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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The colossal monuments/pyramids at Teotihuacan, Cholula, Monte Alban, Palenque, Copan, Tikal, Chichen Itza, Tiahuanaco, Cuzco-Sacsayhuaman were built by Akhenaton's father who received several names, Xelhua, Quetzalcoatl, Kukulcan, Viracocha, using ball lightning technology (levitation of huge blocks of stones, landscape arhitecture on a grand scale).

The same race of people, known as the Olmecs in the official chronology of history, also constructed the Baalbek temple, where blocks of granite weighing more than 2,000 tons were used.

There were no Mayans or Aztecs civilizations: that is why the official chronology of history invented an unbelievable story where the Mayans simply vanish from history with no traces to be found.

Visitors from Egypt (descendants of Khem), who themselves originated from Southern Europe, came to Central and South America in two succeeding waves, in the period 1740-1770 AD: first the Olmecs then the Osirians who added the so-called mayan calendar stelae.

These are the same people who also built the temples at Karnac and Luxor.

After his exodus from Egypt, Akhenaton arrived in present day England, and founded the British Empire (the Templar cross is an Aten symbol), and later visited the islands of Hyperboreea.

Quetzalcoatl is depicted as having arrived in a flying boat, which could also sail on the oceans.

Now, the Olmecs and the Osirians did not have at their disposal the mercury gyro laevorotatory subquarks generated UFOs, nor did they use the Biefeld-Brown effect for disk shaped flying objects.

Yet, they were able to fly huge distances, with no problems at all, having visited even Hyperboreea:

It is obvious that the air ships/flying boats used to travel around the world (they did have the complete Piri Reis world maps at their disposal) looked like this:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The first photograph on the left IS THE ONLY REAL IMAGE: easily explained in the context of FE cosmology.

This is an example of how image processing works. A recent spat about NASA photo-shopping their images drove me to type up some thoughts on how this actually works and why it has to be done. This is how Amateurs, Professionals, Astronomers and NASA scientists would do this. The tasks are the same, but the tools are different. I don't for example have a 30 foot curved mirror and a camera with a sensor the size of a cyndar block. What I am using is basically a large telephoto lens and specially-modified Canon DSLR camera. The first image is one single 'Sub Exposure' The second image is the result of stacking several hundred 'sub exposures' to create a single image with the combined signal and then 'balancing' the colors. There's too much red for example because of light pollution and because the red channel of the camera is more sensitive than the green and blue channels. Your camera fixes this automatically using something called 'white balance.' Yes, your camera 'Photoshops' the image for you so it doesn't look like crap! The first image is what a 'raw' image truly looks like before that happens! The last image represents the same image after it has been stretched and enhanced with Photoshop to bring out fainter details and make the image more pleasing to the eye.


This is how each and every amateur astrophotographer gets to MODIFY the real image (first photograph on the left) and turn it into a fake, unreal, photoshopped photograph.

Here is a more realistic image of "Andromeda":

It shows exactly what is being very well described by the correct version of FET: the stars are much smaller and orbit much closer to the surface of the Earth.

Here is another realistic image of Andromeda:

Now, here is a fake image of Andromeda: (false colour astrophotography)

GAS CLOUD FORMATION PARADOXES: (it includes the helium flash/triple alpha process paradox)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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A solar system in motion with respect to the Vega star would be wholly incompatible with Kepler's first law, since, within that frame of reference, this motion (the circular helices on a right cylinder) must change the eccentricities of some of the planetary orbits to an extent which far exceeds the observed values.

Therefore, Kepler's first law contradicts the accepted fact of current astronomy that the entire solar system moves toward the star Vega on a helical path.

The tridimensional orbits of the Sun/Planets, would be circular helices on a right cylinder, which completely contradicts the planar elliptical orbits of the planets, in the heliocentric theory. A planar elliptical orbit would be possible if and only if the whole system is at rest (with respect to the rest of the Galaxy, in the round earth theory), and not moving toward Vega with 20 km/s.

Both Kepler's first law and the fact that the geometrical shape of the movement of the solar system towards the star Vega must a be a helix, cannot be true at the same time.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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After a moment’s pause he added that for purposes of seeing the cocoon of man, one has to gaze at people from behind, as they walk away. It is useless to gaze at people face to face, because the front of the egglike cocoon of man has a protective shield, which seers call the front plate, it is an almost impregnable, unyielding shield that protects us throughout our lives against the onslaught of a peculiar force that stems from the emanations themselves.

I could hear don Juan talking to me and I could follow every one of his statements as if I were awake, yet I could not move my body at all.

When I saw each luminous creature in profile, from the point of view of its body, its egglike shape was like a gigantic asymmetrical yoyo that was standing edgewise, or like an almost round pot that was resting on its side with its lid on. The part that looked like a lid was the front plate; it was perhaps one fifth the thickness of the total cocoon.

I would have gone on seeing those creatures, but don Juan said that I should now gaze at people face to face and sustain my gaze until I had broken the barrier and I was seeing the emanations. I followed his command. Almost instantaneously, I saw a most brilliant array of live, compelling fibers of light. It was a dazzling sight that immediately shattered my balance. I fell down on the cement walk on my side. From there, I saw the compelling fibers of light multiply themselves. They burst open and myriads of other fibers came out of them. But the fibers, compelling as they were, somehow did not interfere with my ordinary view. There were scores of people going into church. I was no longer seeing them. There were quite a few women and men just around the bench. I wanted to focus my eyes on them, but instead I noticed how one of those fibers of light bulged suddenly. It became like a ball of fire that was perhaps seven feet in diameter, it rolled on me. My first impulse was to roll out of its way. Before I could even move a muscle the ball had hit me. I felt it as clearly as if someone had punched me gently in the stomach. An instant later another ball of fire hit me, this time with considerably more strength, and then don Juan whacked me really hard on the cheek with his open hand. I jumped up involuntarily and lost sight of the fibers of light and the balloons that were hitting me.

Don Juan said that the balls that had hit me were called the rolling force, or the tumbler.

He replied, „No sooner had you begun to see than the tumbler stopped you. If you had remained a moment longer it would have blasted you.”

„What exactly is the tumbler?” I asked.

„It is a force from the Eagle’s emanations,” he said. „A ceaseless force that strikes us every instant of our lives, it is lethal when seen, but otherwise we are oblivious to it, in our ordinary lives, because we have protective shields. We have consuming interests that engage all our awareness. We are permanently worried about our station, our possessions. These shields, however, do not keep the tumbler away, they simply keep us from seeing it directly, protecting us in this way from getting hurt by the fright of seeing the balls of fire hitting us. Shields are a great help and a great hindrance to us. They pacify us and at the same time fool us. They give us a false sense of security.”

He said that seers describe it as an eternal line of iridescent rings, or balls of fire, that roll onto living beings ceaselessly.  A situation that is extremely dangerous, however, is an involuntary shift of the assemblage point owing, perhaps, to physical fatigue, emotional exhaustion, disease, or simply a minor emotional or physical crisis, such as being frightened or being drunk.

„When the assemblage point shifts involuntarily, the rolling force cracks the cocoon,” he went on. „I’ve talked many times about a gap that man has below his navel. It’s not really below the navel itself, but in the cocoon, at the height of the navel. The gap is more like a dent, a natural flaw in the otherwise smooth cocoon. It is there where the tumbler hits us ceaselessly and where the cocoon cracks.”

He went on to explain that if it is a minor shift of the assemblage point, the crack is very small, the cocoon quickly repairs itself, and people experience what everybody has at one time or another: blotches of color and contorted shapes, which remain even if the eyes are closed. If the shift is considerable, the crack also is extensive and it takes time for the cocoon to repair itself, as in the case of warriors who purposely use power plants to elicit that shift or people who take drugs and unwittingly do the same. In these cases men feel numb and cold; they have difficulty talking or even thinking; it is as if they have been frozen from inside.

„The reason it’s called the circular force is that it comes in rings, threadlike hoops of iridescence, a very delicate affair indeed. And just like the tumbling force, it strikes all living beings ceaselessly, but for a different purpose. It strikes them to give them strength, direction, awareness; to give them life.

„What the new seers discovered is that the balance of the two forces in every living being is a very delicate one,” he continued, „if at any given time an individual feels that the tumbling force strikes harder than the circular one, that means the balance is upset; the tumbling force strikes harder and harder from then on, until it cracks the living being’s gap."

(The Fire From Within, C. Castaneda)

Rolling force = terrestrial gravity/dextrorotatory ether waves

Circular force = antigravitational force/laevorotatory ether waves
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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D. Cassini, Ephemerides nouisssimae motuum coelestium: (pg. 28, 29, 34, 35)

The registered date for the total solar eclipse which occurred in early 1662, March 20 (right on the vernal equinox) cannot be true.

Furthermore, there are no other astronomical/historical records for this total solar eclipse (other than the brief mention by Cassini), by far what should have been the most important astronomical event of the millenium, a chance to settle once and for all the Gregorian calendar reform controversy.

The Jesuits in India/China, F. Verbiest, J. Schall von Bell,  even the young N. Flamsteed fail to notice/record this most important of all the total solar eclipses.

The falsification of the Gregorian calendar reform:

In the year 325 AD, the spring equinox could not and did not fall on March 21.

Dr. G. Nosovsky:

It is indeed amazing that Matthew Vlastar’s Collection of Rules Devised by Holy Fathers – the book that every Paschalia researcher refers to – contains an explicit dating of the time the Easter Book was compiled. It is even more amazing that none of the numerous researchers of Vlastar’s text appeared to have noticed it (?!), despite the fact that the date is given directly after the oft-quoted place of Vlastar’s book, about the rules of calculating the Easter date. Moreover, all quoting stops abruptly immediately before the point where Vlastar gives this explicit date.

What could possibly be the matter? Why don’t modern commentators find themselves capable of quoting the rest of Vlastar’s text? We are of the opinion that they attempt to conceal from the reader the fragments of ancient texts that explode the entire edifice of Scaliger’s chronology. We shall quote this part completely:

“There are four rules concerning the Easter. The first two are the apostolic rules, and the other two are known from tradition. The first rule is that the Easter should be celebrated after the spring equinox. The second is that is should not be celebrated together with the Judeans. The third: not just after the equinox, but also after the first full moon following the equinox. And the fourth: not just after the full moon, but the first Sunday following the full moon… The current Paschalia was compiled and given to the church by our fathers in full faith that it does not contradict any of the quoted postulates. (This is the place the quoting usually stops, as we have already mentioned – Auth.). They created it the following way: 19 consecutive years were taken starting with the year 6233 since Genesis (= 725 AD – Auth.) and up until the year 6251 (= 743 AD – Auth.), and the date of the first full moon after the spring equinox was looked up for each one of them. The Paschalia makes it obvious that when the Elders were doing it; the equinox fell on the 21st of March” ([518]).

Thus, the Circle for Moon – the foundation of the Paschalia – was devised according to the observations from the years 725-743 AD; hence, the Paschalia couldn’t possibly have been compiled, let alone canonized, before that.

Matthew Vlastar, who lived in the XIV century, hadn’t had any doubts about the Elders having devised the Paschalian cycle of 19 years after 743 AD. He already knew that the astronomical full moons migrated to earlier dates in the Julian calendar at the ratio of 24 hours per about 304 years, and wrote the following:

“If we consider the cycle of 19 years, 304 after the Elders who had devised it – it shall be the 17th, one that started in the year 6537 (=1029 AD – Auth.) – we shall see that the first vernal full moons precede the full moons of the first 19-year cycle by a day… If we consider the other 19-year circle in a similar manner, the one that starts in the year 6842 (=1333 AD), we shall discover that the full moons it gives predate the real ones by yet another day… This is why these two days are added to the Lawful Easter (Passover – Auth.)” ([518]).

