The all-new conspiracy theory!

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Re: The all-new conspiracy theory!
« Reply #360 on: May 16, 2008, 12:32:24 PM »

Really? Some one addressed a Vne speed from Airbus and I missed it?

The required speed is out by a factor of at least four, and you are bothered about vne.
You're not really seeing the big picture are you?

btw, If we are being pedantic, SAA operate A340-200's and -300E's on the South America route, the -600's are used on other routes.
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Re: The all-new conspiracy theory!
« Reply #361 on: May 16, 2008, 01:19:01 PM »
I've heard that argument before, and I dispute for the following reasons.

1. Whether or not jetstreams could do it, they're not observed in that area. There are no siginificant jet streams in the Southern hemisphere.

2 & 3. If that was so, we would see significant time/distance/speed problems, as I think we can agree that with jetstream or no, if a plane like this breaks the sound barrier, it would be destroyed. Therefore, our maximum speed is Mach 1, and that simply is not possible.

1. There are jetstreams in the Southern Hemisphere.

2. One's ground speed could break whatever the mach number was for that altitude without the airspeed exceeding that of sound. For example your A340-600 could reach a ground speed of 1315kmph with a jet stream tail wind, while not exceeding mach in airspeed. I don't have the data from Airbus to suggest that the Vne is above or below mach (though I'd suspect it is below).

Last I knew, the jet streams are a fairly narrow phenomenon that only flow one way and can have a highly variable course.  I would think that are more of a target of opportunity, rather than something that an airline would count on for regularly scheduled flights.
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