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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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~1706 AD

Antarctica is covered by ice
The Giza pyramid is flooded

1769 AD

The island of California is realigned with the continent
The Grand Canyon is formed
Sahara becomes a desert
Siberia is covered by ice
Extinction of the mammoths (island of California, seven consecutive messages)


The New Madrid earthquake is caused by a meteor impact (impossible details relating to Napoleon's biography) (amazing related events in the history of the reigns of Napoleon III/I)


The great flood originated with the largest volcano eruption in Africa ever recorded (May 1861, Dubbi volcano)

This subject is currently being debated on several alternative history forums, but they cannot date these events as precisely as here.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"The patent application for a “Plasma Compression Fusion Device” was just published on September 26 after being lodged on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy back on March 22, 2019. The inventor is Dr. Salvator Pais, who works at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division and has previously lodged other patents on behalf of the Navy:"

(Craft using an inertial mass reduction device)
(High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator)

At present there are few envisioned fusion reactors/devices that come in a small, compact package (ranging from 0.3 to 2 meters in diameter) and typically they use different versions of plasma magnetic confinement. Three such devices are the Lockheed Martin (LM) Skunk Works Compact Fusion Reactor (LM-CFR), the EMC2 Polywell fusion concept, and the Princeton Field-Reversed Configuration (PFRC) machine. These devices feature short plasma confinement times, possible plasma instabilities with the scaling of size, and it is questionable whether they have the ability of achieving the break-even fusion condition, let alone a self-sustained plasma burn leading to ignition.

The plasma compression fusion device utilizes controlled motion of electrically charged matter via accelerated vibration and/or accelerated spin subjected to smooth yet rapid acceleration-deceleration-acceleration transients, in order to generate extremely high energy/high intensity electromagnetic fields. These fields not only confine the plasma core but also greatly compress it (by inducing a high energy negative potential well) so as to produce a high power density plasma burn, leading to ignition."

Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais
Naval Air War Center Aircraft Division

"It is claimed in the patent application that this plasma compression fusion device is capable of producing power in the gigawatt (1 billion watts) to terawatt (1 trillion watts) range and above with input power only in the kilowatt (1,000 watts) to megawatt (1,000,000 watts) range."



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The gravitational wave solution with the support of observation was claimed by J. H. Taylor Jr., who gets a Nobel Prize for the observation of the binary pulsars.

However, their calculation is incorrect in mathematics. Thus he could not justify his calculation when Professor Emeritus Philip Morrison of MIT went to Princeton to ask for his justification.

The Necessary Existence of Gravitational Waves and the Repulsive Gravitation

P. Morrison of MIT had gone to Princeton University to question J. A. Taylor on their justification in calculating the gravitational radiation of the binary pulsars. As expected, Taylor was unable to give a valid justification.

Incompleteness of General Relativity, Einstein's Errors, and Related Experiments

On the Nobel Prize in Physics, Controversies and Influences

Linearization of the Einstein Equation and The 1993 Press Release of the Nobel Prize in Physics

The Einstein equation cannot have a bounded dynamic solution for a two-body problem or gravitational wave solutions; and the Hulse-Taylor binary pulsars experiments actually support the modified Einstein equation.

Einstein claimed in his 1923 Nobel lecture that his considerations led to the theory of gravity, which yields the Newtonian theory as a first approximation, as well as yielding the motion of the perihelion of Mercury, the deflection of light by the sun.
In so doing, he did not respond to those questions raised by Gullstrand on the perihelion of Mercury. In particular, he failed to show the existence of a bounded dynamic solution, whose existence is crucial for the perturbation approach to calculate the perihelion of Mercury. However, The Nobel Prize Committee, well known for its cautious attitude, would not have changed its opinion based on Einstein’s statements alone; Gullstrand would have to have been proven wrong mathematically.

A search of the literature between 1921 and 1993 reveals a “proof” of the existence of bounded dynamic solutions. Two Princeton professors in mathematics, Christodoulou and Klainerman, published a 500 page book in 1993, claiming that bounded (in amplitude) dynamic solutions of the Einstein equation had been constructed. This book was highly regarded by Princeton University and considered a classic in mathematics. Moreover, Wheeler, an advocate of Einstein then, mentored Christodoulou and claimed him to be a genius. Thus, under the full weight of the reputation of Princeton University, the Nobel Committee understandably changed their mind.

However, upon closer examination, their construction of “dynamic” solutions has problems. Some are as follows:

1. They did not show that their constructed solutions are compatible with Einstein’s radiation formula.

2. Their construction is a set of time-dependent solutions only, since they did not show that such a solution has dynamic sources. This is necessary according to the principle of causality.

3. They have shown only that a static solution belongs to their set. However, they did not prove that it includes time-dependent solutions, or provide even an example.
In other words, these two authors failed to prove the crucial issue that their set of bounded dynamic solutions is non-empty. This problem alone is sufficient to establish that their construction of dynamic solutions is at least incomplete even if one ignores other problems that demonstrate the invalidity.'s_Radiation_Formula_and_Modifications_to_the_Einstein_Equation (general relativity antigravity coupling terms) ((general relativity antigravity coupling terms, part II)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Principle of Leonardo da Vinci:

All movement tends to maintenance, or rather all moved bodies continue to move as long as the impression of the force of their motors (original impetus) remains in them.

First law attributed to Newton:

Every body continues in its state of rest, or of uniform motion in a straight line, unless it is compelled to change that state by forces impressed upon it.

Hipparchus and Vitruvius' inverse square law: (Hooke and Newton copied the inverse square law)

The Forgotten Revolution (Lucio Russo):

Inverse square law: discovered by Vitruvius and Pythagoras
Steam engine: invented by Heron
Centripetal/Centrifugal forces: discovered by Plutarch
Integral calculus: invented by Archimedes

The Forgotten Revolution
Reviewed by Sandro Graffi

Now, if every heavenly body pulls on every other, this leads to the idea of a dynamic theory of planetary motions, seeing planetary motions as composed of rectilinear inertia and gravitational pull. Indeed we read in Vitruvius: "the sun’s powerful force attracts to itself the planets by means of rays projected in the shape of triangles; as if braking their forward movement or holding them back, the sun does not allow them to go forth but [forces them] to return to it" (297). Pliny likewise has it that planets are "prevented by a triangular solar ray from following a straight path" (298). The reference to triangles suggests an underlying mathematical treatment, and indeed there are further traces of this (298-302). Furthermore, "the technical tool of vector addition for displacements is present in Heron and in the pseudo-Aristotelian Mechanics, and indeed it is used in this latter work to explain how a uniform circular motion can be regarded as a continuous superposition of a displacement 'according to nature', along the tangent, with one 'contrary to nature', directed toward the center." (301-302)

Plutarch and the theory of gravity

Pythagoras inverse square law and pythagorean triples:

Inverse Square Law and Inverse Pythagorean Theorem (theorems 7 and 8 ):'s_Hidden_Circles (Archimedes' Palimpsest)

A. Fomenko: History: Science or Fiction? vol I

pg 27-28

De Arhitectura by Vitruvius was written during the Renaissance and not two thousand years ago

Origin of Calculus:

Newton, himself, claimed credit only for making the calculus rigorous, not for inventing it (though he did claim credit for the sine series). He thought the calculus could be made rigorous by making time metaphysical. Ironically, that was the precise reason why his physics failed. Changing that understanding of time/calculus improves physics including the theory of gravitation.

The problem of equal intervals of time in Newtonian physics

Calculus, the continuum, and the nature of time

Briefly, what is today taught as the authoritative way to do calculus is hardly the only
way or the best way to do it. Therefore, theories of the calculus ought not to decide the
nature of time in physics, as Newton did.
One can also object to Newton’s procedure on the grounds that it is inappropriate to
allow metaphysical beliefs to dictate something as fundamental to physics as the nature
of time. Time may be like the real line, or it may be discrete or structured. But, whatever
the nature of time, this should be decided by physics, not by mathematics.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The formula which features an area and an angular velocity is now derived DIRECTLY using the CORIOLIS force:

The Sagnac Phase Shift
G. Rizzi and M.L. Ruggiero
(two of the best known experts on the SAGNAC EFFECT in the world)

(M.L. Ruggiero is member of the GINGER collaboration)

The CORIOLIS EFFECT formula, 4Aω/c2, has been derived using solely the CORIOLIS FORCE.

But this is not the SAGNAC EFFECT formula, which is proportional to the velocity of the light beams.

Stokes' theorem/formula guarantees that there will always be two formulas for each interferometer: the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula and the SAGNAC EFFECT formula. (counterclockwise and clockwise phase differences for the Michelson-Gale interferometer)

It is of interest to note that Rizzi and Ruggiero have derived the SAGNAC EFFECT formula which does not feature an area; yet, they seem unable to understand that the formula which does display the area and the angular velocity is the CORIOLIS EFFECT phase difference:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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(from Relativity in Rotating Frames: Relativistic Physics in Rotating Reference Frames
edited by G. Rizzi, M.L. Ruggiero, pgs. 179-221)

Using the relativistic law of velocity addition, G. Rizzi and M.L. Ruggiero prove that the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula (proportional to the area and to the angular velocity) is valid, if and only if, the condition of ”equal relative velocity in opposite directions” is imposed.

"However, when condition (24) is imposed, the difference ∆τ between these times does depend only on the angular velocity Ω of the disk, and it does not depend on the velocities of propagation of the beams with respect the turnable."

Classical and Relativistic Derivation of the Sagnac Effect
Wolfgang Engelhardt
Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik

Using the relativistic law of velocity addition, the author proves that the coherent beams leaving the beam splitter at the same time in opposite directions will return at the same time as they both travel at the same speed c.

In other words, the SRT correctly applied to a rotating Sagnac Interferometer does not predict the Sagnac Effect.

From the Lorentz transformation equations, Einstein derived a relativistic formula for the kinematic addition of two velocities in the same direction, which algebraically never could exceed the velocity c. Einstein claimed that this formula mathematically confirmed his second postulate concerning the constant propagation velocity of light at c in every inertial frame. Later he claimed that the 1851 Experiment of Fizeau empirically confirmed the validity of this formula. But it turns out that neither claim is correct.


“In his final essay on the subject in 1937, Langevin proposed that the results published that year by Dufour and Prunier showed that one had to assume either (a) the light speed varied to c + wr in one direction and c – wr in the other direction, or (b) the time aboard the spinning apparatus had to change by a factor of +/-2wA/c2 in either direction. Indeed, Langevin went as far as to say that assuming (a), “we find, by a very simple and very general reasoning, the formula for the difference of the times of the path of the two light beams in the Sagnac experiment.” .

The proposition (b) though is untenable because if this were true then when the light beam passed back to the moving detector, the local time from each direction would be out of synchronization, meaning that the clocks cannot be counting real time and that the effective time dilation is meaningless. This was also pointed out by Herbert Ives in his 1938 paper criticizing Langevin. Ives says about the absurdity of Langevin’s proposition (b):

” There are of course not merely two clocks, but an infinity of clocks, where we include those that could be transported at finite speeds, and around other paths. As emphasized previously, the idea of “local time” is untenable, what we have are clock readings. Any number of clock readings at the same place are physically possible, depending on the behaviour and history of the  clocks used. More than one “time” at one place is a physical absurdity. “

The only explanation left, is Langevin’s proposition a) that the light speed varies by C+/-wr in one or the other direction around the disk, consistent with Dufour and Prunier’s experimental results."

