Henry Ford, Sr.

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Henry Ford, Sr.
« on: May 08, 2006, 10:25:52 AM »
What are people's opinions concerning the founder of the Ford Motor Company"and the Model T?  Personally, I am no fan of industrialists, but this one in particular is not so bad as most of them.

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Henry Ford, Sr.
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2006, 12:58:15 PM »
I don't really have much of an opinion on him? DO you mean personally or what he accomplished?
Why is he not so bad as most industrialists?
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Henry Ford, Sr.
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2006, 04:43:20 AM »
I do not find the automobile (or for that matter modern technology in general) to be an advancement but a regression.  This "accomplishment" is something that should be undone.  As far as automobiles go, I like Ralph Nader's 1965 classic "Unsafe at Any Speed," but that is obviously not why I think Ford should be listened to.

  Henry Ford was interested in peace and truth.  He was against WWI, and he sailed to europe in 1915 with others on an unsuccessful mission to stop it.  While this mission may be laughable to some, he was very sincere about it and took it to heart that it failed (just like protesters against the vietnam war, or the iraq war who believe in their cause).  

  What is of especial interest concerning Ford was he had the thirst for truth to look for the reason why and then the means to publicize after discovering the reason.

  I would say that a comparison of the writings of Henry Ford with Adolf Hitler side by side would reveal that Henry Ford was ten times more critical of world jewry than Hitler was.  I have scanned Mein Kampf and found one reference recommending study of the Protocols, but it is mainly taken up with Gertmany's position as a result of the injustice of Versaille.  

  On the other hand, Henry Ford's four volume "International Jew" is page after page (for hundreds of pages) of studied expose of jewish influence and control of international politics and world society.  He obviously had spent some years studying the subject in order to write such a work (originally published in the Dearborn Independent.  I would say that Hitler's two chief sources of influence on his views of zionist jews were the 'Protocols' by the elders of zion and 'The International Jew' by Henry Ford which was only published about six years before Mein Kampf.  As confirmation of this, Hitler awarded him the Iron Eagle in 1938.

  As the jewish Rothschild family had controlled european politics throughout the nineteenth century by financing colonialism and controlling who was able to go to war with whom, their power had started to decline by the 1930's particularly because they had failed to establish economic roots in rising america.  And in america, a few wealthy gentile families were on the rise such as Morgan and Ford.  

  There was a huge boycott against Ford as a result of the anti-zionist articles which is THE reason it slipped from first place in the automotive  industry and has incidentally never regained that position.  But he printed them anyway.  This is an indication of how close to his heart was the message in the articles, which were printed in many laguages worldwide including spanish and arabic.

What Henry Ford wrote then is just as applicable to today's society as well as its wars.  

  In this context, I can say he was actually a great american.

- Dionysios


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Re: Henry Ford, Sr.
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Re: Henry Ford, Sr.
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