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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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J.S. Bell showed that real superluminal links between quantum particles explain certain experimental results. Bell's theorem suggests that after two particles interact and move apart outside the range of interaction, the particles continue to influence each other instantly via a real connection that joins them together with undiminished strength no matter how far apart the particles travel. Alain Aspect and his colleagues confirmed that the property is in fact an actual property of the real world.

The hyperspace envisioned by Dr. Bell is related to the longitudinal boson strings which propagate through transverse subquark waves.

General relativity as envisioned by Einstein is a subluminal theory. However, Newton assumed instant action-a-distance, superluminal speeds, for his gravitational theory.

In order to unify GR with QM, one needs Loop/Knot theory: left-handed antigravitons and right-handed gravitons as closed loops.

If the experiments of Aspect and Rapisarda confirm (as I believe) the predictions of quantum mechanics, we shall be obliged to drop Einstein's criterion of reality or to accept some form of action-at-a-distance.

A. Shimony (1980)

“Time is the most important and most enigmatic peroperty of nature. Time is not propagated like light waves; it appears immediately everywhere.” – Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev (Bell's theorem applied to language) (quantum entanglement)

Bell's theorem is the equivalent of the Selleri Paradox/Kassner effect for the Sagnac interferometer: it guarantees superluminal speeds and a preferred/absolute frame of reference. (Dynamical Maxwell equations)



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Subquarks-Possibly the Most Fundamental Form of Matter

A model of "subquark pregeometry" in which the graviton is also a composite of a subquark-antisubquark pair: Einstein's gravity is a quantum effect of matter.

Everything is made of subquarks and every force is due to them.

Magnetic Moments of Composite Leptons and Quarks in a Dynamical Subquark Model,30499.msg1278981.html#msg1278981 (detection of subquarks)



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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An electron could have a hierarchical structure, consisting of quarks and infinite sub-quarks, which have fractional charge values. (fractional quantum Hall effect) (electron nematicity)



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The Navy’s Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise, Dr. James Sheehy, intervened on behalf of Dr. Pais at the US Patent and Trademark Office:

I am familiar with the above referenced patent application (and related amendment), as well as the development, usage and properties of the piezoelectricity-induced room temperature superconductor. That as a result of my education and career, I am regarded as a subject matter expert and can be considered “a person of ordinary skill in the art” in the subject matter of the above patent application.

That the invention described in the above referenced patent application is operable and enabled via the physics described in the patent application and the peered reviewed paper described in the Inventor Amendment.

A slight implosion of the atom takes place in the conductor whereby its atoms subdivide into groups of nine subquarks (baryon state of matter) which leads to room temperature superconductivity. The implosion is activated by the torsion field created by the e/m coil.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Actually, J.S. Bell's theorem is contained in the passage attributed to Newton:

You sometimes speak of Gravity as essential and inherent to Matter.

It is inconceivable that inanimate Matter should, without the Mediation of something else, which is not material, operate upon, and affect other matter without mutual Contact…That Gravity should be innate, inherent and essential to Matter, so that one body may act upon another at a distance thro’ a Vacuum, without the Mediation of any thing else, by and through which their Action and Force may be conveyed from one to another, is to me so great an Absurdity that I believe no Man who has in philosophical Matters a competent Faculty of thinking can ever fall into it.

Cohen, I. B. (1978), Isaac Newton's Papers & Letters on Natural Philosophy, 2nd edition, Cambridge, Mass. and London., (pg. 298 and pgs. 302-303)

That is, action at a distance can only occur in the quantum realm.

Newton clearly makes the distinction between (inanimate) Matter and the Mediation "of something else" which is something else other than Matter.

Action at a distance = the influences between distant measurement events do not propagate continuously in space-time.

"Action at a distance is a phenomenon in which a change in intrinsic properties of one system induces a change in the intrinsic properties of a distant system, independently of the influence of any other systems on the distant system, and without there being a process that carries this influence contiguously in space and time.

In a more liberal way:

Action at a distance is a phenomenon in which a change in intrinsic properties of one system induces a change in the intrinsic properties of a distant system without there being a process that carries this influence contiguously in space and time."



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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EPR-Bell-Schrodinger proof of nonlocality using
position and momentum

This means that the assumption of locality is false, and thus provides us with another demonstration of quantum nonlocality that does not involve Bell’s (or any other) inequalities.

Schrodinger’s paradox and proofs of nonlocality
using only perfect correlations

We discuss proofs of nonlocality based on a generalization by Erwin Schrodinger of the argument of Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen. These proofs do not appeal in any way to Bell’s inequalities. Indeed, one striking feature of the proofs is that they can be used to establish nonlocality solely on the basis of suitably robust perfect correlations.

A thorough and very careful analysis of many misunderstandings of Bell's theorem:

What Bell did

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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2…. Dr. Pais is currently funded by NAWCAD [Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division] to design a test article instrumentation to demonstrate the experimental feasibility of achieving high electromagnetic (EM) field-energy and flux values… He is currently one year into the project and has already begun a series of experiments to design and demonstrate advanced High energy Density / High Power propulsion systems.

(letter dated December 15, 2017, by Dr. James Sheehy, the Chief Technology Officer for the Naval Aviation Enterprise)

"Electromagnetic (EM) radiation, caused by accelerating electrically charged objects, when passed through a static magnetic field (of constant magnetic flux density) gives rise to gravitational waves at the same frequency with the EM radiation. This phenomenon is known as the Gertsenshtein Effect.

Artificially generated, high energy, electromagnetic fields can interact strongly with the local Vacuum energy state, an aggregate/collective state comprised of the superposition of all fluctuations in the collective of quantum fields (including EM and gravitational fields, among others) permeating a given spacetime locality. According to quantum field theory, this strong interaction between the fields is based on the mechanism of transfer of vibrational energy between the fields, further inducing local fluctuations in adjacent quantum fields which permeate that spacetime locality (these fields may or may not be electromagnetic in nature).

Think of the local Vacuum energy state as the collective energy state(structure) comprised of the ground state of minimum energy (baseline fluctuations) that is the quantum vacuum, and the excited state of energy (induced fluctuations) generated by matter or any other source of energy in that spacetime locality. According to quantum field theory, matter, energy, spacetime are emergent constructs which arise out of a foundational structure, the fundamental framework which is the Vacuum energy state.

These extremely high graviton production rates further show that if multiple high power, high frequency gravitational waves were to be focused on a particular point in a spacetime locality, they can induce a spacetime curvature singularity, namely a “highly distorted and disrupted patch of spacetime fabric”."



