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Re: Antartica
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Yeah apart from the satellie images of it.

Yes, I know that, but these guys don't believe in Satellites do they?
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Re: Antartica
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I would also like to note that, according to some, militaries of the world patrol this area. No one but China and India combined have enough manpower to cover that area, and they'd need every last piece of military equipment from the US, Britain, Korea, and Russia to help them. And we know where too much of it is for them to be patroling those areas.
There are only seven US carrier groups (The USN cannot manage any more due to manpower/costs/equipment). Apiece, they can cover 400 miles of ocean in diameter (because we are talking a coast of the Ice Wall...), thats 2,800 miles. The Ice Wall is bigger than that. Using their E-2D Advanced Hawkeyes, you increase that diameter to maybe 500 miles of coast at a time, but that's still only 3,500 miles of coast of the Ice Wall that they can patrol. Virtually no other ship can stay at sea that long without a supply ship helping them out, and constantly that distance away from San Diego, Norfolk, and Okinawa, the supply ships would, mathematically, have to be running maximum speed just to help these ships, such as Destroyers and Cruisers that, separated from a carrier, cannot be out to sea for a sustained amount of time. The United States Navy can't do it. The British Navy would have similar issues. Not only that, but the USN can't patrol much of that area right now due to several carriers currently involved in the Mediterrean and Persian Gulf theatres because of the conflict in Iraq.
Furthermore, no military has the technology nor equipment to send the proper amount of people - which would number into the hundreds of millions, which the US certainly doesn't have, nor does Britain, Korea, Japan, Austrailia, Argentina, only China has this capability in manpower, but most certainly not technology - down to what you all call the Ice Wall. We do not have the technology to locate people year-round the guard the Ice Wall - things, at that temperature, freeze up, there very little to nothing that the military has for such artic conditions! The further back along the Ice Wall they send them, the more people they must send to patrol the area so that "no one finds out" because of the increase of the circumference they must cover.
No one has the ability to do that. Furthermore, no military bases are allowed in that area! No military bases are allowed in antartica! No military could manage such extended - off base operations! Furthermore, the Antartic Treaty System bans all military activity on the continent! No military would be allowed to guard the Ice Wall. There is nothing stopping anyone from just waltzing across Antartica but the cold.
And according to the maps of the "Flat Earth" that I've seen... if Antartica is the Ice wall, this holds true. It still holds true if it isn't, because there are many countries whos navy, when needing to travel south for some reason, will use the fact of the shortened distance around the circumference of the earth near the poles to shorten their travel distance.

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Re: Antartica
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Tom, you forget that in the southern hemisphere, like in the northern, they fly/sail the shortest possible route. This would mean that getting from South America to South Africa they would fly/sail in an apparent curve from South America down near Antarctica and then up again to South Africa. On FE this would take a cruise ship close to 20 times longer than on RE.
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Re: Antartica
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Now, if Antartica is just an Ice Wall, where exactly was I last year?



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Re: Antartica
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I don't know, where were you?

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