Herbert Ives, Light Signals Sent Around a Closed Path:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Algebraic approach to time-delay data analysis: orbiting case
K Rajesh Nayak and J-Y Vinet

This is an IOP article, published by the prestigious journal Classic and Quantum Gravity:

Two separate effects: rotation around the interferometer's own axis, and the orbital motion of the same interferometer; one is much greater than the other, by a factor of R/L.

Two separate phase equations: and .

Dr. Daniel Shaddock has derived the formula: (Dr. Daniel Shaddock, Jet Propulsion Laboratory)

For an interferometer, whose center of rotation coincides with the geometrical center, the CORIOLIS EFFECT and the SAGNAC EFFECT formulas are equivalent: (Dr. Ruyong Wang, Triangle Sagnac Experiment)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Two boats on a lake, boat X and boat Y, are being pulled toward each other using a single rope by the two men on each boat.

Of course forces X and Y will ALWAYS be different.

The NET FORCES on each end of the rope might be the same, but the APPLIED FORCES will ALWAYS be different.

Modern Newtonian mechanics has this story to tell:

The net force on boat x is -A.
The net force on boat y is -B.
The net force on the string is A+B.
As the string isn't moving, the net force on the string is 0, so A+B=0 so B=-A.

The net force on boat x is -A.
The net force on boat y is A.
The net force on the string is A-A=0.

By the very hypothesis, A DOES NOT EQUAL B.

A cannot equal B.

Yet, by using the twisted RE logic, using only a single force acting on boat X (respectively on boat Y), the analysis reaches a point where the absolute value of A equals the absolute value of B. A most direct contradiction of the hypothesis.

The RE analysis leads to a total disaster, where the basic requirement is this |A|=|B|.

Which can NEVER be the case.

Force A can never equal force B.

Let us suppose now, that only one of the rafts/boats does the pulling (that is, side X will have the rope attached to it, no person X would be pulling).

Person Y pulls on the rope from the right.

What are the forces on the left side of the rope (in boat X)?

-B (reaction force on force B).

Now let us bring person X back.

Both persons are pulling now, force A does not equal force B.

What are the forces on the left side of the rope now?

Yes, person X is pulling with force -A (to the left) BUT ALSO person Y is pulling.

Reaction force is the SAME as in the previous situation: -B.

Then, the net force on the left side of the rope is now: -A + -B, or -A -B.

Very simple to understand.

The fact that force B (and force A) are being applied THROUGHOUT the entire rope is something modern mechanics has yet to acknowledge.

There will be action-reaction pairs diagrams at each end of the rope, involving BOTH PULLING FORCES A and B.

On solid ground (or someone who is in a truck), there will always be FRICTION to deal with (FA, the frictional force on player A exerted by the ground, and FB, the frictional force on player B exerted by the ground).

When the forces are unbalanced, the system accelerates in the direction of the net force.

The acceleration is caused by the imbalance of frictional forces at different parts of the system.

The tug-of-war is won by the person who applies a larger force on the ground (which is equal to the frictional force by Newton's third law), and not by the person who pulls the rope harder.

There is also the matter of the static friction force between the rope and the person's hands.

The standard analysis for the two boats connected by a rope on a lake fails miserably.

By contrast, the FE analysis is very well defined.

Two boats pulled toward each other on a lake.

Man from boat X is pulling with force A, directed to the left.

Man from boat Y is pulling with force B, directed to the right.

Forces A and B are, of course, of different magnitude.

What are the forces acting on boat X?

To the left we will have a negative direction.

Boat X will be acted upon by TWO FORCES: A (the reaction force on the action force -A) and B.

What are the forces acting on the left end side of the rope?

-A and -B.

What are the forces acting boat Y?

To the right we will have the positive direction.

Boat Y will be acted upon by two forces: -B (the reaction force on the action force B) and

What are the forces acting on the right end side of the rope?

A and B.

Net force on boat X: A + B

Net force on boat Y: -A - B

Net force on the string: [-A - B] + [A + B]

The string/rope will not move: [-A - B] + [A + B] = 0

All forces balance out perfectly.

But they include TWICE THE FORCES NEEDED in the Newtonian system.

The man in boat X is pulling on the rope, while at the same time boat Y is pulling on that same rope with force B. The correct analysis must take these facts into account.

A perfect demonstration that there are indeed two forces acting on boat X, respectively on boat Y: the equations work out in total balance.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Is it not demonstrated that a true flying machine, self-raising, self-sustaining, self-propelling, is physically impossible?
— Joseph LeConte, November 1888

I can state flatly that heavier than air flying machines are impossible.
— Lord Kelvin, 1895

I have not the smallest molecule of faith in aerial navigation other than ballooning, or of the expectation of good results from any of the trials we heard of. So you will understand that I would not care to be a member of the Aeronautical Society.
— Lord Kelvin, 1896

The demonstration that no possible combination of known substances, known forms of machinery and known forms of force, can be united in a practical machine by which men shall fly along distances through the air, seems to the writer as complete as it is possible for the demonstration to be.
— Simon Newcomb, 1900

Flight by machines heavier than air is unpractical and insignificant, if not utterly impossible.
— Simon Newcomb, 1902

Simon Newcomb, directed the American Nautical Almanac Office, professor of mathematics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University, founder and first president of the American Astronomical Society, vice-president of the National Academy of Sciences.

The Outlook for the Flying Machine

It turns out that Simon Newcomb was correct in his assertions.

Scientific American, February 2020

No one can completely explain why planes stay in the air

By Ed Regis

Addendum January 18, 2020: Scientific American just published an article admitting that “no one can explain why planes stay in the air”. They should say “no one promoted by the mainstream” can explain it, since I just did above. But despite that obvious omission, it is incredible they would be admitting this in 2020, confirming many of the points I make above, as if they had read this paper and were doing their best to respond to it without mentioning it. Because I think that is precisely what is going on. But although I think that is true, I still find it incredible they would admit to their own ignorance this late in the game. They don't completely admit it, and the author Ed Regis makes some weak stabs at promoting old theories, as well as promoting Doug McLean. But it is all sort of half-hearted and desperate, and Regis doesn't even try very hard to disguise that. He starts by admitting that John Anderson, curator of aerodynamics at the Air and Space Museum, can't explain lift, and has said so in print. Anderson hedged in his 2003 interview in the New York Times, confessing there was no agreement on the subject. Bernoulli's Theorem from 1738 is still the go-to explanation for a majority in academia, but it is admitted that fails to answer all questions. Regis includes the least of these questions in his “But...” insert, admitting that the curved upper surface theory has been disproved. He does not admit that Bernoulli's “lift” vector is unsupported by even the least shred of mechanics, being nothing more than a word. A naming standing for an explanation.

The scathing and devastating analysis by M. Mathis reveals that the explanations put forth by modern science regarding the flight of airplanes, are completely false.

But not even M. Mathis can deliver the correct explanation.

There is only one physicist who was ever able to explain why airplanes stay in flight. He even invented the jet engine: Viktor Schauberger. (V. Schauberger effect, jet engine levitation, part I)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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POMPEII - HERCULANEUM VII (parts I-V, part I also addresses the features of the canal built by Domenico Fontana) (part VI)

New discovery: the canal built by architect Domenico Fontana feeds the artificial rivers of at least two villas : Julia Felix and Loreius Tiburtinus.

This is the water conduit that had been built during the Renaissance, but which runs right through Pompeii:

The Renaissance flourished some 150 years later, during the 18TH century (the best proof discovered by the Swiss historian, Christoph Pfister)

Pompeii and Herculaneum were destroyed, I believe, during the world-wide conflagration (geological and astronomical) which occurred in 1769 AD.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Postcard from the 19th century, the fountain is still visible:

"On a postcard from the end of the 19th century with the Temple of Isis you can see a fountain in the background between the columns."

Isis temple today:

"There is an earlier representation of the Temple of Isis with a fountain of Fontana. An etching by Francesco Piranesi from the 18th century shows the Isis temple shortly after the excavations.

It can be clearly seen that the fountain has the side bevels, which were apparently originally equipped with a lockable lid, which is typical of the urban and rural wells.

In all likelihood, these bevels indirectly contributed to reducing the load on the volcanic ash on the lids of the well, thereby ensuring that the water pipeline continued to function even after the eruption. When the picture is enlarged, it can be seen that the fountain is marked with the letter "F", with Piranesi giving the following explanation in the footnote: "Fountain with two windows covered with movable lids, where the ashes of sacred offerings go threw.""

"I suspect the fountain lids were wooden. From bronze, lead, concrete, titanium, etc. - more than unlikely. How long can wood endure in an aggressive environment and under humid conditions? One and a half to two thousand years? Hard to believe. Taking into account that in Herculaneum (Resina), everything that was not burned has rotted and the fountain lids have been exposed to moisture not only from above but also from below from the evaporating water, then the only explanation that they are still in 18th century is that they were not too long underground. I would say a hundred years for wood to be preserved under unfavorable conditions is more credible than 1700 years, right?"

The fact that during the excavation of the Isis temple the workers came across the lid of the fountain was also noted in the excavation diary:

"As the excavations of the Temple of Isis continued, after the removal of the lapilli, a building was discovered in the site that had been excavated earlier, which could have been considered a fountain wreath if it had not been found covered with a lid on the floor burnt fruits were found. Since this soil is close to the surface, it could not have been antique soil, but the canal that goes through it, which leads the water to the powder factory, carries so much water that it is impossible to dig deeper."
Alcubierre, R., et al., Pompeianarum Antiquitatum Historia 1.

"Piranesi and Alcubierre thereby confirm my assumption that the fountain was initially considered to be part of the Isis temples. This fountain was the first of Fontana's fountains to be excavated, so it was not yet known in the times of Piranesi what threat these fountains posed to the official version of Pompei's demise in ancient times."

Giovanni Mascolo, 1633 AD

Vesuvius before the eruption attributed to 1631 AD

Pompeii and Herculaneum clearly visible as contemporary cities

Vesuvius after the eruption of the volcano; both Pompeii and Herculaneum heavily affected

Multiple proofs and references relating to the fact that the eruption which destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum occurred in fact some 1600 years later in time.

The eruption must have taken place not in 1631 AD, but at least 100 years later in time, since the technology in use at Herculaneum for perfectly flat glass was developed after 1688 AD at St. Gobain:

It was in 1688, that in France experts developed a new process of making flat glass, mainly used in mirrors. The process was pouring molten glass onto a special table and roll it flat, later when cooled it was polished using felt disks, then it was coated with reflective material to produce the mirrors.

The Count Sarno canal built by Domenico Fontana passes right through Pompeii.

Not The Last Day Of Pompeii

by German engineer Andreas Tschurilow

Section V, The Water Pipe of Domenico

1. The water pipe was not built for the water supply of Pompeii and also not for the supply of drinking water from Torre Annunziata, but for trouble-free work of the mills while avoiding the seasonal fluctuations in the water level in the Sarno river, which still supplies very little water today. Therefore, it was in no way connected to the Pompeii water supply system. The water pipe was, more or less, even of military-strategic importance, so the opinion of the local population was hardly taken into account.

