing the team's findings."

However, the space object Oumuamua cannot be a comet (see part I).

And F. Whipple's outgassing theory (jets of gaseous material expelled from its surface), put forth for comet Encke, was published in order for mainstream astrophysics to save face: Encke had found that the comet’s orbital period was decreasing by about 2.5 hours every revolution and had showed that this behaviour could not be explained by gravitational perturbations (slight changes in an orbit) caused by the planets.

F. Whipple chose to disregard the clear data which proved that Encke is an electric comet.

Professor W. Stanley Jevons wrote in Nature, December 28, 1871:

“The observed regular diminution of period of Encke’s comet is still, I believe, an unexplained phenomenon for which it is necessary to invent a special hypothesis, a Deus ex machina, in the shape of an imaginary resisting medium... It is asserted by Mr. R. A. Proctor, Prof. Osborne Reynolds, and possibly others, that comets owe many of their peculiar phenomena to electric action... I merely point out that if the approach of a comet to the sun causes the development of electricity arising from the comet’s motion, a certain resistance is at once accounted for.”

Cometary charging

“It is possible, however, that there are also other, just as natural, ways of looking at the matter. It might be imagined that after great heating by direct insolation, the comet is charged negatively by cathode-rays from the sun, and that the charging reaches so high a potential that the comet discharges itself electrically, so to speak in the direction of its own shadow. These discharges may also be imagined to be due to some extent to an emission of secondary rays from the cosmic dust of the comet. I have been led to this thought by experimental analogies which will be described farther on. Answering to the idea that a comet is an accumulation of carbonaceous cosmic dust almost without atmosphere, I have carried out experiments in which the cathode in a vacuum-tube consisted of a carbonaceous material. The most recent investigations of the comet-spectrum seem to indicate that the radiation from a cornet may be compared to that from a cathode in a Crookes ‘ tube (DESLANDRES, FOWLER).”

“It would be natural, therefore, to compare the above-mentioned layers that were favorable to the development of comet ‘s tails with the pencils of the strongest and magnetically stiffest corpuscle-rays which we imagine to emanate from the region surrounding the sun-spots, and which, when they sweep past our earth, produce powerful magnetic disturbances. It may be that it is these very rays, with their abundance of energy, that can charge the comet mass to a high negative tension, and thus occasion the secondary electric discharge from the comet into space.
“One circumstance that speaks strongly in favour of a hypothesis such as this, is the greater development thought to have been found in years of sun-spot maxima than in years of sun-spot minima. This has been demonstrated, for instance, in Encke ‘s comet, by BERBERICH and BOSLER, the latter having given an exceedingly interesting graphic representation of this condition, which is reproduced here. The agreement, as will be seen, is so striking that it seems to leave little room for doubt that we here have phenomena that must be intimately connected with one another.”

Birkeland’s Fig. 230. Top curve, dotted: Comet brightness Bottom curve, solid: Number of sunspots. Original chart by M. J. Bosler (1909)

M. J. Bosler, “Sur les variations d’éclat de la comète d’Encke et la période des taches solaires” FULL TEXT (1909) Comptes rendus hebdomadaires des séances de l’Académie des sciences, 1909 (T. 148). Chart: page 1740
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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SARS-Cov-2 in 1915-1917:

A new analysis of influenza outbreak patterns in several navies in 1918 suggests that the first and second waves of the pandemic were caused by "antigenically distinct" viruses, a conclusion that runs counter to some other recent studies.

The two waves of infection were probably caused by antigenically distinct influenza viruses—not by one virus that suddenly increased in pathogenicity between the first and second waves, says the report by G. Dennis Shanks, MD, of the Australian Army Malaria Institute, and colleagues.

"The three waves of infection are often assumed to share the same viral cause; however, little objective evidence supports this notion," the report says.

The researchers offer a different scenario. They say previous research suggests that three lines of reassortant H1N1 viruses were circulating in 1918 and were the forerunners, respectively, of all seasonal H1N1, pandemic H1N1, and typical swine flu strains since that time.

In commenting on the Lancet study, Jeffery Taubenberger, MD, PhD, senior author of the autopsy study, said in an e-mail, "The 1918 pandemic virus was clearly circulating as early as May, since we found autopsy evidence of fatal infections, and the clinical course and pathology of those cases was no different from the later fall outbreak." Taubenberger is chief of the Viral Pathogenesis and Evolution Section in the infectious diseases lab at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

The sharp contrast in the clinical expressions of infections during the first and second waves suggests that they were caused by different influenza virus strains.

The third wave pandemic was just as strong as the second wave, but the end of the war in November 1918 removed the conditions that allowed the disease to spread so far and so quickly.  Historians now believe that the fatal severity of the Spanish flu’s “second wave” was caused by a mutated virus spread by wartime troop movements.
Somewhere in Europe, a mutated strain of the Spanish flu virus had emerged.

The zoologist Graham Twigg, in his book The Black Death: A Biological Reappraisal (1984), argued that plague as we know it simply can’t spread as fast as the Black Death. He proposed lung-borne anthrax as the agent of the Black Death, overlooking the fact that anthrax isn’t a lung-borne disease.

Vladimir Motin, a Russian plague expert now working at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, agrees that the marmot-derived strains from Central Asia are more powerful and dangerous than plague strains found elsewhere in the world.

White horse - mycobacterium avium
Red horse - civil war (usa/europe)
Black horse - second reset
Green horse - bacillus anthracis

Sequences from SARS-CoV, called SARS-CoV-2 and SARS-CoV-3, were studied as early as 2008:

Segments from SARS-Cov-1 found in SARS-Cov-2:

Covid-19 was going to happen anyway, as the end of a world age approaches.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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K. Kuckens, The Children of Amarna

In the early stages of investigation the demography of Amarna was compared to populations that were affected by various epidemics: small pox, influenza of 1918, and the Bubonic Plague. The demographic profiles of Amarna and those affected by epidemics matched up almost exactly.

Plague at Penrith, possible cause anthrax:

Anthrax delivery of proteins research: (plagues brought by Nergal over the Middle East, both an epidemic and a pestilence)

Mercury is Apollo as a morning star, Hermes as an evening star.

The cosmic cataclysms involving Nibiru, Mars occurred exactly in the same period of time (some 260 years ago), and were not separated by hundreds of years, as had been described by Velikovsky. The Penrith plagues belong to the same period of time, and not some 150 years earlier.

The reason why trial subjects injected with coronavirus vaccines suddenly test positive for HIV is because, among other reasons (to ensure the stability of spike proteins), HIV is also a passenger virus.

"Duesberg, who did much of the original work on the ultra-structure of HIV was predicting this outcome right from the get go, as he felt that HIV was just a passenger virus."

Dr. Peter Duesberg, retrovirologist, UC Berkeley (in 1985 was awarded a prestigious Outstanding Investigator Grant by the NCI)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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They found that the phonons moved in upward trajectories, against gravity. Contrary to classical models of sound waves, this implied that the phonons were coupled to gravity, allowing them to carry minuscule amounts of “negative effective gravitational mass” as they travelled.

