Ridiculous Thoughts of Globalists

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Ridiculous Thoughts of Globalists
« on: October 08, 2019, 11:09:52 PM »
under this heading we will examine how globalists can act unnecessarily, unpurposefully, ridiculously and unscientific on different topics. this will allow them to think twice before they do something, and in the same case, instead of taking such comments seriously, it will enable us to laugh at them and thus look at life more positively.

I want to throw the first stone.

TOPIC, HERE: Debunking the sun

The shadow is on the left side not created by the door but by the adjacent building (shop?). One third of the doorway doesn't project it's shadow. That's because of mentioned building.

Notice the rectangle cut-out in the middle segment of fence is leaving a shadow. The shadow is being cast from far more than just light coming through the cut-out. There is a more complicated series of shadows coming together here.

How long did you spend scanning google street view looking for this?

All you have to do is look at the shadows of the vertical bars of the door. Your "A" shadow angle is not cast by the door frame.

So obvious, I'm surprised you didn't notice, wise!

The main mistake they make here, as we have seen, is that the door does not cause shade. and there are similar errors.

Let's see what I say about shadow that they have mentioned.

there are gaps in the door and light is leaking from this gap.


As we see that, the left shadow has 7 degree to paving stones and the other one has 28 degrees to paving stones.

I said light leaked in the gap in the door. I did not claim that the shadow belongs to the door. the problem is that the shade angles of the buildings at different distances are different from each other. The figure tells it. and all of the above globalists make the same mistake. What can I do here except to laught?  ;D
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