I mean both the possible inconveniences and the interruptions in the usual ways. I also admit that Fontana may have had no choice but to spare one of the city streets if he encountered an obstacle such as B. basalt or old lava. I suspect that its water pipe, although raised to about a meter above the street level at this point, did not constitute an insurmountable obstacle for the Pompeian wagoners and their horses, who must have got used to it, the numerous stool-like pedestrian crossings that were almost as high are to be overcome.

The precautionary pipes across the hump of the sewer ceiling for rainwater drainage need a special explanation. Why should Domenico Fontana have done something like this when the road was resting under the thick layer of ash?

2. The water pipe did not run above the ceilings because Pompeii is on a hill and the height difference between the sources of the Sarno river and the sea level is relatively small. As an engineer, Fontana would surely not build an Italian 'Main-Danube Canal' with a complicated system of water rises to a few tens of meters under time pressure; he would try to bypass the Pompeian hill, which would make the project much cheaper. And he was just trying to make that happen, but the wall of the city and the former moat, which had lost its strategic importance and had long been used by the inhabitants as a necropolis for burial purposes, disturbed his plans. Therefore he had to lead the canal through the city.

4. Of course you can also assume that Domenico Fontana cleaned an existing water pipe from the times of some "emperors, fifteen times Cesars Vespasians (wasp-like) Augustus and etc.", collected the money and left for the Vatican then there were still the questions of ventilation and maintenance that Fontana inevitably had to solve while working in the almost two-kilometer tunnel under the buried city, but there are no ventilation shafts or traces in Pompeii.

The construction of the canal in the city should face Fontana with at least three problems:

1. Pompeii stands on a cooled lava flow, which makes it almost impossible to get through without blasting. With the height of the canal of 2 meters and an average thickness of the floor in Pompeii of 3 meters, minus the depth of the foundations of the buildings, its laying resembles a jeweler's work.

2. The engineer Fontana should observe all the necessary inclinations so that the water could flow without outside help, but not at a high speed.

3. The construction work had to be carried out in an inhabited city without massive disruption to their normal life.

The section of the canal of around 1700 meters in Pompeii that Fontana has built under the city corresponds to the topography of the site, its natural inclinations. He was really a brilliant engineer, you can only envy him. He managed to solve the three problems I mentioned!

Preliminary Findings

1. The route of the aqueduct I examined coincides with the route of the engineer Domenico Fontana on the map of the Pompeii excavations at the end of the 18th and beginning of the 19th century.

2. The building material from which the water pipe was made is completely identical to the building material of the city. Partially fired bricks of standardized sizes were used.

As far as I could see through the bars: the walls are made of stone, the arches are made of bricks. Everything is carefully plastered from the inside. The plaster continues to this day, while the water pipe has of course not been thoroughly repaired for a long time. In addition, a photo of P 6 , here you can see that the water pipe goes a few meters lower before crossing the Via Stabiana street. If Fontana had built the canal in a dead city, he didn't have to do that, did he?

3. The depth of the canal in relation to the street level of Pompeii is relatively small. With the exception of one area (see above), the canal runs everywhere under the streets and walls of the houses, leaving the important cultic buildings undamaged.

Until the start of the excavations, none of the fountains are listed on Pompei's early topographical maps because all the fountains in the city were only discovered during the excavations. If Domenico Fontana had laid his water pipe under the volcanic ash that was several meters thick, the wells would also be several meters deep. They would also be drawn on old topographic maps. The fountain at the Temple of Isis is a characteristic example of what the situation was like at the beginning of the excavations.

In the 18th century, the usual urban fountains had lids inclined on both sides, in the 19th century they were already without lids, in the 20th century the top was completely missing on the paths of pilgrim tourists. Remains of the fountain have been preserved in places that are inaccessible to tourists. In the photo from 1851 the fountain, in the foreground, can still be seen in its original state, but without the lid.

It was not until much later, in 1870, that Ernest Breton suspected that this fountain belonged to the Domenico Fontana Canal.

“To the right, symmetrical to the altar, is an ancient fountain, which is now used to observe the Sarno Canal, designed by Domenico Fontana. At the time of the excavation, it was filled with black ash, which apparently came from burnt fruit. This fountain had a simple purpose, as did the entire territory adjacent to the Greek Temple of Isis: to take up the ashes of the victims ". - Pompeia by Ernest Breton (3rd ed. 1870)

It is quite natural that the archaeologists in their diary of the excavations attributed the well with a lid they had encountered to the Isis temple as a recycling container for the remains of the victims. Of course, the black dirt on his floor could also be perceived as such. However, they could not properly examine the fountain because it disturbed the flowing water of the canal.

Just like today's fountains as access to the city's underground connecting channels. In addition, it is difficult to imagine that Fontana like a worm the Pompeian hill with a shovel and a peck about two kilometers long in the volcanic soil without inevitable ventilation, yes not straight, but constantly changing its direction, and with a striking Attention to all inclinations.

What do we know about the construction of a tunnel in a loose floor at the end of the 16th to the beginning of the 17th century? The loose volcanic ash and lapilli would have been an insurmountable obstacle for Fontana if he wanted to dig horizontal tunnels under Pompeii. It would be impossible to strengthen the roof arch of the tunnel in such conditions. Domenico Fontana was an architect, but not a miner.

It still happens that even the miners are mistaken by digging dozens of meters. My conclusion: Domenico Fontana built his canal in an open pit. And if it did, he would inevitably have to dig up the city. His diligence in construction cannot be explained in a conventional way: he neither damaged a wall nor a building, he went deeper when crossing the streets (with one exception) and he made inspection wells exactly at street level. Some of them even have a side entrance. There cannot be so many coincidences. One can only believe in it, but it is not possible to explain it reasonably.


All of the above makes it possible to say with certainty that the existing canal (1594-1600) had been built in compliance with all the rules at that time for laying the urban connecting canals in the city of Pompeii, which was still alive at the time. As a result, the city of Pompeii, which has been partially uncovered by archaeologists today, is the same as that at the eruption of Vesuvius in 1631, which is also reflected in the epitaph of that time in Torre del Greco, where Pompeii in line with Herculaneum, Resina and Portici in the list of cities of sacrifice mentioned is directly confirmed.

In the Brockhaus encyclopedia, the first accidental discoverer of Pompeii is a famous Pope architect, engineer Domenico Fontana, who was also responsible for the completion of the construction of St. Peter's Cathedral in the Vatican, the relocation of the Egyptian obelisk to the cathedral square and the construction of the Palazzo Reale in Naples is celebrated.

«In the Middle Ages, even the place where Pompeii was was forgotten over the course of one and a half thousand years. Pompeii hid under the spilling ashes and the later layers of soil. In 1592, when the architect D. Fontana created an underground channel for the delivery of water from the Sarno river to the Torre Annunziata, which still exists today, he came across the ruins of Pompeii. But nobody noticed them. »

This water pipe was ordered by Count Sarno from the architect Domenico Fontana with the aim of supplying the water to the Torre Annunziata. It was still used by farmers to irrigate their fields in the early 1900s and continued to function until 1960 when the canal was abandoned, which ultimately led to its decay.

It could be concluded from these words that the engineer was working on the work after the tunnel had been laid through the city at some depth and that he had come across the roofs and walls of the houses under the layer of ash several meters thick. It wouldn't be strange if you didn't ask the question: How did he manage, technically, almost two kilometers in the volcanic soil, which still emitted dangerous carbon dioxide gas, without the necessary ventilation?

It looks as if Domenico Fontana in 1592 directed the 1764 meter underground gallery through the Pompeian Hill so that it not only ran underground, but even under the foundations of the buildings and the castle walls and has not touched or damaged any of them on their way!



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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In a significant breakthrough, Dr. Salvatore Pais' paper on double torsion technology applied to portable fusion devices has been published by a major and prestigious mainstream scientific journal.

The Plasma Compression Fusion Device—Enabling Nuclear Fusion Ignition
Publisher: IEEE

November 2019 (Vol 47, Issue 11), IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science (published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

The plasma compression fusion device (PCFD) generates the energy gain by plasma compression-induced nuclear fusion. This concept has the capability of maximizing the product of plasma pressure and energy confinement time to maximize the energy gain, and thus give rise to fusion ignition conditions. The preferred embodiment of this original concept uses a hollow cross-duct configuration of circular cross section in which the concentrated magnetic energy flux from two pairs of opposing curved-headed counter-spinning conical structures (possibly made from an alloy of tungsten with high capacitance) whose outer surfaces are electrically charged compresses a gaseous mixture of fusion fuel into a plasma, heated to extreme temperatures and pressures.

The PCFD concept can produce power in the gigawatt to terawatt range (and higher) with input power in the kilowatt to megawatt range.

Dr. Pais' other major paper was also published in a mainstream scientific journal:

Let us remember that the tokamak plasma device will release 1014 positrons (laevorotatory subquarks) from the ether lattice:

Dr. Menahem Simhony has researched the existence of the electron-positron lattice:

Further research, the existence of the electron-positron double torsion wave structure, has been conducted by Dr. F. Tombe:

Gertsenshtein-Zel'dovich effect:

Li effect:

High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Induced Nuclear Fusion;%20HFGW%20Nuclear%20Fusion.pdf

The electrodynamic Hamiltonian of a particle in ZPF (zero point energy field/ether) was obtained for the first time in 1994, and was published in the Physical Review A:

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force
Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, and H. E. Puthoff
Phys. Rev. A 49, 678

Under the hypothesis that ordinary matter is ultimately made of subelementary constitutive primary charged entities or "partons" bound in the manner of traditional elementary Planck oscillators (a timehonored classical technique), it is shown that a heretofore uninvestigated Lorentz force (specifically, the magnetic component of the Lorentz force) arises in any accelerated reference frame from the interaction of the partons with the vacuum electromagnetic zero-point field (ZPF).

Partons are Feynman's particles which make up protons and neutrons ahd have fractional charges.

Partons are positrons:

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Physicist Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962) devised an ingenious way to demonstrate rotation in 1913 (a sort of Foucault's pendulum constructed with a tube of water).

"It uses a large 1 meter diameter glass torus filled with liquid having small particles in suspension. It is aligned in a plane east-west allowed to stabilize for a day or more, then quickly rotated 180 degrees about its diameter. The suspended particles are observed with a microscope and for a few seconds they rotate with respect to the tube, the motion damping out in about 20 seconds. This motion occurs because the liquid and the particles were initially moving with the tube around the earth's axis. After the tube flips, the liquid and the particles, are now moving in the opposite direction inside it. Their speed can be observed with the microscope. This device not only indicates the direction of North, but also shows which direction the earth rotates."

However, the tube can measure TWO possible rotational motions: the hypothetical rotation of the Earth, or the rotation of the ether drift above the surface of the Earth (which is latitude dependent, as proven by Dr. Dayton Miller's experiments).

That is, the particles will reveal the effect of the CORIOLIS FORCE:

The deciding factor, as always, is the SAGNAC EFFECT.

Here we have further undeniable proof that the CORIOLIS EFFECT is just a kinematic effect, a purely mechanical interaction.

In fact, researchers in the field of gravitomagnetism are defining terrestrial gravity in terms of the Coriolis force (effect exerted by gravitons upon particles): (chapter 8 )

The SAGNAC EFFECT, by contrast, is an electromagnetic effect.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The CORIOLIS EFFECT is caused by the rotation of the ether drift above the surface of the Earth. It is an effect on the gravitational (dextrorotatory) string.