A phonon is a photon travelling through ether.

Angelo Esposito at Columbia University in New York and his colleagues calculated the relationship between sound and gravity, taking into account complicated particle interactions that had previously been ignored. They found that, although the effect is small, sound waves should have negative gravitational mass.

Oddly, the findings also suggest the pull is in the opposite direction of the gravitational pull generated by normal matter, meaning sound waves might fall up instead of down in Earth's gravitational field.

These findings not only suggest that sound has gravitational mass, but that such mass is negative. All known matter has positive gravitational mass, and such masses attract each other. However, positive gravitational mass repels negative gravitational mass instead of attracting it.

“Phonon tunnelling” in which quantized molecular vibrations, called phonons, appear to traverse the forbidden zone.

Vacuum Phonon Tunneling

Acoustic Phonon Tunneling and Heat Transport due to Evanescent Electric Fields

Tesla sound waves in vacuum, 1896

Sound waves travel longitudinally through ether currents. In air they will also cause ripples in the sea of ether, which in turn will displace air molecules. Since sound waves have negative mass, they can only be transmitted by laevorotatory subquarks/left-handed gravitons (antigravitons).

Oxygen and vitality globules:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Jack and the Beanstalk is not a fairy tale. It really happened. There were giant trees whose height reached for more than six miles, all the way to the first dome.

There are other instances where huge areas of the surface of the Earth were leveled precisely.

Monte Alban is a mountain where its top seems to have been literally cut off and leveled, to make an extremely flat tabletop mountain.
What sort of technology was used? Its builders managed somehow to flatten an area the size of more than 50 football fields, resulting in a massive plateau, eerily similar to the one found in Giza, Egypt.
Like Machu Picchu in Peru, the locals leveled an entire mountaintop to build this complex, without the use of the wheel, iron tools or pack animals.

The question that no one seems to be asking is what kind of technology was used to cut the giant trees as well as to level a whole mountain top. There is only one answer: ball lightning technology (activation of the first state of ether in objects).

The Beatles series continues: (Surfs Up from the Smile album, and much more)

------------------------------------------------------------- (comments: Geomagnetic
Polarity Reversal: A Theoretical Modus Operandi of
Punctuated Equilibrium Evolution

By Jay A. Yoder)
DNA mutation geomagnetic pole reversal

Discontinuities in the fossil record provide the basis
for the evolutionary theory of punctuated-equilibrium
proposed by Eldredge and Gould (1972). Their theory
suggests that the production of new species (as evidence
of evolution) occurs by rapid bursts that are delineated
by long periods (50,000 – 100,000 years in most cases) of
stasis where no apparent changes take place. This
contemporary theory of evolution, however, has not gained
widespread acceptance and remains highly controversial
(Futuyma 1986; Sober 1995). Clearly, to produce a
significant evolutionary burst of this magnitude would
require a most striking event leading to an abrupt change
in gene frequency. Of the forces that are touted to alter
gene frequency and drive evolution (inverse of Hardy-
Weinberg Law assumptions; Griffiths 1996), none appear
capable of generating such a dramatic alteration so
quickly. Though genetic drift has been invoked to explain
this anomaly, its impact, too, has been challenged
(Futuyma 1986; Sober 1995). How evolution becomes
‘punctuated’ is puzzling.

One possibility could involve magnetic (polarity)
reversal, a relatively rapid change in the polarity of
Earth’s geomagnetic field where the North Pole becomes
the south magnetic pole and vice versa (Jacobs 1984).
This theoretical force of evolution operates on Ecke et
al.’s (1995) newly-discovered relationship between chiral
symmetry ( handedness) and the orientation of the
magnetic field; spiral defect patterns displaying
distinct handedness form observed in a chaotic flow of
carbon dioxide in a Rayleigh-Benard convection broke
symmetry when the rotation about the vertical axis
(spiral analog of the magnetic field) was reversed. These
investigators concluded that the winding direction of a
spiral was analogous to a magnetic spin. That is, a
right-handed magnetic spin generates a clockwise spiral
and a left-handed magnetic spin reverses the spiral

With regard to DNA, a change in the orientation of the
magnetic field would therefore translate into a left-
handed (counterclockwise spiral) to right-hand (clockwise
spiral) switch (Z-DNA to B-DNA that can now be
transcribed) or the reverse (B-DNA to Z-DNA whose role
may be involved with regulating expression of certain
genes or in genetic recombination) (Lodish et al. 1995;
Griffiths 1996). Such changes in handedness of DNA would
lead to gene activation or deactivation (Lodish et al.
1995), differential gene expression, and a change in gene
frequency that drives evolution. Most strikingly, as is
well known to geologists, reversals in the orientation of
the Earth’s magnetic field occur every 10,000 – 100,000
years (Jacobs 1984) and thus, the pronounced bursts of
speciation associated with punctuated-equilibrium
evolution are reflected by abrupt changes in gene
frequency as a result thereof.

My theory operates on the following premises:

1.) The DNA double-helix exists in both right-handed,
clockwise spiral (B-DNA) and left-handed,
counterclockwise spiral (Z-DNA, though only in short
tracts) forms in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells (Lodish
et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996);

2.) Only B-DNA is transcribed, whereas Z-DNA is not
(Lodish et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996);

3.) A change in magnetic field orientation affects
chirality or handedness; the winding direction of a
spiral is analogous to a magnetic spin (Ecke et al.

4.) Geomagnetic polarity reversals involve changes in the
polarity of the Earth’s magnetic field, where the North
Pole becomes the south magnetic pole and vice versa
(Jacobs 1984);

5.) Geomagnetic polarity reversals occur relatively
rapidly (Jacobs 1984);

6.) A polarity reversal occurs every 10,000 – 100,000
years (Jacobs 1984);

and on the following assumptions:

1.) A switch in the handedness of DNA (Z to B or the
reverse) is responsible for the differential gene
expression and hence, changes in gene frequency (Hardy-
Weinberg equilibrium is violated; evolution = 0) (Lodish
et al. 1995; Griffiths 1996). Short Z-DNA tracts may play
a role in the regulation of the expression of certain
genes or in genetic recombination (Lodish et al. 1995;
Griffiths 1996).

2.) The direction of winding (handedness) of DNA is
influenced by the orientation of the magnetic field, an
assumption taken from Ecke et al.’s (1995) observations.
Thus, an inversion of B-polarity causes a change in the
winding direction.

3.) Certain sequences of DNA are more labile
(‘electromagnetically vulnerable’, thus more prone to
reversal of spin) than others with regard to magnetism,
otherwise, a magnetic reversal as described would lead to
more dramatic changes in simply activating or
deactivating genes. Massive species extinction may be
expected if net Z-DNA switched to B-DNA, because the
‘blue print’ has been completely altered, not just
modified. Thus, the entire genome does not reverse spin;
a change from B-DNA to intranscribable Z-form would be
lethal to all organisms.

