Gravity, according to an FEer

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Re: Gravity, according to an FEer
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henry, nodoby so far has been able to present my documentation, the numbers, the photographs of the visual targets, and the research to actually find those photographs...

Bending light has been used too often by other FE proponents to get out of a difficult situation, I never use such an argument to discuss physics.

ah, so u have an alternate explaination for the horizon?

Re: Gravity, according to an FEer
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I'm not going to have this argument again, I've far more important things to be worrying about.  But I will just say that I note you posted that last post on the .net site in a forum for which I for one have no posting rights - somewhat suspicious I should say.  As for the photos, they are not "well documented"; just because they are on Flickr doesn't mean that they are all geotagged (which would be done with GPS, and therefore would not be trustworthy any way) and height references given for example.  The videos are a joke: not only are they of poor resolution, but the shots most clearly showing waves lapping at the shore are very obviously taken from height.

That's my final word on the subject, I just wanted to point people in the direction of the argument (I refuse to call it a debate given some of the language and tactics you used) previously entered into, to save anyone the bother again, as it would get nowhere.
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Re: Gravity, according to an FEer
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robostench wrote:

I think you will find that the measured value g = 9.8 m s-2 is valid everywhere on the surface of the Earth.

robosteve, my intervention here was motivated by this statement, made by you, in utter ignorance of the actual facts:

This shows that you do not know dick about physics, and that your place should be somewhere else; certainly, you haven't any clue or any flying fuck idea of any subject discussed here.

You mentioned the Punisher; were you delirious to even suggest that my messages are related in any way, shape or form to his messages? Punisher might have had something going there, maybe in his mind, but he did not offer any details specifying the entire theory he was trying to present, that is why his interventions were classified as a practical joke.

Do you see any such things in my messages, robosteve? And if not, why the dumbfuck comparison?

How much would it be enough for you to sigh with relief, and give up the tl;dr posting? A SINGLE PARAGRAPH OF INFORMATION? Have you ever done any research on any subject? If you did, then you would know that sometimes it takes tens if not hundreds of pages to cover a subject.

Please have a tomography done on your amoeba brains, and then encircle the only functional neuron there (running on a standby mode).

As for any comparisons, other than crying for "I miss Dogplatter", you might read what he had to say about me:

I strongly recommend that forum user Sandokhan be furnished with the capacity to view this board and contribute to it, probably by promotion to global moderator.

My reasons are roughly as follows: in my estimation, the unprecedented volume and quality of zetetic scholarship which Sandokhan has produced, and continues to produce, far exceeds that of essentially any other contributor to this site (and certainly on .ORG!), distinguishing him as possibly the most eminent zetetic commentator alive.

Now, praises are fine, but they do not influence my work in any way, which is to discover the truth, the truth of how we have been tricked to believe in a round earth hypothesis.

It is funny that you compare the Punisher's work with mine, SINCE YOUR MESSAGES, ROBOSTEVE, ARE MUCH CLOSER IN FORMAT AND CONTENT TO WHAT HE IS WRITING.

Your scientific investigation consists in leaping from random observations to sweeping constructs devoid of evidential justification, rational or empirical.

And you have the nerve to complain about others?...

Your out of focus flow of non facts is matched only by the similar flow of non-thoughts, that is, of pseudogeneralities, purporting to have cosmic significance and amounting only to a high-school bull session, my friend...with delusions of grandeur...

Your genteel "ironic" cynicism, the logorrheic emptiness, your weary, muted disdain for all viewpoints, makes it clear that you are not serious about any threds posted here.

Nobody needs your fucking tl;dr comments, if you are not able to read a multiple paragraphs message, then shut the fuck up, and go the children's board, there are plenty of them...

I'm sorry, did you have something to say that is not an ad hominem?
I'm going to side with the white supremacists.