The SAGNAC EFFECT is caused by the velocity of the ether waves impact on the light beams of the interferometer. It is an effect on the light/electromagnetic (laevorotatory) string.

The electrogravitational field propagates in double torsion fashion (one string, the one which has a right-handed spin, is the gravitational flux of bosons, the other string, with a left-handed spin, is the electromagnetic stream of bosons; both are longitudinal waves which travel through subquark transverse waves): (magnetricity - double torsion flow of the electrogravitational field)

One of the basic and most profound discoveries in this thread, is that the second string of the magnetic field, the NORTH-SOUTH flux of particles, is the GRAVITATIONAL stream of bosons, while the usually depicted SOUTH-NORTH flux is the electromagnetic stream.

The magnetic field effect has a rotational counterpart:

Maxwell’s Original Equations

The compound centrifugal force (Coriolis force) that acts on an element moving with velocity v in a magnetic field: the solenoidal alignment of the tiny vortices causes a differential centrifugal pressure to act on either side of the element when it is moving at right angles to the rotation axes of the vortices, and this causes a deflection in the path of motion.

The Cause of Coriolis Force

The most fundamental Coriolis force of all arises in the all pervading electron-positron sea in connection with the torque which causes the rotating electron-positron dipoles to align solenoidally, hence producing the magnetic field. An electron-positron dipole generates a net aether pressure when it is disturbed from its equilibrium alignment, either by being stretched, compressed, caused to precess, or being caused to spin faster. (the best article on scalar waves, from a mainstream source)

"Light is an undulation in the same medium that is the cause of electric and magnetic phenomena: light is an electromagnetic wave."

The Compton tube experiment proves the existence of the Coriolis force of rotation of the ether drift, it is just a deflection of the path of the particles, it affects the dextrorotatory string (gravitational wave). Since both strings propagate in a double torsion helix form, the slight deviation of the gravitational string's path will also mean a slight offset of the light/electromagnetic string path as well.

The Sagnac effect is directly related to the velocity of the light beams, light is the laevorotatory string (electromagnetic wave).

In an interferometer whose center of rotation coincides with the geometrical center, BOTH these effects will have equal values.

However, for an interferometer whose center of rotation no longer coincides with its geometrical center, the SAGNAC EFFECT will be much greater than the CORIOLIS EFFECT (since it is directly proportional to the radius of the rotation), while BOTH effects will be recorded/registered by the fringe shifts.

Rotation will affect BOTH the dextrorotatory and the laevorotatory waves, the entire electrogravitational field. To prove the rotation of the Earth, one needs to register BOTH these effects, CORIOLIS and SAGNAC.

The SAGNAC EFFECT is directly related to the radius of rotation (and thus to the velocity of the light beam itself):

Sagnac formula for an interferometer whose center of rotation coincides with its geometrical center:

Δt = l/(c - v) - l/(c + v)

Sagnac formula for an interferometer located away from the center of rotation (different radii, different velocities):

Δt = (l1 + l2)/(c - v1 - v2) - (l1 + l2)/(c + v1 + v2)

The velocity terms are immediately identified: c - v1 - v2 and c + v1 + v2.

Δt = (l1 + l2)/(c - v1 - v2) - (l1 + l2)/(c + v1 + v2) = 2[(l1v1 + l2v2)]/c2

Coriolis effect formula:


FULL HYDRODYNAMIC GRAVITY EQUATION (the Coriolis force is part of entire/full acceleration equation):

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"But it's the absence of any explicit acknowledgment of special relativistic effects due to the speed of light being the same whenever measured by an observer, leading to the relativity of simultaneity and the associated Lorentz transformation physics - there's nothing of that at all modeled in the current system."

This is the main reason why N. Ashby introduced the Galilean time transformation t' = t between the inertial ECI and the rotating ECEF system: (Sec. 2, equation (3))

GPS software uses the Newtonian or Galilean time transformation t' = t rather than t = γ(t−xv/c2) for the calculation of the Coriolis effect (called by modern science the Sagnac effect, even though the formula features the area and the angular velocity).

What would happen is the GPS software would incorporate the STR/Lorentz transformation effects? Then, no Coriolis effect correction would be recorded at all and the errors would amount to hundreds of nanoseconds (a timing error of one nanosecond can lead to a navigational error of 30 cm).

On the Origin of the Lorentz Transformation

Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt
Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik

The Lorentz Transformation, which is considered as constitutive for the Special Relativity Theory, was invented by Voigt in 1887, adopted by Lorentz in 1904, and baptized by Poincaré in 1906. Einstein probably picked it up from Voigt directly.

"Electromagnetic Phenomena Not Explained by Maxwell's Equations"

Dr. T.W. Barrett
(Stanford Univ., Princeton Univ., U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Univ. of Edinburgh, author of over 200 papers on advanced electromagnetism)

Essays on the Formal Aspects of Electromagnetic Theory, pg 6 - 85

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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SAGNAC EFFECT: a superluminal effect, the speed of light varies to c + wr in one direction and c – wr in the other direction. It is based on the original superluminal Maxwell equations.

CORIOLIS EFFECT: a subluminal effect, the path of the light beams is slightly modified. It is based wholly on the modified Heaviside-Lorentz equations.

That is why all of the formulas generated using general relativity can only capture the CORIOLIS EFFECT. The addition of the stress energy tensor of the gravitational field by H. Yilmaz to the stress energy tensor for matter has ensured that general relativity can now predict light speed constancy on a rotating platform (east-west light travel yields light speed constancy).

Here is the latest analysis of the SAGNAC EFFECT, using general relativity:

On the general relativistic framework of the Sagnac effect

First, using Galilean transformations, the authors derive the correct SAGNAC EFFECT formula, which features the superluminal speed c+v.

Then, they stipulate that the local velocity of light is always c.

Using this hypothesis, then the authors proceed to derive the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula, using general relativity:

"The Coriolis force has a general relativistic explanation.


In this paper some considerations about the Sagnac experiment have been made. It has been shown that, by considering the rotating metric and by imposing the cancellation of the line element, one has an unexceptionable explanation only from the mathematical point of view. In this way, it seems that the speed of light varies by c±ωr in one or the other direction around the disk. Instead, as it happens for example in Rindler or Schwarzschild metric, the apparent variation of the speed of light is a consequence of time dilation. For this reason, it seems that the physics of the experiment is clearer by using the "gravitational" Coriolis time dilation."

An explicit derivation of the formula which features the area and the angular velocity using only the CORIOLIS FORCE and general relativity, and which deliberately eliminates the superluminal light speed c+ωr.

No matter which metric is being used, general relativity can only capture the subluminal CORIOLIS EFFECT, nothing else.

However, the light speed varies by c±wr in one or the other direction around the disk, consistent with Dufour and Prunier’s experimental results:

The original superluminal Maxwell equations:

Velocity addition equations for the rotational Sagnac effect: c + v1 + v2 and c - v1 - v2.

The Heaviside-Lorentz equations are not invariant under Galilean transformations.

However, the original J.C. Maxwell dynamical equations are invariant under Galilean transformations: (Dynamical Maxwell equations)

Equation (2.24) represents two waves: one wave propagating forward at a speed of (c+u) in the direction of the positive x axis and another wave propagating backward at a speed of (c-u) in the direction of the negative x axis.

A solution to the corrected Maxwell equations indicates that these equations are invariant under the Galilean transformation. Consequently the time-rate, space and mass are invariant and that velocity vectors are additive, which means that the speed of light can be exceeded.

The Heaviside-Lorentz equations are applicable to static systems only, and not to dynamic systems.

That is why they cannot capture the SAGNAC EFFECT which features superluminal speeds (c+v), since the speed of light is assumed to be always c.

Static vs. dynamical Maxwell equations

That is why the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula is only a comparison of TWO SIDES (ARMS/SEGMENTS of the interferometer). The SAGNAC EFFECT, by contrast, is a comparison of TWO LOOPS:

Point A is located at the detector
Point B is in the bottom right corner
Point C is in the upper right corner
Point D is in the upper left corner

l1 is the upper arm.
l2 is the lower arm.


Path 1 - A>B, D>C
Path 2 - C>D, B>A

A comparison of TWO SEGMENTS, a subluminal description based on the static Heaviside-Lorentz equations. It is mechanical effect: a slight deviation of the path of the light beams. It compares the phase shifts of two different segments/sides of the interferometer.


Path 1 - A > B > C > D > A is a continuous counterclockwise path, a negative sign -

Path 2 - A > D > C > B > A is a continuous clockwise path, a positive sign +

A comparison of TWO LOOPS, a superluminal phenomenon based on the original dynamical Maxwell equations. It is an electromagnetic effect: the speed of light varies by c±ωr in one or the other direction. It compares the phase shifts of the two continuous loops of the interferometer.

The letters sent to President of the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) by concerned German scientists/physicists regarding the GPS signal calculations:

Is it true that, contrary to the information provided by PTB, the effects of special relativity due to its insignificance and irrelevance are not taken into account in routine GPS application?
Is it true that, contrary to the information provided by PTB, it has been experimentally proven that the Sagnac effect applies and that the light runs with c + v accordingly? (translate to English option) (translate to English option)

Acoustic gyroscopes (Coriolis effect):

This proves that the ether drift which rotates above the surface of the Earth is a TESLA SOUND WAVE.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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In 1997, Dr. Franco Selleri, one of the top researchers of the Sagnac effect, published the time gap/discontinuity paradox which arises from the application of the Einstein synchronization: the clock on the disk is out of synchronization with itself (equivalently, since time “jumps” a gap between 360° and 0°, one could say time is discontinuous on the rotating disk. Also equivalently, one could say time is multivalued, as a given event has more than one time associated with it).

Actually, the paradox was discovered in 1938 by Dr. Herbert Ives, who proved that ”there are of course not merely two clocks, but an infinity of clocks, where we include those that could be transported at finite speeds, and around other paths. As emphasized previously, the idea of “local time” is untenable, what we have are clock readings. Any number of clock readings at the same place are physically possible, depending on the behaviour and history of the  clocks used. More than one “time” at one place is a physical absurdity.“

The only explanation left, is Langevin’s proposition a) that the light speed varies by c±wr  in one or the other direction around the disk, consistent with Dufour and Prunier’s experimental results."

Herbert Ives, Light Signals Sent Around a Closed Path: (scientific papers by Dr. Selleri)

The time gap/discontinuity paradox analyzed by Dr. Robert Klauber:

The paradox was also studied by Dr. T.A. Weber (ISU).

The full description of the paradox was presented by Dr. Klaus Kassner (Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Germany) in 2012:

"In his Minkowsky analysis of the circular Sagnac effect, Kassner is met with a discontinuity related to the speeds c + v and c−v of Selleri's paradox. Because of it, in order to confirm that the local speed of light is c along the disk circumference, Kassner tries to justify the discontinuity by introducing the unusual concept of a ‘time gap’ and states that ‘the speed of light is c everywhere except at the point on the circle where we put the time gap."

In order to make sense of the entire situation, the modified Lorentz transformation is used (Einstein synchronization) so that the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula is derived, which features the area and the angular velocity.

None of these authors has realized that by having derived the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula using STR/GTR, there will ALWAYS be a time gap/discontinuity paradox.

