Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise

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Chemtrails Coronavirus Warning!
« Reply #210 on: March 31, 2020, 12:13:13 PM »
Should I have to correct all the evilness in the earth? Meh!

I constantly calm myself and postpone the study so as not to make a detailed study on this subject. This is a first and last warning to chem-corona makers!

If I should to shortify events, I just want to show you how it is a deception, and then show you the reality.

If you remember, when this incident started in China, doctors suddenly fell down and died while working in the hospital. people suddenly fell and died on the streets like zombies. because the aim was to attract the attention of the world. but when the disease comes west, people are no longer suddenly dying. I searched for those first videos, but I couldn't find them, they hide the videos because it was scam. If anyone can find it, please share it. Today we know that the patient must experience high fever and shortness of breath. In this case, the patient is tested. that is, these symptoms are symptoms of the disease. a person does not go to work with high fever, a doctor with shortness of breath necessarily notices it, does not work. He doesn't suddenly die like a fool. such a thing never happened outside of China. the goal there was to attract attention. it was completely a lie. All the videos sent from wuhan were fiction and lie.

It is also interesting to choose Italy after that. Since it is a famous place known to all, it was aimed at maintaining and increasing the world public interest.

I understood that this was a scam but I wasn't sure how they did it. I have serious marks on this issue today.

Firstly there were no cases in my country, the weather was good. The rain started that day and the first cases were announced. then the weather was not nice.

and now, this week is said to be critical and we should not go out for anything. the air smells  chemtrails sharply for a few days. I can even see small bubbles flying in the air. these occur when the chemical substances form bubbles with the turbulence that occurs during chemtrails. the air is completely closed.

In addition, the same drugs used for shortness of breath are used. A nebulizator, ventolin, pulmicort, etc... these are the same materials required by the use of the same chemtrails planted in rains during mid seasons.

All of the above evidence shows that the global epidemic is not actually an outbreak, but people are asked to concentrate on the outbreak, thus aiming to distract people from the enemy chemtrails we know very well.

I can explain more about this. country, country, I can give the numbers of the planes that do this to the addresses of their pilots. I can share the name and address information of the managers of companies that do this.

Don't test my patience! Put an end to this nonsense!



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Why are we flat earthers unlike others?
« Reply #211 on: May 02, 2020, 03:31:28 PM »
After years of experience on flat earth and globe earth believers and methods of globalist main stream, I have a conclusion about why we are whether or not flat earthers. I will summarize it here, without using a translator. Because I want to tell it with my own words.

Many times we have see the evidences of Hitler used a special drink to convince people. I determine this as "convincing drink". In years, globalist main stream has strenghten this drink. They have used it generally for political purposes, and continued to use for convince people earth's being a globe.

People whose affected by this drink believe earth's being a globe without questioning. The question here is, why did not we affected by that drink?

Answer is hidden in the question actually. Their poisoneus drink can not affect us, because our body is as strong as defend it.

I, for one, have a very strong stomach, so much so that, If I would eat a stone, my body would used vitamins in it but not affected by its poison. I think it's due to the structure of stomach acids. I have also received treatment before. my stomach acids were said to be too much than normal. but my body is like this. so when I eat things that will poison other people, it just makes me some gas.

I think others have similar stories. All these years of experience show me that the bodies of other believers are also resistant to poison, and the "persuasive drug" that causes ordinary people to be convinced in no way affects us.

therefore, others may think that we need treatment because we are not like them. but the opposite is true. they are whose needing the treatment.

After this stage, we have to do: we have to establish a laboratory. We must find the "persuasive substance" by taking blood samples from the most angry globalists. we need to study it separately and develop a treatment method that will make it passive. and with that we can save the rest of the world.



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Coronavirus, Made in Bill Gates !
« Reply #212 on: May 26, 2020, 07:01:52 AM »
I have give up the idea of China did it by themselves.

Gates has planned it, because he has already the idea of de population the world. He has good relationship with the head of WHO, Geberesice! Hence, they have planned and applied, is my opinion about how coronavirus happened.

In this regard, whose will suggest to vaccinate people to prevent coronavirus, are slaves of Bill Gates and servers of depopulation the world. May God damn him.

Here is the thread about it:

In 2010's, Bill Gates told that the number of world population should be decreased by using vaccination, National Health Systems, and organizations like WHO. He has told it four times, at least I found a video detected him four times. Perhaps it is more and more nowadays. Here the video is:

And then, an Italian parliamenter has told coronavirus is caused after suggestions of Bill Gates. This is what I get from her talkings, and may be a bit different; here it is:

Nowadays you can find it in my signature but it generally lasts after a while.

gates foundation is a legal foundation that works on human health. however, as can be seen from the conversations above, their sincerity in this matter can be discussed.