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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J.S. Bell

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The basic building blocks of all matter are the Riemann zeta function waves and zeros generated by the subdivision of the Planck length level by using the ratios of the five elements (26.7, 53.4, 80, 136.1, 534): (mechanism of a pyramidion)

Whenever bubbles reversed direction, the tail would fade away, to
reappear on the opposite side. On the bubble's bow, small concentric
circles like shock waves formed along the surface, like a cap. Bubbles
seemed to consist of nothing but a boundary surface, with no structural
features inside. Bubbles in what to Ron was thread number two
started out as mere squiggles of energy, pointed at both ends.Then the
squiggle got fatter, turning into the stable tadpole shape.

[squiggle of energy = smallest particle of quantum mechanics] (journey inside a boson)

Let us call this smallest particle of quantum mechanics a pyramidion. The pyramidion becomes a boson or an antiboson, which in turn make up the subquarks, quarks, mesons, baryons, protons, electrons.

The proof involves something much more difficult than the Riemann hypothesis: to actually produce an algorithm for the zeta zeros, using only arithmetic.

It is my belief that RH is a genuinely arithmetic question that likely will not succumb to methods of analysis. Number theorists are on the right track to an eventual proof of RH, but we are still lacking many of the tools.

J. Brian Conrey

Riemann zeta zeros and zero-point energy

The wave function ψ of the Riemann Zeta function

A Schrödinger Equation for Solving the Riemann Hypothesis

On strategies towards the Riemann Hypothesis : Fractal Supersymmetric QM and a Trace Formula

Towards fractal gravity


Fractal Fits to Riemann Zeros

Riemann zeros and a fractal potential

Quantum-Mechanical Interpretation of Riemann Zeta Function Zeros

Links between string theory and the Riemann’s zeta function

On SUSY-QM, fractal strings and steps towards a proof of the Riemann hypothesis

The Sound of Fractal Strings and the Riemann Hypothesis

The fractal dimension of the Riemann zeta zeros

A Closed String Tachyon Vacuum ?

Polymeric quantum mechanics and the zeros of the Riemann zeta function

The zeros of Riemann's Function And Its Fundamental Role In Quantum Mechanics


Comments on the Riemann conjecture and index theory on Cantorian fractal space-time

The Schrodinger Operator with Morse Potential on the Right Half Line

Physics of the Riemann Hypothesis

Gravity-Superconductors Interactions as a Possible Means
to Exchange Momentum with the Vacuum 

The vacuum state of quantum gravity contains large virtual masses

Fractal spacetimes in stochastic gravity

Loop Quantum Mechanics and the Fractal Structure of Quantum Spacetime

Scale Relativity in Cantorian E (∞) Space and Average Dimensions of Our World

From Veneziano to Riemann: A String Theory Statement of the Riemann Hypothesis

Zero Point Energy of Renormalized Wilson Loops

Quantum Gravity is not a quantization of the spacetime coordinates, metric.....If this were the case, one would have had quantized the spacetime coordinates long ago. In String Theory, from the two-dim world sheet point of view , the spacetime coordinates are nothing but a finite number of scalar fields whose quantization is essentially trivial by selecting the conformal or orthonormal gauge. The same arguments applies with the ( linearized ) spin two graviton. Quantum Gravity it is something much deeper than the naive notion of coordinates and gravitons. It is something that doesn’t need any spacetime background nor metrics whatsoever. Morever, it involves something that disposes of the ill-conceived notion of having a fixed dimension. The classical spacetime that we perceive with our senses is just a long distance averaging effect associated with a quantum network of processeses of a deeper underlying Quantum Universe. To merge Quantum Mechanics with Relativity it is necessary to enlarge the Einsteinian view of Relativity to a New Relativity Principle.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Maxwell’s fluid model of magnetism
Robert Brady and Ross Anderson
University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory

Using our unified model, we show that such disturbances resemble photons: they are
polarised, absorbed discretely, obey Maxwell’s full equations of electromagnetism to first order, and quantitatively reproduce the correlation that is observed in the Bell tests.




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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Faster than light communication is possible only through positrons (laevorotatory antigravitons/subquarks). (anti-time research)

Antimatter is not missing: it has always been right in front of the quantum physicists, who are just now beginning to understand that the unification of GR with QM requires Knot Theory, right-handed spin gravitons and left-handed spin antigravitons as closed loop strings.

Mainstream quantum physicists are starting to infer that positrons and preons do not annihilate each other: (The Cubic Lattice Solution section, page 6)

Antimatter = antigravity = antigravitons = laevorotatory positrons/subquarks.

Photons = bosons

Antibosons = antiphotons



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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ANITA is designed to hunt cosmic rays from outer space, so the high-energy neutrino community was buzzing with excitement when the instrument detected particles that seemed to be blasting up from Earth instead of zooming down from space. Because cosmic rays shouldn’t do that, scientists began to wonder whether these mysterious beams are made of particles never seen before.

Those particles cannot come from supersymmetric models:

They cannot be tau leptons (chord lengths and column densities for AAE 061228 and AAE 141220 are simply too great to accommodate successful tau emergence from these trajectories within the SM).

They cannot be sterile neutrinos: (section 6)

There is only one possible source: dark matter.

Dark matter consists of Kaluza-Klein particles:

There is only one particle which fulfills the conditions set by the Kaluza-Klein electrogravitational theory: the boson. (Stanford University/Oxford University)

Published in the Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics:

Kaluza-Klein Dark Matter, being a boson, is not similarly suppressed and can annihilate directly to e+ e-, µ+ µ- and τ+ τ-, each of which yield a generous number of high energy electrons and positrons.

This theorized particle was of course discovered in 2008:

The ether/subquark wave lattice can free a dextrorotatory subquark and a laevorotatory subquark, if it can absorb the required 1.02 MeV energy in any point of space.

"Absorption of this energy frees the pair out of bonds, making the freed particles appear to the detecting apparatus. When a free electron-positron pair is captured into bonds, the particles disappear from our detection, and their binding energy is emitted in at least two quanta of radiation (the bosons/photons which make up the subquarks)."

Electron = dextrorotatory subquark

Positron = laevorotatory subquark

Dark matter consists of KK particles: (published by the Fermi National Accelerator Lab)

Kaluza-Klein bosons:

The technology used to emit bosons (KK particles) directly is way beyond even what Tesla could have accomplished: the source of the emission of these particles can actually disassemble a subquark into its constituent bosons.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"In our proposal, space-time does not pre-exist, it is the result of a physical process by which the subquantum medium goes from a chaotic state to a more organised one."