In accordance with this theory, variations in timing
between ‘punctuated’ peaks of speciation can be accounted
for by such natural phenomena as (Jacobs 1984; Butler

1.) Short periods of constant geometric polarity, usually
10,000 years (polarity epochs = polarity interval; the
time interval is called a magnetic epoch).

Taken together, these considerations imply that the
bursts of speciation associated with punctuated-
equilibrium evolution derive from a simple handedness-
switch from B-DNA to Z-DNA, or B to Z, in response to a
relatively rapid reversal in the orientation in Earth’s
magnetic field. For the first time, this reveals that
Earth’s magnetic field is an important natural force of

Additionaly Considerations

Single-stranded DNA possessed by certain viruses,
prokaryotes and protists is anticipated to react to
magnetism in a like manner, because their DNA is probably
twisted in some way due to the presence of chiral centers
in nucleotides. Evolution would be expected to proceed
slowly in organisms living in certain geographic
‘islands’ that are unaffected by shifts in magnetic
field. Reversals in magnetic polarity as described may be
more likely to produce a genesis instead of evolution;
changing the ‘handedness’ of an organism’s DNA may be
expected to be completely intranscribable in many
species, and, thereby yield many ‘new’ species. The
fossil record would thus show many of the extinct species
shortly after the magnetic reversal. Reversal times may
correlate directly with bursts of speciation;
alternatively, they may be out of sync.

As a final comment, proof that the magnetic field exerts
an impact on gene expression has recently been
demonstrated Rao and Henderson (1996) reported
electromagnetic field sensitivity on regulation of the
c-fos gene that encodes the Fos protein, an important
nuclear transcription factor. Thus, there is a link
between magnetic field and gene expression.

Author’s note – The purpose of this article is to foster
discussion, with the hope that it will lead to new
research in this particular area.

Literature Cited

Butler RF. 1992. Paleomagnetism. Oxford; Blackwell
Scientific Publications.
Ecke RE, Hu Y, Mainieri R, and Ahlers G. 1995. Excitation
of spirals and chiral symmetry breaking in Rayleigh
Benard Convection. Science 269:1704-1707.
Eldredge N, and Gould SJ. 1972. Punctuated equilibria: an
alternative to phyletic gradualism. In TJM. Schopf (Ed.),
Models in paleobiology San Francisco; Freeman, Cooper and
Company pp. 82-115.
Futuyma DJ. 1986. Evolutionary Biology. Sunderland;
Griffiths AJF, Miller JH, Suzuki DT, Lewontin RC, and
Gelbart WM. 1996. An introduction to Genetic Analysis.
New York; WH. Freeman.
Jacobs JA. 1994. Reversals of the Earth’s Magnetic Field.
Bristol; Adam Hilger.
Lodish H, Baltimore D, Berk A, Zipursky SL, Matsudaira P,
and Darnell J. 1995. Molecular Cell Biology. New York;
WH. Freeman.
Rao S, and Henderson AS. Regulation of c-fos is affected
by electromagnetic fields. Journal of Cellular
Biochemistry. 1996. 63:358-365.
Sober E. Conceptual Issues in Evolutionary Biology. 1995.
Cambridge; The MIT Press.

Here is a summary I found online…

First, the Earth’s magnetic field may influence the
dominant ‘handedness’ (or chirality) of DNA (basically
which direction it spirals). B-DNA (right-handed DNA) is
transcribed, while Z-DNA (left handed) is mostly unstable
and it may be used for other processes. If a magnetic
reversal were to occur, this might cause transcription of
B-DNA to cease and Z-DNA transcription to take over (at
least for certain electromagnetically sensitive genes).
Thus, under such a scenario, biological creatures would
undergo rapid mutations (or extinctions depending on the
size and scope of the genetic changes). This is
ultimately what the author believes causes the observed
punctuated equilibrium in the fossil record.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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HeLa cell lines were first studied by Dr. Kurt Blome, in Germany, in the 1930s, using neutron radiation and dextrorotatory subquark waves. His experiments were the inspiration for Wilhelm Reich's T-Bacilli and Oranur studies. What Dr. Kurt Blome did is to connect/link the radium super charged tissues (explosion of microscopic mitosis) to the dextrorotatory subquarks waves (terrestrial gravity), the most advanced study of its kind. The uncontrollable mitosis explosion soon contaminated all of the laboratories, all over the world. These cell lines are used for all vaccine production.

HeLa cell lines brownian motion:

On Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics, Brownian Motion, Weyl Geometry
and Fisher Information

Hydrodynamics of Superfluid Quantum Space:
de Broglie interpretation of the quantum mechanics

Bohm's potential, classical/quantum duality and repulsive gravity

Brownian entanglement


This theoretical force of evolution operates on Ecke et
al.’s newly-discovered relationship between chiral
symmetry ( handedness) and the orientation of the
magnetic field.

With regard to DNA, a change in the orientation of the
magnetic field would therefore translate into a left-
handed (counterclockwise spiral) to right-hand (clockwise
spiral) switch (Z-DNA to B-DNA that can now be
transcribed) or the reverse (B-DNA to Z-DNA whose role
may be involved with regulating expression of certain
genes or in genetic recombination).

Such changes in handedness of DNA would lead to gene
activation or deactivation… differential gene expression,
and a change in gene frequency that drives evolution. (comments: Geomagnetic Polarity Reversal: A Theoretical Modus Operandi of
Punctuated Equilibrium Evolution
By Jay A. Yoder)

DNA mutation geomagnetic pole reversal


It is believed by one researcher that DNA is itself an
electromagnetic generator with RNA as an amplifier, the
cell wall a noise filter and amino acids and enzymes as
effectors of signals

Biological and Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic
and Electric Fields, by J. G. Llaurado (A change in conformation might act as a switch to trigger protein production in the cell.)

At the moment of the reversal of the magnetic poles, the mutant proteins coded by pseudouridine will be affected as well.

