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I'm replicating the fully compiled Space Masters research of mine and Tom Bishop's here, where it won't sink beneath mountains of small posts, so it can remain in all its glory and stark condemnation of the Conspiracy's dirtiest secret (besides the Earth being flat).

50th Space Wing: Masters of Space, The Space Baron Cartel and the Great GPS Hoax - A Satanic Aerospace Cult Scrapbook

I will periodically update this thread as new evidence comes to light. Feel free to post reasonable conjecture if you uncover more of the aerospace Con!

I touched on this particularly unsavoury division of the Conspiracy in a previous thread ( ), but I have spent a couple of days amassing new evidence that many major airlines, aeronautical contractors and space agencies are involved in something above and beyond the plain-old greed of the OTHER bits of the Conspiracy... something decidedly more sinister.

Just a quick recap - I already unmasked a small part of this conspiracy in The Star Alliance, an airline cartel. As one of the most pollutive industries in the world, most airlines subscribe to the ultra-hedonistic, even sociopathic philosophies of radical Satanism. Self-aggrandizing, machiavellian doctrines allow these particularly evil Conspirators to conduct their potentially Ice-Wall-destroying business, under the pretense that the Earth is round so melting ice caps are less important, without any concern for the welfare of humanity whatsoever.

"The Star Alliance", incidentally, is an anagram of "I'll cheer at Satan". Here is Wolfgang Mayrhuber of Lufthansa (a key cult leader) brandishing a space-age pitchfork (old-fashioned pitchfork image provided for comparison)

Shocking enough already, isn't it? That was just the tip of the iceberg. I recently discovered that Satanism in the aerospace industry goes far beyond just airlines.

Let's start with these guys.

Star Alliance aren't the only ones with a flashy pentagram in their logo, acting like a beacon for other satanic investors and business partners. I guess Lockheed's old logo (above) wasn't quite obvious enough, so when they merged and became LockheedMartin in 1995, they kept the pentagram but added a little note about their dark lord underneath (for those who can't read it, it says "We never forget who we're working for").

Lived Eht Asan indeed, but also Lived Eht Deehkcol by the look of things.

Lockheed was responsible for "launching" the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as MILSTAR, an 800 million dollar pseudolite (read - fleet of high-altitude planes), also GPS, which convenientely happen to be operated by the so-called Masters of Space (more on them later).

Here's some Lockheed skullduggery which went on back in the 70's just to give you an idea of what upstanding folks this organisation employs:

LockheedMartin was planning to merge with Northrop Grumman a few years back, but they couldn't in the end because it would reveal the defense industry to be the single homogenous orgy of devil-worship and space-fakery that it is. They have to maintain the illusion of being "competing companies".

Northrop Grumman happen to be the parent company for an old friend of ours:

For those who don't know, Scaled Composites are the company pretending to build Richard Branson's spaceship.

Northrop Grumman was recently discovered to have been swindling the government by overcharging for their "space parts". This is basically the Conspiracy's business model. They all do this, all the time. I guess in this particular instance they couldn't figure out a way to murder Bagley quietly enough, so they just shrugged it off and payed back the $111 million.

LockheedMartin of course do this kind of thing, too. Although they do genuinely produce some aircraft, they maintain a secret laboratory of space-fakery at their notorious "Skunkworks".
BELOW: The empty, lifeless eyes of the Skunkworks mascot peer into your soul, wondering if it can trick you into buying a spaceship. In Native American folklore, the skunk was considered an archetypal trickster, an animal strongly associated with deception and false appearances. A fitting emblem, indeed.

Anyway, onwards and upwards (literally).

The 50th Space Wing: Masters of Space

It sounds like the title of a terrible sci-fi B-movie, but it's actually a branch of the US Air Force. The Space Masters trace their roots back to a fighter-bomber squadron from the Cold War, but they now use their old high-performance stealth aircraft to conduct another key Conspiracy swindle - the GPS hoax. The Conspiracy claimed that it would require upwards of 24 "satellites" to run a global positioning system. Lockheed were right there with their foul devil-skunk mascot, ready to "build" these "satellites" at exorbitant cost to the clueless US goverment. Guess who the Masters of Space gave the contract to? Of course, the Space Masters already had an extensive fleet of potential pseudolite craft, so where did the money actually go? My guess is that the Conspiracy all got together and had a wild, satan-themed all-night party at the Skunkworks, but there's really no way we can ever know for sure. They probably used some of it for bribes though.

ABOVE:    Jaan Albrecht, CEO of The Star Alliance, looking a little rough around the edges, presumably on the morning after one such revelrous occasion.

