Keith Mayes

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Keith Mayes
« on: March 08, 2006, 08:40:03 PM »
Just thought I'd share a site that I found years ago.  I haven't read his stuff in a long time, but I'm sure many of you guys would enjoy it, especially you, Erasmus.  His name is Keith Mayes, and he presents some interesting ideas.  Hopefully my memory of these theories being good is correct.  Check out his stuff and post anything on this thread that you think about Keith Mayes and his theories.  Enjoy!

I found i interesting but...
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I say the same things in my head everyday so it wasnt really that interesting. but it is comforting to see some one of higher importance has the basically exact same thoughts as me.
he Earth is flat, because if it wasnt then how do you explain the 1,000,000,000+ mile in circumference 125 foot tall ice barrier at the edge of the earth [which is round, but flat like a 2D circle]? and if 1+1=2 then the earth is flat.



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Keith Mayes
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Looks interesting
Shall read it at my leisure
An intrigued
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