The Flat Earth Conspiracy Conspiracy

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Re: The Flat Earth Conspiracy Conspiracy
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Only in a warped mind.
Counter my points or shut up.
Or do you want me to declare victory in this debate, over you, since you no longer are able to counter my pro-RE claims?

Re: The Flat Earth Conspiracy Conspiracy
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*grabs his sword*

I shall form and train a militia to combat the demons from Hell, me Lord.  Being a Level 16 Fighter/Sorcerer (I multi-classed :)), I can train troops in both melee and Arcane-spell-casting combat.  Gentlemen...war is at our is time we as a people take to arms and forget these petty differences in order to destroy the TRUE evil that rests beneath our feet!  Tonight, we dine in Hell.


To reply with relevance, Franc T., sir are acting like a child.  By refusing to stay on topic and state your factually based arguments, you are trolling and spamming yourself.  I find it highly hypocritical of you to do so.  If you wish to be taken seriously and your arguments to be reguarded with any shard of respect, you will answer the questions Skyburn has asked.

If you refuse and reply to my post with something like 'Stay out of this, it isn't your debate', I say to're no longer debating.  Skyburn has won this debate for you consistently refuse to back up your arguments with any factual basis.