So that's a bit of background on the 50th Space Wing. Here's their insignia:

Note the terrifying winged, goat-hoofed demon, chillingly rendered on badges in bone-white cotton.

Col. Cary C. Chun, the current Commander of the Masters of Space, was previously chief of "Special Operations" in the secret underground base of NORAD, buried deep in a mountain in Colorado.

I didn't really dig up much on NORAD yet, but here's their logo:

The classic ritual dagger of Satanism overlays a massive picture of the Round Earth. Coincidence? Maybe. The jury's still out on NORAD at the time of this writing. The Current Space Wing commander basically has to be aware of the Conspiracy - he is responsible for all Department of Defense satellites (i.e., their signals are broadcast from the fleet of modified Cold War fighters and bombers under his command). But does that necessarily mean that NORAD is a part of this organization? Were other NORAD high-ups knowingly involved in the Round Earth Conspiracy?

Well, I don't know yet. But anyway, the 50th Space Wing: Masters of Space are ultimately (on paper, anyway) controlled by AFSPC, the Air Force Space Command. There's some Satanic/Conspiracy imagery on their insignia which may not be immediately obvious.

Ok, so there's a big fat Round Earth picture. Big surprise.
What about that grey chevron thing in the front though?
Turns out, that isoscoles triangle has exactly the same angles as any one "prong" of a pentagram, a favorite symbol within the aerospace devilcult.

But where are the other four prongs?

In Soviet Russia, Space Program falsify YOU!

The POCKOCMOC, or FKA, is the current Russian space agency. Look carefully at the Satanic chevron on their logo - that is one fifth of a full pentagram right there. Following the brilliant ruse of the American Space Masters, the FKA is currently engaged in faking their own uber-expensive GPS programme, the so called "GlonAss" project.

What do you know. The GlonAss logo has a big fat Round Earth drawn on it. Fancy that!

So the AFSPC and POCKOCMOC both have this 1/5th of a pentagram on their insignia, and they're both engaged in a GPS hoax.

Come with me now, across one of Russia's Southeastern borders, to the mysterious land of the orient...

The Chinese space agency, CNSA, have run their own GPS racket called Beidou, but now they're back for another shot, having announced "COMPASS" a clone of the American GPS system (i.e., a bunch of planes to broadcast signals and some "launch" fireworks to maintain the illusion). What's that? The CNSA has a pentagram-angled chevron on their logo as well?

IRNSS is the name of the Indian Space Research Organization(ISRO)'s planned GPS con. Nice orange penta-chevron, guys. That's 4 prongs.

So where's the fifth?

Outdoing all four of the others in terms of blatantness, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, JAXA, who recently annouced THEIR plans for a GPS racket (called QZSS), have not only got an appropriately shaped chevron on their insignia...

...they've gone and put a whole pentagram on there!

Five Space agencies, with five points of a five-pointed pentagram split up between them, running five GPS cover-ups. It's an international five-point Council of Evil, and it won't stop until we all die when they melt the Ice Wall with the fumes from their countless high-altitude aircraft!

That's all for now, but I'll leave you with this telling picture:

MAYRHUBER: "Did you see me mit zat brilliant evil-looking space-pitchfork? Cool, ja?!"
BRANSON: "Shhh, Brother Mayrhuber! You'll blow our cover!"

Supplementary Update I: Further links between Branson and the Satanic Space Barons?

Quote from: Mike Oldfield lyrics
I've been walking in the backyard of satan,
I'm so stubborn that I'll never give in!
Article documenting Oldfield's dealings with Branson and Virgin Group. More here than meets the eye?

Quote from: Richard Branson, in a CBS news interview
We are global. We are a way of life.
Quote from: Article on, a Satanist Website
Satanism is more than philosophy, it is a way of life.

Above: Branson hefts the iconic Round-Earth Globe, symbol of the Conspiracy in general.

Supplementary Update II: More Soviet Satanism
Thanks very much to my esteemed colleague Tom Bishop for the following contributions:

The "Salyut" programs involved the launches of no less than 9 redundant "space stations", between 1971 and 1982. Their insignia had the same pentagram style (fully line-drawn (i.e. "true pentagram"), with a single lower line missing) as the Lockheed Martin logo.

Unlike Lockheed's, Salyut's Baphomet Sigil overlays a stylised globularist Earth (note latitudinal and longitudinal markings). It's one of the most brazen Conspiracy logos we've found so far.

