The Sun and the FE model

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The Sun and the FE model
« on: June 06, 2006, 01:10:26 PM »
The FE theory says the Sun is closer than a few thousand miles.

It also says the sun is a very small mass.

It matters wether its fission or fusion. Fission takes much more space and produces much more energy.

Such a fission system does not exist on Earth.
Nuclear arms are powered by fusion. Requires a lot less space and produces less energy.

It also says in the FE model, Gravity doesn't exist.

It says the fact that the Earth moves upward at the same speed as gravity would push down.

Saying the sun is powered by fission, which it must be,
and is in the same position as in the FE model,
We would all have skin cancer 10 minutes after birth.

But because the sun is powered by fission,
It has to be much further away.
So theres another hole in the FE model.
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