This subquantum medium is something that Castro describes as "a kind of primordial foam from where space-time itself emerges".

Bell Inequality from Holographic Gravity

The Einstein-Rosen bridge uses a degenerate metric: only the Ellis ether theory can take GTR from a singularity to a drainhole aether model.

Quantum entanglement gravity must propagate through Ellis ether drainholes to account for the fact that gravitational action-at-a-distance occurs at a superluminal quantum realm level.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Quantum entanglement is the needle that stitches together the cosmic zero point energy tapestry.

All subquarks, bosons and antibosons are connected by gray wormholes (receptive/emissive) created by the counter-rotating tetrahedrons (one is a shadow of the other) located in the center of the pyramidion.

Building up spacetime with quantum entanglement

Recovering Geometry from Bulk Entanglement

A version of the ER=EPR conjecture is recovered, in that perturbations that entangle distant parts of the emergent geometry generate a configuration that may be considered as a highly quantum wormhole. (Horava-Lifshitz ether model wormhole requires anti de-Sitter space)

Rotating Ellis Wormholes in Four Dimensions

Rotating Wormholes in Five Dimensions

Wormholes Immersed in Rotating Matter

We here add a new twist to this quest by immersing the wormhole throat inside rotating matter, which we take as composed of a complex boson field, since this allows for the possibility to impose rotation on the bosonic field by the choice of an appropriate ansatz.

Geometry of Spinning Ellis Wormholes

Rotating Scalar Field Wormhole

Phantom energy traversable wormholes



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #704 on: June 20, 2020, 12:15:41 AM »

Holographic Schwinger effect and the geometry of entanglement

Julian Sonner, a senior postdoc in MIT’s Laboratory for Nuclear Science and Center for Theoretical Physics, has published his results in the journal Physical Review Letters, where it appears together with a related paper by Kristan Jensen of the University of Victoria and Andreas Karch of the University of Washington.

The tangled web that is gravity

He found that what emerged was a wormhole connecting the two entangled quarks, implying that the creation of quarks simultaneously creates a wormhole. More fundamentally, he says, gravity itself may be a result of entanglement. What’s more, the universe’s geometry as described by classical gravity may be a consequence of entanglement—pairs of particles strung together by tunneling wormholes.

Is everything made of black holes?

A Scenario for Strong Gravity in Particle Physics

At the Planck scale it may well be impossible to disentangle black holes from elementary particles.

G. ‘t Hooft, On the quantum structure of a black hole, Nucl. Phys. B256 , 727 (1985)

We suggest that the behavior of these extreme dilaton black holes….can reasonably be interpreted as the holes doing their best to behave like normal elementary particles.

All particles may be varying forms of stabilized black holes.

Black Holes as Elementary Particles

Each particle has a gray wormhole in its center which explains superluminal quantum entanglement. This wormhole must be traversable: only the Ellis ether drainhole provides such a mechanism.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #705 on: June 21, 2020, 08:17:08 AM »

A source of polarization-entangled photons in a Sagnac-loop configuration. The red beams denote the paths of the entangled photon pair

Phase-stable source of polarization-entangled photons using a polarization Sagnac

In-field entanglement distribution over a 96 km-long submarine optical fibre

Three-color Sagnac source of polarizationentangled photon pairs

Quantum entanglement is not possible without wormholes:

GR cannot explain quantum entanglement/wormholes:

A traversable wormhole requires scalar fields/ether in order to function.

Photons (bosons in ether quantum mechanics) are linked by wormholes.

Light takes longer to travel East than West between fixed points on the surface of the Earth.

East-West c + v
West-East c - v

The superluminal speed c + v occurs through boson/photon wormholes.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Since the particles so produced are formed from a singlet state (the vacuum) they
are necessarily entangled with one another, no matter what the actual nature of the particles, may they be electrons and positrons as in the original case, or quarks and
anti-quarks and even charged W bosons, as we shall consider in this Letter.

Alternatively we could stick with the original interpretation of pair-produced W bosons, and phrase the argument of [1] in terms of such entangled states of W± bosons.

Holographic Schwinger Effect

We study tunneling pair creation of W-Bosons by an external electric field.

"Classically, there are no traversable wormholes. This is a consequence of topological censorship, which says that if the null energy condition is satisfied, any causal curve that starts and ends at infinity can be continuously deformed to a causal curve that stays in the asymptotic region. However, it has recently been shown that quantum matter fields can provide enough negative energy to allow some wormholes to become traversable."

The team mixed rubidium metal with nitrogen gas, and heated it up to 176.9 °C (350.3 °F). At that temperature, the metal vaporizes, causing free rubidium atoms to float around the chamber. There they become entangled with each other, and the team can measure that entanglement by shining a laser through the gas.

The researchers observed as many as 15 trillion entangled atoms in the gas, which they say is about 100 times more than any other experiment.

“If we stop the measurement, the entanglement remains for about one millisecond, which means that 1,000 times per second a new batch of 15 trillion atoms is being entangled,” says Jia Kong, first author of the study. “And you must think that 1 ms is a very long time for the atoms, long enough for about 50 random collisions to occur. This clearly shows that the entanglement is not destroyed by these random events. This is maybe the most surprising result of the work.”



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The deepest connection between gravity and quantum entanglement:

“The universality of the gravitational interaction comes directly from the universality of entanglement- it is not possible to have stress-energy that doesn’t source the gravitational field because it is not possible to have degrees of freedom that don’t contribute to entanglement entropy.”

Universality of Gravity from Entanglement

All gravitons are distinct wormholes and are connected by a hyperspace which manifests itself in the very center of the gray wormhole. In the center of the wormhole is the mechanism which provides the constant torque necessary for the wormhole to rotate at very high speeds. Without that torque being applied constantly, all wormholes would collapse instantly, there would be no atoms, no visible matter. All gravitons/antigravitons consist of billions of bosons/antibosons.

The torque is being provided by the counter-rotating tetrahedrons (one is the shadow of the other) to be found in the center of the boson/antiboson:

A constant source of acoustic power is needed to keep the counter-rotating tetrahedrons spin at a tremendous speed: each tetrahedron has imbedded in itself an acoustic turbine in the shape of a swastika. One swastika is emissive, the other one is receptive.

Acoustic turbines were introduced in the 19th century, for the first time:

In the center of the two counter-propagating tetrahedrons we find the source of the sound which is being emitted and the connection to the hyperspace.

