im guessing this is somewhere...I just couldn't find it within a few minutes...

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So I understand why different locations see different sets of stars in the FE model...but why does the same location see different sets of stars within a year?


Tom Bishop

Because the stars are also rotating around central points in the sky.

See Chapter 14 of Earth Not a Globe.

hmm...has anyone else thought about how hard it would be for something to "move around" while it is accelerating at the rate of UA?

My one observation since being exposed to the Fe model is that many of the theories are formed through a bad process. What I mean is, a lot of things are THOUGHT of as answers to certain questions that are raised. Good science and good theories should be formed after the objective collection of data, but many FE theories seem to be feasible answers that really can't be disproved because they are theoretical and such. Anyway...I'm tired and sick...good night.