Bibliography: prion dna info super super super super
It is interesting that, when focusing on the H-bonded
bases, the Y modification seems rather to have a
destabilizing than a stabilizing effect. super super super
super super
super super super super super super
It is believed by one researcher that DNA is itself an
electromagnetic generator with RNA as an amplifier, the
cell wall a noise filter and amino acids and enzymes as
effectors of signals
Biological and Clinical Effects of Low-Frequency Magnetic
and Electric Fields, by J. G. Llaurado
DNA has evolved in a four dimensional space-time
continuum which is influenced,curved and distorted by
A change in conformation might act as a switch to trigger
protein production in the cell. z-
Stretching DNA with Optical Tweezers, Wang
DNA phase shift mutations
RNA controls protein production in living cells. 312 dna wave matter waves sagnac matter-wave interferometry
brownian dna e/m dna
distortion dna sagnac sars adar prion
misfolding rna alterations G-quadruplexes
3/fulltext prion misfolding
sars-cov-2 G quadruplexes
sars-cov-2 G quadruplexes prion
misfolding alpha beta
conformational stress in the RNA backbone  PseudoUridine
synthase Z-like step repeat  single weak van der Waals
Z-RNA G-quadruplexes pseudouridine synthase
Pseudouridine 55 synthase the molecular basis of the
conformational change super super super prion beta
helix super super ^ ^ ^
^ super
pseudouridine prion misfolding acidic environment jpg
Medical science has established that we have 2 strands of
DNA and 10 strands of 'junk' DNA. super dna rna reversal
In humans, loss of pseudouridine synthase activity causes
dyskeratosis congenita (DC), a complex systemic disorder
characterized by cancer susceptibility, failures in
ribosome biogenesis and telomere stability, and defects
in stem cell formation. pyrimidine
This theoretical force of evolution operates on Ecke et
al.’s newly-discovered relationship between chiral
symmetry ( handedness) and the orientation of the
magnetic field.
With regard to DNA, a change in the orientation of the
magnetic field would therefore translate into a left-
handed (counterclockwise spiral) to right-hand (clockwise
spiral) switch (Z-DNA to B-DNA that can now be
transcribed) or the reverse (B-DNA to Z-DNA whose role
may be involved with regulating expression of certain
genes or in genetic recombination).
Such changes in handedness of DNA would lead to gene
activation or deactivation… differential gene expression,
and a change in gene frequency that drives evolution.

(continued in the previous message)
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Australia as part of Antarctica, North American continent as part of Asia. However, we also have this, the global Piri Reis map.

Radius of FE: 6363.63 km
Radius to the other territories: 12727.27 km


What instrument was used for land surveying (plane/geodetic) in the 18th century (official chronology of history) and during the 19th century? Exactly, the theodolite (with a reflector). In the official chronology, Cassini and Picard assumed that the Earth is a sphere (or an ellipsoid) and proceeded with the triangulation nonetheless, without having any proof of any actual curvature of the surface. What if the triangulation method used in the 18th century (official chronology of history) and the 19th century surveying methods/geodesy is wrong? What if the spherical trigonometrical methods incorporated a curvature of the Earth which did not exist in reality? (pg 14, curvature and refraction)

But here is something no one else has ever thought of: since there will always be some misalignment between the source and the reflector, the strings of light used by the theodolite will be subject to the influence of the Coriolis effect. That is, the path of the light strings will be deflected. This fact is not taken into consideration by land surveyors at all. Of course this effect will not be as large as that ascribed to curvature/refraction, but still it is present.


The two leading "mRNA" vaccines are cmRNA vaccines, and not mRNA vaccines.

Definition of cmRNA:

"cmRNA is mRNA that has been modified through the substitution of chemically modified bases for normal bases, such as pseudouridine for uridine."

The genetic code for Pfi/Mod has PSEUDOURIDINE (cmRNA) instead of URACIL (mRNA), therefore the resultant proteins will be mutant. AZ has a manufacturing error which will also produce mutant proteins.

The spike proteins will act as an amplifier/antenna for the signals sent by the bacteria (spike proteins = liquid crystals = magnetogenetics). The HeLa cells (AZ/J&J/Sputnik/Sinovac) will also act as amplifiers/antennas.

1913 Nobel Lecture, Charles Richet: theory of anaphylactic shock. Once a foreign protein (antigen) is introduced directly in the blood, the pacient becomes anaphylactized. That is, a second minute dose of the same antigen will unleash the anaphylactic shock.

"We are so constituted that we can never receive other
proteins into the blood than those that have been modified
by digestive juices. Every time alien protein penetrates
by effraction, the organism suffers and becomes resistant.
This resistance lies in increased sensitivity, a sort of
revolt against the second parenteral injection which would
be fatal. At the first injection, the organism was taken
by surprise and did not resist. At the second injection,
the organism mans its defences and answers by the
anaphylactic shock."

Sars-Cov-2 = M. avium (Wuhan variant)

Sars-Cov-3 = M. influenzae (Haemophillus influenzae) (Epsilon NA, lambda SA, eta Eur/ME, mu/nu AS)

Sars-Cov-1 = M. avium, however, in much less quantities than those which were present in the atmosphere in the fall of 2019 (cometary dust, comet Encke, Mercury solar transit 2016, it takes some 2-3 years for the mycobacterium to reach the surface)

Sars-Cov-3 is caused by the cometary dust of comet Encke coupled with the 2019 Mercury solar transit

In the past, at least one other powerful pathogenic agent rained down from the atmosphere, at the end of a world age (B. anthracis)

"Every year from September-November, there can be observed a broad stream of debris left by Comet Encke. The Southern Taurids are active from about September 10 to November 20, while the Northern Taurids are active from about October 20 to December 10. In 2021, the Taurid meteor shower will peak between 10 October in the Southern Hemisphere and 12 November in the Northern Hemisphere."

The first missing piece of the puzzle concerns the events described here:

It is now that scientists realize that there are Watson-Crick pairs with ISOMERS (isoguanosine, isocytosine):

"Isocytosine (isoC) and isoG, the isomers of C and G, respectively, may make up a third Watson–Crick base pair."

Hachimoji DNA doubles the genetic code.

Research thoroughly "ichor", in relation to the duality of the Tree of Knowledge (Love/Pain), the PSI symbol (Pseudouridine) (double headed eagle, caduceus, ankh).

Magnetogenetics and ferritin proteins (covfefe):

"Given the fact that pseudouridylation endows the modified uridine with chemical properties that are distinct from those of all other known nucleotides, introducing Ψ(s) into an RNA will likely alter its function.
Therefore, Ψ has chemical properties that are distinct from that of uridine.
In sum, Ψ deposition may confer different molecular properties to the modified RNAs, which changes their fate or activity. While most recent studies are focused on Ψ modifications in mRNA, yet its role on mRNA is still unclear. Thus, further studies will be required to fully understand the molecular role of Ψ on mRNAs."

However, superficial application of these two criteria can lead to mistakes. I will take the CGN codon family for Arg to show an incorrect optimization of the two mRNA vaccines.
The designers of both vaccines considered CGG as the optimal codon in the CGN codon family and recoded almost all CGN codons to CGG. There are two lines of evidence suggesting that CGG is not the optimal codon. These multiple lines of evidence suggest that CGC is a better codon than CGG. The designers of the mRNA vaccines (especially mRNA-1273, Table 1) chose a wrong codon as the optimal codon.

Pfizer/BioNTech’s BNT162b2 mRNA features two consecutive UGA stop codons. Moderna’s mRNA-1273 uses all three different stop codons UGAUAAUAG. Are these the optimal arrangement?

With such a +1 frameshifting, a downstream in-frame stop codon cannot serve as a fail-safe mechanism. UGA is a poor choice of a stop codon, and UGAU in Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna mRNA vaccines could be even worse.