A complete debunking of the OFFICIAL hypothesis, which is absolutely necessary for the RE to show the historical existence of the Earth's axial precession, that the spring equinox fell on March 21, in the year 325 AD.

There are no historical/astronomical records that there was ever an axial shift (precession) of the Earth.

Papal Bull, Gregory XIII, 1582:

Therefore we took care not only that the vernal equinox returns on its former date, of which it has already deviated approximately ten days since the Nicene Council, and so that the fourteenth day of the Paschal moon is given its rightful place, from which it is now distant four days and more, but also that there is founded a methodical and rational system which ensures, in the future, that the equinox and the fourteenth day of the moon do not move from their appropriate positions.

According to the official chronology and astronomy, the direction of Earth's rotation axis executes a slow precession with a period of approximately 26,000 years.

Therefore, in the year 325 e.n., official date for the Council of Nicaea, the winter solstice MUST HAVE FALLEN on December 21 or December 22; in the year 968 e.n., on December 16; and in the year 1582, on December 11.

We are told that the motivation for the Gregorian reform was that the Julian calendar assumes that the time between vernal equinoxes is 365.25 days, when in fact it is about 11 minutes less. The accumulated error between these values was about 10 days (starting from the Council of Nicaea) when the reform was made, resulting in the equinox occurring on March 11 and moving steadily earlier in the calendar, also by the 16th century AD the winter solstice fell around December 11.

But, in fact, as we see from the superb work The Easter Issue, the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place any earlier than the year 876-877 e.n., which means that the winter solstice in the year 968 e.n., for example must have fallen on December 21.

And, of course, in the year 1582, the winter solstice would have arrived on December 16, not at all on December 11.

Here is another proof:

Byzantine historian Leo Diaconus (ca. 950-994), as he observed the total eclipse of 22 December 968 from Constantinople (now Istanbul, Turkey). His observation is preserved in the Annales Sangallenses, and reads:

" the fourth hour of the day ... darkness covered the earth and all the brightest stars shone forth. And is was possible to see the disk of the Sun, dull and unlit, and a dim and feeble glow like a narrow band shining in a circle around the edge of the disk".


"When the Emperor was waging war in Syria, at the winter solstice there was an eclipse of the Sun such as has never happened apart from that which was brought on the Earth at the Passion of our Lord on account of the folly of the Jews. . . The eclipse was such a spectacle. It occurred on the 22nd day of December, at the 4th hour of the day, the air being calm. Darkness fell upon the Earth and all the brighter stars revealed themselves. Everyone could see the disc of the Sun without brightness, deprived of light, and a certain dull and feeble glow, like a narrow headband, shining round the extreme parts of the edge of the disc. However, the Sun gradually going past the Moon (for this appeared covering it directly) sent out its original rays, and light filled the Earth again."

Refers to a total solar eclipse in Constantinople of 22 December AD 968.
From: Leo the Deacon, Historiae, Byzantine.

However, the winter solstice in the year 968 MUST HAVE FALLEN on December 16, given the 10 day correction instituted by Gregory XIII, as we are told (a very simple calculation - 11 minutes in the length of a solar year amount to a full day for each 134 years), according to the official chronology.

Let us imagine the protests which would have followed if the Vatican would have dared to say that the winter solstice in 1581-1582 occurred on December 11, given the precise fact that IT MUST HAVE TAKEN PLACE ON DECEMBER 16. This means, of course, that the Papal Bull, dated 1582, was created much later in time, in fact at least after 1700 e.n., to give the impression of a "historical proof" of the axial precession hypothesis.

There is no other way around it: the most precise proofs that the Council of Nicaea could not have taken place any earlier than the year 876-877 e.n., which means that the entire medieval and even ancient chronology was invented by both Scaliger and Petavius some centuries later.

Therefore, the recorded date of March 20, 1662 by Cassini, taking into account the supposed Gregorian calendar reform must be false: the five day difference could not but have been noticed by Cassini, Kepler, Galilei and all the other famed astronomers of the day.

It is obvious that the works attributed to Cassini were forged later in time, at least after 1780 AD.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Danish astronomer (1644–1710)

Römer was professor of astronomy at the University of Copenhagen when Jean Picard visited Denmark to inspect Tycho Brahe's observatory at Uraniborg. Picard recruited him and Römer joined the Paris Observatory in 1671.

He left France at a propitious time, since four years after his departure Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes, and as a Protestant Römer would surely have been forced to leave the country, as was Christiaan Huygens.

Jean-Felix Picard (July 21, 1620 – July 12, 1682) was a French astronomer and priest born in La Flèche, where he studied at the Jesuit Collège Royal Henry-Le-Grand.

Therefore, in the official chronology, protestantism, priesthood and Jesuit colleges were a common thing at the beginning of the 17th century.

( )


This 100-page book from 1894 shows that:

·         The Paul figure was a literary invention from the 1500's

·         The purportedly early Church Father writings were literary inventions of the 1500's

·         Eusebius' Church History was written in the 1500's.

·         The Gospels were written in the 1500's.

Direct quote from the works of Polydore Vergil, the greatest historian of the Renaissance (in the official chronology) which proves that biblical knowledge (especially about the epistles attributed to Paul) was unknown in Western Europe prior to 1520 AD.

How the Pauline Epistles WERE COPIED from Historia Ecclesiastica by Eusebius, a work written some 250 years later in time.

It also shows how Historia Ecclesiastica itself was invented at least after 1500 AD.

The artificial structure of the Pauline Epistles.

Take the richest theological Epistle ascribed to Paul: that to the Romans. Positively these so-called post-Apostolic men do not know it. They have merely some faint echoes of its contents; which is a very different thing.

I must distinctly warn my readers against this fallacy of the handbooks and introductions to the New Testament, the only thorough cure for which is to read these "post-Apostolic" men for themselves. They will then discover that these writers, assumed to be following in the steps of their forerunners, and to be diligently perusing their writings as we have them, are doing nothing of the kind. They are dreaming, rambling, and raving; but they do not know that romantic figure of Paul that is known to us, nor yet his alleged writings as we have them. `

Proof that Bede, Gildas were a late invention of the 16th century; the Canterbury Tales written in the 16th century.

Extraordinary proofs that the Vulgate (Latin Bible) was not known in Europe at least until 1594 (Sixtine edition). Johnson does show that the Council of Trent (1546) is a fable, with no scientific base whatsoever.

Luther and Paul, biblical knowledge just beginning to spread in the 16th century.

Furthermore, from "Romer's" data, the speed of light could be estimated to be in the range of 193,120 Km/s up to 327,000 Km/s.

In the 1690s, Ole Rømer used his influence to bring about a uniform adoption of the Gregorian calendar in Protestant countries, though that could not be achieved in practice.

No European country could have possibly adopted the Gregorian calendar reformation in the period 1582-1800, given the absolute fact that the winter solstice must have falled on December 16 in the year 1582 AD, and not at all on December 11 (official chronology), see the previous message.

The writings attributed to O. Romer MUST have been fabricated during the second half of the 18th century (official chronology calendar).

Of course, in the official chronology of history, the duo consisting of Domenico Cassini and Jean Picard purportedly estimated the distance between Earth and Mars using parallax.

But they could have done no such thing (notwithstanding the fact proven above that their biographies have been forged at the end of the 18th century).

On the angular size of Mars:,4
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Did you calculate a formula for acceleration of free falling objects? If you did, should i see it. Thanks.
1+2+3+...+∞= 1

Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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This issue has already been addressed in this thread. (Craig Gunnufson on the ether law of acceleration)

Charles Brush experiments of 1922: weight depends on the atomic structure of the substance -

Charles F. Brush, in a series of reports in the PROCEEDINGS OF THE AMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY around 1922 found, in some well-thought-out experiments, that weight was not only proportional to mass, but was affected by the atomic structure of the substances. For example, he found that for a given unit of mass and shape, BISMUTH falls faster than zinc or aluminum.

John W. Keely has added the acoustic cavity resonator theory, which is more complex, and should be investigated further:

None other than Lord Rayleigh and Sir Oliver Lodge have offered their thoughts on the subject:

When a steel spring is bent or distorted, what is it that is really strained? Not the atoms-the atoms are only displaced; it is the connecting links that are strained-the connecting medium-the ether. Distortion of a spring is really distortion of the ether. All stress exists in the ether.

Matter can only be moved. Contact does not exist between the atoms of matter as we know them; it is doubtful if a piece of matter ever touches another piece, any more than a comet touches the sun when it appears to rebound from it; but the atoms are connected, as the comet and the sun are connected by a continuous plenum without break or discontinuity of any kind.

Matter acts on matter only through the ether. But whether matter is a thing utterly distinct and separate from the ether, or whether it is a specifically modified portion of it-modified in such a way as to be susceptible of locomotion, and yet continuous with all the rest of the ether, which can be said to extend everywhere-far beyond the bounds of the modified and tangible portion-are questions demanding, and I may say in process of receiving, answers. Every such answer involves some view of the universal and possibly infinite uniform omnipresent connecting medium, the Ether of space.

First of all, Newton recognised the need of a medium for explaining gravitation. In his "Optical Queries" he shows that if the pressure of this medium is less in the neighbourhood of dense bodies than at great distances from them, dense bodies will be driven towards each other; and that if the diminution of pressure is inversely as the distance from the dense body, the law will be that of gravitation.

Indeed, the statue in your entrance hall may be considered as the statue of the discoverer of the electric and magnetic properties of the Ether of space. Faraday conjectured that the same medium which is concerned in the propagation of light might also be the agent in electromagnetic phenomena. He says:

"For my own part, considering the relation of a vacuum to the magnetic force, and the general character of magnetic phenomena external to the magnet, I am much more inclined to the notion that in the transmission of the force there is such an action, external to the magnet, than that the effects are merely attraction and repulsion at a distance. Such an action may be a function of the aether; for it is not unlikely that, if there be an aether, it should have other uses than simply the conveyance of radiation."
This conjecture has been amply strengthened by subsequent investigations. One more function is now being discovered; the ether is being found to constitute matter-an immensely interesting topic, on which there are many active workers at the present time.

I will make a brief quotation from your present Professor of Natural Philosophy (J. J. Thomson), where he summarises the conclusion which we all see looming before us, though it has not yet been completely attained, and would not by all be similarly expressed:

"The whole mass of any body is just the mass of ether surrounding the body which is carried along by the Faraday tubes associated with the atoms of the body. In fact, all mass is mass of the ether; all momentum, momentum of the ether; and all kinetic energy, kinetic energy of the ether. This view, it should be said, requires the density of the ether to be immensely greater than that of any known substance."

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Sorry this is an answer for something but isn't an answer of my question. They think they are in line with Newton. I need somebody thinking oppositely to Newton, and a result formula. Thank you in advance.
1+2+3+...+∞= 1

Come on bro, just admit that the the earth isn't a sphere, you won't even be wrong

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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An extraordinary look at the CNO cycle:

Observational Confirmation of the Sun's CNO Cycle (a must read)

This paper provides the latest proofs which show the following:

Measurements on gamma-rays from a solar flare in Active Region 10039 on 23 July 2002 with the RHESSI spacecraft spectrometer indicate that the CNO cycle occurs at the solar surface, in electrical discharges along closed magnetic loops.

"But the nuclear furnace theory assumes that these nuclear events are separated from surface events by hundreds of thousands of years as the heat from the core slowly percolates through the Sun’s hypothetical “radiative zone”."