According to Donald Trump's longtime confidant Roger Stone, Bill Gates created coronavirus to microchip people. This idea seems logical. Here the news is: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8215261/Roger-Stone-says-idea-Bill-Gates-created-coronavirus-microchip-people-open-debate.html

The fact that From the very beginning of the epidemic, the world health organization has tried to spread and not prevent the outbreak.

When Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus became president of WHO in 2017, he became prominent for their good relationship with the foundation of Gates and personally with Bill Gates.

He did so at the very beginning of the epidemic, saying that corona viruses are not transmitted from person to person and that there is no need for travel restrictions with China. Obviously in this business, WHO tried to spread the outbreak directly.

When we put all this data together, it turns out that Bill Gates, who wants to reduce the world population, is planning and implementing this pandemic with the doctors who believe in himself, Glaxo and the WHO.

the speaker spoke of more names, but I don't want to comment because I don't know.

Under these circumstances, a US prosecutor must initiate an investigation against Bill Gates on charges of "planning and enforcing genocide". I would be pleased if someone else filed such an application because I used my right to investigate this issue in connection with China earlier.

Lets talk, fellow aggrieved world people!



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Re: Quantum Zeta Forward Level Flat Earth Science by FE Prof. Wise
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Crew Dragon Fakery Debunked!
« Reply #214 on: June 10, 2020, 04:53:39 AM »
According to the claims, the rocket lands back to a platform in the ocean. Now we will scientifically examine the accuracy of this claim.

It has caught my attention while watching the video, I am sure it caught the attention of many of you; the rocket did not come vertically, it had an angle. This can be demonstrated as follows, depending on the angle with the vertical:

As the rocket rises, it can be directed in the direction it will go. This is because the movement depends on the motor power. Speed ​​is low during landing and engine power is intended to balance gravity. Therefore, engine power should have an angle to compensate for gravity. Lets try to make a solution. The problem is here:

here, the force provided by the engine power and the gravitational force must be equal or approximately equal in order to achieve a constant and decreasing rate of descent.

We define To the motor power (Fe) and the vertical component (Fev) of the motor power;

It should be; Fev = Fg

Fev= Fe . cos α


Fe. cos α = Fg.

The weight of Falcoln9 rocket is approximately 1900kgs.


Fg = 1900kgs >

angle of inclination at the time the photo was taken :

Alpha= 20 degrees as follow;


engines must apply the following force for a smooth landing:

Fe x cos α = Fg


Fe = Fg / cos α = 1900kg / cos 20 = 1900 / 0,94= 2021 kgs.

that is, the engine must exert a force equivalent to 2021 kg to balance gravity.

In this case, we will have to calculate the horizontal components, since the vertical component forces will be balanced. I called it as F(h)

F(h) = Fe x sin α = 2021kgs x sin 20 = 691kgs.

we see that this force is not balanced. this force causes the rocket to spin under normal conditions.

Although I take the wind from opposite direction here, it will not prevent the spin movement. The reason for this is that the wind acts all along the rocket, but the component of the motor that causes the spin movement acts from a single point.

As a result, the rocket will spin and fall during such a non-vertical landing attempt. This physical evidence proves that this landing is not real.

rockets also lift vertically during their first launch. After a while, their direction changes undesirably by wind and other factors. however, then the routers step in and slowly correct this error. a rocket does not have the technology to correct such a sharp angle in such a short time, and such a local and sudden wind situation cannot be predicted to correct the rocket's direction.

Conclusion: This landing movement does not comply with the laws of physics, but can be created as a simulation.

Conclusion: Fake and cgi; or cgi and fake, or any or both of them.

Ellon Musk, his followers and NASA are trolled the world by this claim.
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Flat Earth Proofs Volum 24235 - Polaris debunk magnetic declination
« Reply #215 on: June 24, 2020, 10:57:40 AM »
The position of polaris prove the earth not a globe!

Globalist hoaxers have discovered a hoax method is known as  magnetic declination. They use it to correct the map mistakes.

Actually it comes from here: They look anywhere and measure it with compass. Compass shows  a different directions other than map. So, what would be done? Magnetic declination. They write magnetic declination at that point equal to the difference of map and compass directions.

But there is a great leaking in their calculation:

Polaris always stay at north accordint to compass. In other say, North is actually always north phsically and there isnt anything as magnetic declination affect it.

Again, wherever you use a compass in central hemicircle, compass always show North star, regardless of supposedly magnetic declination.



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Solar Energy System Debunks The Global system!
« Reply #216 on: July 06, 2020, 02:26:52 AM »
The amount of energy produced by a solar panel during the day is as follows.

It will be seen that this is impossible in the globalist system where the distance of the sun is constant. But this graphic is compatible with the flat world model. Since the sun is distant in the morning and evening hours, the amount of energy is decreasing rapidly.

In such a situation, globalists resort to a lie as follow: "The sun's rays are coming inclined to the atmosphere".

There is no scientific study on this subject shows the relationship between what happens if sun rays come vertical or horizontal.

Here again, I see the helplessness of the globalists and watch with pleasure.

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