One caveat in the reasoning above involves the replacement of U by N1-methylpseudouridine (Ψ) in the two vaccine mRNAs.

Therefore, the stop signals are ΨGAΨGA instead of UGAUGA in Pfizer/BioNTech’s vaccine, and ΨGAΨAAΨAG instead of UGAUAAUAG in Moderna’s vaccine. As Ψ is more promiscuous in base-pairing than U and can pair with both A and G and, to a less extent, with C and U, stop codons become more prone to misreading by tRNAs. It is for this reason that both mRNA vaccines use consecutive stop codons as a fail-safe mechanism, with the hope that no frameshifting occurs when the first stop codon fails. However, UGAU is known to cause a +1 frameshifting. It is reasonable to infer that ΨGAΨ may be the same. I have mentioned before that mammalian AZ1 gene with a stop codon context UGAU is prone to polyamine-induced +1 frameshifting. Such a +1 frameshifting defeats the purpose of having multiple stop codons as a fail-safe mechanism.


Currently, we find ourselves under the Spartan Virus scenario (grey horse/therion).

mRNA for spike proteins belonging to sars-cov-2 has AGCU as a genetic code. cmRNA for spike protein being produced/created in the body has AGCΨ as a genetic code. A totally different chirality, biological/chemical functions.

What is most worrying right now are the vaccines with Vero e6 (HeLa cells).

What is influenza?

In the British Medical Journal of 28 July 1900, the following editorial appeared, dealing with the role of streptococci in tuberculosis: "It is a remarkable fact that…the bulk of the disturbing and dangerous features of tuberculosis are not due to the tubercle bacillus, but to streptococci and other pyogenic organisms."

The British Medical Journal’s editorial dealing with the destructive and predominant role of streptococci in tuberculosis was further confirmed when Pandemic physician Edward Rosenow reported his findings that green-producing
Streptococcocus viridians were more constantly found and more destructive than any other organism associated with

Von Unruh wrote: “We have in influenza the fever, malaise, loss of weight, invasion by the organism of the same anatomical structures as in tuberculosis; we have chronic cases of bronchitis in which the influenza bacillus is constantly present; and lastly, we know that typical tuberculosis often follows an attack, however mild,of influenza.”

More recently, in 1999, Fredj Tekaia, of the Pasteur Institute, Paris, and colleagues, looking for "overall gene similarities as signatures of common ancestry", found similar genetic profiles and sequencing for Pfeiffer's bacillus (Mycobacterium influenzae) and Mycobacterium tuberculosis, lumping them together in the same "well-defined group".
Tekaia's diagrammatic genomic tree shows the two organisms directly next to one another.This reopened the historical argument that Pfeiffer's bacillus and tuberculosis are related.

SARS-Cov-2 in 1915-1917:

A new analysis of influenza outbreak patterns in several navies in 1918 suggests that the first and second waves of the pandemic were caused by "antigenically distinct" viruses, a conclusion that runs counter to some other recent studies.

The two waves of infection were probably caused by antigenically distinct influenza viruses—not by one virus that suddenly increased in pathogenicity between the first and second waves, says the report by G. Dennis Shanks, MD, of the Australian Army Malaria Institute, and colleagues.

"The three waves of infection are often assumed to share the same viral cause; however, little objective evidence supports this notion," the report says.

The sharp contrast in the clinical expressions of infections during the first and second waves suggests that they were caused by different influenza virus strains.

The third wave pandemic was just as strong as the second wave, but the end of the war in November 1918 removed the conditions that allowed the disease to spread so far and so quickly.  Historians now believe that the fatal severity of the Spanish flu’s “second wave” was caused by a mutated virus spread by wartime troop movements.
Somewhere in Europe, a mutated strain of the Spanish flu virus had emerged.


Monoclonal antibody treatment contains HeLa cell lines, just as the HeLa cells vaccines (AZ/J&J/Novavax/Sinovac/Sputnik).

Solithromycin was never approved, nor were BCG vaccines with specific bacteriophages allowed to be produced. This means that nothing else can be done, neither for the powerful new variants, which are completely resistant to the vaccines, neither for M. influenzae, the new pathogenic agent which will arrive from the atmosphere.

A third shot will unleash antigenic sin, which means it is useless.

"More importantly, vaccination with such new vaccines will first and foremost recall Abs from previous immunization(s) (e.g., due to natural infection or vaccination with first generation vaccines). This phenomenon is known as ‘antigenic sin’ and will result in rapid exposure of variants to mismatched Abs, which, again, will promote selective immune pressure and hence, enhanced propagation and transmission of Ab-resistant variants."

Vaccination with both mRNA-1273 and mRNA-1273.351 boosters elicited higher neutralizing titers against the wild-type original strain and comparable titers against the B.1.351 and P.1 variants versus peak titers observed after the primary series vaccinations as measured against the wild-type virus (Figure 4E), suggesting that immune memory was induced by mRNA-1273 priming.

Neutralizing titers against the wild-type virus exceeded the peak titers measured after the primary series in separate studies (15, 16), indicating the induction of immune memory.

"A new study by French researchers from Aix-Marseille Université has alarmingly found that ADE or antibody dependent enhancement is indeed occurring in infections with the SAR.S-CoV-2 Delta variant. Hence antibody dependent enhancement or ADE may be a concern for people receiving vaccines based on the original Wuhan strain spike sequence (either mRNA or viral vectors)."

Spike proteins (liquid crystals) and HeLa cells will act as an antenna equipped with a performant amplifier, permitting the mycobacterium in the vaccinated people to communicate (electromagnetic copies of the cells) with the mycobacterium in the atmosphere. Should copies of the mutant proteins (coded with Pseudouridine) be sent to the mycobacterium in the atmosphere, this means that the new pathogenic agent will feature such mutant proteins as well.

What will be the effect of the reversal of the magnetic poles on DNA/RNA in living organisms?


Remedies for vaccines: honeysuckle (tea/extract), dandelion (tea/extract), omega-3, white pine needle (tea/extract, but only if it contains suramin)

(I will be adding more information by modifying the previous message)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Revelation 13:1 And I stoode on the sea sand. And I sawe a beast rise out of the sea, hauing seuen heads, and ten hornes

Keras, horns, as in the horns of an altar:

Kephale, head of a spear:

And is profoundly represented by the “seven heads,” or seven rays.

Metaphorically, it means, “pre-immanent point,” such as, “the headwaters of the Mississippi.” Or, it could also refer to the tip/head of a spear. Thus a “spear-head” is a Kephale.

Revelation 13:1 And I stoode on the sea sand. And I sawe a beast rise out of the sea, hauing seuen spear-heads, and ten hornes

Statue of Liberty: seven spear-heads, ten horns

A Drone’s Eye View of New York | Drone photos, Lady liberty, Drone photography

Whoever wrote the first verse of chapter 13 of the book of Revelation, had in mind the image of the Statue of Liberty. Now, we know that the Bible was written in the period 1780-1800 AD; thus, wherever this statue might have been located, it had been built perhaps as late as 1776 AD.