That is, the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula does not compare TWO LOOPS, but only TWO SEPARATE SEGMENTS. This fact was discovered, here on this thread, for the very first time, and proven to be true for the Michelson-Gale interferometer. Now, we have the full proof which also addresses interferometers whose center of rotation coincides with their geometrical center: only by introducing the TIME GAP/DISCONTINUITY can the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula be derived. In this case, we have a comparison of two separate segments, and not the comparison of two loops, as required by the definition of the SAGNAC EFFECT.

Dr. Gianfranco Spavieri has also examined the Kassner time gap/discontinuity and has debunked Dr. Kassner's second attempt to explain the paradox (by means of the absolute synchronization):

After his Minkowsky analysis, Kassner concludes by acknowledging that “Einstein synchronization fails when performed along a path around a full circle”, i.e., on a closed path on the rotating disk, a failure that has also been observed by Weber and earlier by Anandan.

Thus, in order to account for the resulting unphysical time discontinuity arising from the speeds c + v and  c − v and solve Selleri’s paradox, Kassner introduces the unusual concept of a “time gap” on the rotating disk and states, “the speed of light is c everywhere except at the point on the circle where we put the time gap. The position of this point is arbitrary but there must inevitably be such a point.”

A second paper published by Dr. Kassner:

The best analysis of the Kassner time gap paradox belongs to Dr. Stephan J.G. Gift:

On the Selleri Transformations: Analysis of Recent Attempts by Kassner to Resolve Selleri’s Paradox

Kassner’s first approach employed Einstein synchronization and failed as it led to an unphysical time discontinuity. His second approach ironically involved the introduction of the Inertial (or Selleri) transformations which explain the associated Sagnac effect using light speed anisotropy but preserve the paradox. His core methodology based on his belief that a clock synchronization procedure can be freely chosen is shown to be without foundation and therefore the paradox stands unresolved.

Kassner continued in his effort to explain the Sagnac effect in the frame of the commoving observer by utilizing Minkowski analysis. He concluded by acknowledging that “Einstein synchronization fails when performed along a path around a full circle” i.e. on a closed path on the rotating disc. This failure has also been observed by Weber (1997) and earlier by Anandan (1981).

Dr. Wolfgang Engelhardt (Max-Planck-Institut fur Plasmaphysik) has proven, using the full Lorentz transformation (the Einstein synchronization adopted by Post, Malykin, Ashby and every other relativist), that when STR is correctly applied to the Sagnac interferometer, it will NOT predict the Sagnac effect.

Dr. Engelhardt points out that all of the relativists are using a modified Lorentz transformation, which then directly leads to the Kassner time gap/discontinuity paradox.

In a 62 page important presentation, Dr. J.H. Field (Departement de Physique Nucleaire et Corpusculaire Universite de Geneve) also proves (as did Dr. Engelhardt) that using the full Lorentz transformation (Einstein synchronization) the Sagnac effect will not be detected at all. Only by utilizing the modified Lorentz transformation can the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula be derived, meaning that also the time gap/discontinuity Kassner-Ives paradox cannot be avoided:

A shorter version of Dr. Field's paper:

Dr. Field also carefully investigates the errors committed by Malykin and Ashby.

The SAGNAC EFFECT is a superluminal formula (c + v), and is derived by the comparison of TWO LOOPS.

The CORIOLIS EFFECT is a subluminal formula (related to the area and the angular velocity of the interferometer), and is derived by the comparison of two separate segments, leading directly to the KASSNER-IVES time gap/discontinuity paradox, and is not related at all to the SAGNAC EFFECT.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Dr. Stephan J.G. Gift

"Thus regarding the frame on the rotating disc he stated, “the speed of light is c everywhere except at the point on the circle where we put the time gap. The position of this point is arbitrary but there must inevitably be such a point.” "

A time gap means that we are no longer dealing with TWO CONTINUOUS LOOPS, as required by the definition of the SAGNAC EFFECT. Having compared two separate segments, only the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula will be derived.

"He concluded by acknowledging that “Einstein synchronization fails when performed along a path around a full circle” i.e. on a closed path on the rotating disc."

It has to fail on a closed path since the Einstein synchronization deals only with subluminal speeds, while the full closed path (two continuous loops) requires the use of superluminal speeds (c+v) for the SAGNAC EFFECT.

Dr. Gianfranco Spavieri

In both the outward and return paths, the one-way speed is c (in agreement with Einstein’s second postulate) if the length L of the outward path covered by the signal is reduced to L(1 - 2v/c) < L in Eq. (3).

CORIOLIS EFFECT = a path measuring L(1 - 2v/c), a comparison of two separate/different segments

SAGNAC EFFECT = a path measuring L, a comparison of two continuous loops

Therefore, Michelson and Gale, Silberstein, Langevin, Post, Bilger, Anderson, Steadman, Rizzi, Targaglia, Ruggiero, have been measuring ONLY the CORIOLIS EFFECT formula (area and angular velocity), nothing else. The formulas features on the wikipedia and mathpages websites are the CORIOLIS EFFECT equations, not the correct SAGNAC EFFECT formulas.

Here is the crown jewel of all the SAGNAC EFFECT formulas:

Δt = (l1 + l2)/(c - v1 - v2) - (l1 + l2)/(c + v1 + v2)

The velocity terms are immediately identified: c - v1 - v2 and c + v1 + v2.

Δt = (l1 + l2)/(c - v1 - v2) - (l1 + l2)/(c + v1 + v2) = 2[(l1v1 + l2v2)]/c2


For the first time, now we have the correct SAGNAC EFFECT formula for the Michelson-Gale/ring laser gyroscopes experiments.

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Few physicists know that M. Planck had developed a third quantum theory by 1915, which supplanted the second quantum theory which had been published in 1911.

In a letter of 1915 to Heike Kamerlingh Onnes in Leiden Planck wrote: “I have almost completed an improved formulation of the quantum hypothesis applied to thermal radiation. I am more convinced than ever that zero-point energy is an indispensable element. Indeed, I believe I have the strongest evidence for it."

It is this third quantum theory, wholly based on the zero point energy concept, which was advanced by Walter Nernst ( theory of a cosmic ether filled with a huge amount of
zero-point energy).

"Whatever difficulties we may have in forming a consistent idea of the constitution
of the aether, there can be no doubt that the interplanetary and interstellar spaces
are not empty, but are occupied by a material substance or body, which is certainly the largest, and probably the most uniform body of which we have any knowledge."

J.C. Maxwell

Dr. Friedwardt Winterberg

Ph.D., Physics 1955 Max Planck Institute, Goettingen, Germany (Adv: Prof. W. Heisenberg)
1968-Present Professor of physics, University of Nevada Reno
1955-1959 Group leader theoretical physics division at nuclear research reactor in Hamburg, Germany, under President Eisenhower's "Atoms for Peace" program
Elected member International Academy of Astronautics, Paris, France.
Member of American Physical Society.
Recipient of the 1979 Hermann Oberth Gold Medal (the highest award in astronautical research given for his work on nuclear rocket propulsion).
More than 260 single author papers in refereed journals, two books, with many citations, including citations by the NY Times, Scientific American, Physics Today et al., 55 publications since 1992.
Invented GPS technology, in 1955, at the age of 26: proposing to put atomic clocks into artificial satellites.

Maxwell’s Aether, The Planck Aether Hypothesis and Sommerfeld’s Finestructure Constant

"String theory has candidates for the nonbaryonic cold dark matter but is unable to explain the 70% negative pressure energy. Candidates for the 26% cold dark matter are axions and neutralinos, but none of them have ever been observed in a laboratory or else.

List of articles published by Dr. F. Winterberg:

Planck Mass Rotons as Cold Dark Matter and Quintessence

Planck Scale Physics and Newton's Ultimate Object Conjecture

The Averaged Null Energy Condition and the Madelung Constant for
Cold Dark Matter and Energy

The Einstein-Myth and the Crisis in Modern Physics

Planck-mass-rotons cold dark matter hypothesis

Dark energy and dark matter as due to zero point energy

Zero-point energies, dark matter, and dark energy

The electrodynamic Hamiltonian of a particle in ZPF (zero point energy field/ether) was obtained for the first time in 1994, and was published in the Physical Review A:

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force
Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, and H. E. Puthoff
Phys. Rev. A 49, 678

This equation was used by Dr. Takaaki Musha (Honda R&D Institute) to obtain the formula for the maximum weight loss of a capacitor subjected to the Biefeld-Brown effect:

Planck's second quantum theorem and zero point energy: (pgs 239-257)

Dark Matter/Quintessence

Distance From The Galactic Center

"The first piece of evidence came from the work of a young Dutch astronomer
named Jan Oort . . . Oort had already made a significant contribution to Galactic

Oort measured the positions and motions of a number of stars lying outside
the visible disk of the galaxy. Then he used that information to calculate how much
mass must lie inside their orbits to produce their observed motions. This amount is
called the Oort Limit, and it is equal to about 0.03 of a solar mass per cubic lightyear.
Next, Oort added up the masses of the visible stars in the Galactic disk. The
result was surprising: The actual mass present in the Galaxy seemed to be 50
percent less than what was needed to cause the actual movements of the stars that
lay outside the visible Galactic disk."

Joel Davis, Journey to the Center of Our Galaxy

Another problem arose in the 1930s: certain celestial motions were not in accordance
with Newtonian theory.

“The first glimmer that something was amiss in astronomy’s understanding of
the universe came in the 1930s. Caltech astronomer, Fritz Zwicky, an eclectic
wizard of his craft, was measuring the velocities of galaxies within the famous
Coma cluster and noticed that they were moving at a fairly rapid pace. He added
up all the light being emitted by these galaxies and realized that there was not
enough visible, or luminous, matter around to gravitationally bind the speeding
galaxies to one another. Under the standard laws of celestial mechanics, the Coma
cluster should [have been] flying apart, but it [wasn’t]. The situation seems
paradoxical . . . "

"By the 1970s, however, the problem of the missing mass was brought closer
to home. By then, both radio and optical telescopes were beginning to reveal
curious rotations in both the Milky Way and nearby galaxies which suggested that
galaxies contained more mass than previously assumed. Astronomers always took
it as a matter of course that stars in a spiral galaxy would evolve around the galaxy’s
core like planets in the solar system whose motions adhere to Newton’s laws of
gravitation. Newton recognized that the gravitational attraction between a planet
and the Sun follows a simple rule of thumb: the attraction between two celestial
objects is inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. That
means that if the distance between the Earth and the Sun were doubled, their mutual
gravitational grip would lessen by a factor of four. Triple the distance, and the
attraction would fall off to a ninth of its original strength, and so on."

“The distance between a planet and the Sun also determines the planet’s orbital
velocity. “In the solar system, the planets all orbit the Sun with velocities that get
smaller and smaller as they get farther from the Sun, the system’s center of mass,”
explained Vera Rubin of the Carnegie Institution of Washington. “So the inner
planets go fast and the outer planets go slow. That’s just a direct response to
Newton’s law.”

“But to everyone’s surprise, observers discovered that galaxies weren’t acting
like [a] gigantic solar system at all.

“In spiral galaxy after spiral galaxy, the Carnegie group saw that stellar material
on the outer edges of a disk travels around at speeds much faster than theory had
estimated. It was the Coma cluster problem all over again.”

