Why was this locked?

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Why was this locked?
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Why was my early topic locked? It was constructive, and it was nicely written... But I guess someone locked it because they knew that I am right and they didn't want anyone to respond to this because it makes sense... So here it is again...

If the world is flat, then how did Ferdinand Magellan sail around the world in the 1500s? There was barely any form of communication then, and at that point it would have been nearly impossible for the world rulers to devise a plan to "fool the world" into thinking that it is flat.

And please don't give me some stupid excuse, like "oh, well, Magellan was fake and never lived" because you all know that it is a bunch of bullshit. If you believe that Ferdinand Magellan never lived or never sailed the world then there is clearly something wrong with you, either depression or just stupidity.

And if the government is behind all this round earth shit then don't you think that some information would have been leaked at this point? With thousands of men working for the US government alone, there would have been someone that leaked information on this subject if the earth was infact flat. However, that is not the case.

For those of you that still are not convinced, buy a plane ticket and travel the world. See for yourself that it is round. Unless you are scared to find out the truth.

Re: Why was this locked?
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It is VERY possible to traval around the FE.



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Dear bump,

    As much as I hate saying this (and really, I do), you should have read the FAQ. Also, the point about how traveling around can not prove the Earth is round has been covered in so many threads as to be embarrassing. The point is, if you always head towards the West, and that is to the left of the magnetic North, you are moving in a circle on a Flat Earth around the North (magnetic) Pole. You would have to do it on two different paths and compare their lengths to convince yourself whether the Earth is flat or round. Unfortunately, Magellan died on his first voyage, so a second expedition was never undertaken.

BTW, I am a Round Earther!


    Come to think of it, there is a discrepancy between the two models in one particular case. Imagine going South. According to the Round Earth model, you will be moving along a meridian and eventually get to the South Pole. But, according to the Flat Earth model, you are moving in a radial direction on a Flat Earth away from the North (magnetic) Pole and eventually hit the infamous Ice Wall, and, maybe, get captured by the guards. So, what ever you do, donít go South for a long time. Maybe, there is no Bermuda triangle. All they did was hit the Ice Wall and they were gone!
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Re: Why was this locked?
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Yes, you should have read the FAQ.

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