There is no way that John of Patmos (in the official chronology of history) would have used the imagery of the Colossus of Rhodes (we are told that, because of the earthquake which had occurred in 226 BC, the remains lay in the open, the statue had fallen to the ground due to its weight) to describe anything at all in Revelation 13. It would have been outrageous, to say the least. Additionally, all writers, who were well versed in classical Greek literature, and who had seen the Colossus of Rhodes, would have pointed out the similarities between the two images. The Bible must have been written after the Statue of Liberty had been constructed. The "heads" and the "horns" are described using the word "and" not "with". That is, they are separate items.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Contrary to what has been publicized in the West, there were no significant losses due to the Stinger missile in Afghanistan (see ).

At first glance, as described by most political analysts, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan remains a deeply puzzling event.

Most importantly, the external threat to Afghanistan was much exaggerated by the Soviets to justify their action. Prior to the invasion, the mujahidin was weak, divided, and in no position to seize control of the country, let alone expand its activities to the Soviet Central Asian republics. The suggestion that Amin was on the verge of reorienting his country towards the West is also found to be without foundation.

The action is also shown to have possessed little immediately understandable logic in the context of Moscow's dealings with the Afghan regime, while simultaneously presenting several predictable costs to both the Soviet Union's international standing and domestic affairs. Even more interesting is the finding from archival research that earlier in 1979 the CPSU Politburo had, in no uncertain terms, dismissed the option of a major deployment of Soviet troops to Afghanistan, having shown themselves to be very much alive to the high risks involved. There can be little doubt therefore that the Soviet decision to launch the invasion must be considered an extraordinary undertaking and an event meriting close study.

Since the Second World War, Soviet economic penetration of Afghanistan had grown steadily. Moscow had taken the leading role in developing the country's physical infrastructure, building up its mining industry, gas pipelines, airfields, and road network, including the Salang Tunnel through the Hindu Kush, which served as the main artery connecting Afghanistan to the Soviet Union. In total, the Soviets had already completed 71 separate projects in Afghanistan by April 1978 and another 60 had been agreed upon; Soviet-Afghan trade had come to account for 70–80 percent of the Afghan total. As Milan Hauner summarizes: “Taken together, the Soviet aid program was a carefully calibrated Soviet economic penetration of a neighboring country: long before they sent a single soldier across the Afghan border, the Soviet presence in the country was already overpowering”.

Had the Soviet Union proceeded more cautiously and not subverted what had been a highly favorable situation for them, Moscow would almost certainly have retained a leading role in Afghanistan and, via its economic and personnel investments, continued to have exerted considerable influence over any regime in Kabul.

However, instead of proceeding with its established policy of gradual integration and prudent maintenance of good relations with all Kabul regimes, Moscow adopted a bold and incredibly costly change in strategy, risking all of their slowly accumulated gains for an ally of seemingly little value. To look at it another way, having carefully consumed a sizeable piece of the Afghan cake, the Soviets attempted to gulp down the rest in a single, overzealous bite.

Why, then, would the Soviets proceed in such a manner?

Yuriy Andropov:

Would our forces really help them here? In this case, tanks and armored vehicles cannot be of assistance. I think that we should say directly to Comrade Taraki that we support all of their actions and will render the help which we have agreed today and yesterday, but in no way can we move to an introduction of forces to Afghanistan. […] To bring in troops, this means to fight against the people, to suppress the people, to shoot the people. We will look like aggressors, and we cannot allow this (Ob obostrenii, Bukovsky Archive, March 17–19, 1979, p. 16, p. 24).

On the basis of the factors discussed above, the Soviet decision to invade Afghanistan seems bewildering. In addition to being atypical of Moscow's established Third World policy and offering few apparent benefits and several obvious costs, the deployment of troops has been shown to have been firmly and repeatedly opposed by the Politburo just a matter of months earlier. One is therefore left to ponder, what could possibly have induced the Soviet leaders to perform so rapid a volte-face?


Russia could have annexed Donetsk/Luhansk without problems or sanctions, but they did not, and instead chose to wait until 2022 to proceed with the incursion in Ukraine.

This is why: (English translation) (original in Russian)

Document which had been redacted for the Politburo. The typewriter and technical typesetting belong to the 1982-1983 interval/era. It described planet Icarus, the Iron planet (comet Typhon), the initial estimates forwarded by the German scientists in the period 1939-1945 as to the arrival of Red Kachina, and much more. The astronomical setting is heliocentrical.

Summary: (translate Russian to English)

Summary in English:

On the subject of falsification of documents belonging to the USSR:

Magnetic north pole shift:

The position of Earth's magnetic north pole was first precisely located in 1831. Since then, it's gradually drifted north-northwest by more than 600 miles (1,100 kilometers), and its forward speed has increased from about 10 miles (16 kilometers) per year to about 34 miles (55 kilometers) per year.

The document is genuine, because the US Department of Defense had discovered the very same changes in the position of the magnetic north pole (Project Nanook, the scientific findings of the 46th/72nd Reconnaissance Squadron).



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Chapters 27-30:

Chapter 30:

The magnetic north pole circle/circumference:

The reversal of the magnetic poles and the translation/shift of the stellar dome are two distinct events.

Currently, there are some youtube channels which are following the movement of the magnetic north pole, and which at the same time are announcing that the full reversal will take place once the 40° mark is reached:

However, the issue to be resolved is this: 40° starting from where? 1812? 1859? 1862?
 As the readers of this thread know by now, the figure to be followed is 38,18°. Without the correct date for the starting point of the magnetic pole shift (certainly in the 19th century), all final figures can incur errors of as much as one year (at least). That is why only FET can be relied upon to provide the most accurate measurements when it comes to such issues.

In astrology, the magnetic north pole is represented by the star Vega. The magnetic north pole reversal had started in the constellation of Cassiopeia. If we draw a straight line from Vega to the region of the final destination of the magnetic north pole, the most obvious and powerful obstacle is represented by Corona Borealis.

1883 (The Natural Genesis by Gerald Massey):

Cancer and Capricorn were the two signs in which the end of a world was fabled to occur by a conflagration and a deluge.!/quality/90/?

90° - 23.4° = 66.6°

One version of the book of Revelation mentions the number 665: 90° - 23.5° = 66.5°

616 and 666 also refer to the appearance or image of the letters (written in Greek) which comprise the name referred to in chapter 13.

Loki is connected to the star Vega (Loki is Ophiuchus, and the daughter of Loki is Vega, also the Piscis Australis is related to Loki).

Phaethon, the son of Eos, is Nibiru #1. Typhon/comet Encke is Nibiru #2.