A clear debunking of the currently accepted solar model.

"To confirm these surface events Iron Sun proponents point to the telltale signatures of the “CNO cycle” first set forth in the work of Hans Bethe. In 1939 Bethe proposed that the stable mass-12 isotope of Carbon catalyzes a series of atomic reactions in the core of the Sun, resulting in the fusion of hydrogen into helium. This nucleosynthesis, according to Bethe, occurs through a “Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen (CNO) cycle,” as helium is constructed from the nuclei of hydrogen atoms—protons—at temperatures ranging from 14 million K to 20 million K.

For some time now, solar scientists have observed the products expected from the CNO cycle, but now they see a relationship of these products’ abundances to sunspot activity. This finding is crucial because the nuclear events that standard theory envisions are separated from surface events by hundreds of thousands of years as the heat from the core slowly percolates through the Sun’s hypothetical “radiative zone”. From this vantage point, a connection between the hidden nuclear furnace and sunspot activity is inconceivable."

Proponents of the Iron Sun, therefore, have posed an issue that could be fatal to the standard model.

In his autobiography, “Home Is Where the Wind Blows,” Sir Fred Hoyle documents the abrupt, and seemingly inexplicable U-Turn in astronomy, astrophysics, solar physics immediately after “nuclear fires” ended the Second World War:

[Referring to Hoyle’s meeting with Sir Arthur Eddington one spring day in 1940]: “We both believed that the Sun was made mostly of iron, two parts iron to one part of hydrogen, more or less. The spectrum of sunlight, chock-a-block with lines of iron, had made this belief seem natural to astronomers for more than fifty years.” . . . (page 153)

“The high-iron solution continued to reign supreme in the interim (at any rate, in the astronomical circles to which I was privy) until after the Second World War,” . . .

“when I was able to show, to my surprise, that the high-hydrogen, low iron solution was to be preferred for the interiors as well as for the atmospheres.” (page 153-154)

“My paper on the matter confounded a doctrine of (Raymond) Lyttleton, who used to say there are three stages in the acceptance by the world of a new idea.

1. The idea is nonsense.

2. Somebody thought of it before you did.

3. We believed it all the time.
This matter of the high-hydrogen solution was the only occasion, in my experience, when the first and second of these stages were missing.“ (page 154)

Two other recent papers confirm that the Sun’s energy spectrum varies in the manner expected from a pulsar core that is shielded by turbulent layers of ordinary atomic matter:

_ a.) Judith L. Lean and Matthew T. DeLand, “How Does the Sun’s Spectrum Vary?” Journal of Climate, 25, 2555–2560 (April 2012)

_ b.) C. Martin-Puertas, K. Matthes, A. Brauer, R. Muscheler, F. Hansen, C. Petrick, A. Aldahan, G. Possnert, B. Van Geel, “Regional atmospheric circulation shifts induced by a grand solar minimum,” Nature Geoscience 5 , 397-401 (June 2012)




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Certain features of the Cosmic Microwave Background [CMB] radiation – specifically features known as the dipole, quadrupole and octopole – and the Earth’s ecliptic plane and the equinoxes cannot be explained by the heliocentrists.

We have stated many times that the CMB vectors demonstrate a preferred direction in
space, something that was neither predicted nor fits with the current Big Bang cosmology to which MacAndrew and Palm ascribe. This preferred direction means that there is an up and down and a left and right in the universe – something totally at odds with the Big Bang. It further means that the universe was designed as such, since the odds of such an absolute direction happening by chance is, according to a paper by the world’s experts on this topic (namely, Copi, Huterer, Schwarz and Starkman), 1 in 10,000.

That the universe’s largest structure, the Cosmic Microwave Radiation (CMB), which extends from one side of the universe all the way to the other side, can be dissected into three distinct yet related structures (dipole, quadrupole, and octopole) that all lie, as we will see, within a narrow margin of 10° Right Ascension and 15° declination with our tiny Sun-Earth regions of the universe, is one of the greatest discoveries, if not the greatest discovery, of modern science. It shows that modern science has been on the wrong track for centuries.

If the universe is, as claimed, 93 billion light years in diameter and the CMB stretches from one end of that diameter to the other, yet our Sun-Earth region is only 93 million miles and the CMB is aligned with it, is like saying that the whole Milky Way is aligned with the diameter of a pea!
In short the CMB makes our Sun-Earth region the most significant place in the entire universe.

We have described the CMB alignments with Earth similarly to how expert scientists have described them, namely, that the CMB is aligned with the Earth’s equinoxes (equator) and the Sun-Earth ecliptic. Below is a small sample of the literature to prove our point:

“The large-angle correlations of the cosmic microwave background exhibit several statistically significant anomalies compared to the standard inflationary cosmology…the quadrupole octopole correlation is excluded from being a chance occurrence in a gaussian random statistically isotropic sky at >99.87%….The correlation of the normals [perpendicular vectors] with the ecliptic poles suggest an unknown source or sink of CMB radiation or an unrecognized systematic. If it is a physical source or sink in the inner solar system it would cause an annual modulation in the time-ordered data…. Physical correlation of the CMB with the equinoxes is difficult to imagine, since the WMAP satellite has no knowledge of the inclination of the Earth’s spin axis.

Dominik J. Schwarz, Glenn D. Starkman, Dragan Huterer and Craig J. Copi, “Is the Low-l Microwave Background Cosmic?” Physical Review Letters, November 26, 2004

The same phenomenon is reiterated in both their 2005 and 2010 papers, which begin with an obvious reaffirmation that all data will be interpreted through the grid of the “Copernican Principle…that the Earth does not occupy a special place in the universe…” (p. 1), but at the same time admit:

“These  apparent  correlations  with  the  solar  system  geometry are  puzzling  and  currently unexplained...the  quadrupole  and  octopole  are  orthogonal  to  the  ecliptic at  the  95.9%  CL [confidence  level]...a  systematic that is indeed  correlated  with  the  ecliptic  plane ...the  normals  to  these  four planes are aligned with the direction of the  cosmological dipole (and with the equinoxes)at a level inconsistent with Gaussian random, statistically isotropic skies at 99% CL”  (p. 5).

“Particularly puzzling are the alignments with solar system features.  CMB anisotropy  should  clearly not be correlated with our local habitat.  While the observed correlations seem to hint that there is contamination by a foreground or perhaps by the scanning  strategy of the telescope, closer  inspection reveals that there is no obvious way to  explain the observed correlations.

Moreover, if their explanation is that they are a foreground, then that will likely  exacerbate other anomalies that we will discuss in section IVB below.  Our studies  indicate that the observed alignments are with the ecliptic plane, with the equinox or with the CMB dipole, and not  with  the  Galactic  plane: the alignments of the quadrupole and octopole planes with the equinox/ecliptic/dipole directions are much  more significant than those for the Galactic plane.  Moreover, it is remarkably curious that it is precisely the ecliptic alignment that has been found on somewhat smaller scales using the power spectrum analyses of statistical isotropy."

(many more examples and quotes on page 6 of the paper)

John  Ralston  points  out  that  in  claiming  that the  dipole  is  cause  by  solar  motion,  the  claimants  are  “forgetting  there  is  an  unknown  cosmological  piece....By  an  apparently  random  accident  the  dipole  happens  to  lie  in  the  plane  of  the  ecliptic,  and  point  along  Virgo.  This is accepted with very little discussion, and nobody disbelieves the dipole.”

In  other  words,  attributing  the  dipole  to  a  movement  of  the  Earth  through  the  CMB  is  convenient enough, but it becomes a little too convenient when that movement is pointing to  Virgo,  which  just  happens  to  be  in  the  same  direction  as  the  “Axis  of  Evil.”  In  other  words, how can one set of multipoles (the quadrupole and octopole) be intrinsic, and yet the other multipole, the dipole, be extrinsic, when, in fact, both are pointing in the same direction?

Let’s  look  at  the  above  problem  in  another  way.  Big  Bang  cosmology  claims  that  the  dipole axis is created by the sun-earth system moving through the CMB, which creates a Doppler    blue    shift.    But    how    does    Big    Bang    cosmology    then    explain    the    quadrupole/octupole axis, which is very near to the dipole axis? It cannot be created by a movement  of  the  sun-earth  system  through  the  CMB  since,  obviously,  the  sun-earth  system cannot be going in one direction to create the dipole and, at the same time, going in another direction to create the quadrupole and octupole.

The  November  2013  paper  by  Copi,  Huterer,  Schwarz  and  Starkman  admits  that  “...the  Doppler  dipole  is  about  two  orders  of  magnitude  larger  than  the  expected  cosmological  CMB dipole.” In other words, the evidence shows that the dipole is not caused by solar motion.

(many more proofs on pgs. 24, 25, 26 of the same paper)

More details here:

The origin of the 3 K radiation:

Cosmic Wave Background: the best proof for the aether

The cosmic background microwave radiation as evidence
for cosmological creation of electrons with minimum kinetic energy
and for a minimum of cosmic ambipolar massfree energy

Correa PN, Correa AN
Exp Aetherom, Series 2, Vol. 2B, 17C:1-61 (April 2002)

The authors examine the microwave cosmic background radiation (CBR) - composed exclusively of LFOT photons - with aetherometric tools developed in the preceding reports, and the results demonstrate that, unlike what is held by the accepted neo-relativist interpretations of the CBR, its true mode lies - not at 7.35 cm and a frequency of 4.08GHz, but at 7.76 cm and a frequency of 3.861GHz. Still more disturbing is the fact that the conventionally accepted temperature distribution of the CBR blackbody is off by more than an order of magnitude with respect to the real and aetherometric temperature scale that is demanded by a Planckian quantization of the spectrum. The CBR temperature mode is found to lie between 0.1863 and 0.1853 degrees Kelvin. This fact alone is sufficient to dismantle any pretensions of (neo-)Relativity to actually and adequately understand the physical significance of the CBR and grasp the physical processes of its production - thus putting into serious doubt the validity of the so-called Big-Bang hypothesis.

But the results of the aetherometric analysis of the CBR blackbody cut still deeper into the Princeton Gnosis and its interpretation of the microwave CBR: a discrete set of LFOT photon bands is found to co-inhabit the near-smooth CBR distribution, and a microfunctional model is proposed for their manifestation as being indicative of the successive phase states of aether energy, as if these bands underlay the very changes in, and characteristics of, the known chemical phases of Matter. In accordance to this aetherometric model, the CBR photon mode is an indicator that most of the aether energy of the universe has a fluid lattice structure. Likewise, the limit discrete band of the CBR blackbody would suggest the existence of a limiting solid-state phase for the Aether lattice, below which all photon production would result simply from the harmonic decay of the kinetic energy of cosmological electrons. Moreover, our aetherometric analysis indicates that the near-smooth CBR distribution appears to be bimodal, with the main peak (the ordinary mode) lying at 16eV (at 3.861GHz), and the secondary peak at a higher energy of 26.5eV (at 6.4GHz), corresponding to the critical-state aetherometric microenergy constant c2T/NA.

The missing orbital Sagnac effect also proves that there are no galactic or orbital motions of the Earth:



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Christoph Pfister, one of the best researchers of the new radical chronology, discovered that there were NO HUMAN SETTLEMENTS PRIOR TO 1700 AD IN SWITZERLAND, and that all major gothic buildings (including the Bern cathedral) were built after 1730, and that all "medieval" documents kept at the Abbey Library were in fact forgeries belonging to the 18th century. (translation of each page from german to english is available with the help of google translate)

Here is Dr. Pfister's latest work, an extraordinary look at the history of the past four hundred years from a very different point of view (article is in English):

Another noted author, who is neither a flat earth believer, nor a new radical chronologist, has written about the impossible/fake details of Napoleon's biography:

"We are told Napoleon didn't attack England more directly because he didn't like water or something, but that is such a dodge. Napoleon went all the way to Russia through the snows. He sailed all the way to Egypt. Getting across the channel would have been child's
play next to that. If you want to read ridiculous misdirection sold as serious history, I recommend you read the Wikipedia page on Napoleon's planned invasion of England.