The energy levels of the boson are created by four counter-propagating Riemann zeta function waves on two single segments which are to be found to the left, respectively to the right, of the counter-rotating tetrahedrons:

The zeros of the zeta function constitute a fractal applied to those two segments.

At that sub Planck scale, mathematics becomes physics, and physics merges with mathematics.

In order to prove this assertion, one needs to solve a problem which is much more difficult than the Riemann hypothesis: to determine the source of the zeta zeros themselves using only arithmetic as a guide and to actually find an algorithm to obtain the precise values of the zeta zeros.

Few mathematicians realize that the Riemann hypothesis was solved in 1956 by D.H. Lehmer:

See also:

So it is only at the deepest level of quantum physics that the mystery of the distribution of the zeta zeros is solved:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #708 on: June 28, 2020, 12:35:49 PM »

Clock Synchronisation in the Vicinity of the Earth

The transmission time of an electromagnetic signal in the vicinity of the earth is calculated to c−2 and contains an orbital Sagnac term. On earth, the synchronisation of TCB can be realised by atomic clocks, but not the one of TCG.

From (1), we find that the velocity of light around its orbit is not c, but in first approximation c ∓ vE, when measured on earth.

So TCG has highly undesiderable properties and it is better to consider, on the moving earth, that the simultaneity is given by the coordinate synchronisation of TCB.

If R0 is parallel to vE it amounts 333 ns for a link of 1000 km.

If we use the coordinate synchronisation of TCG on earth as recommended by the IAU, the orbital Sagnac effect will not be measured immediately, but a desynchronisation of clocks will occur.

The maximum of the desynchronisation will be attained after 6 months, where the one-way velocity of light measured between the two clocks can change in 12 hours from c + vE to c − vE, if the link is parallel to the earth velocity (for a link of 1000km, ∆t amount 666 ns after 6 months if the link is parallel to the earth velocity).

The synchronisation of TCG or T T cannot be realised by atomic clocks working continuously without resynchronisation, but the synchronisation of TCB can be realised.

This is one of the main reasons why relativists are adopting the local-ether model.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Wtotal =  [-mg x g-forcematter] + [g x g-forceantimatter]

g = -ρ x V = negative density mass of antimatter

mg = ρ x V = mass density of matter

For normal matter, W = -mg x g-forcematter. The weight-force and g-force (vector acceleration) have opposite signs of direction.

For antimatter W = g x g-forceantimatter.

A single antigraviton completely defies the weak equivalence principle, it is immune to the effects of terrestrial gravity.

Antimatter antigravitons form strings. Matter graviton form strings. Together these strings can propagate in double torsion fashion.

As soon as an object is subjected to a very high rotational speed, the antigravitons which  are normally latent will start to activate: the stable emissive rotating Ellis wormholes will begin to emit aether. Thus, these antigravitons will align with the strings of L-subquarks which begin to form the invisibile double torsion torus around the object. At the same time, the dextrorotatory subquarks (gravitons) in the object will also align only with the D-subquarks which begin to form the double torsion torus.

Thus, the antiNewton equation will enter into play.

Wtotal = [ -mg x g-forcematter] + [g x g-forceantimatter]

The object will begin to acquire antigravity (activation of the negative mass density subquarks), and will start to levitate when W = 0. After that, W will be a negative quantity, as more antigravitons are activated. At the same time, the anti g-force will increase too.

On antiquarks/antiprotons:

Existence of gravitons/antigravitons:

Even though neither case is negative mass for the purposes of the stress–energy tensor, the experiments represent an important development of the negative mass theory.

Antiphotons are bosons which produce darkness (aether). Photons are bosons which produce light (sound/ether).

Antiphoton theory has already began to be developed:

g-force measured at quantum level:

European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

GR and CPT are compatible only if there is gravitational repulsion between matter and antimatter.

Gravitational repulsion is the result of an effective negative gravitational mass.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #710 on: July 01, 2020, 02:07:37 AM »

The matter-antimatter law of gravity/antigravity has been verified experimentally using the exact formula for g-forceantimatter for the Biefeld-Brown effect:

Weyl electrovacuum solutions and gauge invariance
Dr. B.V. Ivanov

Wtotal =  [-mg x g-forcematter] + [g x g-forceantimatter]

g = -ρ x V = negative density mass of antimatter

mg = ρ x V = mass density of matter

There are several reasons why virtually all of the other physicists have not been able to discover the law of matter/antimatter gravity.

They wrongly believe that they are measuring the mass of the antiproton/antiquarks, when in fact the antiquarks are quarks with unusual subquark configurations:

Positrons (tachyons) do not have mass: the electron-positron "annihilation" means that the electron (graviton) and the positron (tachyon/antigraviton) have reentered the ether string lattice and their binding energy is emitted in two or more energy quanta.

The Eotvos experiment used for the detection of positrons does not take into account the fact that positrons do not obey at all the weak equivalence principle.

Tachyons = positrons:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
« Reply #711 on: July 04, 2020, 02:05:15 AM »

"These zeros act like telephone poles, and the special nature of Riemann’s zeta function dictates precisely how the wire — its graph — must be strung between them.”"

If the zeros act like telephone poles, then the sacred cubit subdivision algorithm is the electricity which flows through the wire.

"If one could understand the mathematics describing the structure of the atomic nucleus in quantum physics, maybe the same math could solve the Riemann Hypothesis."

It is precisely the same math: the two counter-propagating zeta function waves provide the spectral energy levels of the atoms.

Here is the latest attempt to prove the Riemann hypothesis, almost a success:

Jensen polynomials for the Riemann zeta function and other sequences

As I have said before, the Riemann hypothesis was proven to be true decades ago, by D.H. Lehmer:

See also:

There is entanglement in the primes

Finding zeros of the Riemann zeta function by periodic driving of cold atoms

Entanglement and analytical continuation: an
intimate relation told by the Riemann zeta function

Zeta Function Zeros, Powers of Primes, and Quantum Chaos

One of the best papers on the subject:

The Riemann Zeros as Spectrum and the Riemann Hypothesis

Physical realization for Riemann zeros from black hole physics


It is the purpose of this work to pursue a novel physical interpretation of the nontrivial Riemann zeta zeros and prove why the location of these zeros zn = 1/2 + iλn corresponds physically to tachyonic-resonances/tachyonic-condensates, originating from the scattering of two on-shell tachyons in bosonic string theory. Namely, we prove that if there were nontrivial zeta zeros (violating the Riemann hypothesis) outside the critical line Real z = 1/2 (but inside the critical strip), these putative zeros do not correspond to any poles of the bosonic open string scattering (Veneziano) amplitude A(s, t, u).