Marcia Bartusiak, Thursday’s Universe

Therefore, the stars in spiral galaxies do not follow Kepler’s law of distance cubed
equal period squared. In order to do so, the stars farther from the central mass of spiral galaxies must revolve slower than stars closer to the central mass, and they simply do not do this; they travel at the same velocity. James Trefil states, “In fact, no galactic rotation curve has ever been observed to turn over and become Keplarian. All of them remain flat out to distances of 200,000 or 300,000 light years.”

This evidence is a basic contradiction of fundamental gravitational theory and implies
that something is fundamentally wrong with our understanding of these matters.

"Klein theorized that Kaluza's new dimension likely had somehow collapsed down to the "Planck length" itself -- supposedly the smallest possible size allowed by these fundamental interactions: 10-33 cm."

Dark matter consists of KK particles

The Kaluza-Klein particle is the boson, which makes up the Planck aether, and also constitutes dark matter.

In an important development, published in the peer reviewed and prestigious journal Physical Review D, cosmologist C. Tsagas has proven that the universe either has dark flow or dark energy, but not both.

There is no way out for modern science on this issue: it needs dark matter to account for the orbits of the stars/galaxies, but dark matter consists of Kaluza-Klein electrogravitational particles (Planck aether).

Kaluza-Weyl spaces:



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Dr. P.M. Robitaille proves that the monopole of the microwave background, as initially
detected by Penzias and Wilson, is being produced by the Earth itself:

The Planck Satellite LFI and the Microwave Background:
Importance of the 4 K Reference Targets

COBE: A Radiological Analysis

WMAP: A Radiological Analysis

Dr. P.M. Robitaille (radius of the sun paradox):


The point is that the coronavirus has not been around long enough for in-depth study, and should it prove to be merely a “passenger” virus, secondary to an underlying bacterial or mycobacterial cause, such a microbe, perhaps similar to the Beijing strain of mycobacteria isolated in Milan prior to its COVID-19 outbreak, would then assume the mantel of the true “underlying condition” and not the virus.

Today, although tuberculosis is still a global pandemic, it is still treatable, but only if looked for and considered. What is the cause of the present Pandemic/Epidemic? Most are 98% certain that it is a virus. But until we are 100% certain, which we are not, we still need to keep a differential diagnosis open as to the possibility that we are dealing with a “passenger” virus with a deadly underlying cause. To do otherwise, would be a disservice to many.



Spanish flu/Mycobacterium


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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Both Nobel prize winning Dr. Luis Alvarez and and the National Science Foundation (Stanford University) determined that the limestone rocks of the Gizeh pyramid were too saturated with water, up to an elevation of 100 meters, to allow penetration by cosmic rays (the rocks had a high water content). Another convincing proof showing that the Gizeh plateau was once covered by the sea is represented by the exoskeleton of an echinoid (sea urchin) which was found embedded upright in the upper surface of a block adjoining the Menkaura pyramid.

Given these undeniable proofs that the Gizeh pyramid was actually submerged under the Mediterranean Sea, mainstream scientists have sought to find a possible explanation.

The first of these attempts was to claim that the tsunami generated by the explosion of the Santorini volcano reached the shores of Egypt. However, the studies which have been carried out show that the height of the initial wave was only 28 meters in height; moreover, the northern coastline of Crete would have blocked the tsunami from reaching Egypt.

“Crete's northern coastline would have acted like a 250 kilometer long breakwater that absorbed and reflected much of the tsunami's energy back into the Aegean. This would have significantly reduced the amount of wave energy able to escape into the open waters of the Mediterranean Sea.”

The sea surge lasted long enough for sea urchins to embed themselves on the rocks on some of the temples; the Gizeh plateau was submerged under the sea at least for a period of time measuring in days (the Great Flood) or even years (1761 AD – 1769 AD, in the new radical chronology of history timeline).

Since the Santorini volcano explosion could not possibly explain that the Gizeh pyramid was submerged under the water, researchers in the field have begun to understand that the only possible period of time in the official chronology of history when this event could have taken place is at the end of the last Ice Age (some 12,000 years ago):

In view of the fact that these scientists could not possibly accept that the Gizeh pyramid had already been built some 12,000 years ago, new explanations were required. The only feasible scenario is that proposed by Charles Ginenthal: that the last Ice Age ended some 3,500 years ago, so the Gizeh plateau was submerged under water in the period 1,500 BC: (page 129)  (pages 257, 274-277 and 284-291)

The only possible cause of the huge sea surge could have been a pole shift (heliocentrical theory); however, this fact would render useless the current approach to orbital mechanics based on nonlinear ordinary differential equations with initial values (it would prove the instability of the solar system and that the solutions obtained through numerical methods have no scientific basis):

However, in this case we are left with a question that no one, not even I. Velikovsky, could answer:

One other question, of a like nature. I think it is generally accepted that the Great Pyramid of Gizeh was built before this close approach. The sides of the Great Pyramid are oriented—north, south, east, west—within, as I recall, about three minutes of arc, about the smallest angle one could expect the orientation to be if surveying was done with the naked eye. It seems a rather unusual coincidence that this north, south, east, west orientation could have come out of an Earth that had been thrown into such a chance disorientation by the close approach.

The almost perfect north-south orientation means that no tilt or change of poles has occurred since the Great Pyramid was constructed.

In the heliocentrical context, a massive pole shift must have taken place in the recent historical time; however, this fact is disproven by the north-south orientation of the Gizeh pyramid, not to mention its precise calendar of the solstices and of the equinoxes (the Gizeh pyramid was constructed, we are told, well before the time of the pole shift itself).

Moreover, the facts concerning the north-south orientation are even more startling.

"To understand why, we look at Livio Catullo Stecchini, who was a professor of ancient history at Paterson State Teachers College and wrote on the history of science, ancient weights and measures (metrology), and the history of cartography in antiquity.
Professor Stechhini is best known for his numerological theories about the dimensions of the Great Pyramid.

In the 1960’s Professor Stecchini wrote about the apparent inaccuracies detected in the north-south orientation of the Great Pyramid and how these were present with a purpose.

As Stecchini claimed, the alignment axis of the western side of the Great Pyramid was drawn first by its builders, then, the builders outlined the northern side so it could be perfectly perpendicular to the western side. The eastern side, however, was intentionally placed at a larger angle of 3 arcmins, resulting in a larger side.

In other words, the northeast corner should have been 90 ° 03 ’00 “, not 90 °. As for the southern side of the Great Pyramid, it was predicted to be half an arcminute larger than perpendicular, so that the southwest corner measured 90 ° 00 ’30.
However, Stecchini also studied a small line on the floor of the base of the Great Pyramid located near the center of the northern side. Some authors have assumed that this was the original north-south axis of the Great Pyramid.

The data shows that the axis line is located at 115.090 meters in the northwest corner, and 115.161 meters in the northeast corner, so it seems to be a bit off center. This variation was typically rejected as human error.

However, Professor Stecchini concluded that this was not a mistake. Rather, the north-south axis of the Great Pyramid was misaligned on purpose. Therefore, the apex was also misaligned on purpose by about 35.5 millimeters westward."



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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"Pasteur discovered that solutions which had organic material dissolved within  them had the incredible property of rotating polarized light to the “left” while liquid solutions devoid of organic material did not hold that capability.

In an 1870 letter, Pasteur described his cosmological insight into the dissymmetrical property of life to a friend Jules Raulin stating:

“You know that I believe that there is a cosmic dissymmetric influence which presides constantly and naturally over the molecular organization of principles immediately essential to life; and that, in consequence of this, the species of the three kingdoms, by their structure, by their form, by the disposition of their tissues, have a definite relation to the movements of the universe. For many of those species, if not for all, the Sun is the primum movens of nutrition; but I believe in another influence which would affect the whole organization [geometry], for it would be the cause of the molecular dissymmetry proper to the chemical components of life. I want by experiment to grasp a few indications as to the nature of this great cosmic dissymmetrical influence. It must, it may be electricity, magnetism…”"

"Nearly all biological polymers must be optically pure (all its component monomers having the same handedness) to function. All amino acids in proteins are ‘left-handed’, while all sugars in DNA and RNA, and in the metabolic pathways, are ‘right-handed’.

A recent world conference on ‘The Origin of Homochirality and Life’ made it clear that the origin of this handedness is a complete mystery to evolutionists. The probability of forming one optically pure polymer of n monomers by chance = 2⁻ⁿ. For a small protein of 100 amino acids, this probability = 2⁻¹⁰⁰.

Note, this is the probability of any optically active polypeptide. The probability of forming a functional optically pure polymer is much lower, since a precise amino acid sequence is required in many places. Of course, many optically pure polymers are required for life, so the probabilities must be compounded. Chance is thus not an option.

The basic building blocks of much of the machinery that all life requires are called amino acids, of which there are 20 different ones in the human body.1 Proteins are long chains (100 or more) of these amino acids, whereas chains shorter than this are called peptides.

The problem of chirality remains to this day an unsolved problem to both chemists and biologists that undermines evolutionary biology’s path to any functional first protein, much less the appearance of a first cell.

A further problem is that homochiral biological substances racemize in time. " (biochirality and subquark chirality, part II) (biochirality and subquark chirality, part I)

Now, we can solve one of the greatest mysteries of biophysics, the origin of the biochirality of molecules.

Light takes longer to travel East than West between fixed points on the surface of the Earth.

East-West c + v
West-East c - v

This is the origin of the biochirality of molecules: the ether atmospheric tide which contains both laevorotatory subquarks and dextrorotatory subquarks.

This means that, in order for organic life to exist, one needs superluminal speeds (proven to exist by the Kassner effect).

Left-handed amino acids are activated by the ether atmospheric tide which produces c + v superluminal speeds (laevorotatory subquarks, antigravitational force).

Right-handed sugars are activated by c - v  dextrorotatory subquarks at subluminal speed (terrestrial gravity).

"All living plants and animals can only use left-handed amino acids to make proteins. Life therefore requires what is known as an ‘optically pure’ supply of solely left-handed amino acids."

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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One can see the green flash phenomenon every day in Hawaii, as an example, if the day is clear, and almost every day from Puerta Vallarta (November through May).

The perfect conditions to see a 'green flash' as the sun sets can often be found on your Kauai sunset sails. Perfect conditions generally include a few criteria: seeing the sun set on a flat surface like the surface of the ocean, viewing the sunset from many miles away, having clear and non polluted conditions and having a non cloudy horizon. Since these conditions happen with such regularity on Kauai it is almost a staple for sunset sail boats here.

Mazatlan is one of the very few warm weather destinations where you can regularly see the Green Flash.

Mazatlan is known for it's beautiful sunsets...especially the famous Green Flash, which only occurs regularly in about three places in the world.

The green flash occurs every day, DESPITE the atmospheric conditions, that is, it has nothing to do with atmospherics.

The green flash can be explained in either of two ways:

RE - Green flashes occur because the earth's atmosphere can cause the light from the Sun to separate out into different colors.

FE - A ray of light DOES NOT split into any component colours.

We can narrow down these choices even more:

RE - constant speed of light

FE - variable speed of light

That is, if the speed of light is variable, then we view the green flash through a prism (the dome).

Let's narrow down the choices further:

A superluminal speed of light means a variable speed of light, and thus we are viewing the green flash phenomenon through the dome.