Dhruva, the north pole star was located in the Great Bear constellation. The movement was sudden (100 yojanas, 1000-1200 km). (pg 25)

Next to the Hercules constellation, we find Ophiuchus:

The Birkeland currents between Saturn (Marduk) and the Sun:

Plasma Flux Transfer Events between Saturn and the Sun

A twisted magnetic field structure, previously never seen before at Saturn, has now been detected for the first time ... When the Sun’s magnetic field interacts with the Earth’s magnetic field (the magnetosphere), a complex process occurs called magnetic reconnection which can twist the field into a helical shape. These twisted helically structured magnetic fields are called flux ropes or “flux transfer events” (FTEs) and are observed at Earth and even more commonly at Mercury ...

Spearfinger (Cherokee tribe prophecy) refers to the Orion constellation, the star which has been removed (which was located below the star Rigel).

Rattlesnake is Ophiuchus, Tiamat.

Supernova candidates: Proxima Centauri, rs Ophiuchi, Barnard star, Betelgeuse.
The original Uktena was said to have transformed from a man in his unsuccessful attempt to destroy the sun.
The original intention would have been ice-clad and be inreference to a god of winter, but this was changed, first through punningand later through confusion, to stone and a being altogether separate fromthe winter god appeared. 40
Rigel is the tip of the index finger
Spearfinger, a Cherokee legend, pointed right index finger
Edda are limited to the obvious and well-known examples of Þjazi’s eyes being turned into a pair of stars, and the star “which is called ‘toe of Aurvandill’ in the same chapter, whose identity and location remain a mystery.

Distances on a spherical Earth are greater than those on a flat earth:

Heimdall, as it refers to the shift of the stellar dome, is the Great Bear constellation. As it pertains to the magnetic pole reversal, it attains the characteristics of a ram from an astrological point of view.

Also, there is difference between the time of the capture of Fenrir (Loki) and the moment of its release at Ragnarok.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Le Verrier's original calculations stand correct, since the equations provided by GTR cannot be used to analyze dynamical systems:

Chariot of the Sun: Vulcan (Hephaistos) and Mercury


The great flood of 1861-1862 had originated with the largest volcano eruption in Africa ever recorded (May 1861, Dubbi volcano)


Was Vulcan the great comet of 1811? We have a world war in 1811 and a huge earthquake on the New Madrid fault which had been caused by the strike of a meteor:

Chicxulub is a super volcano and not the crater created by an asteroid:

Erra, Ishum, Phaethon:

Loki and Corona Borealis:

Comet ZTF will be passing by the Corona Borealis constellation, and in fact it will be pointing to Ursa Minor (star Pherkad) on January 27.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Rθ/18 = CHRONOLOGY OF HISTORY - [9/23] {12/23} [3/24] {6/24} 9/24

Radius of FE: 6363.63 km (upper limit 10000 km)

θ = 0.959582 rad (2 x 27.49 = 54.98, 54.98° = 0.959582 rad, 1/27.49 = 0.036376864 = 0.1 - 0.063623), Tropic to Tropic (solstice to solstice)

Sun westward precessional shift: 1.5 km / year (4.2 meters / day)

Sun diameter: 636 meters (see the photos of the solar eclipse in Antarctica, november 2003)

s = r x θ

6106.4248 = 6363.63 x 0.959582

6106.4248 / 6 = 1017.73747 km, the distance alloted for each gate (six months, solstice to solstice)

The arclength for each gate (space alloted for the each of the six periods running from the winter solstice to the summer solstice, and from the summer solstice to the winter solstice) is 1017.737 km.

1017.737 / 4 = 254.434 (where 0.636363 / 25 = 0.02545454)

We must fit the solar precessional shift of 1.5 km / year into this figure of 1017.737 km.

If we divide the 1017.737 arclength by 30 (one month = thirty days), the 33.94 km figure will have been depleted in 22.5 years (solar westward shift of 1.5 km / year), and the sun would have reached the outer limit (one of the two tropics).

Therefore, the chronology of history cannot be longer than 339.24 years (508.87 / 1.5). Great Flood/Deluge to end of history = 339.24 years.

The optimum implementation uses a mobile section of 508.87 km (1017.737 / 2) which moves westward at a pace of 4.2 meters / day (1.5 km / year) at the same rate as the Sun does. That is, the Sun rises within on the six gates, and for the course of a single month uses the 508.87 km interval, where each day it shifts 4.2 meters to the west. After one year, the entire mobile section shifts itself 1.5 km to the west as well, and so on, until on the last day of history, after having shifted 508.87 km, the Sun reaches the endpoint of its alloted interval (one of the solstices).

If the maximum value of the radius of the FE is used, we get:

10000 x 0.959582 = 9595.82 km (arclength)

9595.82 / 18 = 533 years (chronology of history)

We know that the chronology of history cannot extend further in the past beyond 1643 AD:

No other historian, not Fomenko, not Pfister, or any other researcher in the field, has observed that the total solar eclipses which had occurred on the vernal equinox in 1643 AD and 1662 AD are the most direct proofs that the conventional chronology of history has been faked.

1682 AD - 1683 AD Jupiter - Saturn Great Conjunction

Another great historical marking point, the solar transit of Mercury in 1769 AD which references the end of the last cosmic cataclysm.

As the Sun reaches the endpoint of its journey, and rises from the West to the East, there are several possibilities (diameter of 636 meters):

1. It rises from the West as soon as it reaches the alloted interval at the end of one of the two solstices (Tropics)

2. It travels beyond the limit for 77 days (636 / 2 = 318; (1 x 0.636)/1.5), then it moves for another 77 days to reach the starting point again.

3. It travels beyond the limit for the full length of its diameter, 154.76 days, then it shifts back to the starting point for another 154.76 days.

Before the Great Flood, the westward (or most likely eastward, at that point in time) precessional shift would have been much greater, perhaps some 12.7 km / year.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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A more in-depth study of Vedic cosmology/mythology will reveal the following facts:

Ganesha is Ketu, and Ganesha (Ganapati) is Shiva also. Shiva attack the Sun (Surya) using the stars Mali and Kumali.

Rahu and Ketu become the Draco and Cetus constellations, respectively.

Hanuman is Phaethon who also attacks the Sun.

In the Bundahishn, Gokihar (Gohikar, Gochihr) and Mulspar (Mush Parik) are Rahu and Ketu. However, the solar/lunar eclipses are caused by the dark Mihr (Dark Sun/Mihr-i Tamig) and the dark Moon (Mah-i Gospand-Tomag).

Surtr (Nordic mythology) is Red Kachina. Blue Kachina is connected to two different stars: Spica and Betelgeuse (which is linked to Saturn). Barnard's star is also related to Blue Kachina. Another related subject, the star of Yaakov.

Loki/Fenrir is hidden in the Hoag cosmic object (Serpens Caput constellation). The Wolverine is Loks (North-American indian folklore), that is, Loki.

Arcturus and Spica form a huge horn (connection to Heimdall/Skanda), the Bootes constellation is linked to Surtr/Suttung and the Phaethon/Icarus myth.