Links between string theory and the Riemann’s zeta function

Zeta Nonlocal Scalar Fields

Quantization of the Riemann Zeta-Function
and Cosmology

Riemann ζ function from wave-packet dynamics

Quantum physics on the edge of chaos

Quantum-Mechanical Interpretation of
Riemann Zeta Function Zeros

We demonstrate that the Riemann zeta function zeros define the position and the widths of the resonances of the quantised Artin dynamical system. The Artin dynamical system is defined on the fundamental region of the modular group on the Lobachevsky plane. It has a finite volume and an infinite extension in the vertical direction that correspond to a cusp. In classical regime the geodesic flow in the fundamental region represents one of the most chaotic dynamical systems, has mixing of all orders, Lebesgue spectrum and non-zero Kolmogorov entropy. In quantum-mechanical regime the system can be associated with the narrow infinitely long waveguide stretched out to infinity along the vertical axis and a cavity resonator attached to it at the bottom. That suggests a physical interpretation of the Maass automorphic wave function in the form of an incoming plane wave of a given energy entering the resonator, bouncing inside the resonator and scattering to infinity.
As the energy of the incoming wave comes close to the eigenmodes of the cavity a pronounced resonance behaviour shows up in the scattering amplitude.

A quantum mechanical model of the Riemann zeros

In this thread each and every mystery/important issue relating to the distribution of the zeta zeros has been answered.


This is the oscillatory part of the number of zeta zeros whose imaginary part is less than T.

It is thought that it is a manifestation of the apparent randomness of the actual location of the zeros.

However, the oscillatory formula is related directly to the values of the four main subdivision points (for each zeta zero):

The five element subdivision algorithm creates the zeta zeros, which in turn are related to the distribution of the prime numbers.

"These zeros did not appear to be scattered at random. Riemann's calculations indicated that they were lining up as if along some mystical ley line running through the landscape."

The mystical ley line has been revealed here: it is the five element subdivision algorithm.


It is thought that the distribution of the zeta zeros is completely random, that the value for a zeta zero cannot be obtained from the value of the previous zeta zero.

I have proven that all of the zeta zeros are related to each other: in fact I have derived the precise values for the first eight zeta zeros, using only the sacred cubit subdivision algorithm as a guide.


The Riemann hypothesis now is proven directly and easily: all of the zeta zeros have to be located on the 1/2 line, since otherwise the five element subdivision algorithm would be disrupted, reverberating all the way to the first 63.6363... segment, and thus to the very value of the first zeta zero, 14.134725.


The sacred cubit subdivision algorithm is meant to find the values of the zeta zeros for the first segment (14.134725... to 77.7647...), so that we can infer that it is the sacred cubit subdivision points which give birth to the zeta zeros themselves. Everything we want to know about the Riemann zeta function zeros can be revealed right on the first 63.636363... units segment. To find the actual values for very large T is not necessary anymore, even though this task can now be accomplished easily using França-LeClair points (using the sacred cubit algorithm, as a Smith-Cantor set, each of the previous subdivison points cannot be used again, thus for every new 63.636363... segment we have to use new subdivision points):

França-LeClair points:

França-LeClair equation:

ϑ(tn) + limδ→0+ arg ζ(1/2 + δ + itn) = (n - 3/2)π


The quest for the quantum mechanical system which provides the zeta zeros.

Not only I have provided the precise algorithm for finding the zeta zeros using only arithmetic, but I have also demonstrated the mechanism of the smallest particle possible, the one which is even smaller than a boson:


The crucial part of the demonstration of the sacred cubit algorithm is the fact that BOTH zeta functions (positive imaginary part AND negative imaginary part) are used on a single segment: they become counter-propagating zeta waves, one is starting from the left, one is starting from the opposite direction, from the right.

This is how we obtain the upper and lower bounds of the approximations which converge to the actual zeta zero values.


The mystery of the Lehmer pairs.

π/ln2 is the sacred cubit of the Lehmer pairs.


The mystery of the large gaps between certain values of the zeta zeros.

On large gaps between zeros of L-functions from branches

Andre LeClair (Cornell University) proves that the normalized gaps between consecutive ordinates tn of the zeros of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line cannot be arbitrarily large.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The Gutzwiller trace formula: the quantum level density (density of states) is expressed in terms of the classical periodic orbits. This formula gives a deep understanding on the origin of quantum fluctuations.

"Although the Riemann zeta-function is an analytic function with [a] deceptively simple definition, it keeps bouncing around almost randomly without settling down to some regular asymptotic pattern. The Riemann zeta-function displays the essence of chaos in quantum mechanics, analytically smooth, and yet seemingly unpredictable."

M.C. Gutzwiller

Quantum chaos, random matrix theory, and the Riemann ζ-function

The Berry-Keating Hamiltonian:
Quantum Chaos and the Zeta Function

A comparison of the Riemann distribution of zero formula and the Gutzwiller trace formula (pg. 6-7).

The Riemannium

We consider the location Eµ > 0 of the complex zeros of ζ(s) as the single-particle levels of a fermionic many-body system. In the mean field approximation, the ground-state total energy is obtained by filling the single-particle levels from the lowest Riemann zero up to a “Fermi energy” EF . We are interested in the properties of such a Fermi gas. Following nuclear physics terminology, we refer to this “element” as the Riemannium.

Statistical Properties of the Zeros of Zeta
Functions - Beyond the Riemann case

The phase of the Riemann zeta function

Further, assuming that the famous Riemann hypothesis is correct, the density of zeros can be shown to obey a sum rule which is analogous to the famous Gutzwiller formula for the level density.'s_Recurrence_Function

In Keating's "Physics and the queen of mathematics" he tells us that "Riemann's connection between the nontrivial zeros and the primes has a particularly interesting form: it bears a striking resemblance to the Gutzwiller formula, with the zeros behaving like energy levels and the primes labelling the periodic orbits of some chaotic classical system.

Physics of the Riemann Hypothesis

Below we expound the P´olya-Hilbert conjecture. We enumerate the one-dimensional Hamiltonians proposed for which the distribution of energy eigenvalues mimic the non-trivial zeros of the Riemann zeta function and analyse their relationship with the Gutzwiller trace formula. We also examine the possible symmetries of a ‘Riemann operator’ since it partially encouraged the development of quantum mechanics with only CT or PT symmetry.

Gutzwiller’s trace formula has been explicitly mentioned, because the Riemann zeta function obeys a very similar expression. Therefore, we could compare the two formulae, (9b) and (25), and imagine what properties a quantum system might have if its spectrum mimicked the zeros of the Riemann zeta function.