There we find this:

However, when Napoleon ordered a large-scale test of the invasion craft despite choppy weather and against the advice of his naval commanders such as Charles René Magon de Médine (commander of the flotilla's right wing), they were shown up as ill-designed for their task and, though Napoleon led rescue efforts in person, many men were lost.
If we are to believe this account by tenured historians, the French in the year 1800 did not know how to build boats capable of crossing the English Channel. But that contradicts other parts of the story, as when Napoleon went to Egypt in 1798. That section at Wikipedia begins:

After two months of planning, Bonaparte decided that France's naval power was not yet strong enough to confront the Royal Navy. He decided on a military expedition to seize Egypt and thereby undermine Britain's access to its trade interests in India.
So apparently France did have a navy, even in 1798. They did know how to build boats. When you see misdirection this pathetic, you know you are being pushed away from something big.

Napoleon was the first Corsican to graduate from the École Militaire in Paris. See, they admit he was a Corsican, not a Frenchman. However, we are being lied to as usual, since we are told he completed two years in the Academy in one year. With almost all the famous people we have studied, we have found similar claims. We have found lawyers who never graduated law school (Clarence Darrow), and prominent clergymen who never graduated or even went to divinity school (Samuel Parris). I should think it would be impossible to graduate from a prominent 2-year military academy in one year, since
the courses are set and are strenuous as they are. It would be like graduating from West Point in two years. I am not aware that anyone has ever done that.

In 1785 Napoleon was commissioned as a second lieutenant. In the four years from 1785 to 1789, Napoleon had two years leave. Really? Is that how a commission works? No. For instance, if you graduate from West Point, you are commissioned for five years, with no extended leave. Any leave you are granted will be for a matter of days.

The next stupid story is the Siege of Toulon, where Napoleon was promoted from Captain to Brigadier General at the age of 24. This reminds us of the made-up bio of George Armstrong Custer, which I pulled apart recently. They keep recycling these asinine stories, since they found most people would believe them.

For example, although Napoleon had allegedly been demoted from his rank of general for refusing to fight in the Vendée, after the Vendémiaire he was promoted to Commander of the Interior and was General of the entire Army of Italy. Neither the former nor the latter makes any sense. Generals do not refuse a major assignment without a court martial. Napoleon wouldn't have just “had his name removed from a list of generals”, he would have been kicked out the army and probably jailed. Instead, we are told he was allowed to ride into Paris like a cowboy, overriding the commands of all generals present. When Napoleon arrived, the Republicans were allegedly outnumbered 30,000 to 5,000, and the generals Menou, Despierres, and Verdiere had all balked, refusing orders from the Convention to fight. Napoleon allegedly saved the day by bringing in 40 cannons which Menou told him were nearby in Port Neuilly. That makes no sense, since Menou could have brought them in just as easily as Napoleon. What were 40 cannons doing parked in the fields west of Paris, when 30,000 men were coming in from the south? Are we supposed to believe that Napoleon was the only one who thought they might be useful, or thought to grab them before the enemy did? Yes, it took great genius to figure
that out. It looks to me like this skirmish was either made up from whole cloth, or—if it happened— Napoleon was inserted into it later, with numbers and details being made up to increase his heroics.

But to return to Napoleon, I now find it useful to remember his quote from later in life:

I have fought sixty battles and I have learned nothing which I did not know at the beginning.

Look at Caesar; he fought the first like the last. I always thought it strange that a man could live his whole life and learn nothing about his field of work. As for Caesar fighting his last battle like the first, I have my doubts. I am pretty sure I could pull something from De Bello Gallico contradicting that, but it is hardly worth my time. Given what we are discovering about Napoleon, the quote becomes easier to believe. If all his battles were staged or faked, he wouldn't learn much about the art of war from them, would he?

For instance, in Napoleon's Italian campaign, the main goal seems to have been looting. He didn't need to defeat Austria to do that. In fact, France was outnumbered 4 to 3 by Allied troops. Despite that, and despite the fact that France had been at war with Piedmont for over three years, we are told Napoleon defeated Piedmont in two weeks. We are told Allied losses numbered 25,000. In two weeks? You have to be kidding me! The only way Napoleon could have killed 25,000 in two weeks is if he had been armed with nuclear weapons. Plus, that number is supposed to be half the Allied total troops. The
paragraph before, we are told Napoleon had 37,000 troops and his enemy 50,000. So the Allies lost half that in two weeks!

We are told Napoleon lost 6,000 in this exchange, so that takes the French army down to about 31,000. But after fighting the major battle of Lodi, Napoleon suddenly has 50,000 men. Where did the reinforcements come from? We were just told the paragraph before that Bonaparte had no chance of gaining reinforcements as the Republican war effort was being concentrated on the massive offensives planned on the Rhine. Nonetheless, with this swelled army, he moved south, besieging Mantua and then occupying and looting Tuscany and the Papal States. Next, he turned back north and with 20,000 men defeated 50,000 Austrians under Field Marshall Wurmser.

But wait. When Napoleon headed south, he had 50,000. He suffered no defeats and returned north with only 20,000? Where did the other 30,000 disappear to? Were they vacationing in Sicily? And we have the same problem with the Austrian numbers. I thought they had just lost 25,000, half their total force. Where did they find another 25,000 so fast? And after the battle, the bad math continues, as Wurmser is defeated, but in defeat leaves with more men than he came in with. The Austrians were
defeated, but nonetheless moved forward to Mantua, to relieve the siege there. We are told they left 45,000 behind to defend the Alps while taking the main body of the army to Mantua. Hold on. So the main body of the Austrian army must be greater than 45,000, otherwise they wouldn't call it the main body. Which means the Austrians have suddenly swelled to about 100,000, after months of losses.

Napoleon then devastated the Austrians again at Rovereto and Bassano, reducing that army to 12,000. But since they must have entered the battles with about 50,000, we are being told they just lost 38,000 in those two battles. A couple of months later, Napoleon inflicted another 14,000 casualties at the battle of Rivoli. Which should have reduced the Austrian army to -2,000. But somehow the Austrians just kept inventing soldiers.

We are told Napoleon captured 150,000 prisoners during his Italian campaign.
Right. And where did he house all these people while he was moving north and south through Italy? How did he feed them? And more to the point, where did they all come from? Remember, at the beginning of the campaign, the Allied forces numbered 50,000. So we are supposed to believe he captured this entire army three times over?

Apparently, soldiers just spring up out of the earth in Italy, ready to be captured, killed, and then miraculously returned to life. In support of my theory that France and Austria agreed to divide Italy between them, we find more impossibilities in the campaign of 1797. In that campaign, we are told Napoleon advanced deep into Austrian territory after winning the battle of Tarvis in March. “Charles retreated to Vienna when he heard Napoleon was coming.” Really, does that sound logical? The Austrians fought like dogs in Italy, when nothing was at stake, but turned tail and ran when Napoleon advanced on their homeland? Plus, if Napoleon was winning with such ease, why would he accept a treaty for peace? Why not continue on in to Vienna and capture it? Why not loot it?
Instead, we are told Napoleon advanced to within 100 km of Vienna and the Austrians sued for peace.

But we have an even greater problem here, one no one has seemed to notice. The battle of Tarvis was allegedly in March. Napoleon needed to cross the Alps to get there, which means we are supposed to believe he took his entire army over the Alps in February. But the passes aren't open in February.

Next, we must analyze the expedition to Egypt. In preparation, we are told Napoleon was elected a member of the French Academy of Sciences. Based on what? He had spent one year at a military academy and the rest of his life fighting fake wars. What did he know about science? He was 29 and probably didn't know the first thing about science.

Of course Napoleon took Alexandria with almost no loss. Despite the French not knowing how to build boats capable of crossing the English channel, Napoleon somehow sailed 50,000 men across the entire Mediterranean, “eluding the British Navy”. Rumors became rife as 40,000 soldiers and 10,000 sailors were gathered in French Mediterranean
ports. A large fleet was assembled at Toulon: 13 ships of the line, 14 frigates, and 400 transports. To avoid interception by the British fleet under Nelson, the expedition's target was kept secret.

Really? Do you think you can keep something like that secret? You think the British didn't have spies? Besides, keeping the target secret would have been meaningless. The British wouldn't need to know where they were going, just where they were.
Napoleon evaded the British fleet all the way across the Mediterranean, despite stopping to conquer Malta. He then landed them all simultaneously in Egyptian port, and immediately destroyed the Egyptian army. The Egyptians lost 2,000 while the French lost 29. Although they admit that Nelson destroyed the French fleet a month later in the Battle of the Nile, Napoleon allegedly remained in the East and led an army of 13,000 against Damascus. Which brings up the question, “How did they get there?” Are these 13,000 supposed to be the remnants of the 50,000 in Egypt? If so, Napoleon must have been an idiot. Despite losing 37,000 men, he continued on undeterred. And if so, why did the English allow them to march up the coast and raid these coastal towns? The English would not have wanted the French moving in that area and could easily have destroyed them, as was proved just a few months earlier. That is why the French hadn't tried this before: they were afraid of getting trapped in Middle East with no way out. Even more to the point, why did the Sultan allow them to do so? Selim III was an ally of the French at the time, and had to be since he was already threatened by Austria,
England, and Russia. We are told he declared war on France after this attack by Napoleon, but if Napoleon had really landed 50,000 men in Egypt a few months earlier, the Sultan would have been aware of that immediately and would have moved troops into Palestine. There is no way Napoleon would have been allowed to march uncontested up that coast.

In fact, the historians admit the Sultan moved against Cairo even before Napoleon moved north. We are told the Sultan had 38,000 men in two armies marching south. There were an additional 42,000 Arabs coming from surrounding areas to back him up. Nonetheless, Napoleon somehow ignored this combined force of 80,000 and moved north with only 13,000. To explain this, we are supposed to believe Napoleon simply avoided the Sultan's 80,000, moving around them to reach Syria.

At no point does the French campaign start making sense, and I now assume it is all fiction. Such a campaign would have been suicide for any involved, so we must assume it never happened. We see this again in the return of Napoleon to France afterwards. We are told he returned on the frigate Muiron, with three other ships as escort. What is not explained is how these four ships survived many months in port in Egypt, with tens of thousands of enemies abroad, British and Arab. We are told Napoleon must have bribed the British fleet to leave him alone, but even that assumption ignores all the more important questions, the first being what happened to his 50,000 troops? How did they get back? Swim? Walk? We are told he left them in Cairo with General Kléber, but the story ends there. What of the 80,000 Turks and other Arabs descending upon Egypt? Did they just evaporate?

Actually, the historians have manufactured an answer to that as well. Kléber allegedly attacked 60,000 Turks with a force of 10,000 at the Battle of Heliopolis, utterly defeating them and retaking Cairo. Right. Being a prominent freemason, Kléber then opened a Masonic Temple in Cairo, serving as first master of the Isis Lodge. Soon after (1800), Kléber was allegedly stabbed to death by a Syrian student posing as a beggar. That is certainly faked to give Kléber an exit, but in any case it begs the question, “and what then?” Well, we are told the French were defeated by the British and the French soldiers
were taken back to France on British ships. If you believe that you will believe anything.

