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Re: What this site is REALLY about
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To drive this analogy home, if this were a serious site, issues would be raised and discussed for clarification. Issues that were misunderstanding of basic FE "theory" would be explained away and issues that needed deeper investigation would be identified and put on a list somewhere. Then serious people would set about working toward resolving these real issues.

All different aspects of FET have been explained many, many times.  The problem is that newbies who don't lurk, read the FAQ, or use search keep asking the same questions over and over again.

This website is not an organization, it is simply a place to debate FET.  Only a few posters genuinely believe that the earth is flat, and they are not organized.  Currently, Daniel and Dogplatter are working to re-set up the official FES, and they have plans to actually do some stuff.

First up, I understand the noob problem. IMHO it's break even... it's as frustrating as it is entertaining YMMV.

Secondly, the FAQ is out of date, lots of folks admit that. So your appeal to non-noobs to that old saw doesn't work. If this *were* serious that FAQ would be updated more regularly.

Thirdly, there'd be a list of open issues somewhere. There isn't. And in my short time here I've seen several things that deserve to be on said list.

Frankly if there were a list of open issues, I think that would take the edge off of some of the posters who essentially yell because they're not getting answers or even acknowledgment that they've found a legit issue.

Now, the only argument you put forth that has any merit is the work of Daniel and Dogplatter. I will admit that I am new enough that the things above that I can find no existence of, may in fact exist and be woefully out of date because DnD haven't had a chance to update them. When that happens (if I'm still here) I'll gladly eat my words.

However, you should note that I have a suspicion that THIS site is or has become, what I am describing . I haven't lurked more on the .net site so it may better reflect what you are describing.


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Re: What this site is REALLY about
« Reply #31 on: August 27, 2008, 07:17:56 PM »
Im here to argue for FE and occasionally against it. Its funny when noobs think Im an FEr.

Being a noob myself, I'm still at the state that I take everyone completely seriously. I'm hoping that will wear off soon, because it might be fun to argue for FE.

But I will say, than in constructing my arguments for RET (silly me, I know), I've done a lot of reading and research that I wouldn't have otherwise done. Now I'm picking back up A Brief History of Time, which I've never gotten through, and I even learned Right Ascension and Declination even though I'd heard those terms since 1984, yet never bothered to learn what they were. This site has been very good to me, even if I don't "get it" yet. Give me time.  :)

BTW, I just looked up the definition of Troll, and it would seem that anyone arguing for FE other than true Flat Earthers, are, by definition, trolls! Hmmm.

It seems to me that you've already "got it"

This site is good for learning it seems. I hadn't thought about physics since school but then I came to FES and I learnt a whole lot more than I can remember learning at school. Good ol' FES :)
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