Unified treatment of Explicit and Trace Formulas

Harmonic inversion as a general method for
periodic orbit quantization

The Gutzwiller Trace Formula for
Quantum Systems with Spin

We evaluate the Gutzwiller trace formula for the level density of classically chaotic systems by considering the level density in a bounded energy range and truncating its Fourier integral.

The Phase of the Riemann Zeta Function and the Inverted Harmonic Oscillator

The counter-propagating sacred cubit subdivisions give rise to the zeta zeros. The Riemann-von Mangoldt formula and the Gutzwiller trace formula represent the same phenomenon at work: at an infinitesimal level, the rotating counter-propagating Riemann zeta function waves provide the density of quantum energy states, at the macro level, the ether drift waves are actually Riemann zeta function waves as well.

The apparent randomness comes from the fact that the four main subdivision points (for each zeta zero) will always be located at a different distance from the zeta zero itself, it is this back and forth sequence of upper bounds and lower bounds approximations which is interpreted as being "random", and which is the actual Gutzwiller trace formula as well as the oscillatory part of the Riemann-von Mangoldt distribution of zeta zeros formula.

The sacred cubit subdivision algorithm unifies quantum mechanics (providing the actual quantum model) and number theory (algorithm for zeta zeros using only arithmetic).

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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In a significant development, a paper proving that the original J.C. Maxwell equations are invariant under Galilean transformations has been published by the IOP (Institute of Physics):

International Conference on Mathematical Modelling in Physical Sciences
IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1141 (2018) 012052

Fundamentals of the theory of compressible oscillating ether
Dr. Nikolai Magnitskii

It is shown that the consequences of the system of these two equations are: a generalized nonlinear system of Maxwell-Lorentz equations that is invariant under Galileo transformations, the linearization of which leads to the classical system of Maxwell-Lorentz equations.

In the present paper, a complete generalized nonlinear system of Maxwell-Lorentz equations that is invariant under Galileo transformations is derived from the system of the ether equations (1.1), the linearization of which leads to the classical system of Maxwell-Lorentz equations.

Another paper published by the author, in a peer-reviewed mainstream journal:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Zeta zero #2 subdivision algorithm:

21.022... = f2(14.134725..., 63.636363...)

14.134725... = zeta zero #1 = f1(63.636363...)

Zeta zero #3 subdivision algorithm:

25.0108...= f3(14.134725..., 63.636363...)

Inverting the sequences, we get:

14.134725... = f2(21.022...)

14.134725... = f3(25.0108...)

f2(21.022...) = f3(25.0108...)

This means that the value of zeta zero #2 is totally related to the value of zeta zero #3, one figure depends on the value of the other.

Moreover, in order to attain the initial subdivision process, we had to carefully subdivide the entire 63.636363 units in length segment using the same ratios:

Therefore we have four possible situations where a zeta zero would not be part of the sacred cubit sequence of subdivisions.

1. A zeta zeta is not located on the 1/2 critical line, but is to be found in parallel with the exact location of the sacred cubit subdivision point, or the zeta zero again is not located on the 1/2 critical line but still can be linked to the previous and next zeta zero using a sacred cubit distance.

This means that at a certain point, the algorithm using sacred cubits will break down, since the distance to the zeta zero which is not on the critical line will exceed the necessary upper/lower bounds approximations which necessitate smaller and smaller distances in order to find the next decimal places of the zeta zero.

It would make no sense at all for a zeta zero to be located exactly in parallel to the correct sacred cubit point, off the critical 1/2 line.

2. A zeta zero is simply not located on the critical 1/2 line, with no possible relation to the other zeta zeros which can be obtained using the sacred cubit algorithm. See case #4.

3. A zeta zero is located on the critical line, next to the correct sacred cubit subdivision point, but can be approximated using the algorithm. Again, it would make no sense at all to have ANOTHER zeta zero, still obeying the sacred cubit distances and algorithm, when we have the correct sacred cubit location of the correct zeta zero.

4. And now the case which no one else has ever thought of: a zeta zero which is located on the 1/2 critical line but which is not part of the subdivision algorithm, a "false" zeta zero.

This zeta zero would not be related at all, then, to the next and previous zeta zeros which are obtained using the sacred cubit algorithm; no relation to the first zeta zero, 14.134725..., or to the 63.636363... segment.

Let us suppose now that zeta zero #4 is such a "false" zero, with no connection to the algorithm.

We already know that zeta zeros #1, #2 and #3 are totally related to each other, in fact in order to obtain the value of zeta zero #3, we need to know the value of zeta zero #2.

Then, zeta zero #5 would also not be a part of the sacred cubit algorithm, since it could not be connected to zeta zeros #4 (the false zero) and also to zeta zero #3 (no continuity of the sacred cubit subdivision process).

Moreover, in order to get to the four main subdivision points for zeta zero #3 and zeta zero #2, from the left to the right, and from the right to the left, we would have had to employ the correct subdivision points, using the sacred cubit ratios, a fact no longer possible given that the entire process would break down in the vicinity of the false zero (twice on the same 63.636363... segment).

That is: a false zeta zero would mean that all of the other zeta zeros would be counted as "false" zeta zeros, with no relation to the first three zeta zeros.

The value of zeta zero #3 also depends on the value of zeta zero #4, since now we have a false zeta zero, this means that the value of zeta zero #3 is incorrect, since it can no longer be obtained as a function of zeta zero #4. Consequently, even the value of the first zeta zero, 14.134725..., would also be incorrect, since it has no possible mathematical relation to zeta zero #4.

That is why the presence of a "false" zeta zero, whether on or off the 1/2 critical line is not possible: the values of zeta zeros #1, #2 and #3 would have to be modified as well, a fact which is impossible, since we already have obtained their correct values and have proven that they are related to each other.

As currrent and future mathematicians will discover, all of the zeta zeros are related to each other, so then it will not be enough to prove Riemann's hypothesis for zeros off the 1/2 critical line, but they will have to consider the cases where a zeta zero is located on the 1/2 line, but which is not connected to any of the other zeta zeros.

"Riemann showed the importance of study of [the zeta] function for a range of problems in number theory centering around the distribution of prime numbers, and he further demonstrated that many of these problems could be settled if one knew the location of the zeros of this function. In spite of continued assaults and much progress since Riemann's initial investigations this tantalizing question remains one of the major unsolved problems in mathematics."