The manufactured wars after the coup also continued, with Napoleon going back to Italy to pretend to fight the Austrians again. And again, the numbers are absurd. At the battle of Marengo on June 14, 1800, the Austrians—after winning the morning and afternoon battles—suddenly got routed after 5pm in mysterious circumstances, losing half of their 30,000 men in a matter of hours. That's right, initial numbers were around 30,000, and the Austrians reported 14,000 casualties. So Napoleon either had nuclear weapons or this is all just fiction. As Chandler points out, Napoleon spent almost a year getting the Austrians out of Italy in his first campaign; in 1800, it took him only a month to achieve the same goal. Yes, and no one found that suspicious? Actually, as we see, it took him about six hours. And again, his crossing of the Alps is equally suspicious, since he is said to have crossed in the early spring. At the time, the passes of the Alps were commonly closed until June. Even now, the major highways over the Alps can be closed well into June; but in 1800 they were in the middle of what is called the Little Ice Age. In some years, the Alps were impassable all summer. Whoever composed these stories knew
very little about most things, including warfare, weather, and everything else.

The next leg of the war is equally risible. Napoleon attacked Austria with 210,000 men, but England despite being a main part of the coalition against France—did nothing. With the entire army of France marching through Germany, England and Sweden could have come down and captured Paris with no effort. Remember, this war was basically France against everyone—except maybe Spain. But England politely left France alone as Napoleon marched every available soldier east. Beyond that, Austria also politely split its army three ways, sending 95,000 under Archduke Charles to Italy—although nothing
was going on in Italy. To answer this, we are told Masséna led 50,000 to Italy, while 30,000 were left at Boulogne to prevent an English attack. Another 20,000 were sent to Naples, as a feint. But that makes the French army 310,000. Even if that is true, it only leaves 30,000 to guard France from the north, west, and south. In a war of France against everyone, it would be the height of foolishness for Napoleon to have moved 210,000 men into Germany.

You will tell me England did not leave France alone: Nelson destroyed the French fleet at Trafalgar while Napoleon was marching. Yes, but England did nothing to follow that up. Remember, Napoleon had been trying to draw Nelson off so that he could invade England. But we are supposed to believe Nelson not only drew the French fleet off, he utterly destroyed it. That should have left France open for invasion, right? So why no invasion by England and Sweden? I suggest to you it because Nelson's attack was scripted. They couldn't have France left completely alone while Napoleon was off in
Austria, so they manufactured this sea battle. That made it appear England wasn't completely sitting on its hands. However, the question remains, “Why a great sea battle like this and then leave France alone? Why not an invasion?”

In southern Germany, we are told Napoleon moved his huge army of 210,000 so fast it was able to outflank an army 1/10th its size on its own ground. Not believable. Even in Germany, Austria split its force, having 70,000 to work with but splitting into a smaller army of 23,000, which Napoleon surrounded. Ask yourself this: if you are an Austrian general, would you go out to meet an army of 210,000 with an army of 70,000, much less 23,000? No, since you know the Russians are coming to reinforce you, you would back up to meet them. Vienna being your home base, you would back up all the way to Vienna and wait for them. Instead, we are told these idiotic Austrians split their forces and moved forward all the way to Ulm, where they were almost guaranteed to get cut off and surrounded.

The story makes no sense on Napoleon's side, either. We are told that on his way to Ulm, he captured 60,000 Austrian troops. Why would he do that? Capturing enemy troops just slows you down, since you have to do something with them. You can't just put them in a bag. And yet while he is capturing all these people, we are told he is also racing across the countryside so fast the Austrians can't even keep up with him. The two claims are contradictory. You can't race a huge army across foreign territory and capture 60,000 prisoners at the same time."

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From one of the most prestigious physicists of the second half of the 20th century, Harold Puthoff:

Classical physics tells us that if we think of an atom as a miniature solar system with electronic planets orbiting a nuclear sun, then it should not exist. The circling electrons SHOULD RADIATE AWAY their energy like microscopic radio antennas and spiral into the nucleus. To resolve this problem, physicists had to introduce a set of mathematical rules, called quantum mechanics, to describe what happens. Quantum theory endows matter and energy with both wave and particle-like characteristics. It also restrains electrons to particular orbits, or energy levels, so they cannot radiate energy unless they jump from one orbit to another.
Measuring the spectral lines of atoms verifies that quantum theory is correct. Atoms appear to emit or absorb packets of light, or photons, with a wavelength that exactly coincides with the difference between its energy levels as predicted by quantum theory. As a result, the majority of physicists are content simply to use quantum rules that describe so accurately what happens in their experiments.

Nevertheless, when we repeat the question: "But why doesn't the electron radiate away its energy?", the answer is: "Well, in quantum theory it JUST DOESN'T". It is at this point that not only the layman but also some physicists begin to feel that someone is not playing fair. Indeed, much of modern physics is based on theories couched in a form that works but they do not answer the fundamental questions of what gravity is, why the Universe is the way it is, or how it got started anyway.

Bohr had no right to propose a postulate WHICH DID NOT INCLUDE THE SOURCE OF THE ENERGY REQUIRED FOR THE ELECTRONS TO CONTINUE TO ORBIT AROUND THE NUCLEUS. The assumptions made by both Rutherford and Bohr are dealt with in the Case against the Nuclear Atom by Dr. Dewey Larson, and are shown to be dead wrong.

W. Pauli introduced the notion of the neutrino, BASED TOTALLY ON THE ORBITING ELECTRON MODEL OF BOHR; here are some comments:

THE ELUSIVE NEUTRINO: In my opinion the neutrino concept is the work of a relativistic accountant who tries to balance his books by making a fictitious entry. He does not recognize the existence of the aether and so, when accounting for something where an energy transaction involves an energy transfer to or from the aether, he incorporates an entry under the heading 'neutrinos'.

Since the 1980s technological advances such as the the scanning tunneling microscope (STM) have made it possible to view, and even manipulate, the individual atoms on the surfaces of solid matter. Such images are widely available, but each one takes a considerable amount of time to produce by moving the tip of the probe slowly back and forth across the target, and in every case the atoms depicted are clearly defined, as in the image below, which is a representation of the image of atoms at the surface of a sample of solid matter.

Such images, when first produced, finally confirmed beyond all doubt the existence of atoms as individual, spherical structures, which in solids are in close proximity to others and arranged in the rows or patterns that could be expected to form for a conglomeration of larger spherical objects such a balls or oranges. But the most striking result is that there is no evidence of discontinuity in these images, and even more significantly there is no evidence of the assumed independent motion or oscillation of atoms in this state.

If as kinetic theory suggests, each of the atoms of a solid are oscillating eternally within a set volume of empty space separating it from adjacent atoms, then instead of the clearly defined images of rows of spherical atoms, the images of the atoms would be indistinct and blurred.

Any independent observer would accordingly conclude that in this state of matter atoms do not have any characteristic of independent motion and that no empty space or vacuum exists, between them, eminent physicists however, instead of accepting these visual images as representing the reality of atomic interactions in solids, cling to current scientific dogma and reject these clear results, inventing vague and patently unsatisfactory reasons as to why these empirical results do not contradict the hypothetical concepts of kinetic motion and discontinuity.

A fascinating look at the fact that J. Chadwick discovered ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in 1932, NO PARTICLE CALLED THE NEUTRON.

No atoms had even remotely been seen visually until 1985, when IBM Research Almaden Labs was the first to use an electron tunneling microscope to actually photograph the organization of molecules of germanium in an ink-blot. Here what we see from this experiment are indistinct, fuzzy spherical objects that appear to have some non-spherical geometric qualities to their shape and are in an extremely geometric pattern of organization, which was definitely a surprise for conventional science. How could the random nature of atoms described by the Heisenberg principle, ever result in such an ordered pattern? Perhaps the probability distributions are not 'distributions' at all.

Furthermore, when quantum physicists have studied the electrons of the atom, they have observed that they are not actually points at all, not particulate in nature, but rather form smooth, teardrop-shaped clouds where the narrowest ends of the drops converge upon a very tiny point in the center.

There are no Electron Orbits! Bohr's model, which started the notion of electrons traveling around the nucleus like planets has misled a lot of people and scientists. If you have learned such an idea, forget about it immediately. Instead, all calculations and all experiments show that no satellite-like orbital motion exists in the normal atom. Instead, there are standing wave patterns, very similar indeed to the polar plots of antenna radiation patterns. (the tremendous mistakes committed by both Rutherford and Bohr)

The Rydberg formula for the spectral emission lines of atomic hydrogen is an effect of the aether vortex theory of atoms, and cannot be linked with an impossible hypothesis created by N. Bohr, who NEVER demonstrated the energy source for the orbiting electrons.

In point, Bohr suggested a means preventing the atom exploding when charges neutralise. Although the concept of a central positively charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting negatively charged electrons seemed to remove the acceptance problems in Thomson's model, explaining the theory of octaves by deception, it won some academic acceptance. Many found the model very difficult to use, having inherent real world animation problems. By 1912, Rutherford's education, his acceptance of the Bohr construct and his subsequent experiments on thin metal foils, led him to introduce this construct as his revolutionary atomic model; where the negative electrons orbit the positive nucleus. On paper, the static atomic model seems to satisfy the chemist's bonding requirements, placing the bonding electrons in the atom's outer orbital shell. Unfortunately, as Chemical theory promoted the fact of an indivisible atom, Rutherford's atomic model won popular appeal through default, due to the fact that the daily news carried various headlines stating in bold type, 'Rutherford splits the atom.' Because Chemistry got it so wrong, gullible people assumed that Rutherford's other claims must be right, and therefore, electrons do orbit the nucleus. Enthusiastically, the youth of the day accepted the assumption as an assertion of fact, and with these preconditioned beliefs, many knowledge viruses spread and mutated.



The Oranur experiment of W. Reich showed what the source of the radiation is: the ether.

Reich moved from New York to an area just outside the town of Rangeley in rural southern Maine in the early nineteen fifties. Here he built a new home and laboratory personally designed to integrate home and laboratory into a single, brilliantly practical building, now the home of the Wilhelm Reich Museum. Another laboratory was added soon after for students. This structure was the setting for the so-called Oranur Experiment, a chilling example of the accumulator’s undeniable ability to concentrate energy. The experiment called for the placing of a very small amount of radium in an accumulator, the unexpected result of which was to toxify a surprisingly large area of southern Maine surrounding his home and laboratory, one that took several months to dissipate.

A nuclear reactor is nothing more than a gigantic Reich/Tesla ether box; see the message posted here about telluric currents: (the actual cause of "global warming"; the intensity of the dextrorotatory currents has increased greatly, the ice sheets are NOT melting faster, they are disintegrating more swiftly).

Dr. Gustav Le Bon and his work on telluric currents/radiation:

Another researcher, a contemporary of Tesla, succeeded in advancing the "external bombardment" theory of radioactivity with new experimental proofs. Dr. Gustav Le Bon, a Belgian physicist, examined and compared ultraviolet rays and radioactive energies with great fascination. Concluding from experiments that energetic bombardments were directly responsible for radioactivity, he was able to perform manipulations of the same. He succeeded in diminishing the radioactive output of certain materials by simple physical treatments. Heating measurably slowed the radioactive decay of radium chloride, a thing considered implausible by physicists.

In each case, Le Bon raised the radium temperature until it glowed red-hot. The same retardation of emanations were observed. He found it possible to isolate the agent, which was actually radioactive in the radium lattice, a glowing gaseous "emanation" which could be condensed in liquid air. Radium was thereafter itself de-natured. Being exposed to the external influence of bombarding rays, the radium again became active. The apparent reactivation of radium after heating required twenty days before reaching its maximum value.

