Free will

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Free will
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In my opinion, it is best not to dwell on things of Fate and free will.  You could be so fated to make a choice and fated to contemplate that choice.  You could be fated to choose to go to a certain place, change your mind, and go back.

Everything could be written in stone, such as the ten or so times I rewrote this very sentence.

To me, the subject is futile because we all could very well be "fated" to have "free will", which leaves everything in a messy conundrum.

[Edit]  Pardon me, I read the first post too quickly and didn't absorb the real topic.

As far as "physical free will", I'm not completely sure.  The sub-conscious still holds many mysteries.

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Free will
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I think it's an illusion. I've never been abel to pick the alternative option instead.
t's not about being the rightest, it's about being the stupidest without being the smartest.

Free will
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Without going through all of the posts in this thread, I would like to add the concept of Scientific Determinism.

Basically people realized that the discovery of a theory of everything, would mean that everything would be governed by this theory. Meaning you could predict what would happen in the universe if you knew the current positions and velocities of all the particles in the universe and plugged them into the equation. Of course it would never be possible to solve such an insanely large equation. The same could be applied to people and life. If you knew all the positions and velocities of all the particles in a closed off room with a person and a ball in it, including the particles in the ball and the person, then you could plug them all into the equation and predict what will happen. You could even find what had happened previously by running the equation in reverse. But this again, would be impossibly hard as there would be noway to find all the postions and velocities of all of the billions and billions of particles in the person. Quantum theory keeps us from knowing exact positions and velocites, only a wave of potentials. But that does not mean that everything isn't already determined by the equation. It just means we could never measure or solve for it. So we must fall back onto the concept of freewill. We think we have freewill, because it is impossible for us to solve the equations to predict the future.

This is of course, if there is a theory of everything. Which I believe there is.