"It has become clear that the Riemann Hypothesis, whose resolution seems to hang tantalizingly just beyond our grasp holds the key to a variety of scientific and investigations. The making and breaking of modern codes, which depend on the properties of the prime numbers, have roots in the Hypothesis. In a series of extraordinary developments during the 1970s, it emerged that even the physics of the atomic nucleus is connected in ways not yet fully understood to this strange conundrum. ...Hunting down the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis has become an obsession for many - the veritable 'great white whale' of mathematical research. Yet despite determined efforts by generations of mathematicians, the Riemann Hypothesis defies resolution."

" one of those unexpected connections that make theoretical physics so delightful, the quantum chaology of spectra turns out to be deeply connected to the arithmetic of prime numbers, through the celebrated zeros of the Riemann zeta function: the zeros mimic quantum energy levels of a classically chaotic system. The connections is not only deep but also tantalizing, since its basis is still obscure - though it has been fruitful for both mathematics and physics."

"Right now, when we tackle problems without knowing the truth of the Riemann hypothesis, it's as if we have a screwdriver. But when we have it, it'll be more like a bulldozer."

"Proving the Riemann hypothesis won't end the story. It will prompt a sequence of even harder, more penetrating questions. Why do the primes achieve such a delicate balance between randomness and order? And if their patterns do encode the behaviour of quantum chaotic systems, what other jewels will we uncover when we dig deeper?"

"For centuries, mathematicians had been listening to the primes and hearing only disorganised noise. These numbers were like random notes wildly dotted on a mathematical stave with no discernible tune. Now Riemann had found new ears with which to listen to these mysterious tones. The sine-like waves that Riemann had created from the zeros in his zeta landscape revealed some hidden harmonic structure."

Riemann zeta zeros and zero point energy:

The aether absorbed by the graviton wormholes activates the rotation of the two counterpropagating Riemann zeta function waves, which provide the weight of the particle. (m = density x volume, the density is given by the Gutzwiller trace formula which is related to the oscillatory/fluctuating series for the zeta zeros).

That is, everything we see, the entirety of matter, consists of sacred cubit distances united by the zeta function waves.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The value of the second zero of the zeta function, to four decimal places accuracy, using only the five elements subdivision applied to both zeta functions as a guide, with the exact ratios.

T x 0.254545454

T = 63.6363636363













14.134725 + 6.36363 = 20.49836

20.49836 + 0.809917 = 21.30828





Upper bound: 21.30828

Lower bound: 20.49836


21.05419: new upper bound

20.49836 + 0.47727 = 20.97563

2.07214 - 1.2210825 = 0.8510575


Substracting the bottom four values successively from 21.05419:


21.011637 is the new lower bound for the entire approximation.

0.809917 - 0.47727 = 0.332697135


Adding the bottom four values successively to 20.97563:


21.025527 is the new upper bound for the entire approximation.

0.049897 - 0.0332647 = 0.0166232


21.00889 + 0.00423376 = 21. 013124

0.0166232 - 0.00423376 = 0.0123985


21.013124 + 0.00315589 = 21.01628

21.01628 is the new lower bound.


21.05419  - 0.01083162 = 21.043358

0.0425528 - 0.01083162 = 0.031721329


21.043358 - 0.00807452 = 21.035283

0.031721329 - 0.00807452 = 0.0236468


21.035283 - 0.00601918 = 21.029264

0.0236468 - 0.00601918 = 0.0176276


21.029264 - 0.00448703 = 21.024777

21.024777 is the new upper bound.

0.0123985 - 0.00315589= 0.00924251


21.01628 + 0.00235214 = 21.01863

0.00924251 - 0.00235214 = 0.0068899


21.01863 + 0.00175378 = 21.02038

0.0068899 - 0.00175378 = 0.00513612


21.02038 + 0.00130735= 21.021687

21.021687 is the new lower bound.

0.00513612 - 0.00130735 = 0.00382867


Adding the bottom four values successively to 21.021687:


0.0176276 - 0.00448703 = 0.01314057


Substracting the bottom three values successively from 21.024777:


21.02266 is the new upper bound.

0.00334487 - 0.00187185= 0.00137302


Substracting the last two values from 21.022805:


21.0224557 is the new upper bound.

Since 21.02226 is a lower value than 22.0224557, 21.02226 is the new upper bound.

0.00137302 - 0.000349496 = 0.001023524


21.0224557 - 0.000260533 =21.022195

21.022195 is the new upper bound.

0.001023524 - 0.000260533 = 0.000763


Already we can observe 11.444 = 2.861 x 4 and 3.815 = 6sc.

Substracting the bottom four values from 21.022195:


21.02200085 is the new lower bound.

The true value for the second zeta zero is:


Already we have obtained a five digit/three decimal place approximation:


It is the values of the ratios that matter: they converge to the correct zeta zero value.

The oscillations of the approximations of the Riemann-Siegel asymptotic formula:

B. Riemann must have noticed a connection between the approximations for the first two zeta zeros: these equations are still buried in his notes. That is why he understood that all of the zeta zeros must lie on the critical 1/2 line.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Nonlocality of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect (Casimir-Aharonov-Bohm effect) (gravitational Aharonov-Bohm effect) (optical Aharonov-Bohm effect)

"The Berry phase for an electron in a one-dimensional box rotated around a magnetic flux line has contributions from the geometry and the magnetic flux, which gives an Aharonov-Bohm effect."

A new Dirac-type equation for tachyonic neutrinos

A model has recently been presented to fit the cosmic ray spectrum at E ≈ 1 − 4 PeV [1-3] using the hypothesis that the electron neutrino is a tachyon. This model yields a value for m2e) ≈ −3eV2, which is consistent with the results from recent measurements in tritium beta decay experiments [4-6]. Moreover, the muon neutrino also exhibits a negative mass-square [7].

An Explanation on Negative Mass-Square of Neutrinos

The square of the neutrino mass is measured in tritium beta decay experiments by fitting the shape of the beta spectrum near endpoint. In many experiments, it has been found to be negative.

It has been known for many years that the measured mass-square of neutrino exhibits significantly negative value.

Interesting enough, the pion decay experiment also obtained a negative value for the muon neutrinos [5], m2µ)=(−0.016 ± 0.023) MeV2. (pg 29)

The next equation, (36), is also negative; however, the authors have also refused to accept that the muon neutrino has negative/imaginary mass (a tachyon). Simply put, the scientists involved in the experiment refused to accept its outcome.

Dr. Erasmo Recami:

Classical tachyons and possible applications : a review (Aharonov-Bohm effect for neutrino oscillations)

This quantum-mechanical interference provides a Bohm-Aharonov type experiment able to detect a potential difference between the two “arms” of an interferometer.