Le Bon stated that the reason why all matter was spontaneously emanating rays was not because they were contaminated with heavy radioactive elements. Ordinary matter was disintegrating into rays because it was being bombarded by external rays of a peculiar variety.

Le Bon disagreed when physicists began isolating the heavy metals as "the only radioactive elements. He had already distinctly demonstrated for them that "all matter was to a degree radioactive". He was first to write books on the conversion of ordinary matter into rays, an activity he claimed was constant. He showed that this flux from ordinary matter could be measured. Le Bon stated that the reason why all matter was spontaneously emanating rays was not because they were contaminated with heavy radioactive elements. Ordinary matter was disintegrating.

The external rays which disintegrate matter are telluric currents of dextrorotatory spin.

Tesla stated that if any radioactive element were to be shielded from these rays, the material would cease to be radioactive.

Radioactive materials are the dense targets of external energetic streams.
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #313 on: October 15, 2016, 11:24:34 AM »

Few scientists understand and know that there are plenty of elements to be found before Hydrogen.


A proton is made up of NINE laevorotatory subquarks - an electron is actually comprised of NINE dextrorotatory subquarks (called now preons).

However, modern science has mistakenly named a SINGLE dextrorotatory subquark as an electron and has ascribed THE TOTAL charge of the NINE corresponding subquarks as the total negative charge of a single electron, thus confusing the whole matter.

This constitutes the ordinary state of matter: protons.

However, we can tap into the tremendous power of the atom, by accessing the etheric states of matter: baryons, mesons, quarks and subquarks (bosons are astral particles).

This can be achieved as follows: by sound and double torsion.

IMPLOSION OF THE ATOM = going from the ordinary state of matter to that of etheric state of matter (from protons to baryons and beyond)

One of Tesla's best friends, Walter Russell, tried to systematize the various elements made up of baryons, mesons, and quarks, and even named them.

Here is Walter Russell's ether-matter periodic table:

These elements are as real as all the others.

As an example from alchemy, we can say that the M-state or Ormus level of metals is reached when a normal atom (the groups of 18 tachyons/subquarks) is imploded into two groups of 9 tachyons, that is, we would reach the baryon level.

Even fewer scientists and researchers into the UFO phenomenon understand that an UFO can only fly/travel on a stationary (above the flat surface of the Earth) Earth.

Either by employing double torsion gyros (implosion of the mercury atom), method used by the Vril society, or simply utilizing the Biefeld-Brown effect (on board dextrorotatory reactor supplying the necessary power), an UFO will be shielded from terrestrial gravity (especially in the case of using double torsion mercury gyros).

Given the supposed 29 km/s orbital speed of the Earth, an UFO would disappear instantly from view, and would never be able to reach Earth again; that is, no UFOs would be able to fly in the heliocentrical scenario.



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Re: Alternative Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #314 on: October 19, 2016, 12:12:47 AM »

I predict, therefore, that there is a narrow passage from the top of the djed apex all to the way to the top of the pyramid. The “secret” passage from the top of the pyramid which leads to the queen chamber has already been discovered a few years ago.

Two more secret passages will be discovered: leading from the queen’s chamber to the djed apex, and the other one descending from the djed apex to the base.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #315 on: October 20, 2016, 04:09:08 AM »

Tokamak = fusion reactor using magnetic confinement devices, in the shape of a torus, which contains plasma at very high temperatures (running in the millions of degrees) (explains the chemistry/quantum physics behind fusion)

A proton is made up of three quarks: two of them are laevorotatory, the other dextrorotatory.

A neutron consists of three quarks: two of them are dextrorotatory, the other laevorotatory.

Ether hydrogen group, subquark classification:

Quantum ether physics of subquarks: (Dr. Stephen Phillips, UCLA, Cambridge)

As we have seen already, a nuclear reactor is nothing more than a dextrorotatory telluric wave accumulator. Since nuclear physicists have no idea about ether quantum physics, they have implemented a faulty design: instead of using more ether to increase the level of kinetic energy/radioactivity, they use more of the radioactive materials to reach the same result.

Things do not get any better with the nuclear fusion tokamak design.

The fusion reactions produce positrons (laevorotatory subquarks); these in turn will react immediately with preons (dextrorotatory subquarks, fractional charges of electrons).

Contrary to what modern quantum physics tells us, a positron and a preon WILL NOT annihilate each other: they will simply retake their place in the ether string lattice.

Thus, a tokamak will act as a gigantic cavity resonator, producing positrons and preons which will increase the density of the ether strings confined to the torus; this is where the extra energy comes from.

But the actual design, using highly expensive gyrotrons to heat the plasma, not to mention the use of very high magnetic fields, to produce in theory 1 Gigawatt of energy, does not take into account the science of ether physics.

Let us remember that Nikola Tesla was able to produce ball lightning spheres (3 cm diameter), each measuring 1 Megawatt of energy, very easily.

This is the real science of cold fusion, ball lightning physics; just using palladium hydride together with current, and then waiting days or even weeks for something to happen, means that the scientists who developed these techniques have no idea how an atom works at the quantum level.

A tokamak will produce a huge amount of positrons which will react immediately with preons, thus increasing the density of ether strings in the magnetically confined torus. (Positron Creation and Annihilation in Tokamak Plasmas with Runaway Electrons)

Let us remember how easily the Tibetan monks created 52 KW of energy, using musical instruments:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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There are about a dozen subquark triplets shapes possible: half of these have been mistakenly identified as "anti"quarks:

(pg. 61-65)

(pg. 76-77, fig. 5-10 to 5-12)

The lines which unite the subquarks to form a quark are made up of bosons, and come in various geometrical shapes.

Therefore, there are no antiprotons: the particle accelerator experiments have simply detected the quarks whose subquark lines of force have more complex geometrical shapes.
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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When a material makes the transition from the normal to superconducting state, it actively excludes magnetic fields from its interior; this is called the Meissner effect.

A mixed state Meissner effect occurs with Type II materials.

Ether/superconductor temperature: (Temperature of the Substance, Electrons and Ether section)

Flaws in the classical superconductor theories:

As the temperature of the superconductor reaches the level of temperature of the ether, the subquark lattice state of the material will approach that of the baryon state of ether of the atom.

This is the reason for the superconductors having currents passing through them with no resistance.

At the baryon stage of the ether, the laevorotatory subquarks, or positrons, will start to manifest their antigravitational properties, inducing the ether strings/telluric waves/subquark field to increase their density next to the material.

This in turn will cause any magnet which is placed with the emissive vortex next to the superconductor, to be repulsed by the emissive vortices of the activated positrons (laevorotatory subquarks), not to mention the higher density of the ether strings which will be found next to the superconductor.

This is the Meissner effect.

Tesla was able to transmit energy and signals, at room temperature, using a different method: he simply injected the currents directly into the longitudinal boson waves which make up the subquark strings (transverse radio waves).

To achieve the state of superconductivity at room temperature, the material has to reach at least the baryon state of ether, either through the Biefeld-Brown effect, or double torsion, or more preferably acoustic/sound activation of the positrons.

Superconducting levitation:

Mixed Meissner effect, with flux pinning, for a type II superconductor



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Mainstream quantum physicists are beginning to understand that positrons and preons do not annihilate each other: (The Cubic Lattice Solution section, page 6)

The 1014 positrons created in a tokamak are not annihilated in collisions with preons; on the contrary, it is these positrons which provide the extra energy observed in the tokamak plasma experiments.

Every science student is taught that the indivisible unit of charge is that of the electron. But 2 years ago, scientists found that charge sometimes shatters into "quasi-particles" that have one-third the fundamental charge. And in this week's issue of Nature, researchers announce they have spotted one-fifth-charge quasi-particles--a decisive finding suggesting that its time to change any physics textbooks still claiming that electron charge is indivisible.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Horst Stormer, Nobel lecture:

The fractional quantum Hall effect is a very counterintuitive physical phenomenon. It implies, that many electrons, acting in concert, can create new particles having a charge smaller than the charge of any individual electron. This is not the way things are supposed to be. A collection of objects may assemble to form a bigger object, or the parts may remain their size, but they don’t create anything smaller. If the new particles were doubly-charged, it wouldn’t be so paradoxical — electrons could ‘just stick together” and form pairs. But fractional charges are very bizarre, indeed. Not only are they smaller than the charge of any constituent electron, but they are exactly 1/3 or 1/5 or 1/7, etc. of an electronic charge, depending on the conditions under which they have been prepared. And yet we know with certainty, that none of these electrons has split up into pieces.

Fractional charge is the most puzzling of the observations, but there are others. Quantum numbers — usually integers or half-integers -— turn out to be also fractional, such as 2/5, 4/9, and 11/7, or even 5/23. Moreover, bits of magnetic field can get attached to each electron, creating yet other objects. Such composite particles have properties very different from those of the electrons. They sometimes seem to be oblivious to huge magnetic fields and move in straight lines, although any bare electron would orbit on a very tight circle. Their mass is unrelated to the mass of the original electron but arises solely from interactions with their neighbors. More so, the attached magnetic field changes drastically the characteristics of the particles, from fermions to bosons and back to fermions, depending on the field strength. And finally, some of these composites are conjectured to coalesce and form pairs, vaguely similar to the formation of electron pairs in superconductivity. This would provide yet another astounding new state with weird properties. All of these strange phenomena occur in two-dimensional electron systems at low temperatures exposed to a high magnetic field — only electrons and a magnetic field.

This is the current state of modern quantum physics, where the observed phenomena cannot be explained at all, without a proper understanding of subquark ether physics.

Since the temperature of the material (superconductor) will approach the temperature of the ether, the proton/neutron/electron lattice will attain the first state of ether, the baryon level of the implosion of the atom.

An electron has nine subdivisions, called preons, or dextrorotatory subquarks.

A proton also has nine subdivisions, called positrons, or laevorotatory subquarks.

A subquark consists of some 14 billion bosons and antibosons, arranged in strings.

The Anu has--as observed so far--three proper motions, i.e., motions of its own, independent of any imposed upon it from outside. It turns incessantly upon its own axis. spinning like a top; it describes a small circle with its axis, as though the axis of the spinning top moved in a small circle; it has a regular pulsation, a contraction and expansion, like the pulsation of the heart. When a force is brought to bear upon it, it dances up and down, flings itself wildly from side to side, performs the most astonishing and rapid gyrations, but the three fundamental motions incessantly persist. If it be made to vibrate, as a whole, at the rate which gives any one of the seven colours, the whorl belonging to that colour glows out brilliantly.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Nematicity: electron clouds in superconducting materials can snap into an aligned and directional order

The nature of the normal state from which superconductivity emerges in unconventional
superconductors remains a mystery.

And yet, preon/positron nematicity was discovered over 100 years ago.

"An electric current brought to bear upon the Anu checks their proper motions, i.e., renders them slower; the Anu exposed to it arrange themselves in parallel lines, and in each line the heart-shaped depression receives the flow, which passes out through the apex into the depression of the next, and so on. The Anu always set themselves to the current. Fig. 4. In all the diagrams the heart-shaped body, exaggerated to show the depression caused by the inflow and the point caused by the outflow, is a single Anu."

The effect of superconductivity on the hydrogen atom, described over 100 years ago:

"When the gaseous atom of Hydrogen is raised to the E4 level the wall of the limiting spheroid in which the bodies are enclosed, being composed of the matter of the gaseous kind, drops away and the six bodies are set free. They at once re-arrange themselves in two triangles, each enclosed by a limiting sphere; one sphere having a positive character, the other being negative. These form the Hydrogen particles of the lowest etheric plane, marked E4 (ether 4)."

