The simpler answer...

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The simpler answer...
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My theory;

There is a person A and a person B.

Person A sees a TV and tells Person B that it's a TV, but the way Person B sees it is the same as the way Person A sees a radiator. This is because we are taught by somebody else what everything is, we don't teach ourselves from a huge picture dictionary that we're born with in our head, if we were, then Person A could walk up to Person B and say "that looks like a banana", but this would confuse Person B because he thinks it looks like a Chinchilla, so when Person A picked up the cinchilla, peeled it and ate it in a couple of bites, then Person B would have no clue whats going on.

If we now say that there is one of these all knowiing picture dictionarys, and then Person A and Person B would go back to knowing the same things as they taught, and what looks like a toilet to person A, through p
Person Bs eyes from the point of veiw of this picture dictionary looks like a Cow.

This is confusing and I don't expect you to understand it, but please ask me to explain what you don't get.

The simpler answer...
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All that changes is the terminology.  If I believe a banana to be called a corputtle and you come up to me and say "hey, that's a banana," I'd say "uhhh I think it's called a corputtle."  Then you say "No, it's a banana, look."  And you pick it up, peel it, and eat it.  That doesn't confuse me because that's the same thing I do with corputtles.  The only confusion is that you call it a banana for some reason.  So if we all know what a television does and how it works, but I don't call it a television (I call it a... grinkle), the only thing that would change is terminology.

The simpler answer...
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this is more like philosophy or metaphysics, not actual science.