Mir, a second Soviet Space Station program, makes use of the same style:

That's right, Lockheed Martin, an American defense contractor, decided to share their logo with a series of major Soviet Space Programs. "Space Race" my arse.

Finally, here's a Russian Space Badge featuring the notorious "inverted crucifix" - a symbol with almost as much currency for Satanists as the pentagram.

Quote from: Tom Bishop
A soviet space ship heading towards an upside down Catholic cross... A bit of an odd choice for a space agency's insignia. I suppose this was from a time before the space agencies decided to standardized their logo designs to chevrons and pentagrams.

Actually Tom, it's the insignia of Soyuz TMA-9, a 2006 "mission" to the International Space Satan. It certainly wouldn't have a chevron though, because as I've pointed out, those are seemingly reserved for the five Space Baron factions in charge of GPS hoaxes - one of the most lucrative Conspiracy schemes to date purely because of the sheer number of spacecraft which each faction can claim to have launched.

Supplementary Update III: Satan Missile!

Again, thanks to Mr. Bishop for diligent research.

An ICBM has been woven in to the mythology of Space Travel as presented from the minds of the Conspiracy's most iniquitous professional liars. SS-18 SATAN (YES, THEY ACTUALLY CALLED THE MISSILE 'SATAN') is a Russian missile which is supposedly going to be converted for travel to Mars. Yeah right.

Below: SS-18 Satan ferries cargo to Mars in this fantasy space travel scenario, its name subversively inviting worship of the Dark Lord to the inquring Science Fiction dreamer as it blasts into the sky like some perverse pagan phallus of iron:

Supplementary Update IV: International Space Satan, Triquerta Columbia

The shape of the International Space Station is modelled after the Russian Orthodox Cross, the two are shown below:

So what's the deal here?

To quote myself:
The Orthodox Cross in the "International Space Satan" as I like to call it is truly remarkable. There can be no reason whatsoever, beyond symbolism, for that shape - according to the globularist's own absurd theorems, a starship like that wouldn't need any particular-shaped design at all. If magical gravity is pulling it around the Round Earth, and it's outside the spherical atmolayer, it could be any shape at all! I say this because I'm certain that otherwise a Round Earther will claim that it has to be shaped like that for aerodynamics or some nonsense.

What's initially confusing is the use of apparently Christian imagery, although there is certainly a reasonable explanation. In the globular mythology, the Space Heathens have ejected the ISS from the atmolayer itself, signifying a metaphorical rejection of Christian Orthodoxy (a religious sect which, incidentally, might be considered more "Zetetic-friendly" than modern Christianity) in favour of worshipping demons.

Tom pointed out further Satanic imagery in the now-famous Columbia Space Shuttle's patch - the reportedly totalled craft's insignia features the Triquerta, pictured below.

The triquetra symbol has its origins in the occult. It has always been associated with pagan beliefs, satanic practices, and witchcraft.

Here's the NASA rendition of this ancient demonic sigil, underneath a particularly sinister-looking head-on Columbia picture:

Such overt use of occult symbols appears to have been offset by a Columbia logo re-design (below). Note the two upright crucifixes, big happy eagle and stars and stripes. Whether this is an attempt to assuage suspicion raised by the use of the Triquerta, or just the inadequate Satanity of a rookie Conspiracy illustrator who ended up "doing it wrong" is anyone's guess.

Here's an example of how it's mean to be done - the teen-satanist angst in this Challenger mission patch is almost overwhelming. An inverted crucifix is CONTAINED WITHIN a pentagram on a blood-red splotch, next to what may be the most evil-looking spacecraft ever drawn. Further "Ejection Imagery" is included, with seven helpless crosses marooned in space behind the giant Space Menace, hatch opening to reveal the evil within, forming the shape of a number seven:

Extra reading: the five-pointed pentagram in this patch also takes the form of the Magickal (occult) "Chaos Star" - truly a Space-Satanist's wet-dream. Here's the link:
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Re: Satanic Aerospace Conspiracy Scrapbook - Migrated from .NET
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Supplementary Update V: Mercurian Mischief, or, "Why I Repeatedly Bolded the Number 7 in the Previous Update"

NASA names mission after Mercury. No big deal, right? Mercury is a planet, NASA does stuff regarding planets, blah-de-blah. WRONG!

Some background on the Pagan deity Mercury and his symbolism as it pertains to the objectives and ethical structure of the Globularist Conspiracy:

What doesn't make a great deal of sense to me is why a government-funded mission would name itself after a pagan god of profit, commerce and trade, unless, you know, there was some kind of money-making scheme involved.
Mercury is a Hellenic ProfitGod first and planet second. A pentagram represents Satan before it represents patriotism. These are plain cultural motifs which reflect the collective consciousness of modern western society, and if you want to try and dig up implausible alternate explanations, go ahead.