(ether 4 = baryon state of ether; ether 3 = meson state; ether 2 = quark state; ether 1 = subquark state)

Unwinding the strings of the subquarks

"If one of these wires be taken away from the atom, and as it were untwisted from its peculiar spiral shape and laid out on a flat surface, it will be seen that it is a complete circle--a tightly twisted endless coil. This coil is itself a spiral containing 1,680 turns; it can be unwound, and it will then make a much larger circle. There are in each wire seven sets of such coils or spirillae, each finer than the preceding coil to which its axis lies at right angles. The process of unwinding them in succession may be continued until we have nothing but an enormous circle of the tiniest imaginable dots lying like pearls upon an invisible string. These dots are so inconceivably small that many millions of them are needed to make one ultimate physical atom.

Further probability is lent to this assumption by the remarkable fact that--if we assume one bubble to be what corresponds to an atom on the seventh or highest of our planes and then suppose the law of multiplication to begin its operation. so that 49 bubbles shall form the atom of the next or sixth plane, 2,401 that of the fifth. and so once find that the number indicated for the physical atom (49^6) corresponds almost exactly with the calculation based upon the actual counting of the coils."

bubble = boson

Journey inside a boson:
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Few researchers have knowledge of the huge granite blocks of Sacsayhuaman (Peru) and Mount Shoria (Siberia) which well exceed in weight the monoliths of Lebanon (largest stone weighing 1,650 tons).

Gigantic stone turned upside down in Sacsayhuaman, Peru

Weight: 20,000 tons

The quarries for the stones are located 9 miles and 20 miles away, on the other side of a mountain range and a deep river gorge. Within a few hundred yards of the complex is a single stone that was carved from the mountainside, moved some distance, and then abandoned. The stone contains steps, platforms and depressions, probably intended as a part of the fortifications. It now sits upside-down, the size of a five-storey house. (the best collection of the cyclopic monoliths to be found around the world)

Cyclopic granite monoliths of Mount Shoria

Weight: at least 4,000 tons,%20PS%207.JPG,%20PS%208.JPG

The most recent theory regarding the huge monoliths in Lebanon is related to the works attributed to Marcus Vitruvius Pollio in which a certain kind of machinery is described that could be used to transport extremely heavy blocks of stones (the authors assume that the temple in Lebanon was built by the Romans).

However, the works of Vitruvius were forged during the Rennaisance: (pages 27-28)

No one can explain how the immense blocks of stones in Lebanon were transported half a mile uphill, and then raised and placed into position.

There is only one explanation possible: ball lightning technology (implosion of the atoms of the atoms of the granite monoliths to the baryon state of ether, superconductivity at room temperature).
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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According to the local Aymara Indians, the megalithic complex at Tiahuanaco was built by Viracocha and his followers when they created a ‘heavenly fire’ that consumed the stones and enabled large blocks to be lifted by hand ‘as if they were cork’.

In 'ancient' Egypt, a rectangular stone was covered on 4 sides with wet papyrus. A specially carved wooden rod was struck against the uncovered stone face and removed. While holding the rod, the vibrations would continue to increase, at the greatest amplitude, the rod was reapplied to the exposed stone face and the energy from the rod would suffuse through the stone.

Ball Lightning, Paradox of Physics:

Ball lightning spheres were created in a lab (Dr. Kiril Chukanov), but a very high cost (over $100,000):

Moreover, these ball lightning objects consist of very hot plasma: Tesla was able to create these spheres (3 cm in diameter, 1 megawatt of energy each) at room temperature.

Here is the device used at Tiahuanaco, Luxor, Karnac, Lebanon, Mount Shoria, to levitate the immense blocks of granite (implosion of the atom to the first state of ether, the baryon state of superconductivity):

Tuning fork + djed + ankh

The hollow tubes of the ankh become a cavity resonator creating the double torsion needed for the atoms inside to reach the baryon level, and thus attract the telluric waves, to form a ball lightning sphere which will encompass the ankh itself.

"In 100 "spirillae of the lowest order" there ought to be just 700 bubbles; so there are in the seven thinner, coloured wires, but in the three thicker wires there are 704. So the increase is at present 1 in 175. And the same curious little increase holds good in the relation of the different orders of spirillae."

Journey inside a boson:

The most mysterious feature of the pyramid of Gizeh is the groove (FA-MI interval) inside the Grand Gallery:

By analogy, there will be a FA-MI interval at each subsequent increasing level (going from the boson itself, to the other more complex boson configurations, all the way to the subquark) to be overcome: this is the role played by the extra bosons observed.

The role of the FA-MI interval in vibrations:

The ball lightning sphere (or the acoustic energy of the sound waves created, as in the tibetan levitation of granite monoliths) will provide the necessary energy to the atoms of the block of stone so that each subsequent FA - MI interval will be fulfilled.

The ultimate FA-MI interval, inside one of the two pyramids which make up a boson, will receive the sound wave energy so that the Queen's chamber, or the aether chamber, will be activated (extreme yang will turn into yin, the sound waves will fill the cavity completely, thus turning themselves into stillness/silence) creating the suction force necessary to bring into play the five element sequence of the second pyramid ( ).
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The correct estimate for the weight of the granite monolith at Sacsahuaman is 20,000 tons.,%20Manuals%20and%20Published%20Papers/Books%20in%20PDF%20Format/Erich%20von%20Daniken%20-%20Chariots%20Of%20The%20Gods.pdf

Our imagination is unable to conceive what technical resources our forefathers used to extract a monolithic rock of more than 100 tons from a quarry, and then transport it and work it in a distant spot. But when we are confronted with a block with an estimated weight of 20,000 tons, our imagination, made rather blase by the technical achievements of today, is given its severest shock. On the way back from the fortifications of Sacsayhuaman, in a crater in the mountainside, a few hundred yards away, the visitor comes across a monstrosity. It is a single stone block the size of a four-storey house. It has been impeccably dressed in the most craftsmanlike way; it has steps and ramps and is adorned with spirals and holes. Surely the fashioning of this unprecedented stone block cannot have been merely a bit of leisure activity for the Incas? Surely it is much more likely that it served some as yet inexplicable purpose? To make the solution of the puzzle even more difficult the whole monstrous block stands on its head. So the steps run downward from the roof; the holes point in different directions like the indentations of a grenade; strange depressions, shaped rather like chairs, seem to hang floating in space.

Who can imagine that human hands and human endeavour excavated, transported and dressed this block? What power overturned it?

What titantic forces were at work here?

The quarries for the stones are located 9 miles and 20 miles away, on the other side of a mountain range and a deep river gorge. Within a few hundred yards of the complex is a single stone that was carved from the mountainside, moved some distance, and then abandoned. The stone contains steps, platforms and depressions, probably intended as a part of the fortifications. It now sits upside-down, the size of a five-storey house.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The superconductor Meissner effect described earlier (the expulsion of a magnetic field from the superconductor) has been taken one step further by Dr. Eugene Podkletnov,  by having the ceramic superconductor magnetically levitated and rotated at high speed in the presence of an external magnetic field.

"Then, objects placed above the rotating disc changed weight. Weight reductions of 0.3 to 0.5% were obtained, and when the rotation speed was slowly reduced from 5000 revolutions per minute to 3500, a maximum weight loss of about 2% was achieved for about 30 seconds. 5% weight reductions have been recorded, though not with the same repeatability."

The readers of this thread already know what is going on: the high speed rotation of the superconductor attracted even more subquark strings, thus contributing to the overall loss of weight (antigravitational effect of laevorotatory subquarks/positrons).

Interestingly enough, neither the Podkletnov effect nor the Searl effect (described in the davidpratt link) have been applied to flywheel energy storage devices yet:

There has been an attempt to explain the antigravitational effects of the Podkletnov experiment using tensor analysis and GTR.

But there is no such thing as the theory of relativity: (total demolition of STR/GTR)

As was mentioned before, superconductivity of metals at room temperature is possible using the Biefeld-Brown effect, the double torsion techniques of Viktor Schauberger, and more preferably utilizing acoustic implosion of the atom (reaching the baryon state of matter, or the first state of ether; m-state or ormus metals).

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #325 on: November 01, 2016, 12:29:01 AM »

Reference #1

For example, the angle of slope of the Pyramid’s outer casing was 51.85 degrees.

Reference #2

The Pyramid Age, E.J. Sweeney

Chapter 1, page 4

This ratio provides a slope of 51.85 degrees (calculated).

Reference #3

ratio of height to width: 1.571 (one half of pi)  slope: 51.85 degrees

Reference #4

The slant angle of the face of the pyramid approximates to 51.85 degrees.

Nineteenth century archaeologists or even modern researchers into the Gizeh pyramid phenomenon have no idea what to look for, having succumbed to the official propaganda which tells us that ancient Greeks introduced the п symbol/number.

The pi ratio in the pyramid is derived from the ratio of the
pyramid baseline divided by the height.  The average baseline
is 9,068.8.  Divide this by the height (5776 +- 7 inches) and you
get 1.5701.  This value times two is 3.1402.  A better approximation
of pi is obtained using the angle of the slope of the faces of the
pyramid.  The angle for the north slope according to Petrie is
51 deg. 50 min. 40 sec. +- 1 min. 5 sec.  The same ratios in a
pyramid with this angle yield a value of 3.1427+-0.002. 

The Pi value in the pyramid is an interesting feature, but the
facts show that the value that can be found is not any more accurate
then the value of 22/7 for pi (or 11/14 for pi/4) that is traditionally
attributed to Archimedes.  It is not at all clear that the Egyptians
intended this Pi relationship to be a design feature per se.

The builders of the Gizeh pyramid could not care less about π: the entire edifice is built according to the sacred cubit figure, which is the value of 2/π.

3.1427/2 = 1.57135

1/1.57135 = 0.636395, one of the exact values of the sacred cubit

The sacred cubit is designated in the form of a horseshoe projection, known as the "Boss" on the face of the Granite Leaf in the Ante-Chamber of the Pyramid. By application of this unit of measurement it was discovered to be subdivided into 25 equal parts known now as: Pyramid inches.

ONE SACRED CUBIT = 0.6356621 meters

Those who are seeking for the ultimate proof that the builders of the Gizeh Pyramid knew advanced calculus, have to look no further than the following demonstration, which I discovered two years ago.

As we have seen, the angle of the slope of the Pyramid’s outer casing is 51.85 degrees.

However, in order to reach/know this value, the architects of the Gizeh Pyramid must have had at their disposal the extended arctangent series:

TAN 51.8554 DEGREES = TWO SACRED CUBITS = 1.27330478216 = 0.636652 x 2

In order to reach the value of 51.8554 degrees, the architects MUST have used the extended arctangent series to achieve the final result.



SIN 136.12 DEGREES = LN 2

72.7 / 2 = 36.35 = 100 - 100 sacred cubits

136.12 = actual height of the Gizeh Pyramid (see )

The other angle of the triangle, 38.145 degrees, is also closely related to the sacred cubit:

38.13 = 60 sacred cubits

And 51.85/38.1 = 1.361 - therefore, all these measurements/dimensions must have been known well ahead of time to the arhitects of the Gizeh Pyramid; but in order to have the actual angle values, they needed to calculate the arctangent of two sacred cubits.

Gizeh Pyramid advanced calculus:

The constructors of the pyramid had at their disposal all the details needed from advanced calculus: radian measure, Taylor series expansion, natural logarithm, gamma function, Stirling series (complete with realistic error bounds), and much more.