Berry phase in an entangled spin-1/2 system

Berry phase for oscillating neutrinos

In a similar fashion, we obtain the Berry phase for the muon neutrino state. (pg 2)

Finally, we remark that the recognition of the geometric phase associated to mixed states also suggests to us that a similar geometric phase also occurs in entangled quantum states which can reveal to be relevant in completely different contexts than particle oscillations, namely in quantum computation [11].

Controllable vs uncontrollable nonlocality:Is it possible to achieve superluminal communication?

Why is it that the entangled photons in the Aspect experiment cannot be used to transfer information faster than light, keeping in mind when commencing this analysis, that we are dealing with inanimate entities such as photons, electrons, etc. After all, it has been shown that nonlocal correlations exist between these photons and one would logically think that you should be able to perform this feat. The polarization correlations cannot be used to transmit information faster than light because they can only be detected when the statistics from the measurements on each side are compared in a classical fashion, which is dependent upon the efficiency of the detectors.

Biological nonlocality: Evidence for entanglement at the animate level implying
controllable superluminal communication

I feel that while the above reasoning is correct for entangled inanimate or nonliving
entities such as photons where, once a measurement has been made, the wave function
collapses and they become disentangled, the situation is much different for entangled
living entities such as human subjects .

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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U.S. Congress & Pentagon briefed that UFOs are not made on this earth

The New York Times has just released a bombshell article on classified UFO briefings received by members of U.S. Congress and Pentagon officials that the craft involved are “off-world vehicles not made on this earth”. The New York Times (NYT) story cites Dr. Eric Davis, a physicist currently working with the Aerospace Corporation, who gave briefings that classified corporate studies were being conducted on the “off-world vehicles” recovered and held in corporate facilities.

Dr. Davis’s testimony is important since, in 2019, a 15-page document was leaked of his conversation with a former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2002. In the conversation, Vice Admiral Thomas Wilson revealed to Davis details about an incident in 1997 when he was denied access to a classified UFO program run by a major aerospace corporate contractor despite being, at the time, the Deputy Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency and Vice Director for Intelligence (VJ2) for the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Wilson appealed unsuccessfully to the Special Access Programs Oversight Committee (SAPOC) that had authority over the corporate-run program. Surprisingly, the Committee ruled in favor of the corporation that Wilson did not have a demonstrable “need to know”, and therefore he was denied access.

The fact that the New York Times has run the story involving Davis and his knowledge of the corporate-run reverse engineering company is highly significant. As the official “paper of record”, the NYT is now opening the door to mainstream media sites picking up the threads of Davis’s astounding revelations and the leaked transcript of his 2002 conversation with Vice Admiral Wilson.

The likely narrative that will be emerging from the NYT story is that classified corporate-run programs on recovered extraterrestrial craft are very real, and not the imagination of UFO conspiracy theorists. This development will astound many working professionals that have ignored decades of testimonial evidence that such programs were being secretly conducted at multiple military and corporate facilities.

No known piloted aircraft could perform the UFO’s complex aerial maneuvers:

What was strange, the pilots said, was that the video showed objects accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns — something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.

"Many reports - some of them apparently authentic - tell of UFOs suddenly appearing in the sky from nowhere and then disappearing, seemingly in an instant. The saucers must be capable of truly extraordinary acceleration. Typical of saucer reports, as they appear in the local presses throughout the world, is the object seen cruising along at a few hundred miles per hour and then, suddenly, seen to dash away at what must be thousands of miles per hour.

In addition to these extraordinary linear accelerations the saucers seem to outwit inertia in other respects. At very high speeds they appear to make perfect right right angle turns and even reversals of direction, without disastrous results to their structure or their crew.

Still another good trick they seem able to move through the atmosphere at rates of speed and at levels of air density which clearly are incompatible with any publicly known technology. As an object moves through the air the friction of the molecules striking its surface causes the material to heat. In our very fast jet interceptors cooling systems are necessary. We all know how meteors entering the earth's atmosphere, and nose cones of missiles re-entering the earth's atmosphere, heat to such a point that in many cases they disintegrate or burn up completely. Yet moving at comparable speeds in a denser atmosphere and do not seem to show these effects.

But how, you ask, does this help us explain how flying saucers fly? If the owners of the saucers have been able to devise a revolutionary means of anti-gravity, say an electro-magnetic screen which they put around their craft, this will mean that as the earth's gravity is overcome the gravity-inertia of all the rest of the universe will be overcome also. If the gravitons or ultra particles or fields which account for the gravitation of the earth are screened out the gravitational effect of the rest of the universe will be screened out also. Thus the saucers, with their anti-gravity screen, will be able to fly above the earth and they will be able to ignore the laws of inertia. They will be literally floating in a little cup or envelope where neither gravity nor inertia play any role.

This explains how the saucers can accelerate from zero to thousands of miles an hour and decelerate at the same rate, how they can engage in the dramatic maneuvers reported."

A UFO is impervious to the effects of terrestrial gravity. This means it acts like a floating gray wormhole, well beyond the physics attributed to general relativity.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Recently, a group at the University of Glasgow used a sophisticated system of lasers and crystals to capture the first-ever photo of quantum entanglement violating one of what's now known as "Bell's inequalities."

This is "the pivotal test of quantum entanglement," said senior author Miles Padgett, who holds the Kelvin Chair of Natural Philosophy and is a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. Though people have been using quantum entanglement and Bell's inequalities in applications such as quantum computing and cryptography, "this is the first time anyone has used a camera to confirm [it]."

Fig. 2 Full-frame images recording the violation of a Bell inequality in four images.
(A) The four coincidence counting images are presented, which correspond to images of the phase circle acquired with the four phase filters with different orientations, θ2 = {0° , 45° , 90° , 135°}, necessary to perform the Bell test.

Acquiring images of such a fundamental quantum effect is a demonstration that images can capture and exploit the essence of the quantum world. Here, we report an experiment demonstrating the violation of a Bell inequality within observed images. It is based on acquiring full-field coincidence images of a phase object probed by photons from an entangled pair source. The image exhibits a violation of a Bell inequality with S = 2.44 ± 0.04. This result both opens the way to new quantum imaging schemes based on the violation of a Bell inequality and suggests promise for quantum information schemes based on spatial variables.

Quantum entanglement is not possible without wormholes:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Quantum nonlocality based on finite-speed causal influences
leads to superluminal signalling

Nonlocal quantum entanglement must originate outside of or beyond 4D spacetime.