Thus everything comes down to the SAGNAC EFFECT.

If the SAGNAC EFFECT is superluminal, then we view the green flash through a dome.

That is why the KASSNER EFFECT is so important with regard to this crucial issue.

To solve the KASSNER EFFECT, one needs superluminal speeds for the SAGNAC interferometer: c + v and c - v, c + v1 + v2 and c - v1 - v2.

The KASSNER EFFECT applied to the SAGNAC interferometer immediately proves the existence of superluminal speeds (c + v and c + v1 + v2).

Thus we are viewing the green flash through a dome (sunset/sunrise).

Variable speed of light = one is viewing the green flash through a dome

An YTTERBIUM lattice double clock.

And this optical clock goes slower when it is lower.

“If one clock in one lab is 30cm higher than the clock in the other lab, we can see the difference in the rates they run at."

David Wineland of NIST


Only two years after his special relativity postulate, there’s Einstein talking about a speed of light that varies with gravitational potential.

Wikipedia tells us that Einstein, after 1912, gave up on the variable speed of light theory.

Completely false.

1913: “I arrived at the result that the velocity of light is not to be regarded as independent of the gravitational potential. Thus the principle of the constancy of the velocity of light is incompatible with the equivalence hypothesis”.

1915: “the writer of these lines is of the opinion that the theory of relativity is still in need of generalization, in the sense that the principle of the constancy of the velocity of light is to be abandoned”.

1916: “In the second place our result shows that, according to the general theory of relativity, the law of the constancy of the velocity of light in vacuo, which constitutes one of the two fundamental assumptions in the special theory of relativity and to which we have already frequently referred, cannot claim any unlimited validity”.

1920: “Second, this consequence shows that the law of the constancy of the speed of light no longer holds, according to the general theory of relativity, in spaces that have gravitational fields. As a simple geometric consideration shows, the curvature of light rays occurs only in spaces where the speed of light is spatially variable”.

The last quote is the English translation of what Einstein said in German in 1916: “die Ausbreitungsge-schwindigkeit des Lichtes mit dem Orte variiert”. That translates to “the propagation speed of light with the place varies”. Einstein never did abandon his variable speed of light.

The KASSNER EFFECT proves superluminal speeds, a variable speed of light.

Official atmospheric physics hypothesis:

Green flashes occur because the earth's atmosphere can cause the light from the Sun to separate out into different colors.

Light does not separate into different colors.

White is green:

The green flash phenomenon can only be caused by the Sun's rays which pass through the aether prism (Dome).

"Newton surmised that when we see a colour spectrum emerge from a prism,
it is due to 'the splitting of light into its component colours'.

If this were the case, then in the photograph below, there should be
a spectrum with GREEN in the middle. Yet, since the aperature through which
the light is shining is large, we get no such spectrum, we only get colour
at the edges. In an attempt to isolate the phenomena, Newton decided to
narrow the aperature which results in the spectrum we are now familiar with,
and which he used as a basis for his Optiks.

What Newton failed to do, was to take a look through the prism.
If you actually do this, the white areas do not split into a rainbow of
colour as might be expected -- you only see colour at the edges of objects.

When light shines through a prism, we are simply projecting a picture
whose aperature has edges -- there is darkness outside this circular patch,
and relatively light within it. We notice that it is at the edges between
the light and dark areas where Colours first make their appearance.

When the aperature is sufficiently small so that the edges meet in
the middle to form the green -- only then can you see a continous spectrum.
A wider aperature brings us to the primal phenomenon -- a reddish/yellow
on some edges, and a bluish/cyan on the others.

The continuous spectrum with green in the middle arises only where
the (blue-cyan and yellow-red) edges come close enough to overlap.

We no longer see the original phenomenon when we make so small a circle
that the colours extend inward from the edges to overlap in the middle
to form what is called a 'continuous spectrum', while with the larger
circle, the colours formed at the edges stay as they are.

Thus, this is the primal phenomenon -- that Colours arise at the borders
where Light and Dark work together, and the Spectrum is a secondary,
compound phenomenon.

In the 1780's a number of statements as to the way colours arise came to
Goethe's notice. Of the prismatic phenomena, it was commonly held by
physicists that when you let colourless light go through a prism the
colourless light is split up. For in some such way the phenomena were

If we let a cylinder of colourless light impinge on the screen, it shows a
colourless picture. Putting a prism in the way of the cylinder of light,
we get the sequence of colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue - light
blue and dark blue, - violet.

The physicists explain it thus - the colourless light already contains the
seven colours within itself - and when we make the light go through the
prism, the prism really does no more than to fan out and separate what is
already there in the light, - the seven colours, into which it is thus

A look through the prism shows that we do not see the light in seven
colours. The only place you can see any colour is at some edge or

If we let light pass through the space of the room, we get a white circle
on a screen. Put a prism in the way, and the cylinder of light is
diverted, but what appears is not the series of seven
colours at all, only a reddish colour at the lower edge, passing over into
yellow, and at the upper edge a blue passing over into greenish shades. In
the middle it stays white.

Goethe now said to himself: It is not that the light is split up or that
anything is separated out of the light as such. In point of fact, I am
projecting a picture, - simply an image of this circular aperture. The
aperture has edges, and where the colours occur the reason is not that
they are drawn out of the light, as though the light had been split up
into them. It is because this picture which I am projecting - the picture
as such - has edges. Here too the fact is that where light adjoins dark,
colours appear at the edges. It is none other than that. For there is
darkness outside this circular patch of light, while it is relatively
light within it.

The colours therefore, to begin with, make their appearance purely and
simply as phenomena at the border between light and dark. This is the
original, the primary phenomenon. We are no longer seeing the original
phenomenon when by reducing the circle in size we get a continuous
sequence of colours. The latter phenomenon only arises when we take so
small a circle that the colours extend inward from the edges to the
middle. They then overlap in the middle and form what we call a continuous
spectrum, while with the larger circle the colours formed at the edges
stay as they are. This is the primal phenomenon. Colours arise at the
borders, where light and dark flow together.

Subsequent to this, Goethe's went on to make more exact observations
which further call this 'splitting up of the light' by a prism into question:

- Begin with a circular slit from which Light shines through a PRISM.
- Light is deflected upwards.
- The projection is not an exact circle, but rather elongated.
- The upper portion is edged with Blue.
- The lower portion is edged with Red.

- Taking into account the observation that Light passing through
  any medium is dimmed. In this case, there is a dimming of light
  within the prism.

- Therefore, we have to do not only with the cone of light that is here
  bent and deflected, but also with this new factor - the dimming
  of the light brought about by matter.

- Into the space beyond the prism not only the light is shining,
  but there shines in, there rays into the light the quality of dimness
  that is in the prism.

- This dimming is deflected upward in the same direction as the light.

- Here then we are dealing with the interaction of two things:
  i) the brightly shining light, itself deflected,
  ii) then the sending into it of the darkening effect that is poured
      into this shining light. Only the dimming and darkening effect is
      here deflected in the same direction as the light.

- The Outcome is that in the upward region the bright light is infused
  and irradiated with dimness, and by this means the dark or bluish colours
  are produced.

- Downwards, the light outdoes and overwhelms the darkness and there arise
  the yellow shades of colour.

- Simply through the fact that the prism on the one hand deflects the full
  bright cone of light and on the other hand also deflects the dimming of it,
  we have the two kinds of entry of the dimming or darkening into the light.
  We have an interplay of dark and light, not getting mixed to give a grey but
  remaining mutually independent in their activity.

- The material prism plays an essential part in the arising of the
  colours. For it is through the prism that it happens, namely that on the
  one hand the dimming is deflected in the same direction as the cone of
  light, while on the other hand, because the prism lets its darkness ray
  there too, this that rays on and the light that is deflected cut across
  each other. For that is how the deflection works down here. Downward, the
  darkness and the light are interacting in a different way than upward.
  Colours therefore arise where dark and light work together."

In the local-ether model, the speed of light is variable.

Here is the green flash being observed in the radiant energy discharged by a capacitor:

The green flash means the sunlight passes through a prism (dome).

A ray of light DOES NOT split into any component colours.

Newton surmised that when we see a colour spectrum emerge from a prism, it is due to 'the splitting of light into its component colours'.

What Newton failed to do, was to take a look through the prism. If you actually do this, the white areas do not split into a rainbow of colour as might be expected -- you only see colour at the edges of objects.

The physicists explain it thus - the colourless light already contains the seven colours within itself - and when we make the light go through the prism, the prism really does no more than to fan out and separate what is already there in the light, - the seven colours, into which it is thus analyzed.

A look through the prism shows that we do not see the light in seven colours. The only place you can see any colour is at some edge or border-line.

If we let light pass through the space of the room, we get a white circle on a screen. Put a prism in the way, and the cylinder of light is diverted, (Figure IIc), but what appears is not the series of seven colours at all, only a reddish colour at the lower edge, passing over into yellow, and at the upper edge a blue passing over into greenish shades. In the middle it stays white.

The speed of light is variable.

In order to explain refraction, in fact, Newton's Opticks (1704) postulated an "Aethereal Medium" transmitting vibrations faster than light, by which light (when overtaken) is put into "Fits of easy Reflexion and easy Transmission" (causing refraction and diffraction).

RE - Green flashes occur because the earth's atmosphere can cause the light from the Sun to separate out into different colors.

FE - A ray of light DOES NOT split into any component colours.

Kassner time gap/discontinuity: (two consecutive messages)

Gertsenshtein-Zel'dovich effect: graviton-photon conversion

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The values of the Riemann zeta function are shown for various inputs of real (horizontal axis) and imaginary (vertical axis) numbers. Black areas are where the zeta function returns zero — the “zeros” of the function. So-called nontrivial zeros lie along the vertical line where the real numbers equal ½.

The energy levels for the Hydrogen atom (difference between two energy levels) MUST equal the wavelength x constant.

But the Rydberg formula cannot be derived from the Bohr atomic model:

The hydrogen emission spectral lines come from a subquark  quantum model, and not from the Bohr model:

White light is the activated aether which propagates through the center of the subquarks.

This aether can also be activated without providing light, as in the Allais effect, where the Black Sun activates the center portion of the laevorotatory subquarks to a much more subtle level, causing the huge disruptions in the pendulum's swing (100 million times greater than the luni-solar component).

The aether has different levels of subtleties/densities: it can become light if activated, or it can be absorbded/emitted by antibosons (gravitons) or bosons (photons).

Now, an even more profound discovery: the spectral lines of the Hydrogen atom are totally related to the Riemann zeta function.

Riemann Zeta Function and Hydrogen Spectrum

In fact, the energy levels of all of the atoms (including U-238) are related to the distribution of the zeta zeros:

Riemann zeta function model of the boson:

I was able to prove that the precise location of the Riemann zeta zeros (their actual values) can be found using successive ratios of proportionality which involve the sacred cubit:

Even more startling discoveries about quantum mechanics and the distribution of the zeta zeros were published recently:

Prime Numbers, Atomic Nuclei, Symmetries and Superconductivity

Physics of the Riemann Hypothesis

The Riemann Zeros and Eigenvalue Asymptotics

H = xp and the Riemann Zeros

Nuclei, Primes and the Random Matrix Connection

Will a physicist prove the Riemann Hypothesis?