Skanda is riding the Peacock, which is a feather from Garuda (Ophiuchus constellation).

Those who are following the youtube channels which deal with the shift of the magnetic north pole, should know that the angle which is in question is 38.19° (not 40°), and that the starting point is the year 1862 (not 1859).

The Black Sun/Star, then, seems to be the heavenly object which was described in the Book of Enoch:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"Some fossils look rather fresh. Part of a camel skull found near Fillmore, Utah, is a prime example.

Back in 1928, while exploring near Meadow Hot Springs, a pair of high school students found an unusual skull at the back of a lava tube. The braincase and piece of jaw didn’t seem to be from a cow, horse, or other familiar animal, and so it eventually came to the attention of University of Utah professor A.L. Mathews. Mathews, in turn, sent the news along to famed paleontologist Alfred Sherwood Romer at the University of Chicago. And what Romer saw in that skull dramatically affected what experts thought of as the timeline of Ice Age life.

Romer quickly identified the skull as that of a camel. But what species? The fact that the skull still looked relatively fresh suggested that the animal had died in the relatively recent past.

There was a possibility that the camel might have been one of the dromedaries that were introduced to the western United States as pack animals during the mid- and late-19th century. But the anatomy was all wrong. The skull, Romer concluded, must have come from an extinct North American species that paleontologists knew as Camelops and had previously been found in places like the La Brea asphalt seeps in Los Angeles, California."

". . . discovery in Utah of the unfossilized skull of an extinct camel, with a bit of dried flesh still clinging to the bone. The relatively fresh condition of the specimen argues that its one-time possessor died only a few centuries or millennia ago; present ideas hold that this particular sort of camel did become extinct a half-million years ago. If this camel really died so long ago, the bone should have been largely or wholly replaced by stone, and there should have been no flesh on it all."

Science Newsletter, Vol. 14, (1928), p. 81

At long last, mainstream science has to acknowledge that the cataclysmic event which put an end to the last Ice Age must have occurred at most only a few centuries ago.

Professor Alfred S. Romer of the University of Chicago who examined the skull claimed the anatomical differences between American and African or Asian camels made it clear that this skull belonged "to the genus Camelops."

Science Newsletter, Vol. 14, (1928), p. 81

"In New Mexico, in a cave, there was discovered in the late 1930s . . . evidence of lingering [survival] of certain Pleistocene animals. This cave, located in the Guadalupe Mountains near the Texas line, is a narrow cleft-like crack in the limestone . . . . The entrance is low and narrow, making it necessary for the investigator to crawl on hands and knees for several feet. Inside, however, the cave opens into a large chamber with a floor several feet below the level of the entrance passageway. The large, sunken room is almost filled with camel bones. These camels are not the present-day circus variety, but rather the small, long-necked American camels of the Pleistocene period. The bones lie in profusion, perfectly preserved as though they had piled there only a few years ago. The cave is redolent with the odor of dry dust and of the bats that hang in clusters from the ceiling. But even the extreme aridity could hardly account for the wonderful preservation of the camel remains. There is little or no accumulation on top of them. In the Abilene region of Texas, accumulations of silts on top of ancient deposits gave an indication of their comparative age. In Camel Cave, only a thin veneer of dust and bat guano covers the camel graveyard. They do not seem to be extremely ancient. From this evidence, as well as from similar signs in Gypsum Cave in Nevada [to be discussed just below], it would seem that the American camel lingered on after death had overtaken the majority of its Pleistocene contemporaries."

Hibben, The Lost Americans, p. 161

The best work which examines the glaring errors and omissions in radiocarbon dating as applied to the age of extinction of the mammoths and of the camelops (American Camel): (dating methods of the past: isotopes vs. comets)

Dinosaurs Soft Tissue is Original Biological Material



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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In the heliocentrical setting, soon, the Earth will stop its diurnal rotation. Two conditions must be met:

1. The inner core must slow down, even stop from revolving around its own axis (conditions are being met, search with "earth core slowing down")

2. The existence of an external magnetic field (if a mass of magnetized iron particles, equal to the mass of the Earth, would come close to the Earth, it would cause the stasis of the diurnal rotation)

This is beyond a mere tilting of the axis of the Earth out of position, while the diurnal rotation would still occur.

Has this phenomenon happened in the past? According to the legends which have been recorded in the mythologies of almost all countries, it has. Of course, in the heliocentrical setting, it becomes very difficult to explain how then the Earth had resumed/renewed its diurnal rotation (not necessarily at the same speed as before). In FET, it is very easy to explain this event: the Sun simply stops in the middle of the sky, having reached the exterior limit of its alloted westward precessional shift.

All we need now is the close passage of a celestial body whose mass is nearly that of the Earth itself (again, we are talking about the heliocentrical framework). Of course, modern science would deride such a description, since it is assuming the stability of the entire solar system for eons of ages (past and future). The word "soon", in the first sentence of this post, means that the second planet, whose mass/magnetic field would cause the ceasing of the Earth's diurnal rotation, is already in an orbit close to the Earth (no need to involve a planet from the supposed Oort cloud). Then, should a comet strike that planet, at a certain time, it would set it on a collision course with the Earth (collision = close passage).

Here is a work which describes this kind of scenario:

In the context of our Flat Earth calendar, the following dates are to be noted.

Elul 25 (this year it falls on 9/11)

Autumnal equinox (9/23)

Armilustrium (oct 19 to 23)

Ketu/Ganesha (oct 28)

Garuda (dec 1)

Winter solstice (12/23)

Tubilustrium (3/24)

Pegasus/Medusa (3/24)

Blue Kachina - Saturn

Spica would also be a very close choice for Blue Kachina.

The galactic wave would start in the southern sky, Argo, Centaurus (Proxima Centauri), Puppis constellations, and then reach the Orion constellation, then the Sun.

Red Kachina - most likely possibility, Mars (Morning Star, Typhon, Phaethon) with Deimos and Phobos

Garuda - Aquila constellation

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Here is the description:

One might think that this represents John of Patmos' prophetic vision. Not so. Here is an exact visual match (Mesopotamian border stone) for the quote from the book of Revelation:

(Reproduction of Sagittarius, as depicted on the Mesopotamian border stones. Notice the scorpion tail. This icon returns identical in the Apocalypse to describe the grasshopper-men.)

Question: why would John of Patmos use this Mesopotamian/Babylonian inscription as a visual reference? How is it possible that no historian or scholar had mentioned this fact in the context of the research which has been done in the field?

Let us remember that the author of the book of Revelation did the same thing with another well-known passage:

The only excuse would be to say that he had used an image for some constellations (seven stars with ten stars in the form of a torch right above them, such as Corona Borealis or Coma Berenices). Of course, it would have been out of place, not to mention bizarre, for John of Patmos to have borrowed such imagery from astrology, and later scholars would have mentioned this fact. It seems that the book of Revelation was written by a high level initiate (or even several such initiates).

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