But ask yourself:

Does this image fill you with love of your country?

Does this look like a planet to you?

Tom has revealed that the logo of the Mercury missions has some spooky symbolic baggage attached...
Although I gotta admit I still can't get over the fact that a lot of space agencies have stars on their logo... clearly the work satanists, definitely has nothing to do with the actual know..the one you find in space...

Are you telling me that it's "just a coincidence" that the stars in the Columbia patch at the top of the page look exactly like Christian crosses? There are huge Christian crosses to the right of the bald eagle.

The makers of these designs are clearly putting religious symbolism into these patches. There's no doubt about that.

By some strange coincidence, it was also the seventh shuttle mission (STS-7).  What are the odds?

Obviously the designers intended to give the number seven a double meaning.

Would anyone care to try and find any overt religious/occult references in the logo of The British Interplanetary Society?

These guys don't even go into space. They just publish a magazine.


Here's another satanic mission patch, this time from the mercury program:

There's also a big evil looking statue over the former launch pad:

This devil-horned inverted crucifix is a pagan symbol of the zodiac. Satanists love using pagan zodiac signs in their imagery. And again, we see the number seven. Is it merely the mission number, or is there a hidden religious connotation?

Here's that statue he's talking about:


Incorporated into the devil-horned inverted crucifix is the Egyptian symbol of the Ankh, a sigil of arcane undead existence and, surprise surprise, a consistent fascination of many contemporary occultists and Satanists.

Supplementary Update VI: Snakes on a Spaceship

Tom Bishop turned up the following in the Apollo 7 mission patch:

Here, the fantasy Globularist starship takes the form of the Ouroboros, shown in its original form below:

Quote from: Tom Bishop, emphasis mine
In alchemy, it represents the spirit of Mercury (the substance that permeates all matter), and symbolizes continuous renewal (a snake is often a symbol of resurrection, as it appears to be continually reborn as it sheds its skin.), the cycle of life and death, and harmony of opposites.

Here's the Astro 1 patch too:

One of our resident globularists quizzed us regarding the Christian crucifixes littering the "starry" sky.

Analysis from the Conspiracyology Department reveals the following:
The theme for the patch seems to be along the lines of "in a universe of good... an evil exists"

And wham, a satanic shuttle right there in the foreground to hint at who the evil really is.

Now that you mention it, it's clearly the only "four-pronged" crucifixoid object in the image with its minor prongs down and it's also much, much bigger than any of the other crucifixes. Your interpretation seems pretty realistic in light of the proportions involved in this badge.

Note also that the Satanic Shuttle is the only object "under way" in the stylised image. In the globularist mythology, as you'll all be well aware, a starship requires a means of propulsion to return to the Round Earth, since the latter flies haphazardly around in Solar, Interstellar and Galactic space. The 11 crucifixes are helplessly strewn in the endless limbo of globularist space, but the inverted Shuttle-crucifix leaves a bold trail of fire, demonstrating its power and capability to return to Earth in contrast to that of the other religious images.

Explanatory image by Mr Bishop:
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Re: Satanic Aerospace Conspiracy Scrapbook - Migrated from .NET
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"The Star Alliance", incidentally, is an anagram of "I'll cheer at Satan".

It's also an anagram of "A Satanic Tell Her", which sounds suspiciously like "A Satanic teller". A teller of course being someone who processes and deals with money. But what is perhaps even more intriguing is that "Star Alliance" on its own is an anagram of "RE All Satanic" or "All Satanic RE"!! That's a direct link in their symbology to the Satanic origins of RET as we know it!

I'm definitely going to look into this further- I bet there's all kinds of satanic connotations embedded in the symbology and press releases of these frontline outlets of The Conspiracy.
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Re: Satanic Aerospace Conspiracy Scrapbook - Migrated from .NET
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I'm definitely going to look into this further- I bet there's all kinds of satanic connotations embedded in the symbology and press releases of these frontline outlets of The Conspiracy.

By betting that there's all kinds of satanic connotations aren't you starting with an assumption?  Is starting with an assumption a zetetic principle?



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Re: Satanic Aerospace Conspiracy Scrapbook - Migrated from .NET
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This thread is not for discussion. I have locked it and will edit it when myself, Tom Bishop or other of my colleagues turns up new research on the matter.
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