The Riemann zeros as spectrum and the Riemann hypothesis

Landau levels and Riemann zeros

Dynamics of an electron moving in two dimensions under the action of a uniform perpendicular magnetic field and a electrostatic potential and the Riemann zeta zeros

The Riemann zeros as energy levels of a Dirac fermion in a potential built from the prime numbers in Rindler spacetime

A quantum mechanical model of the Riemann zeros

H=xp with interaction and the Riemann zeros

The Riemann zeta function is related to each and every aspect of the quantum mechanics of atoms, subquark and bosons.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Antigravity from a spacetime defect

Published in the Physical Review D by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Specifically, we have constructed a new type of Skyrmion classical solution. Even before the final soliton was constructed, there were hints that the soliton could have an unusual asymptotic property, namely, a negative active gravitational mass. This was confirmed by a detailed numerical analysis.

The skyrmion is a finite-sized object bounded by a background region of uniformly oriented triads, with a core that is identified as the locus of points with fully inverted spins: a quantum knot.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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A significant pole shift of the spherical Earth must have taken place in historical times:

"The results were ASTONISHING. The cosmic rays could not penetrate the water saturated limestone blocks of the pyramids." (1967)

"In 1974, apparently unaware of the pyramid x-raying of Alvarez, the National Science Foundation launched another attempt to x-ray the pyramids.

This time the results were published.

The limestone rocks were too saturated with water to allow penetration by cosmic rays."

Archaeologist Sherif El Morsy, who has worked extensively on the Giza plateau for over two decades, and his colleague Antoine Gigal, were the ones who made the discovery of this controversial fossil, which backs up studies and theories that the Pyramids of Giza and the mighty Sphinx were once submerged under the sea.

According to El Morsy, the flooding, was quite significant, peaking at about 75 meters above current sea level and creating a coastline spanning to the Khafra enclosure near the Sphinx at the temple of Menkare. (orbital stability of the heliocentrical system, two consecutive messages)

Extinction of the mammoths and pole shifts

". . . discovery in Utah of the unfossilized skull of an extinct camel, with a bit of dried flesh still clinging to the bone. The relatively fresh condition of the specimen argues that its one-time possessor died only a few centuries or millennia ago; present ideas hold that this particular sort of camel did become extinct a half-million years ago. If this camel really died so long ago, the bone should have been largely or wholly replaced by stone, and there should have been no flesh on it all."

Science Newsletter, Vol. 14, (1928), p. 81

The mammoths had frozen to death in mid-summer by being suddenly overcome by an outside temperature: more recent studies have found that the necessary temperature must have been at least -300F.

This is not so much an “intriguing question” as a scientific, biological, zoological
contradiction to the stable pole hypothesis. The only reason for warmth-loving species to migrate south is that the climate did just the opposite of what proponents of a stable pole require to explain, support and corroborate, that mathematical, astronomical paradigm that North America warmed instead, it had to get cooler when the Ice Age ended. Ice sheets do not melt away where the climate becomes cooler. If there was a stable pole, at the end of the Ice Age, all the warmth-loving animals would migrate north. The established stable pole theory cannot be upheld unless one is prepared to throw both the sciences of botany and zoology out the window. If this theory was right, then we would have armadillos tapirs, jaguars, speckled bears, llamas, oscillated turkeys and peccaries living in Mexico and well into the United States. (part I) (part II followed by parts III and IV)

"Why did the glaciers of the Ice Age cover the greater part of North America and Europe, while the north of Asia remained free? In America the plateau of ice stretched up to latitude 40° and even passed across this line; in Europe it reached latitude 50°; while northeastern Siberia, above the polar circle, even above latitude 75°, was not covered with this perennial ice.

If we look at the distribution of the ice sheet in the Northern Hemisphere, we see that a circle, with its center somewhere near the east shore of Greenland or in the strait between Greenland and Baffin Land near the present north magnetic pole, and a radius of about 3,600 kilometers, embraces the region of the ice sheet of the last glacial age. Northeastern Siberia is outside the circle; the valley of the Missouri down to 39° north latitude is within the circle. The eastern part of Alaska is included, but not its western part. Northwestern Europe is well within the circle; some distance behind the Ural Mountains, the line curves toward the north and crosses the present polar circle. Now we reflect: Was not the North Pole at some time in the past 20° or more distant from the point it now occupies—and closer to America? In like manner, the old South Pole would have been roughly the same 20° from the present pole." (Island of California/Vermian Sea, seven consecutive messages)

Venus' Argon-36 and Argon-40 age:

Venus' carbon dioxide age:

Venus' neon krypton age:

Venus and Earth spin orbit resonance:

The pole shift of the spherical Earth did occur AFTER the construction of the Gizeh pyramid.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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The pole shift of the Earth which occurred, in heliocentrism, after the Gizeh pyramid was built, would have thrown into disarray any and all calendars based on its position and dimensions.

Usually, the north-south orientation of the pyramid is brought in the discussions, in order to prove that the Earth is stationary.

However, there is a much more precise calendar, the display of the equinoxes in the form of shadows, at work using the Gizeh pyramid's dimensions. (it includes videos of the concepts being discussed)

As a result of the position of the Gizeh Necropolis on the 30 degrees latitude the rays of the rising Sun accurately indicate the direction of due east at the time of the autumnal and vernal equinoxes; while the Sunrise is directed 28 degrees to the north of this (i.e. N62ºE) at the time of the summer solstice and 28 degrees to the south of this (i.e. S62ºE) at the time of the winter solstice.

This means that, had the Earth been orbiting the Sun since the Gizeh pyramid had been constructed, the precise calendar would have been disrupted to a huge degree. The fact that it still displays the equinoxes with such precision means that the Earth is stationary, and that it is the Sun which undergoes the annual westward precessional shift (1.5 km/year). (upper/lower bounds for the six gates) (meter unit of length and Taylor/Euler arctangent series at Gizeh)

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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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One cannot have quantum gravity without particles, unless a non perturbative observable can be defined in their place

"Absence of particles means absence of Poincare invariance, no standard Fock space.

Particle physics is defined by local perturbative quantum field theory (Poincare groups).

However, Planck level physics is governed by general covariance.

That is why quantum gravity must be defined in terms of loops/knots.

Knot theory is the physical theory that classifies the independent physical states of the quantum field.

Genuine quantum gravitational physics is non perturbative.

General relativity forced in the quantum perturbative framework doesn't work."

Dr. Carlo Rovelli
Are knots quantum states of spacetime?
Knots, Topology And Quantum Field Theory (pg. 51-69)

A graviton is a string with closed loops.



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Re: Advanced Flat Earth Theory
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Gravitons and Loops

Abhay Ashtekar, Carlo Rovelli and Lee Smolin

The “reality conditions” are realized by an inner product that is chiral asymmetric, resulting in a chiral asymmetric ordering for the Hamiltonian, and, in an asymmetric description of the left and right handed gravitons.

The first step towards this goal is to recast the Fock description of graviton also in terms of closed loops.

Chiral vacuum fluctuations in quantum gravity

Is made up of the right handed positive frequency of the graviton and the left handed negative frequency of the anti-graviton.

Anti-graviton = laevorotatory subquark = positron

Graviton = dextrorotatory subquark = electron

Exactly the subquark model derived earlier:

In this ultimate state of physical matter two types of units, or Anu, have been observed; they are alike in everything save the direction of their whorls and of the force which pours through them. In the one case force pours in from the "outside," from fourth-dimensional space, the Astral plane, and passing through the Anu, pours into the physical world. In the second, it pours in from the physical world, and out through the Anu into the "outside" again, i.e., vanishes from the physical world. The one is like a spring, from which water bubbles out; the other is like a hole, into which water disappears.

Astral plane = aether


The description of Adyarium (H dibaryon) matches exactly the image provided by the RIKEN Institute.

1908: meta-neon is described with number weight 22.23

1912: neon-22 is discovered

1908: Y-shaped configurations of lines of force ending on the subquarks (UPAs)

1975: baryons regarded as Y-shaped strings with quarks at their ends

1909: illinium described, number weight 146.66

1945: promethium-147 discovered

1909: masurium described, number weight 100.11

1937: technetium-99 discovered

1932: element 85 described, number weight 221

1940: astatine-219 discovered

1932: element 87 described, number weight 222.55

1939: francium-223 discovered

The number weights for all of the elements and their isotopes were not obtained randomly, but by a direct process of division by 18 (number of subquarks in a Hydrogen atom). See the precise formula on page 498 (page 10 of the pdf document):

Ether vortex model, published in the Journal of Mathematical Physics.

Dr. Ellis' groundbreaking paper takes GTR from a singularity to a drainhole aether model, the paper was published in the JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS.

Now, the mathematical theory for the absorption/emission of aether through a Planck length level particle.

Ether flow through a drainhole: a particle model in general relativity

Journal of Mathematical Physics, vol. 14, no. 1, 1973

Dr. Ellis:

This ether is in general "more than a mere inert medium for the propagation of electromagnetic waves; it is a restless, flowing continuum whose internal, relative motions manifest themselves to us as gravity. Mass particles appear as sources or sinks of this flowing ether."

The absorption of aether causes the density of aether to decrease (between two objects, as an example), the pressure of the ether waves will cause these objects to move toward each other.

Here is confirmation coming from another mainstream journal on physics:

Dr. Ellis:

The inertial mass of the particle modeled by the drainhole.  A "Higgsian" way of expressing this idea is to say that the drainhole 'acquires' (inertial) mass from the scalar field.

Inertia as a zero-point-field Lorentz force
Bernhard Haisch, Alfonso Rueda, and H. E. Puthoff
Phys. Rev. A 49, 678

Newtonian gravity could be interpreted as a van der Waals type of force induced by the electromagnetic fluctuations of the vacuum, the so-called zero-point fluctuations or zero-point field (ZPF). In that analysis ordinary neutral matter is treated as a collection of electromagnetically interacting polarizable particles made of charged point-mass subparticles (partons).

The parton has a charge e equal in magnitude to the electronic charge (a more general viewpoint given the fractional charges of quarks and the possible existence of further structure at the very high energies under discussion).

Parton = dextrorotatory subquark

Zero point energy = scalar field

Bernhard Haisch
Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laborator
Max-Planck-Institut fur Extraterrestrische Physik

Alfonso Rueda
Department of Electrical Engineering, California State University, Long Beach

H. E. Puthoff
Institute of Advanced Studies at Austin

Further proof that the mass of the electron must be non-electromagnetic. (pgs. 126-154)

This is discussed in the next section, where it is shown to represent about 0.1% of the total electron energy. But this leaves 99.9% unaccounted-for. There must be a non-electromagnetic mass—a new state of matter that is not observed in our familiar macroscopic world. We label it here as mechanical matter, just to give it a name. This mechanical matter is required to have several distinctive properties, which we enumerate here: (1) It forms 99.9% of the mass of the electron.

B. Riemann stated in 1853 that "gravitational aether sinks toward massive objects where it is absorbed, at a rate proportional to their mass, and is then emitted into another spatial dimension".

Rabsorption = k x p x V, where p = y/g (since, by definition, ether/aether theory does not make use of the mass concept)

Downward motion provided by the shower of cosmic subquarks:

His belief at that time was that, to quote Westfall, ‘gravity (heaviness) is caused by the descent of a subtle invisible matter which strikes all bodies and carries them down'.

I. Newton