People believe what they want to believe

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People believe what they want to believe
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Quote from: "Beeper"
why would modern phyisics mean anything? the physics as we know them may be completely wrong or irellivent to anywhere else in the universe. just because everything follows the same laws here, it may not elsewhere. most people who 'understand modern physics' fail to grasp this idea, or prehaps it scares them, knowing all they have learned could mean nothing

Neither do they fail to grasp this idea, nor does it scare them.  They simply don't care.  What good is it to worry about that possibility?

The point of science is to as accurately as possible model the universe.  The assumption that the universe is a reasonably well-behaved entity is necessary for such pursuits, and, as making that assumption has worked out so far, it would seem reasonable to maintain it.

Worrying about such things is fruitless to a scientist, and not even really interesting to a philosopher.
Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?