Photoconductive-heat method

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Re: Photoconductive-heat method
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You misunderstand photoconductivity.

Photoconductivity is very real, as we see its use in photocopying and heat seeking missiles.

To cause excitation the light that strikes the semiconductor (Human) must have enough energy to raise electrons across the forbidden bandgap or by exciting the impurities within the bandgap.

Because of this:

In order for photoductivity to occur on humans, they must be in thermal equilibrium with the incoming light rays, having free moving electrons and holes.

Even if humans were able to accept these light rays free and without resistance, they could not accept the heat molecules from the earth's core. Accepting heat while under this process would overturn thermal equilibrium. Thermal equilibrium would then try to balance itself, raising the human's body temperature to well over the limits of life.
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