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agreed and a lot of the southern constellation eg' southern cross, dorado, centaurus etc. can't be seen from uk. and are not part of the northern hemisphere charts.

wow this should be so obvious

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You have provided no evidence that they can see the same southern stars.

Actually people have.  Remember the supernova example?  They are observed in the same position relative to the stars around them no matter where the observer is.

You haven't given any proof that they aren't the same stars that people have personally observed.



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Re: Heavens Above
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Can you prove the FE theory incorrect?  The model provided in that thread is pretty straightforward.

The model provided is flawed. If light emitted is curving up, it would be influencing all the light emitted, not just the light at the edges. You'd end up with a donut shape, not a spotlight shape.

And even taking at the face value FE has given it, it does not explain the rising and setting of the stars very well...

Using 2 stars, one on the north gear edge, and one on the south gear edge, and charting a bendy light curve for each, you see that there would be crazy variances between the observable distances between them. You don't see that in real life.

Reality becomes apparent to the patient observer. Or you can learn a thing or two if you're in a hurry.