Queen chamber niche measurements

First step – w 1.568m / l 1.0414 m / h 1.743 m
Second step – w 1.34 m / l 1.0414 m / h 0.87266 m

π/360= 0.0087266

Third step – w 1.062 m / l 1.0414 m / h 0.69733 m

π/450 = 0.0069813

The concept of radian measure, as opposed to the degree of an angle, is normally credited to Roger Cotes in 1714. He had the radian in everything but name, and he recognized its naturalness as a unit of angular measure.

The first mention of the natural logarithm was by Nicholas Mercator in his work Logarithmotechnia published in 1668, although the mathematics teacher John Speidell had already in 1619 compiled a table on the natural logarithm.

Origin of Calculus: How Mathematical Analysis Was Imported to India, Italy, France and England

First zero of Riemann's Zeta function and the height of the Gizeh pyramid:


Further proof that the values of 51.8554 and 38.1446 are related to the sacred cubit.

51.8554/14.134725 = 11/3

1400/11 = 127.27272727

127.272727 = 63.63636363 x 2

51.8554 x 27 = 1400

51.8554 x 1.618034 = 83.904

1.618034 = PHI

83.904 x 0.6366 = 53.413

53.413 x 0.2548 = 13.61

0.02544 = one sacred inch (0.636/25)

136.1 = height of Gizeh Pyramid without the masonry base

Relationship between the two angles:

The other angle of the triangle, 38.145 degrees, is also closely related to the sacred cubit:

38.13 = 60 sacred cubits

And 51.85/38.1 = 1.361 - therefore, all these measurements/dimensions must have been known well ahead of time to the arhitects of the Gizeh Pyramid; but in order to have the actual angle values, they needed to calculate the arctangent of two sacred cubits.

TAN 51.8554 DEGREES = TWO SACRED CUBITS = 1.27330478216 = 0.636652 x 2

In order to reach the value of 51.8554 degrees, the architects MUST have used the extended arctangent series to achieve the final result.

Just a "very good approximation" won't do it.

One needs the correct value to the fifth decimal, something that can be achieved ONLY by using advanced calculus.

The Egyptians did not build the Gizeh Pyramid:

Mysteries of Egyptian Zodiacs, table of contents/link:

Summary of medieval/Renaissance dates for the Egyptian Zodiacs:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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There is no other way to calculate the inverse tangent function of a certain angle (without using a pocket calculator/computer) other than resorting to power series, that is, utilizing calculus. Moreover, one would need a clear understanding of the concept of the radian measure.

The architects of the Giza Pyramid had these choices at their disposal in order to solve the following equation:

TAN X = 1.27330478216 = 0.636652 x 2

1. Maclaurin series in conjunction with the arctan reciprocal formula

(equation #3)

51.8554° = 0.907045 radians

1/1.27330478216 = 0.78535

Substituting the value of 0.78535 in the Maclaurin arctan series and solving the reciprocal arctan equation, up to the O(x11) term we get:


This corresponds to a 51.983° value.

Therefore, the builders of the Pyramid must have had at their disposal the notion of the derivative (either the Newton-Leibniz or the Madhava definitions) in order to obtain the arctan Maclaurin series, not to mention the reciprocal arctan equation; even in that case, they had to be able to compute powers of certain numbers, going perhaps all the way to the O(x17) term (in the Maclaurin series) or even beyond, to obtain a meaningful accuracy.

2. Extended arctangent series

This is a result from advanced calculus.

3. Gauss-Pfaff-Borchardt-Carlson iterative formula

This formula necessitates the use of the concept of derivatives for its mathematical proof. (pg 6-9)

Other variants of this formula:

A more advanced look at this approach:

4. My formula

ARCTAN v =  2n x ((2- {2+ [2+ (2+ 2{1/(1+ v2)}1/2)1/2]...1/2}))1/2 (n+1 parentheses to be evaluated)
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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The controversy created by the measurements of the base of the Giza Pyramid made by C. Piazzi Smyth and W.F. Petrie was solved by D. Davidson who discovered the 286.1 displacement factor of the four sides of the base of the pyramid:

I = 35.8 Pyramid Inches
J = 35.8 Pyramid Inches

286.1/8 = 35.7625

5.23 + 136.1 + 7.28 = 148.61

5.23 = masonry base = width of the queen's chamber

136.1 = 53.47 x 2.5454

7.28 = 286.1 pyramid inches

[148.612 + (233.424/2)2]1/2 = 188.962

SIN X = 116.712/188.962 = 0.617648

The architects of the Gizeh Pyramid must have had at their disposal the arcsin power series, in order to attain at least three significant digits accuracy.

Not even Bhaskara's formula (or Ptolemy's less accurate table of chords with interpolation approximations) will provide the accuracy needed for the final result (moreover, the second formula involves the radian measure and a very precise approximation of π, using at least 355/113).

Substituting the value of 0.617648 on the left side of the equations and solving for x, will lead to an inaccurate result.

In the official chronology of history, ancient Egyptians could barely work out very simple fractions; the 355/113 approximation to π, not to mention raising a number to the 17th power was way beyond their computational capabilities.

339 = 3 x 113

533.3 x 1 sacred cubit = 339

One author noted the following:

As our drawing clearly shows, not only the pyramid's envelope but also everything inside
it was determined with the aid of three equal circles. Theodolitic equipment placed within shaft D beamed upward a key vertical line whose function we shall soon describe. But first this equipment beamed out the horizontal rock/masonry line, on which the centers of the three circles were placed. The first of these (Point 1) was at D; Points 2 and 3, where its circle intersected the line, served as centers for the other two, overlapping circles. To draw these circles the pyramid's architects, of course, had to decide on the proper radius.

Our own calculations show that the radius adopted for the three circles envisioned by us was equal to 60 such Sacred Cubits; the number 60 being, not accidentally, the base number of the Sumerian sexagesimal mathematical system. This measure of 60 Sacred Cubits is dominant in the lengths and heights of the pyramid's inner structure as well as in the dimensions of its base.

However, the builders MUST have had ALL of the other measurements of the pyramid (angles, lengths, displacement factor) at their disposal BEFORE proceeding with the drawing of the circles, which must have been a geometrical aid meant to correctly place the other features of the Gizeh Pyramid on a drawing. And this fact, of course, takes us right back to the core the problem: calculation of arctangents and arcsines, using power series approximations.

For a radius of 60 sacred cubits, the circumference of the circle will measure:

60 sc x 2 x π = 240

π = 2/sc

377 is the 14th Fibonacci number

377 sc = 240

14.134725 is the first zero of the Riemann Zeta function

377/14.134725 = 26.67 (one of the fundamental numbers of the Gizeh Pyramid)

3 x 60 sc = 180 sc = 114.588

233.424 - (114.588 x 2) = 4.248

4.248 sc = 2.7

And the same problem with the approximation of angles, using inverse trigonometric functions, had to be dealt with again, since the angle of the descending passage measures 26.6°:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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A careful analysis of my previous messages will reveal the fact that there are some 30 cm (12") missing from the diagram which features the three circles, each having a radius of 60 sacred cubits (38.13 m).

Virtually all texts and treatises on the Gizeh Pyramid list the height of the floor of the King's Chamber as 43.1 meters.

43.1 - 38.13 = 4.97 meters

These texts, in turn, base their analysis on the classic works written by C. Piazzi Smyth and W.F. Petrie.

And yet none of these distinguished authors noticed the full extent of the effect of subsidence on the Gizeh Pyramid.

With one exception, the exhaustive and in-depth treatise on the Great Pyramid written by D. Davidson and H. Aldersmith:

pages 151 - 158

With the full effect of subsidence taken into consideration, we arrive at the correct figures posted in my messages:

Height of the Gizeh Pyramid without the masonry base/apex = 136.1 meters

Height of the Gizeh Pyramid with the masonry base = 141.347 meters

The Gizeh Pyramid was built very recently, from a chronological point of view: in the period 1680 - 1700 AD.

Its arhitects knew calculus very well, in fact they had knowledge of the value of the first zero of Riemann's Zeta function.

This knowledge, in turn, was used by the descendants of Khem to write the works attributed to the Bernoulli brothers, Euler, Fermat, Lagrange, Newton.

Calculus was imported to both India and Italy/England.

We have seen earlier how the paleomagnetical analysis of the artefacts found at Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Southern Italy actually belong to the 17th century, and how the maps dated 1725/1778 both feature Pompeii and Herculaneum as thriving cities in full activity.

Some of these results (Fibonacci sequences and equations) were used to invent the music ascribed to Bach, Vivaldi, Haydn, Mozart (documented earlier in this thread).

Exploding the myth of Mozart:

Each and every one Mozart's piano sonatas are based on Fibonacci numbers sequences/formulas.

Evidence suggests that classical music composed by Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach embraces phi.'S_''THE_ART_OF_FUGUE'' (page 5 for an example of Bach's use of mathematics in creating music),deconstructing-the-genius-of-bach.aspx (An Examination of J.S. Bach's compositions using the golden ratio and Fibonacci Sequence) - you can access the pdf version there

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The original papers published by G. Sagnac (The Luminiferous Ether is Detected as a Wind Effect Relative to the Ether Using a Uniformly Rotating Interferometer):

A beautiful introduction to the Sagnac experiment:

The Sagnac effect shows that light signals emitted upon a rotating disc do not travel at the same speed with and against the direction of rotation of the disc.

The difference in time (dt) for the light to traverse the path, in opposite directions, was derived by Sagnac as:

dt = 4Aω/c2

where A is the area enclosed by the light path, ω Radians per second is the angular velocity of spin and c the speed of light.

As early as 1897, O. Lodge was able to obtain the same formula as above.

The French pair, Dufour & Prunier repeated the Sagnac test, thirty years after Sagnac had done it, and got the same result. They then did other very important variations on the original Sagnac experiments. They showed that the photographic record could be taken upon the spinning disc or from the fixed laboratory and that the result was the same:

The Sagnac effect also applies to straight line motion: (famous H. Ives experiment: Light Signals Sent Around a Closed Path) (first experiment conducted by R. Wang) (second experiment carried out by R. Wang)

It should be pointed out that his third experiment, the fiber-optic parallelogram test, has to be explained further by Professor Wang, therefore it cannot yet be added to the other well-known tests which prove a linear Sagnac effect.

There have been several attempts to try to explain the Sagnac effect, either using STR, GTR or other field theories.

J.H. Field (STR, time dilation), R. Klauber (NTO, non-time orthogonal metric in spacetime), A. Tartaglia/M.L. Ruggiero/G. Rizzi (flat spacetime, Aharonov-Bohm effect), P. Maraner/J.P. Zendri (Minkowski spacetime, Aharonov-Bohm effect), S.J.G. Gift (GTR), M.F. Yagan (cumulative Doppler effect using STR), A.G. Kelly (universal relativity), A. Sfarti (STR), F. Amador (Evans field theory), F. Selleri (specific set of spacetime transformations which lead directly to MLET, Modified Lorentz Ether Theory).

These authors do not seem to understand that there is no such thing as the theory of relativity/spacetime continuum:

The presence of the Sagnac effect  in the GPS system clearly shows that none of the explanations listed above are adequate, for the path of the radiation from the GPS satellite to the receiver clearly follows a straight line and the instantaneous velocity of the receiver (ether strings rotation) is not affected significantly by the radial acceleration during the instant of reception. This observation validates Ives' claim that the Sagnac effect is not caused by rotation. (select the Ether Drift option to access the article)

(one can also do a google search using and then access the html/in cache format to view the document)

One of the best works on the Sagnac effect and its relationship to ether:

Ether Sagnac effect:

Geocentric Sagnac effect:

Dr. Yuri Galaev ether drift experiments:

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